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  1. @Cynth - I can't really comment what other religions do or don't do. My beef is not with the Catholic faith, but the Church, for a reason. I grew up in Bavaria, in Catholic heartland. In the 1950ies, the Catholic Parish tried to prevent the marriage of my mum and my dad. Reason: my dad was protestant = not a good enough Christian. Let's just pause and reflect on that for a second, shall we?... In the end the priest relented, under one condition: the children had to be raised Catholic. Which meant: my sisters and me. At school, most of my teachers for religious studies were laymen, and hallelujah to that. My older sister was not so lucky, her teachers were the nuns, and not just for religion, but for the other stuff as well. They were frightening and brutal. For a few years I had the Catholic Chaplans, and I got a good does of their judgements, attitudes, and tough love teachings. Elitist. The firm is run from top down, everything is supposed to fall in line with Rome. The guys who were burned on the stake for heresy know best. The majority of popes was Italian. Important for our generation, from 1978 - 2013 the Church was controlled by an arch conservative Pole, followed by an arch conservative Bavarian. Now we have an Argentine, and his reforms are such a challenge to the conservatives that they'd see him dead sooner rather than later. https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/oct/27/the-war-against-pope-francis As for Ratzinger: his brother was running a famous boy's choir. For 30 years he apparently didn't hear or see or notice what was happening on his watch. And his Pope brother would not have known anything about it either, apparently. It's Pell all over. The Catholic clergy is like the three wise monkeys when they want to be. Pathetic. Scum. https://www.dw.com/en/regensburg-domspatzen-choir-more-than-500-boys-abused/a-39731018 @Edinburgh As a 12 year old I went to confession. I had to confess, apparently, because of the born sinner thing. 12 year olds in the 1970ies country town weren't that good with sinning though. But I didn't want to let down the team, and so I made up something. Bad mistake! The priest was the same guy who didn't like my parents much. Apparently he didn't like me much either (chances are he recognized me), and he verbally and emotionally tore me apart in the confession box. I still remember that experience vividly, more than 40 years later. His successor as parish priest was a really nice guy though, and his sermons were very popular. It probably helped that he had a girl friend - his housekeeper/cook. In the 1980ies I had heard enough of the Polish Pope's preaching. I went to town hall and filled in a form to formally leave the Church (which at the time was quite a brave move). It meant that I did not have Church tax taken out of my salary package any longer. It also meant that, had I died back then, I would not have been buried in a Catholic cemetery, in "sacred soil". It was something the Catholic Church kept reminding Church leavers of. They sure were showering people like me with understanding, love, and forgiveness... Hand the faith back to the people, I say. Lock the clergy out of the Churches, and hand over the keys to the true custodians of the faith - the faithful laymen and - most importantly - lay women!
  2. Ah, catholics in general and the clergy in particular are not just "anyone". They consider themselves elite christians, the real deal. Their rules are different, they are hypnotised by them. It's the ultimate boy's club, run by old Caucasian men. Care for the institution of their church comes first, the rest can wait.
  3. A bit of totally useless information. November 28th, 2013. Eintracht Frankfurt travels to France to play against Girondins Bordeaux in the Europa League. It's a Thursday, and more than 12,000 Frankfurt supporters travel with them. Frankfurt wins the match 0:1. Eintracht's captain was Pirmin Schwegler.
  4. Of the 16 players who went to Perth for Rd1 last season, only Baccus, Elrich, Janjetovic, Nizic, JoD, and Kamau are still at the club. Elrich is/was VC material, the others are too young, or don't qualify.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/aug/15/paedophile-priest-gerald-ridsdale-abused-girl-on-church-altar-victorian-court-told I'd say a guy like ridsdale, covered in enough kerosine, would burn like hell... (pun intended) Invite his old mate Pell to the bbq, front seat, and the graduates of the Catholic Church sponsored paedophile club, and show them what devil and hell fire look like. Why stop with burning illusionary witches? Real life catholic paedophiles sounds much more appropriate. But I do understan that burning human scum is an ethical problem.
  6. The "how" is secondary. In the meantime, as accusing women as witches, torture them and them burn them was good enough, how about burning guilty paedophiles for a change? At St peter's square perhaps? So the pope can have a good view? Refreshments provided by the vatican? Like in the good old days. Too barbaric?
