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  2. No news yet on Newcastle/CCM away. We most likely won't get told until day before or on the morning itself haha yeah ANZ social distancing shouldnt be a problem..won't even need to cap the crowd due to COVID
  3. So in summary, until restrictions in eased; doing active support is somewhat difficult. Every 2nd row of RBB active is taped off, everyone must be in their designated seats and sitting down. We got told to limit chanting (grey area much?), cant jump around, wave flags etc. So in essence, every home match day will be last minute. We were ready to announce round 1 as per usual...then the rules changed last minute and we got the phone call 3pm the day before advising of the additional restrictions. If rules are still in place, maybe we can throw in the odd chant here and there and
  4. Roll cal for the new season. With what looks like a season that will definitely see active support face some sort of social distancing restrictions, this thread is to keep talks amongst those who have renewed for the upcoming season. I'll keep everyone updated re Active support when news filters in from the club in due course.
  5. Not the first time i have heard them do absolutely **** all despite clear as day evidence. it goes into the too hard basket
  6. and yet has not called any of the RBB representatives direct for their opinion
  7. Friday night game ****ed that all up for us. We had one planned for the original saturday night one, but in order to do a march on a Friday night, we needed to be ready at the station prior to 7pm which for a lot of people may be difficult with work. I myself who signs off on the Form 1 documents for this to occur cant get to Kogarah before 7pm for example. As for the post in question and i will say it as simple as possible. Definately not homophobic, no curse words were used, no specific target was mentioned. it was a **** stir post like all derby posts have always been.
  8. reminder to all Collection buckets will be stationed upon entry to multiple gates this weekend to accept cash donations for the appeal. Full results of our collection will be revealed later next week once a count is officially done
  9. God bless Now I'm gonna kick back at Marconi on watch our women hopefully get a win
  10. Following on from the success of our last Bush Fire appeal drive back in 2013, we are asking everyone to dig deep once again as our city & state faces what is looking to be the worst bush fire season in recent history. Whether you are a Red and Black Bloc member, a Western Sydney Wanderers member or just a member of the general public we are asking you to be generous once again as we try to raise some funds to donate to charity(ies) who in turn will help out those affected by the ongoing bush fires. Donations will be taken via this page, or in person up until full time of the Wander
  11. great performance however way to many passengers in right hand side standing bays If you purchased this section cause it was the cheapest i am sure we can accommodate for you to move and to the dickhead who cut down one of the material strip in the central bay....i am sure we will never see you again you bandwagon ****
  12. well i can categorically deny that came from any of the RBB organisation group as we did not attend the forum given active support meeting was the night before and did not want the regular WSW forum hogged by active support discussions.
  13. For Derby this week If you are sitting with in RBB area or not, please listen to instructions given out for Tifo. In addition, if you are in the standing section, please spread out as it holds 1200 people, there is no longer a need to be squashed all in the centre. If you have match books etc, please look at using this as confetti for additional colour etc. no matter where you are sitting. Participate and join in with the chants, be part of the spectacle and not a by stander.
  14. how many years ago was this? a lot has changed since then We have not pushed for any walk out song/anthem as yet as nothing suggested has been good to be honest. Yes we sing glorious because of the choreo with scarves that goes with it, but until another song/chant is raised as an idea and has overwhelming support for it, why force through something that would sound just as crap as what is happening now? It's also difficult to force something - happy to listen to ideas, but after flicking through the forums there has literally been no suggestions that jump off the page
  15. Yes. We approached them in the off season and got the same answer Collector had first choice, but then withdrew wanting to do anything with RBB 1 week before the leeds game without any notice. Local police were very accommodating in our discussions and were on board with our suggestion with using the Crown Hotel on Church St. This choice also allows us to conduct Marches down Church Street once again in a smooth and entertaining manner, allowing those eating on Eat Street to join in the marches also. The people at the Crown have been fantastic so far, they are Wand
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