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  1. Doable! The remaining schedules look similar, but the Smurf engine is stuttering. WU (away) VIC (home) WSW (home) Reds (away) Roar (away) The derby will be crucial. We'll be going rested into the game, the Smurfs not so much, having to play VIC four days earlier. I maintain that, if we win the next three games, the door to second spot will be wide open.
  2. correction: "ditched the backed three against the Smurfs"
  3. Two weeks is a long time in football. It appears the debacle against Vic was quite an educational experience for CR. He has given up on the idea of possession based football, is using a more counter attacking approach instead, ditched the back three, and replaced McGowan with Ziegler. Dropping the man he gave the arm band would have been a difficult decision for him, but he got there, eventually. Hopefully not too late. The addition of Scotty MC and Ugarkovic has been important. Mutch is quality and is fit enough to play 60 minutes. And Ziegler finally reconnected with the player who
  4. Weeeellll, having possession is one thing, doing something with it is another. It's worth remembering that the Smurfs won the double last season with that squad minus FeFondre, the only "newcomer" is Bobo. In contrast, of our starting line up, only three (1) had played a competitive gave for WSW before Dec 2020. Gordon, Dorrans, Troisi, Ibini, Mutch, Duke all arrived late, Kamau had no preseason prep, Ziegler and Mutch lack match fitness due to injury issues, and Aquilina Natta Maguash had little or no HAL experience. We can't match them in open play yet, a counter attacking approach
  5. Major upgrade! Welcome home to this Baulkham Hills boy!
  6. And what have we learned from the derby? It sure makes a difference if you take your chances upfront and avoid stupid mistakes at the back. After the VIC game it looked as if CR's authority with the team might have taken a hit. Duke's pre game comments and the derby performance would suggest otherwise. It is to CR's credit that he adjusted the tactics and opted for a defensive approach. CR set the trap, and the Smurfs stepped into it. Going by the results in recent weeks, had we tried to match the Smurfs with a more open game plan we would have paid the price. The Smurfs ha
  7. A-League Demise - The local pinnacle of soccer is the A-League and unfortunately, it sure is doing things a little tough at the moment.and#13;and#13; at https://10play.com.au/theproject/news/2021/a-league-demise/tpv210430fdjva One of the panelists (Barry Cassidy) was quite blunt: he put the blame for the demise of the game squarely at the feet of the administrators.
  8. Walk out song discussion again? Easily fixed. Wendy to come up with the lyrics for "Du Hast", RBB in charge of the pyro display, and we are all set. If Rammstein's singer can fire a rocket launcher and just about set the stage on fire in an in ground venue, surely no one would object replicating this in a football stadium? Right, @blameturner??
  9. Also, twice he mentioned that big things are happening behind the scenes. Sounds like we can look forward to the next off season.
  10. He didn't defect, he was told to bugger off.
  11. Corrica: "We didn't lose the game. We were disadvantaged by the game lasting only 98 minutes, not 115. Bobos penalty kick wasn't to high, but the dimensions of the goal posts clearly are questionably. Also, it was an away game, and the long journey zapped our energy. But even though the score would suggest that we lost the game: we did not lose the game."
  12. Ziegler the only player in the starting 11 that CR inherited. As hoes not have much of a lobby here: what do people make of his performance?
  13. FFA to sent three points to Moore Park on compassionate grounds.
  14. Plus the two juniors he promoted to the first team.
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