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  1. I am being told that he went from Stoke to Everton, and now he is with us. Headscratch.
  2. We were after Davies last year, but he went to Everton instead. This time it worked out. Don't know if Martins was always planned as a caretaker, or if something got in the way of a longer term engagement.
  3. MB stressed that the team needed to defend as a pack. In pre season one of the players suggested that he doesn't work that way, that he considers himself a "creative" player instead. MB pointed out to that player that he is letting the team down. In Mudgee, at the beginning of second half, fitzgerald doesn't cover his side, and the roar scores the equaliser. MB takes Fitzgerald off almost immediately. Majok plays the following week, and beyond. Fitzgerald may look decent up front, but he doesn't get the balance right. That's why he didn't play much, but majok and sotirio got more game time. He is a HAL bench player, someone who doesn't help much, and that's why he is gone. Which is complete rubbish, of course.
  4. Cant/won't defend. Cant/won't follow instructions. Something like that. Yep, he'll kill it alright. Good luck to all the nice guys out there who are finding it harder and harder in the HAL.
  5. FCB

    Melbourne City: Season 2019/20

  6. No doubt that's one part that needs to be addressed. Pre season promises to be gruelling for most of the squad. We'll be tough as nails in 19/20, and beyond.
  7. Davies was at Everton last season. An EPL fitness coach in the HAL.
  8. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/andy-davies-608b0738
  9. A focus on England might be misguided. There are good footballers to be found in other part of the British Isles (or the UK or Great Britain, for that matter)...
  10. The four guys we signed so far all send a message of intent. They are leaders, the self-driven guys we didn't have enough of last season, according to MB. The spine will be as strong as. The GK will be worth the description, Ziegler is a BL2 player who will feel like a new addition, Schwegler comes with 10 years plus BL experience (and captained BL sides), on paer Majewski is on par with Smurf FC's Adrian Pole. And if the CF is the guy that I am hearing about then he'll be a step up from Le Fondre. Duke, Yeboah, Georgievski have all played overseas - that's eight players who know what it means to be a football pro in a serious league/club. Add Elrich, Kamau, Baccus, Tass, Tate, Grozos. All that's missing is another CB, a holding mid, and a winger. We are going to make some serious music at Bankwest.
  11. Still contracted til July 1st which is why he is not listed as yet. But yes, Hibernian have released him, and he is effectively without a club.
  12. FCB

    Server Upgrade

    May the force be with you. After 20 odd years in the IT industry, I do not believe in "she'll be right" any longer when it comes to infrastructure upgrades.
  13. Quaner isn't Swiss or British enough...