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  1. Bridgey can blame himself. Snake's injury was a leftover from last season. How much Ziegler's and grozos' knee injuries have to do with the training regime is debatable. But soft tissue/muscle injuries should not happen in training at least. With Martins on board this is bound to change.
  2. Of course you do, of course you do...
  3. You can scratch the "hopefully". Martins said in the interview that injured players don't play. He is the guy who helped turn Robben's body of glass into something more solid. While Martins was at Bayern, in the big games the big players were available, it was one of the reasons why they made three CL finals in four years. He left the club when Team Guardiola entered, and with Pep the injuries came.
  4. For those without a hearing aid, in short: Fitness work is team work. Power, strength, speed, agility alone does not cut it - quality of movement is most important. It keeps players healthy, and makes them perform more efficiently. Players who can’t read the game as well as other will have to be fitter than others, they have to run more.
  5. You can always write a letter of complaint to the complaints department...
  6. Interview with our new fitness coach from 2013
  7. There you go, as mentioned. One could not ask for a more competent fitness coach. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/wanderers-make-marquee-signing-behind-the-scenes-20181129-p50j74.html
  8. It's not as bad as you say, but yes, not much to write home about either S3 was a write off apart from derby Bulut show S4 the two Gosford away games, Wullington away, the FTV home against against VIC, Santa's equalizer in the Melbourne pyro party, the Roar semi, the home nail biters against City, Glory, Adelaide, Hektor standing on the roof in Adelaide S5 Rd2 comeback in Adelaide, Rd 15 draw at Allianz with Snake in goal; beating the Smurfs at ANZ (could have been the high point of the season, and it turned into the low point courtesy of Arnie gate); the 4:1 Rd 9 win in Gosford I think was the last time that I truly enjoyed a WSW game, atmosphere, performance, result and all, and that's a long time ago... S6 Rd1 win
  9. I agree. There is no scouting. We ended up with Spaniards because of Andres Carrasco. We signed Cejudo because Riera knew he was available. We signed Borda, Pinatardes because they were cheap. We signed Jumpei because Ono recommended him. That's not scouting, it's pot luck. We now have Paul Agostino scanning the German/European market for us, and MB is well connected. I am expecting that we'll go full German next season, hold on to the youth players who have HAL standard, hold on to (or sign) above-average senior Aussie players, and phase out the no hopers. We are actually not far off. Despite injury issues and too many youth players in the senior squad: gifting goals and missing sitters (Riera!) is the issue. I don't even want to think about how many points this has cost us this season.
  10. Yep, I believe Martins is the replacement for the gws guy.
  11. "Ikonomidis has revealed that it was a phone call from Gombau that convinced the winger to move across to Western Sydney with Gombau noting that he was the perfect fit for the Red & Black after the departure of attacker Jumpei." https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/news/gombau-ikonomidis-and-mariners
  12. In an interview with kicker sports mag last week MB said that our conditioning coach is from Brazil. My understanding is his name is Marcelo Martins. Apparently he is no stranger to football, but I could not find any evidence of that.
  13. 2019 Grand Final victory in Perth, and several thousand not going to work but the domestic airport instead to great the team the day after
  14. FCB

    Robert Cornthwaite

    Go Delhi! Sounds like we are missing out big time. Makes you wonder what we could have achieved under Gombau with a full preseason under the belt. But then again, he'd probably have to assemble his own squad first for the magic formula to work. Well, good luck to him, and them.
  15. FCB

