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  1. Bridgey can blame himself. Snake's injury was a leftover from last season. How much Ziegler's and grozos' knee injuries have to do with the training regime is debatable. But soft tissue/muscle injuries should not happen in training at least. With Martins on board this is bound to change.
  2. Of course you do, of course you do...
  3. You can scratch the "hopefully". Martins said in the interview that injured players don't play. He is the guy who helped turn Robben's body of glass into something more solid. While Martins was at Bayern, in the big games the big players were available, it was one of the reasons why they made three CL finals in four years. He left the club when Team Guardiola entered, and with Pep the injuries came.
  4. For those without a hearing aid, in short: Fitness work is team work. Power, strength, speed, agility alone does not cut it - quality of movement is most important. It keeps players healthy, and makes them perform more efficiently. Players who can’t read the game as well as other will have to be fitter than others, they have to run more.
  5. You can always write a letter of complaint to the complaints department...
  6. Interview with our new fitness coach from 2013
  7. There you go, as mentioned. One could not ask for a more competent fitness coach. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/wanderers-make-marquee-signing-behind-the-scenes-20181129-p50j74.html
  8. It's not as bad as you say, but yes, not much to write home about either S3 was a write off apart from derby Bulut show S4 the two Gosford away games, Wullington away, the FTV home against against VIC, Santa's equalizer in the Melbourne pyro party, the Roar semi, the home nail biters against City, Glory, Adelaide, Hektor standing on the roof in Adelaide S5 Rd2 comeback in Adelaide, Rd 15 draw at Allianz with Snake in goal; beating the Smurfs at ANZ (could have been the high point of the season, and it turned into the low point courtesy of Arnie gate); the 4:1 Rd 9 win in Gosford I think was the last time that I truly enjoyed a WSW game, atmosphere, performance, result and all, and that's a long time ago... S6 Rd1 win
  9. I agree. There is no scouting. We ended up with Spaniards because of Andres Carrasco. We signed Cejudo because Riera knew he was available. We signed Borda, Pinatardes because they were cheap. We signed Jumpei because Ono recommended him. That's not scouting, it's pot luck. We now have Paul Agostino scanning the German/European market for us, and MB is well connected. I am expecting that we'll go full German next season, hold on to the youth players who have HAL standard, hold on to (or sign) above-average senior Aussie players, and phase out the no hopers. We are actually not far off. Despite injury issues and too many youth players in the senior squad: gifting goals and missing sitters (Riera!) is the issue. I don't even want to think about how many points this has cost us this season.
  10. Yep, I believe Martins is the replacement for the gws guy.
  11. "Ikonomidis has revealed that it was a phone call from Gombau that convinced the winger to move across to Western Sydney with Gombau noting that he was the perfect fit for the Red & Black after the departure of attacker Jumpei." https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/news/gombau-ikonomidis-and-mariners
  12. In an interview with kicker sports mag last week MB said that our conditioning coach is from Brazil. My understanding is his name is Marcelo Martins. Apparently he is no stranger to football, but I could not find any evidence of that.
  13. 2019 Grand Final victory in Perth, and several thousand not going to work but the domestic airport instead to great the team the day after
  14. FCB

    Robert Cornthwaite

    Go Delhi! Sounds like we are missing out big time. Makes you wonder what we could have achieved under Gombau with a full preseason under the belt. But then again, he'd probably have to assemble his own squad first for the magic formula to work. Well, good luck to him, and them.