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  1. FCB

    Birthday Thread

    Call a whiskey party and open your door. You will be surprised how many friends you have that you had no idea of having. The whiskey might be taken care off in one seating, but how you are going to get all those pissheads out of your house, that's another story.
  2. Turkish newspapers can be very convincing. When it came to Mehmet Akyuz, the only people who weren't fooled were the decision makers at the club. He'd be lethal. Put him in the box, kick the ball at him with ferocity, it is highly likely to hit him somewhere, and the ball will then ricochet off into the net past a helpless GK. A potential goal machine, likely to pulverize Bulut's scoring record for WSW in 16/17.
  3. FCB

    Germany Thread

    The last home grown player who made it into the first team was Alaba, and that's a few years ago now. The gap between senior team and youth players has become too big. It is something the club is working on. They know that they dropped the ball. Kovac has no say in the signings, he is just the guy who is training them. He does approve of Peresic though, the transfer has been completed, 4.6 mil Euro loan fee. Lopetegui was rumored to take over, and rumour has it that all is not well between coach and part of the team. Mind you, Hummel Ribery Robben Rafinha are now gone, maybe that restores peace and quiet. Coutinho will only happen if Neymar goes back to Barca. Bayern was going to spend 120 mil for Sane, they have the money.
  4. MB witness first hand Juric's difficulties when it came to juggling NT duties and club life. It ultimately led to Juric being frozen out of the team at Luzern earlier this year. I very much doubt that MB will introduce that kind of problem at WSW by signing a player who is still active for his national team. This is the kind of stuff that can blow your season apart.
  5. O'Rourke reckons that Williams was an outstanding match official which is correct. What he didn't say was that Williams stood out for all the wrong reason. The incompetents that were dragged along by the Lowys are starting to disappear, and that's a good thing. KGJ next?
  6. Most players can't work with Popa for more than a couple of seasons without mental fatigue syndrome setting in. @Taurus Do I recall you saying that a few players were quite happy to see Popa go?
  7. Don't get me started! Don't sign Melling, don't sign Borda, throw the money at Alberto instead = our S5 would have been far less painful. Club and player were only a small amount of money apart anyway.
  8. It's not so much a matter of when they join, but who it's is that joins. Tanaka and Takahagi came straight from the beach and yet they performed, within reason. Borda, Bruno and Jumpei joined for the start of pre season but never arrived. Andreu was great, until he learned that we would not be on marquee wages the following season. Dimas was great next to Andreu, and a waste of space the following season without him. Ono more or less came out of pre retirement, and yet he put in double shifts and made the difference. Saba and Pio came early, but in Serie B they don't seem to know what a shift is. And so on and so forth. This time around we signed hardened professionals, not popa projects players, they seem to be here for the right reasons. I'll happily wait until the beginning of September, as long as we sign the right guy.
  9. It sounds like the wsw face family was present at these games...
  10. The Aussie off season can be like Chinese water torture, and has the potential to do people's head in - some only believe that we have a team once a marquee player is announced. Then there is the perception that only when a player makes it in the HAL can he be considered a good player. If he then goes overseas, can't cut it there, returns with his tail between his legs (plus a marquee deal) he is still considered a good player. But when a Schwegler, Lopar is signed, or a Kruse returns, they are eyed with suspicion, or rubbished even... If you are in need for sanity then look no further than the FB family - even though these guys are still puzzled that we actually had a team on the pitch against Leeds. Also, that the squad now consists of 18 players on senior contracts plus a bunch of guys on scholarships seems to be escaping people's attention.
  11. FCB

    Germany Thread

    Sane's knee injury appears to have killed his transfer from city to bayern who are about to sign peresic from inter on loan. And there I talk that coutinho is to be signed from barca.
  12. Played with Dylan Mc at the same club in Denmark up until June. Little did they know that they would meet again at the other side of the world.
  13. Yes, well, I probably should have written that "nobody at the club is pressing the alarm button". Football fans are noise creators with too much time at hand. The only one who benefits from the noise we are creating here is Mack.
  14. Tim Hoogland on the radar, the Kurz factor. Would be quite a catch for them, VIC is going to be the main rival for the premiership.
  15. MB said in a recent presser that the squad still lacks experienced players, and wants to bring in two more older guys to sort that. JT said as much at the members forum. People need to chill. We are nine weeks away from season kick off, and VIC still have four import spots open. No one is pressing the panic button south of the border. Going by the Perth game we closed the gap to last season's top of the table teams. The rest will sort itself out.
  16. Sainsbury is one of these suspect players, same category as Spira and Troisi. You can never be certain where they are at with their football. He stopped playing regulary three years ago. Played a handful of games in April/May 2018 in the Swiss Super League, and has been paid for showing up at training ever since. He stopped being a football pro in May 2018, but continued to be paid marquee money, and that's what he'd still expect. But: when he did play for Zurich 18 months ago he was their captain, and that is something Babbel will remember.
  17. Meanwhile: a few weeks ago beateasy's odds for WSW winning the minor premiership were $12. They must have been impressed by WSW's win in Perth: the odd are now $17, and they are having Roar, WU, and City ahead of us for winning the title. Well, I say "thank you" to that, and shall be gambling responsibly.
  18. Maybe, but he does take a good photo, apparently... https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/3375561/rangers-kyle-lafferty-snapchat-scandal-burnley-wife-vanessa-penis-pics-gambling-addiction/ That's almost as good as Carney moon-ing the Eastern terrace back in his Jets days.
  19. Even if he trains like Pio and acts like Bulut: as long as he gives it all on the pitch (MB requirement) and scores a sack full of goals in the process no one will complain.
  20. Mo Adam: "Markus [...] really puts a lot of trust in the young players. He doesn't really care if you're 18 or 34. As he says, if you're good enough, you'll start playing. So, I feel that's a really good confidence boost, and I feel very honoured." A 16 yo publicly refers to the gaffer as "Markus". There is a message in this: MB empowers the kids. At the members forum, JT made reverence to the rapport between coach and team, and Mo's comment is a reflection of that rapport and trust. Popa would have put him in the dreaded naughty chair and chewed his head off. More importantly, the youngsters know that being given a chance is not just lip service. And the established players will need to be on their toes, otherwise they'll lose their spot. Healthy competition around. We won't see a repeat of senior players slacking off. Mind you, the guys we signed so far are all seasoned pros, they won't do that anyway.
  21. We have another nine weeks of pre season ahead of us. Pre-season in the European leagues means seven weeks. That's the time real football pros need to come up to speed, and regain fitness. So, no rush. The speculation around Ziegler's recovery borders on hysteria. He'll be fine.
  22. Davidson, Lowry, presumably Spira - their back line is taking quite a hit in this transfer window.
  23. Once you are talking Campbell level, only Hooper or Lafferty make sense. Unless there is someone who is wiggling himself out of an existing contract, it has to be either of them, or it's going to be somewhat disappointing. I've had a gut full of rough diamonds at WSW who ended up shining like char coal. Apparently something is going to be announced tomorrow, so let's see.
  24. A 20yo Baccus was voted best wsw player. Early this year most of us didn't have Tass on the radar. Now we don't blink an eye when he is in the starting line up against leeds or Perth. They'll be more than fine, this season and beyond.
  25. FCB

    Daniel Lopar

    During the warm up for the leeds game suman and greenwood were standing on the opposite sides of the middle line. Lopar was kicking balls towards them from the box, and ball pretty much landed at their feet every single time. Precise like a Swiss watch.
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