    Robert Cornthwaite

    Gombau "not the right person at the right club at the right time", a nice guy who "rubbed people the wrong way from the first day he arrived". Who would have thought?
  16. Fair questions which require a long answer. At the post-season function in April Lederer made a comment along the line of "we want to be the best". When they signed Babbel my expectation was that they'd throw in a couple of quality senior players, in particular a midfielder and a winger, to back that up that claim. To my surprise, for whatever reason, that didn't happen, and we ended up playing with the youth squad instead. Go figure. Our coach is ambitious, he once said that "I am working to be successful, and I couldn't care less about my public image". Before the season MB made a comment that the team have set the bar high for themselves. They don't talk publicly about it what their aspirations are, but I doubt that they just have 4th spot in mind. In S1 WSW, after nine rounds, had 10 points and were in 8th spot. So we are still on target to win the title :-). But yes, Babbel's comments last week suggest that he doesn't see us as a genuine title contender. To be honest, I'd be more comfortable if Ziegler, Roly and Bridgey were available, we miss them badly, and we rely on young players to deliver the goods. But I don't share other people's view that out squad is not good enough. It just lacks experience right now. Still, it is quite telling that Fitzgerald is sitting in the stands, that Sotirio and Mahazi are on the bench. Younger players are overtaking them. Babbel is a marquee manager, absolutely. I've been following the career of this guy since he played for Hamburg in 1992. Does not make me an expert, but I've picked up a few things over the last 25 years which is why I rate him. He is highly respected within the German football community, he is high profile for a reason. Kicker sports mag considered the TV interview they did with him last week "very special", and the chief editor was part of those who interviewed him. Bild newspaper is coming out in January to do a feature report on Babbel and Treejack. And so people in Germany and Switzerland are hearing about WSW, the HAL is arriving on people's radar over there which is a pleasant side effect. He is considered a top manager in Germany. Right now Bayern's coach Kovac has his head on the chopping block, and the kicker guys wanted to know if Babbel would be prepared to "help" Bayern (=take over) if he was asked. The kicker guys believe that he has the goods, and so do I. He could take over any BL side. But he is not the kind of guy who puts up with the BS and the politics that comes with big league football, and they would be wary of him being as outspoken as he is. What does he do differently? He told us what needs to change: Juric, Bozanic, Ruka - they can have great games, be as good as anyone, but they only do it once every month. He doesn't rate HAL journeymen who go from club to club, it's too easy for players to move on without them having to really pick up their game. He expects his players to show up every week, be active for 90 minutes, maintain structure, keep pushing, and defend to secure a result if required. He demands that players don't touch the ball six, seven, eight times before they pass it, but once or twice. At the very least he wants WSW to be hard to beat. That's were we are heading. I am expecting WSW to be a BL2-grade side in the HAL. Performance and results will be accordingly. Not in every game, but often enough. It will keep the others on their toes, they all will have to review what they are doing. That will be the league wide transformation that I've been talking about. I know that I am leaning out of the window a fair bit, and I am doing it comfortably. Merrick gets the best out of mediocre HAL players, and good on him. But guys like Boogaard, Hoffmann, Georgievski - they ain't going to get any better from here onwards. Instead, we fielded a double six and two wingers with little HAL experience between them, and yet they had the Jets under the pump for much of the game. It's only going to get better from here. Hope that explains my position, past and present.
  17. For some of you guys the next two and half years will be difficult to stomach. There are things a coaching group can control: fitness level, style of football, game plane, promotion of youth players, team cohesion. They were the areas were Gombau dug his own grave with great enthusiasm, and where we are in very different shape. Babbel was hired to sort this out. All of this will get a big tick by the board. Other things are more difficult to manage. Attitude of players towards the profession. Keeping focus for 90 minutes. Capacity of individual players to improve. Players being absent due to NT duty. Injuries (we've had a lot of those which might be the reason why we had a change of conditioning coach). This is all WIP. The biggest challenge is the dis-proportionally large chunk of junior players in a senior squad. What Babbel can't do is make young players grow old over night, and that's why the absence of Ziegler, Roly and Bridgey hurts so much. I am looking forward to WSW playing with the intensity of a BL2 side in the HAL in the not so distant future. That's what has been missing in previous years, where we didn't show up in the big games. It was the main reason why titles in S4 slipped away, and why we have such a **** track record against Smurfs and VIC. For me, that'll be the measure. Get that right and the results will sort themselves out.
  18. No. Stop gifting goals. Put away sitters. That alone would have been enough to win the game last night, inches made the difference. It ll sort itself out as the young players mature, as will maintaining structure for much of the game. Players who can't keep up will not be part of the squad by next season at the latest.
  19. What do you do if you miss a sitter to take the lead, concede out of nowhere with a semi own goal, and miss another sitter to equalize? A Merrick side is hard to break down at the best of times, and coming from behind is not the best of times - Merrick admitted that he parked the bus towards the end of the game. Having just two imports on the pitch, but four, five young players doesn't help much either. We are missing Roly badly. Saying that: Risdon and Elrich were outstanding, our junior midfield was fantastic for two thirds of the game, considering who they were up against. Abe looked very promising with his speed, and how he got himself in position. Reads the game much better than Sotirio. Sort out the first touch, and he'll be a delight.
  20. MB is quite clear about what the challenges are as far as youth development (18:00-19:00) is concerned, and what skill level he inherited (21:00-22:00). https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=287433
  21. In short: for 50,60 minutes WSW made Jets look quite poor, despite the absence of senior players, and despite Jets being physically stronger stop the silly mistakes at the back be more clinical up front control the game for 90 minutes, not just 50 or 60 (MB: "If we are active then we are good. If we are not active we are struggling.") the age makeup of the team is problematic, and the young guys have to grow up quickly Fitzgerald is not playing because he is not tracking back enough
  22. Seems a bit risky not selecting Tass. With two CBs already out with injury, who can play in the middle if either Hammer or Tarek need to come off?
  23. Video interview of Babbel with kicker sports mag. The gist: Q: how did you end up in Sydney? Was looking for a challenge, for something different Fantastic challenge as manager, but also as a person It couldn’t be better, having unbelievable fun Have a top job, live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world Living a dream right now, family loves it Q: what’s different down under? Australian have a different approach to life Unbelievable multiculturalism, live and let live attitude which he loves Club wants to get back on top and is juggling a number of big projects With opening of training facility in two months there will be a European standard In six months new stadium with European quality will be open Singing the high praises of coaching group, both professionally and personally competent; loves the multicultural makeup (goalkeeper coach is Italian, assistant coach born in Mauritius, conditioning coach from Brazil, U23 coach with Greek roots, only video analysts is a true blue Aussie) Q: how is the professionalism compared with Europe? Like Europe, but the most modern he’s experienced so far A big focus on high tech, the technology that is part of his job at WSW (video analysis, statistics) is of a quality that he hasn’t experienced before as a coach Is here at WSW to correct things that didn’t go right Wants to be in a position next year to attack and have a realistic chance to win the title Q: what is the standing of football in society AFL is top, then rugby league (even though they have less spectators than football) 10,000 of our fans were missing at the derby because they are saying “we don’t give our money to the cross town rival” Q: what is the quality of HAL? Can’t compare HAL with BL Our five imports have good quality and could play in BL Behind them is a gap of sorts, makes reference to 12 senior and 11 junior players His task is to bring the young players to the next level which "unfortunately" won’t happen from one day to the next Club needs to be patient, coaches need to be patient Compares HAL with Swiss Super League They then were half-jokingly talking about Bayern’s current problems, and if Babbel could be the solution. He said: “I can’t imagine what would need to happen for me to leave Sydney right now. I am staying here.”