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  1. Jess - my suggestion would be to email John Tsatsimas direct Whilst it will not resolve anything for you - it is just another case we can put forward when we hold talks with the new venue operators at parra (same as ANZ, but we need to stamp this **** out now)
  2. um sorry? where on earth did RBB announce anything about pyro before derby mate? because a pic was posted with an old derby photo that had pyro in it? no need to over analyse mate. I can categorically state that the 2 flares that went off were unknown to me (i can only speak for myself). Furthermore, if history shows anything ****in 2 flares is piss weak. U know **** was organised in the past when there was way more than that. Leadership group of the RBB (which does not include me these days but i still assist where possible) has done all they can since all the dramas of last season and the constant threats. Anybody who keeps saying its RBB responsibility blah blah..yeah no worries ill make sure i put my hand up next time to do individual pat downs of every single person that walks in. Give me a break honestly. At this point in time - RBB is just fed up with how football is run in this country. This isn't a PYRO demonstration or a hissy fit that we got in trouble because of that. These sort of Anti FFA statements and demonstrations against FFA have been occuring for 2 seasons now ever since we brought up the banning process (which FFA has done stuff all about). The naivety of some people who actually think this is all a demonstration about allowing PYRO into games is just utter stupidity. The sport we love and the game we follow so passionately is being driven into the ground and every body is happy to just carry on like nothing is happening. Yes RBB was warned that any incident may result in our area being closed down in pre season...so why the **** would we jeopardise that? For those who have attended games this season, where have there been any incidents in the active end (either home or away?). RBB has done its best to clean up its act, so it can go back to making TIFO's and an atmosphere...they have jumped hoops to get things approved only to be shut down by the FFA and our club administration despite almost a full season of good behaviour. Enough is enough in my opinion - derby actions aside (which i am sure the authorities are investigating and it is their job to do so..not ours), behaviour has been impeccable this season and yet everything that was promised to us with good behaviour has not come through from FFA or the clubs end. For example, TIFO for derby 2 which included the word 'clown' rejected after much deliberation 3 days before derby. Come derby 3..SFC have the word 'clown' in their TIFO. So this makes us wonder why does our club not have the balls to defend its fans? In summary - the state of our game is in a messy, David Gallops gets a 2 year extension and earns a wage over $1 mil a season (thats almost 50% of a clubs salary cap!) and what has he achieved? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
  3. Over the years, many would be aware that we have regularly held the RBB Launch day at night at a pub (such as Roxy, Collector Hotel), but this year, marking 5 years since our club and active supports creation we wanted to change it up and create a more family orientated event, one that every body can attend (not just 18+) Date: Sunday 17th September Location: Hammondville Oval, Moorebank Time: 12-4pm Details and special mentions - 2017/18 RBB merchandise will go on sale - Food trucks on site (including Burger truck, desert truck & Mobile Pizza Van) - Jumping castle & face painting for kids - La Banda performance - Player appearances (TBC) - Ample space for mini football games to happen - Raffle prizes (if you wish to donate a prize to raffle draw, please PM me) More details and additions will be added to the list as they are confirmed however, it is great opportunity for a family day out (so no need to find a baby sitter for the kids). If you are a local business and wish to donate to the event, be it in the form of raffle prizes, non alcoholic drinks or any other activity please feel free to PM me. All money raised goes towards funding TIFO's, flags, La Banda repairs, Buses for CCM and/or Newcastle away and portions of the funds will go towards charities and other community causes throughout the year. We are all looking forward to what should be a massive day and our biggest party to date - with the squad looking good on paper so far, hopefully this will b e the start of an awesome season Come on you Wanderers!
