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  1. Season opener won - for only the second time in eight years. Six youngsters on the pitch, several senior players yet to be fully match fit: last year we would have lost this game. Schwegler Jurman and Lopar made the difference. Ono and Martinez arrived late and took a couple of months at least to fully come up to speed. AMFG will deliver the goods much sooner. Losing Kamau and Elrich hurts, but the biggest concern is Yeboah. Was injury prone while in Germany, and nothing much has changed.
  2. A registered agent would help SFA with this German-specific beauty. This is about dual citizenship, the migration matter needs to be tackled afterwards. And because one can't bribe German authorities that easily, there's bugger all one can do about the waiting period. When I handed in my papers at the German GC, I questioned the long waiting period, and I got a court response of "you should have applied sooner". Clock has been ticking for 11 months, and chances are that Ziegler is ahead of me in the queue. Nuff said. Pain in the neck, the whole thing.
  3. German law applies in this matter, EU has nothing to do with it. I am going through the same process right now, that's why I am saying what I am saying. Pain in the neck.
  4. This has nothing to do with the club, it's entirely Ziegler's job to compile all the required documents, and chances are that this part of the exercise alone took him a while. If he handed in the papers same time last year then the wait should be over soon. But: Germany has no interest in creating dual citizens. They don't throw resources at this process, and all you can do is wait. As I said, pain in the neck, the whole thing.
  5. He is right. The cattle he is referring to are the PFA-protected HAL journeymen. Unless you count Kamau and Elrich, we don't have these kind of players any longer. Instead, at WSW, the senior players are expected to lead the younger guys on and off the pitch, to support them on their professional football journey.
  6. "The 29-year-old defender is yet to receive his Australian passport, requiring documents from Germany that will permit Ziegler becoming a dual national." In plain English: Germany in general does not allow dual citizenship, but there is a back door. It's a pain in the neck procedure: you have to fill in the paperwork and make your case why Germany should grant you the privilege of having two passports. Once the forms and supporting documents are handed it in at the German consulate in Sydney, the file goes to Berlin where it ends up at the bottom of the pile. It takes 8-12 months for the file to resurface, and in the meantime nothing happens. If the German authorities say yes (which is not guaranteed), he then can apply for Australian citizenship.
  7. Talking to global warming deniers is like talking to flat Earthers, or the guys who are yet to get the concept of Copernicus. Or Holocaust deniers. Waste of time and oxygen. Don't know why some of you guys bother. Idiots shall be idiots.
  8. Try realism instead. The presence of Lopar, Ziegler and Schwegler alone will mean 20 goals less conceded. AMFG has 20-25 goals within him, but if all he does is putting the sitters away he'll be well ahead of Riera in his second season. Rd 1 last year we had a starting 11 of: snake, risdon, tongynk, hamill, elrich, baccus, Mahazi, abj, roly, sotirio, riera. In October 2019 it feels like something from a nightmarish parallel universe. Time to flush any memories of the last three seasons down the toilet. There won't be a rerun of "trains planes and automobiles".
  9. Who needs Google if you can have a chat with your ex team captain and old friend Pirmin Schwegler about your prospective new employer?
  10. The journos must love MB: they ask a question, and they actually get an answer. To hear a guy with an EPL/BL background singing the praises of the club, board, ceo, coaching group is very encouraging. Shocking review of the 18/19 squad. We had players who questioned having two training sessions per day in pre season!? MB talked a lot about "mentality". He was too polite: what he meant was a lack of professionalism. His assessment of the youth players is interesting: collectively they are not there yet to genuinely challenge the senior players. Lot of hard work ahead of them. Sounds like Baccus only stayed because of MB, and will be off to Europe after the season, and good luck to him.
  11. When Harper interviewed Schwegler after the cup game against SU58, he just about kissed his feet. He is yet to see AMFG.
  12. He did neither. I merely flicked through the off topic thread until I found the word philosophy. Simples.
  13. https://www.westsydneyfootball.com/forums/topic/5699-if-no-one-posts-in-it-does-the-philosophy-thread-still-exist/?_fromLogin=1
  14. Injury of key players that are hard or impossible to replace is a lived reality for all clubs, and pointless worrying about it. There are those who are scared of their own shadow on a sunny day while others enjoy walking in the sunshine. I do the latter.
  15. My post was in response to "The A-League is not a development league" post further up. The point I was trying to make is: there is a young HAL player who walks into Bayern and was able to exceed expectations. SPL may not be that flash, but scoring a contract with Celtic is a different story. With their budget they'd be a top four Championship side, they don't sign **** kickers, if they can avoid it. In my view, these two guys put a ? behind Arnie's view. A statement of "Sydney FC is not a development club" would have been more appropriate.
