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  1. Davies was at Everton last season. An EPL fitness coach in the HAL.
  2. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/andy-davies-608b0738
  3. A focus on England might be misguided. There are good footballers to be found in other part of the British Isles (or the UK or Great Britain, for that matter)...
  4. The four guys we signed so far all send a message of intent. They are leaders, the self-driven guys we didn't have enough of last season, according to MB. The spine will be as strong as. The GK will be worth the description, Ziegler is a BL2 player who will feel like a new addition, Schwegler comes with 10 years plus BL experience (and captained BL sides), on paer Majewski is on par with Smurf FC's Adrian Pole. And if the CF is the guy that I am hearing about then he'll be a step up from Le Fondre. Duke, Yeboah, Georgievski have all played overseas - that's eight players who know what it means to be a football pro in a serious league/club. Add Elrich, Kamau, Baccus, Tass, Tate, Grozos. All that's missing is another CB, a holding mid, and a winger. We are going to make some serious music at Bankwest.
  5. Still contracted til July 1st which is why he is not listed as yet. But yes, Hibernian have released him, and he is effectively without a club.
  6. FCB

    Server Upgrade

    May the force be with you. After 20 odd years in the IT industry, I do not believe in "she'll be right" any longer when it comes to infrastructure upgrades.
  7. Quaner isn't Swiss or British enough...
  8. That would kill any rumours of a Juric return. Good Championship-grade players don't come cheap, and if true this is bound to be a marquee player. In addition the the various Englishmen discussed here, a Scot from Norwich, and Irishman from Shefflield, or a Northern Irish from the same club could do the trick as well.
  9. If an Aussie is going to be the marquee then he has to be on that list. Spira and Brattan are not on it, but I can't see the club spending marquee money on either of them. In which case the targets would be quite obvious. https://www.transfermarkt.com/transfers/endendevertraege/statistik?plus=0&jahr=2019&ausrichtung=alle&spielerposition_id=alle&altersklasse=alle&land_id=12&yt0=Show
  10. MB bemoaned the lack of quality in the squad. We'll have an almost brand new spine with Lopar, Ziegler, Schwegler, a new AM and (presumably) a new CF, the eight or nine youngsters in the squad are at a very different level compared to same time last year - that's an overall upgrade from last season. It should translate into 20 goals conceded less. But that won't be enough. Glory, Smurfs, VIC are ahead of us with what they've built in recent years. For us to be a genuine title contender, It is crucial that we'll lure at least one quality Aussie to Westbank. A sixth import once Ziegler has officially been promoted to Aussie Pat would tip the scales in our favour. We won the the league in S1 with a core of 15 players, including six imports, three ex Socceroos, a talented youngster, and four, five HAL seniors with a point to proof. We are on track to replicate this.
  11. He is still waiting for his passport.
  12. It's duke's first salvo in renewing his contract and getting a pay rise. And in all fairness, he is one of the players we didn't want to lose.
  13. Our interest in krishna and kosta suggests that we are after a versatile attacker under the cap. MB wants to see competition for every single position. We are light up front, missing a CF, a winger and an AM, as well as a CB and another DM. MB has said that the door for ribery remains open. So unless ziegler is an aussie already, the fifth import spot will remain vacant for now, and one of the marquee spots would be filled by an aussie. And there is the minor technicality that we have three players on the books we don't want any longer... The waiting continues.
  14. Had JT opposed Popa he would have undermined the coach. JT has said numerous times that the club will always support the coach. Without that support the coach can't work. That's how we ended up with Gombau's five signings, that's how we ended up with Popa's hits and his misses. Let's hope the Babbel Meister has something different to offer.
  15. Neither. It's just too easy to dismiss (or approve of) a player purely on stats.
  16. Pace, stamina, being able to stay injury free on the hard pitches, coping with the physicality of the game, and performing in the Australian heat - if a player coming from Europe ticks these boxes then he can be an assett. Unfortunately one only knows if that's the case once they are here, as we all learned with Cejudo.
  17. That Garcia guy has played more than 100 games in league that was one bridge too far for Andreu, Dimas, Alberto, Fornaroli.
  18. We never had a player who made it into that category.
  19. FCB

    Melbourne Victory: Season 2019/20

    From the Reds to the VIC - they won't be happy about that in Adelaide. But great decision by VIC, far too good a coach to leave the HAL. Aussie club football needs more coaches like Kurz, not less.
  20. Would have been not Swiss enough anyway.
  21. FCB

    Music Thread 3

    Who needs heavy metal or punk when you can have Neil Young and Pearl Jam? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvtdbfI1sqQ
  22. FCB

    Music Thread 3

    Well, yes, the short cut does cost a lot of money. And I believe it is illegal to kill yourself with that stuff. However, prescription drugs, booze, smokes and fatty sugary food...
  23. FCB

    Music Thread 3

    You can always try and look how the 2019 version. Drink a carton of beer, mix it up with a bottle of bourbon, smoke a packet **** every day, and start eating crap, and it might just get you there.
  24. FCB

    Music Thread 3

    And Entwistles' last performance with the band, at the 2001 concert for New York. Man, they were a good band. The youth today don't know what they've been missing...