  7. We need to distinguish between faith and church organisation. The Papal system has fused the two - if you question the one you question the other, and you end up on the stake either way. But you can have faith, and draw strength from it, without following Catholic belief systems. After all, protestants etc have done it for hundreds of years. If scientology argues for the same recognition the Catholic Church enjoys then they have a point. The point though is not that they are as good as the Catholic Church. They are as bad. A cult. As for the comment I highlighted, I refer you to the history book. I am not making my claims for no reasons. European history is plastered with atrocities committed by the crusaders, the witch hunters, the Jew haters, all in the name of God. I don't agree with tearing down churches, but I am all for handing them back to the true custodians of the faith: the faithful, not the mass murderers and mass rapists in Rome.
  8. Christianity = religion. Catholic Church = cult guilty of crimes against humanity since the days of Emporer Constantine. Brain washers, women haters, anti gay, anti Jewish, anti Muslim, mass rapists, mass murderers, thieves, liars, truth benders. Professionals and proficient in the art of deception and deflection.
  9. FCB

    Germany Thread

    Good on ya, love! https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/matildas-forward-gielnik-signs-for-bayern-munich https://fcbayern.com/fcbayerntv/de/video/2019/08/fc-bayern-frauen-verpflichten-emily-gielnik
  10. "This would mean" - just because Lewis says so doesn't make it true. Right now we are in the territory of hope, dread, wishful thinking, pure speculation, and "just another rumour". I believe it once it's announced by the club.
  11. I hear you. United has been playing a lot of football in recent weeks. Marconi (Rd 20) July 28th St George (FFA cup) July 31st Olympic (Rd 21) Aug 4th Manly (Rd 22) Aug 11th Marconi (1/8 finals) Aug 17th - 120 minutes Blacktown (QF) August 21st - 120 minutes W'gong (Semi) scheduled for August 24th You'd think that we'll run them into the ground, irrespective of what happens for them on Saturday. But they are on a roll, and that makes them dangerous.
  12. Even though this would put an end to all Tasci and Jedinak rumours: this is the kind of signing that makes a difference. Last season we had three fringe Socceroos. But: Risdon was missing for most of the season, Bridgey was injured, and Tarek was still recovering from an ACL. None of our imports was an international (unless you count the two games Riera played for Catalonia six years ago or so). This time: Duke, Dylan Mc, Tarek, Georgievski, Majewski, Schwegler all represented their countries at senior level. Yeboah's five years in Germany may as well count as an international career of sorts. There's Lopar and Ziegler, plus the quality CF yet to be signed. That is a playing group second to none. Now add Jurman, another Socceroo, to that. He would ensure that the defense stays tight when we lose Tass to the U23, or if we were to lose him to Europe in the next transfer window. WSW is going to win the title. Meanwhile: beteasy is offering odds of 1/17 for WSW winning the premiership. Gamble responsibly.
  13. Like the last two years: too slow, not scoring goals in the big games.
  14. Indeed. At the same time, NPL sides are dangerous this time of the year. They have match fitness under the belt, are on top of their game. HAL sides are still finalizing their squads, are juggling pre season with the commitments of a an actual competition. It's tricky. We have reason to be positive though. I am hearing that the mood in the squad is very different to last year, that Schwegler and Lopar are demonstrating and role-modelling leadership. The class of 18/19 would have dropped their heads after the equalizer in Perth. The class of 19/20 dusted themselves off straight away and kept going.
  15. Doesn't matter really, the damage is done. His supporters are and won't change their opinion, but his credibility in the public domain is gone. The crazy bit in all of this: people are happy to belief stories about events that were written 2000 years ago by someone who wasn't actually present, decades after the event. Yet the same people will not believe a man claiming "George Pell raped me", just because the Catholic Church mustn't be proven wrong. That would be too much too handle. I've experienced this kind or argument with German Nazis. The holocaust didn't happen - "show me the mass graves", they'd say. Eyewitness accounts don't matter. I pointed out to one of them that, in the KZ Flossenbuerg, 40,000 people died, and that the ashes of many are still there. He dismissed the comment about the ashes, and claimed that people weren't killed there, but were "processed". Deny deny deny. Lunacy in right-wing church, financial, and political circles - the similarities are baffling.
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