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  1. I'd say it leaves him in the wilderness. A few weeks ago CR offered an insight into his future plans. His ambition is to coach in the EPL, and being in Australia he now wants to achieve that via the "Asian route". He expects WSW to play in the ACL, doing well enough to get the attention of big Asian clubs, and then be successful enough to score a job in the UK top leagues. That path seems to be unavailable now for Popa.
  2. No sympathy from me. The "how" Popovic departed WSW has been bugging me ever since it happened. When Lederer chose not to block the move, that was his personal decision. That Popa was in a position to pull the whole training group (Foxe only stayed because he didn't want to go to Turkey) is a contractual matter, and maybe that's just the way contracts are drawn up these days. That the club did not have a Plan B after Popa's departure was naive at best, but reeked of negligence. That was all the club's doing. But: it was Popa who pulled the trigger, five minutes before the season ki
  3. Dorrans and Troisi provide control and order in midfield. That was missing in the first half. With Dorrans on the pitch we would have won this. But even without him we should have been able to see out that game with a win. Conceding yet again after a standard situation is very disappointing. Nice to see Natta, Wilmering, Aquilina, Russell doing what they are doing. Looking forward to Al-Taay at some stage, CR has mentioned him several times in pressers, he can't be far off. In contrast, Lesiotis, Grozos, Cancar all have been non events so far. With the high turnover of games over the
  4. We are missing Dorrans at the back. The goal we conceded was p1ss weak, we made it way to easy for them. Bring on Mutch Cox and Duke.
  5. That strikes me as very odd. Dylan Mc just returned from injury, there's no dedicated CB on the bench, DG hasn't played in a back three at all, and we haven't played a back four since CR arrived. Fingers crossed that we don't have any issues during the game.
  6. Maybe I should have written "neither Ziegler nor Cancar on the bench".
  7. No Ziegler, Cancar on the bench. Interesting. Who can play CB if one of the starting three comes off with an injury, I wonder?
  8. Mack, was that a click-bait attempt? Ah, the memories the word Bulut brings back! “If Bulut” had stayed away from certain people he could actually have gone to maccas without getting arrested knew the offside rule had been a team player Hadnt fought NTS in the locker room had shown up for training on time like everyone else hadnt said one thing in the media and done the opposite on the pitch had stayed away from cocaine was a good football player But maybe most importantly, if he had not scored that goal against the Smurfs in the smok
  9. 24 HAL game against VIC. Two wins in S1, one in S2, one in S4, two in S8. Four home game victories against them in eight seasons. That’s it! And now this one. Considering the stats and how inexperienced/young the team was tonight, no complaints from me. We actually look like a solid, decent football team, the depth of the squad is impressive. A few weeks ago no one knew who Natta was. Now I don’t blink an eye when he is in the starting line up. Very happy for Ziegler, solid game. With Tass and Dylan Mc out his performances will be crucial in the next weeks. Very happy for Kwame
  10. CR: "we need to play well for 90 minutes, or 70 minutes" "we need to tidy up the set pieces" Amen to that.
  11. Yes, but https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/video/press-conference-6-january-2021-carl-robinson (8:00 - 8:15)
  12. If he’s on the bench Feb 13th, he’d be available for 20 rounds plus finals. That should do the trick.
  13. Magush, Natta, Aquilina, Russell, Tass, Baccus - a very young/inexperienced setup at the back did not concede, and stood its ground in last night's ankle kicking comp. Considering the lineup, this win is significant. Last season we leaked goals with a senior backline, lacked fitness, and we might just have lost the game in the last 15 mins. Mueller is our best football player, very happy for him to have scored the winner. Gordon is our most effective player, the defensive version of Dino.
  14. The squad is still finding itself, Dorrans, Troisi, Ibini are still in the process of coming up to speed, but we are playing well nevertheless. Best quality football early in the season since S4, I reckon. Fitness level is up there. Very promising. Am happy with the draw. Could have lost early in the game, could have won it last in the game. Russel and especially Aquilina are amazing. Mueller needs to do better than he did against Redmayne. Ninkovic successfully milked that penalty, and the ref fell for it. It's "clever" if you are a Smurf, it's "not a penalty" if you are i
  15. And now it is turning into the Alex King show. Dear oh dear.
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