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  1. well this is dependent on a) the team pulling their finger out of their a$$ to warrant sleepless nights, investment of time and energy b) suggestions, ideas, space etc to conduct one
  2. True and the club don't care if people don't show - they have the money in the pocket once you buy a membership One suggestion i threw at them is for next season to cap RBB memberships to 75%; leaving 25% for spot purchases - it was pretty much brushed aside.
  3. The safe standing not being put back in is a COVID issue. Current COVID laws state 1 ticket per seat If safe standing is implemented; then the rules go back to the 2 square metre rule The hypocrisy in all this and i shared this with the club was the NRL game examples such as Kogarah & leichardt when the Hill area's are packed...these are not "seats" and its full to the brim.
  4. its a logistically thing. We've constantly suggested that the upper RBB section tickets should be flexible to allow people to move to the bottom tier in the event of small crowds. The issue right now is the safe standing RBB section is "exhausted"; i.e the 1000 standing capacity is all memberships but these flogs who have bought memberships only come for Derbies or renew and not show up :-/
  5. yes totally agree and it is something ive suggested to the club would much rather see the bottom section full as it makes for poor tv viewing when everyone goes up top,
  6. Club is fine with flags/banners and tifo's. You just need to register them before a game
  7. Morning all, I have opened up a new thread here to get feedback from you all as to how can we improve the active end (particularly given the current COVID restrictions etc). We've all witnessed crowds diminishing, partly due to poor results on the field but also due to a year of laziness and getting comfy on the coach. So the floor is open for suggestions as we start planning already for strategies for next season. Some of my own questions include 1) if you currently hold an RBB active membership. What has held you back from attending games? 2) If you hol
  8. Safe standing wont be installed back in under current COVID laws unfortunately. If safe standing is installed, then we need to back to 2 sqm rule. Whilst if seats are left in, then COVID laws state 1 ticket per seat (this = greater attendance).
  9. AND BINGO WAS HIS NAME-O! Hence why we are pissed off and over it all Regular 2 blues have been fine to deal with, we know some of them by name. But it's these extra ones that get put on (at the behest of the Local Area command) that are the idiots and unfortunately the club has to pay for them and have no leg to stand on.
  10. Well when a police officer snaps your drivers licence in half, without an apology. Would you not swear for doing that? Police cop and deal with much worst on a daily basis, if one officer cant handle being a called a swear word after an individual was willingly providing said officer with ID. Then that officer needs further training or change profession. All this before kick off even occurred Starting to get over it all
  12. No news yet on Newcastle/CCM away. We most likely won't get told until day before or on the morning itself haha yeah ANZ social distancing shouldnt be a problem..won't even need to cap the crowd due to COVID
  13. So in summary, until restrictions in eased; doing active support is somewhat difficult. Every 2nd row of RBB active is taped off, everyone must be in their designated seats and sitting down. We got told to limit chanting (grey area much?), cant jump around, wave flags etc. So in essence, every home match day will be last minute. We were ready to announce round 1 as per usual...then the rules changed last minute and we got the phone call 3pm the day before advising of the additional restrictions. If rules are still in place, maybe we can throw in the odd chant here and there and
  14. Roll cal for the new season. With what looks like a season that will definitely see active support face some sort of social distancing restrictions, this thread is to keep talks amongst those who have renewed for the upcoming season. I'll keep everyone updated re Active support when news filters in from the club in due course.
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