  4. Decent 1st half performance, 2nd half and ET was just horrible to watch Why we persist with Hammil as a makeshift RB/LB is beyond me. At least popa changed **** up for once when he realised a problem (moving Rison to LB) and secondly, playing 2 strikers and going for the win. Definitely need squad depth at LB between Bridge & Cejudo i think you will see the CAM position being rotated, althought another CAM would be great to ease the pressure on Roly. RBB in fine voice and having fun in what was a cold, miserable evening. Avoided penalties so happy days
  5. 100% it is different then Europe - we can never emulate Europe but u are also 100% right that some people need to drop the hard core sick **** ultras thing they think they have got going on. Thing is - it is through the vast majority of heads, including myself who is far from what u described
  6. think u missed the point on that action all RBB are leaders when it comes to the terrace activities, it doesn't take 2 or 3 people to control a mass in a game day environment. For eg, if myself or other 'leaders' are absent for a game or cannot make a meeting with the club, then who steps up? the point is, over the past 12-24 months, myself and the other original leaders have exposed the club to more points of contact, the vast majority who were in attendance at the forum. Hence my strong opposition during my rant, to the fact they (the club) claim there was absolutely no dialogue between the RBB and the club in recent months. If there was none as they claim, how did drums, flags and banners continue to be shown at games post Derby/Banner incident? in case people do not know, these items need to be be pre registered before every match day and checked upon entry. You cannot just show up with a flag or a drum and waltz on through. In summary, this is why the mass initially stood up when i asked, but then proceeded to allow me and 2 others to talk on behalf. of the mass.
  7. in regards to? thats a very broad question
  8. well if that is the case - that is very backward thinking and is a poor excuse given they once stood side by side with such people in the past without a problem in the world. further more - your original post said u agree with WST and SCC element needs to be removed. U mean the same SCC element that started the whole RBB in the first place? Is this your opinion or are you being a sheep and listening to what others feed you?
  9. I am coming on here because at a time like this, people wanted leadership and transparency and that is what i am trying to provide. There is nothing words on a forum can fix - actions will speak louder than words.
  10. that would not work - we need to promote growth, not be selective. With a move to a new stadiu, the active area will be larger - we want more active members. We many more members for the club in general
  11. to your 1st point - the forum was a members only forum; these banned individuals are still members - they are just unable to attend matches. How are they to know they would be rejected from entry, particularly after registering correctly on line? I can tell u know, it wasnt the club who was gracious they straight out refused entry until I stepped in to mediate and negotiate.I would not call that gracious, i'd call that logical 2) there were many more questions which could of been asked, but when i along with others were continuously interrupted by the club, there was no reason to bother continuing. there was always an answer from them to any point on how they were always in the right. 3) i will agree the conversation derailed at many points last night, that i put full blame to the club on how it was ran. As @Taurus stated - communications manager with a communications degree and a CEO who is a lawyer, one would of thought it would of been conducted more professionally 4) As i mentioned in my rant - public posts about stamping out anti social will only work to some degree. How has the clubs, the FFA or any sporting organisations statements on stamping out anti social behaviour gone? statements are just a temporary sugar coat to say 'hey we are pretending to try, just to get people off our backs until it happens again'. hence i was brutally honest in saying I personally as an active member of the leadership group since Day 1 will not be taking responsibility for peoples actions at events such as NPL where the RBB as a whole is not present, which the club used as a prime example in their recent email sent to members and during the forum discussion last night.
  12. Thank you for your points Cynth 1) banned members - why can they not attend? despite being banned, they still have membership cards and still renew every year but do not attend. In order to save their seat for when they return. Do you blame those 1 or 2 for being disappointed when they were told NO u cant come in, despite their FFA bans not covering forums and only match days? in the end common sense prevailed by the club when i stated let them in and they will not speak (which they held their end of the bargain) 2) you are right, we knew about the meeting for weeks. Questions were asked of the club about their reaction the Arnold Banner and as to why the RBB leadership group was not called in to discuss the ramifications and how it wasn;t until the media caught wind of it did they retract their facebook post about the RBB being the best active group in the country. 3) disregard the odd couple people who stood up and the odd insult, focus on the actual logical speaking individuals who spoke (bear in mind some insults were thrown at us by the club that the general public would not be privy too) 4) The club knows there is leadership group in place and has been since day 1 (before JT and Mark Jensens time at the club) - what they want is for ONE INDIVIDUAL to stand up and take the blame when **** hits the fan and as i stated in my rant, i for one will not be held responsible for a handful of peoples actions in particular in the examples provided such as NPL or ACL when those are games that can be difficult to attend due to the timing of them- NOR should such responsibility be placed on any other individual who volunteers their time as we all do (both RBB and general WSW fans).
  13. Where was that mentioned in WST points last night? seems like you or they have a chip on your/their shoulder. if this is your/their reasoning why one must be kicked out of a club that is supposedly 'inclusive' then you are no better than the rest.
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