  16. In a capped league there are certain areas that a club can control and improve to get ahead of the others. Training facilities. Coaching group. Filling both marquee spots with quality players. Have quality imports under the cap. Have as many quality players as the cap allows. Health care. Team cohesion. Stability in club. Discipline. Youth development. Motivation. WSW are at least in the top three in every one of these categories. The S5 recruitment train wreck Popa created has been haunting the club for three years. He tipped the family silver he accumulated over four years into the sewer, and even playing out of Parra would not have saved us. But this has now been rectified. Apart from chewing up cap space, the couple of hopers who are still at the club won't have a negative impact. The other teams will hate coming to Parra, and some of the players will **** themselves. For our team the effect will be the opposite. The rest is in the hands of the football gods, but even one of those we now have in our team - what more do you want? :-)
  17. That's not the issue - that they are allowed to talk their nonsense unchallenged is. There is nothing or no one in place to moderate or question Bolt, Price, Jones. What is also not understood or emphasized is that they are merely voicing personal opinions, but they are disguising them as objective truths.
  18. Singh was signed for the BL3 reserve team, but once the coaching group saw him they realized that he is further than most same age Bayern players his age group. He played the whole pre season with the senior team (including the US tour and the Audi Cup) and has been included for the UCL squad. He is a starting player for the BL3 side. When Arzani was loaned out from Man City to Celtic, Rodgers promoted him to the senior squad. That's what I call an achievement, and I can't think of anyone in his age group in the HAL who has that quality. That he did his ACL in on debut was a tragedy. He's back playing with the Celtic's reserve team as of this month.
  19. Our club is in the process of disproving that theory. Arzani and especially Singh successfully making the leap should be motivation for every serious youngster currently holding a HAL contract. If the U23 qualifies for the Olympics we can expect a couple of our youngsters following in their footsteps in 2020.
  20. If someone was to suggest putting the village fool on TV everyone would say "we can't do that, it's stupid". But if the village fool masquerades as politician or media commentator he or she has credibility, and people applaud.
  21. I just backtracked and tried to find the comments I've made that motivates you talking about my "saving grace", being foolish, and dismissing non contact knee injuries. The conversation that I recall: Ziegler is yet to recover from an FFA cup injury that should have taken three months max to heal. JoD being back in team training only seven months after rupturing his ACL during a game. Grozos suffered a knee injury at the 2018 AFC U19 Championship and was taken out after a tackle in Perth. Duke getting injured in a test match up the GC. Schwegler sat out the FFA cup game because a "knock" (that's how someone from the club explained it to me) he got in training. And now we are losing Majewski. Not sure why people get their heckles up, and what imminent crisis there is that they are seeing, and I am not. Too me the current sitution seems very different to the injuries we saw in last year in pre-season and during the comp - soft tissue stuff, to do with conditioning and fitness, the reason why the AFL guy had to leave. Those who belief that the season is sunk because we losing our AM have my sympathy. I for my part belief that "Western Sydney Wanderers are about to monster the A-League", will have a close to full strength squad for Rd 1 (hopefully with an injury replacement for Raddy) and will win the title. https://www.msn.com/en-au/sport/football/western-sydney-wanderers-are-about-to-monster-the-a-league/ar-AAHTDrF Other than that: I think you are not well, and maybe should go back to bed
  22. Watched "The Drum" last night. The had a liberal ex MP on the panel, but her name escapes me. Liberal only by label, conservative biased ignorant hits the mark more. Had something to say about the Catholic Church, how the sexual abuse of children was morally and ethically wrong. Well well. I noted that she didn't say anything about organized crime though, and that's why these rapists are sitting in jail. Took issue Greta's anger, found it inappropriate. Hmm. Doesn't seem to have been watching any parliamentary debates lately. 16 year old girl showing her anger in public = not cool. Grown men in parliament hurling abuse at each other = not worth mentioning. She did talk about how there can be no denying that human's are "contributing" to global warming, and then started rambling on about other contributing factors like volcanic activity. Apparently she hasn't seen the graph which demonstrates the unprecedented spike in temperatures in the last decades. Maybe there haven't been enough volcanic eruptions, or too few of them. And then she pointed out the cost of switching an economy to carbon neutral, the cost of it, how it would be the end of the world, or words to that affect, if it was to be implemented, and that it would take decades to implement. Bit like Steve Price and the doomsday scenarios he associated with the ban of single use plastic bags. In a sense the message was: let's do nothing, or very little, because it's all too hard/expensive/inconvenient etc. That woman seemed far too intelligent to talk rubbish, but there she was. As long as you can memorize a party script and repeat it in public, you are fit to be a parliamentarian.
  23. Don't get the bucket-half-fullers going again! We'll play with the Leeds lineup minus Raddy, Wilmering, Elrich plus Jurman, Meier, Georgievski.
  24. Are we manning the panic stations now because we will have a full strength squad for Rd1, minus Raddy and JoD? Has the FB family taken over this thread? We may not like that Rado did his knee in, but that's what happens in football. Smurfs had two players out with ACL injuries last season, and they had Ninkovic out during pre season. The issue is not that a player is out with injury, but how the club responds to this.
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