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  1. No Janjetovic for the CCM game - "shoulder injury". Hmmm. Majok left out as well, given a rest for the game against his potential or actual new employer?
  2. Going by MB's comments earlier this week we are looking at a serious clean out. Remain-ers: Ziegler, Elrich, Duke, Yeboah, Kamau, Maybe Riera, Hamill, Mahazi and/or GG. Plus a bunch of kids. Interesting times.
  3. He's moved on from "mentality" to matters of structure, discipline and energy. When that's not right we are leaking goals. In a press conference after a win a few weeks back he made a comment along the line of "it helps when the players are actually doing what the coaches are telling them to do." Add fitness to the list for next season, and players who actually enjoy scoring goals. I had a chat with him last year. It irks him that teams hiss the white flag once they get on the bus to an away game in Munich. "Of course Bayern has the better players, but you have to have to have a crack anyway!", he stressed. As Heidenheim did a couple of weeks ago when they very nearly bowled Bayern out of the German cup. Mentality.
  4. Mahazi may not be a player who wins you a title, but we need "good enough" squaddies who are too old to be picked by Arnie for the U23 tournament in January. Last time we had all our imports right was in S1 and 2. In S4 we were competitive, but the Pio debacle cost us the title. Nail these spots next season for a change, have the Aussie passport for Ziegler sorted, and there won't be much reason to have conversations about Elrich, Hamill, Mahazi, or JoD.
  5. I recall Popa's sour presser after the adelaide GF. Amongst other things he claimed that we'd be back stronger and better. And that's what needed to happen, considering how we let the title slip away in S4 by not showing up in the big games. The answer to the problem, apprently, was to let the three leaders of the team (bridgey, jamo, nts) leave in the same transfer window, and sign three substandard imports. Go figure. Lederer said that he could have stopped Popa's transfer, but chose not to. It says a lot about Popovic that the was willing to leave when he did AND was going to take the entire coaching group with him. He is ruthless, for better for worse. Almost two seasons later we still haven't fully recovered from this. If Popovic has one weakness: signing imports. At the same time he is well connected and educated when it comes to domestic players. Glory had good imports already, and popa strengthened the team with local players, with the full support of Sage.
  6. He has a daughter (23) and a son (21) from his first marriage, two girls (15 and 12) from a second marriage, and another daughter (3) with his third wife. And as I am writing this I realized that his oldest children are young adults, not teenagers. He's had quite a life. What is not well know is that, when MB was 17, his older brother took his own life. Guillain-Barre syndrome may not have cost him his own life, but certainly cost him his career as world class defender, and probably his first marriage. Another bit of trivia: since the early 1990ies he's been the only coach who lasted longer than three years at Luzern. That's quite an achievement. In the 15 months since he left in January 2018 they've had three coaches...
  7. I can't help but think of GoT and the "Red Wedding"... MB left four teenage kids behind in Bavaria, they will want to see their father. When he announced in May last year that he was off to Australia, they were not happy at all. These conversations would have been happening for a while. All I hope is that MB gets a chance to speak to the Ribery man face to face. Good!
  8. FCB

    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    We are much closer to the Smurfs (and the rest of the competition, for that matter) than most people think. 14 points out of the last six games ain't half bad. Smurfs won the SCG derby with a little help of their in house refs and the first ANZ derby courtesy of Janjetovic. Nail the imports, have a home ground again worth the description, and we'll be a force next season. Kudos to Hamill and Elrich, two nominal squaddies who ended up with the thankless job of steadying the ship.
  9. FCB

    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    WSW wanted to hurt the Smurfs, and they did just that. The Smurf machine Corica inherited from Arnie is hard to beat. They have one chance and score, and then grind out results. Really don't know what to make of Llorente. The way he currently plays he is almost an asset. Riera had to bury that chance. Mahazi and GG proved that they are HAL-grade players. Treejack lacks intensity over 90 minutes. There's at least one player on the market MB worked with who can do as well as ABJ in that position, but for an entire game.
  10. Last week baccus suggested that they were pumped for the jets game, which saw them through for an hour. Let's see if fire in the belly will be enough to play 90 minutes, or if they are just all talk, and full of kebabs and crap.
  11. MB: "We have to give everything for our supporters. They had not an easy season, they had many things to throw [at us?], but in this game we can pay a little bit back, and this is what we want to do." Hamill: "The fire is burning in the belly to get a result this week."
  12. If you need any evidence for just how deflated HAL and WSW are - here it is. Only two years ago the derby attracted a 60k crowd at ANZ, and 40k plus at Alliance. Not any longer. Now its family friendly, the ongoing support of ESFC by VAR and refs has left its mark, as has policing and security at both SOP and Moore Park. https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/video/derby-reflections-duke-gallifuoco-and-mahazi It's depressing, really.
  13. Nizic, Fitzgerald, Sotirio, Tokich again not in the extended squad... The big question is: will the team that played against City show up, or the one that collapsed against Jets? And: will anyone be eating kebabs prior to the game? Put pressure against the ball, keep the opponent running, and in the last 20 minutes the Smurfs will feel the ACL game in their bones. I hope we'll still be in the game by then.
  14. I agree, and I won't be asking the question if anyone has "heard" anything...
  15. Kebab gate - we are entering into uncharted territory. What I think is equally important here: did they have a dump before the game? Three squaddies linking up with a winger as RB, with a so called goalkeeper behind them - this makeshift defense held against City. It didn't against Jets. Also: as soon as Treejack came off the game changed.
  16. Looking at his career so far, he is not injury prone. It looks like he had a botched meniskus op here in sydney. Something that was supposed to heal in six weeks max turned into a second op and ultimately ended his season. Go figure.
  17. The HAL Mk 2 paper is scheduled to be finalised by June 30th. https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/revealed-the-new-a-league-v20-blueprint-523274
  18. Nuh, I don't agree. If the rumour of the Spanish CB is true then MB wants to strengthen the centre of defence. Ziegler will feel like a new signing. A Kirchhoff or similar as DM, Treejack or his replacement as AM, Riera or his replacement as No 9. Georgevski or similar at the back, plus another domestic or import winger (depends on the ziegler passport situation, number of import allowed in the new season, or if the 4, 6, 10 or 9 is going to be filled with Aussie players). That'll be the measure of it, I'd say. We can expect that the squad will have been assembled for the leeds game. Any communication problems will be ironed out in pre season.
  19. Well, this is not Everton. I refer you to Baumjohann's assessment of the HAL: "The two best clubs maybe could compete at the top of BL2, the rest has lower BL2 quality. In each club there are one, two players who could play in the BL. Five to six professionals would play a good role in BL2. The rest is more at lower BL2 or BL2 level." The six or seven quality players he is referring to are the imports, plus the occasional local player. We have Duke, Ziegler, Yeboah, and maybe Baccus. Add four good imports to that, and we are where we are meant to be.
  20. My translation of a Treejack interview from the German version of Transfermarkt, April 7th. Transfermarkt: "Does that mean that you will leave Sydney once your contract has expired?" Baumjohann: "I wouldn't say that. My contract is still valid. My agent will soon come to Australia, and then we'll discuss my future. I could well imagine to stay in Australia, but I am always open for other opportunities. These things will probably only gather real momentum once the season is over."
  21. We have a core without a spine :-). But we are not that far off. Despite all the shortcomings and problems we've had with squad, injuries, VAR and refs: Ziegler's pre season knee injury and Janjetovic's blunders alone had the power to break our season. After S4 we lost nine players who played in the semi and GF, or sat on the bench in those games. NTS, Bridgey, Jamo all walking out of the door in the same transfer window, plus replacing three good imports with lesser players - we are yet to recover from that blood letting. In contrast, if after this season we are left with the senior players Ziegler, Hamill, Elrich, Kamau, Duke, Yeboah, plus the youngsters Baccus, JoD, Tass, Russell, Grozos, Suman, that's a pool of players that you can field. Not all of them at once, but they are "good enough" for the HAL. Key is to getting the imports right. Add Georgievski (if it is true), another capable senior local player, maybe a Mahazi, and we'll be okay.
  22. As I said, it depends if the players want to play football elsewhere (like Tongyk) or sit in the stands for 1, 2, or 3 years. Contracts need to be honoured, I agree, it's not the players or MBs fault that these guys were signed as long as they have. And yes, I am familiar with the financial pressures of living in Sydney. Further up you suggested that wsw have signed two new goal keepers. If true then we would be heading into the next season with four goalkeepers, plus Suman. I can't see that happening. No more Borda-esque goofballers playing for wsw. No more BS. No more mediocrity. Enough is enough.
  23. I don't think so. With a proper GK, Ziegler instead of Hamill or Elrich, and a commanding midfielder instead of Mahazi we would not have lost that game in Newcastle. We'd be top five instead. The core of the squad is solid. We'll be fine next season.
  24. No payout. Mutual agreement. Depends if they want to play football elsewhere, or want to spend extended time in the stands.
  25. That makes sense. The clubs need to agree first what is going to happen with the cap, and if they increase the number of imports. Then they know what they can sign and spend, and things will flow from there.