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  1. Talking about Vega is fantasy football, the HAL won't be seeing a player like him in this decade. He is the fourth highest paid player in the MLS, earning a meager 6.3 million US dollars per year. Back to reality: the salary cap is currently 2.1 million Aussie dollars, and the future beyond this season looks bleak. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/we-re-going-to-see-an-exodus-again-from-the-a-league-says-reagan
  2. That is a very good question, and I don’t have an answer. Here is what the HAL www has to say: “Homegrown Players – A Club can spend an unlimited amount on 4 Australian Players aged 23 or younger that have come through the Club’s youth system”
  3. No arguments from me. The clubs long term financial model is built on transfer sums coming in, to an extent at least. Right now I don't see any of our players going anywhere, unless they grab the opportunity and shine at the Olympics. I hope I am wrong, for their sake. I don't think that any of the ones you mentioned has the talent that Sarpreet Singh showed a couple of years ago in the HAL, and right now he struggles to establish himself as starting player in Bayern's second team in BL3. Which, in my view, says a lot about the standard of the HAL.
  4. Currently homegrown players up to 23 yo are paid outside of the cap, so the club can pay them as much as they want, really. I am hearing that the whole cap thingy is going to be revamped, and we'll have to wait and see what the clubs are going to agree on.
  5. To stay up there requires consistency, and patience (Smurfs). Once inconsistency makes itself felt (financially, at staff level or otherwise), the bubble can burst very quickly. Jets, Brisbane, CCM after Arnie, VIC after Muscat are good examples. Overall we are competitive, in general hard to beat, and definitely much fitter than in the last four seasons. The two poor games against City distort the overall picture. Had it not been for the dubious penalty calls in the Jets and CCM home games we'd be top of the table. Stajcic had the time (make that 18 months) to whip CCM into shape, a
  6. I must be watching different games. After enjoying the replay (minus the alcohol from last night), it seems to me that the commentators on tv were talking the Reds up, and we are talking our team down. The first 30 minutes we were at least even, we had the better chances, but they scored. Between the 30th and 40th they had us under the pump without producing much, our defence was solid. After the yellow/red we should have equalised. The first 15 minutes of the second half were an embarrassment, we were very lucky. Once Ibini and Cox came on we were largely on top - in the last quart
  7. This was always going to be tough. Third game in a week against a well rested Reds team away from home - before kick off I would have been happy with a draw. Now I am not so sure. Formation is not the issue, not being clinical up front is. How did we not score in the 3rd minute, and at the end of the game?? Kamau could or should have scored as well. Also, we were dopey in the first ten minutes of the second half, with 11 against 10. Head shake. Ziegler doesn’t have much of a lobby here. Considering that he was out with an injury for a month or so, hadn’t played since Feb, he had
  8. The CR presser (0:55 - 1:35): can't get any closer to a public declaration of non-confidence in a particular ref. Not only is Beath strategically blind, according to CR he also needs a hearing aid (my words, not his). https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/video/robinson-penalty-decision-was-not-clear-and-obvious-press-conference-a-league
  9. Beath vs WSW 1:0. Worst ref in the comp. Makes a mockery of the HAL. And somewhere in Bavaria, a currently unemployed football coach, after hearing the name Beath, developed a sudden and severe stomach ache. Only after a few hearty burbs, smelly farts and diarreah, did his digestive tract settle down.
  10. City were great, we were not. The game can be filed away in the "learning experience" folder, section "how not to do it". One of the key moments for me was in the 24th minute. Troisi on the counter had the time to make a run into the box, and get Duke and Russell in position. Instead he hastily whacks the ball into the box from no mans land, straight into the arms of City's goal keeper. Very poorly done by such an experienced player. Execute that one properly and it can be 0:2. Instead... Add to that players napping and the refs not giving us an inch, and the score gets away from you
  11. The matter of Cox is almost tragic. He stays at the club, misses the birth of his first child, just to find himself on the bench, behind Duke, Ibini, Mueller, Kamau, Yeboah. My goodness. Mutch was not signed for the bench, he is class, as are Dorrans and Baccus. Competition for the midfield spots will keep them on their toes. JoD is the loser here. In the first few rounds Mueller was our best player. Now he is not. As I mentioned above, I'd say he's been told that the club is planning without him next season. Yep, it was the Arnie-gate game, where the Cove tore out the seats at
  12. I don't want to argue the stats. My recollection is that in the final stages of the season, Bruno had lost his spot to Antonis, Dimas to Baccus the elder, Borda his spot to Cornflakes, and Jumpei was alternating with Sotirio. We beat the unbeatable Smurfs at ANZ with the line up below, but maybe that game is coloring my memory. Western Sydney Wanderers: 20.Vedran JANJETOVIC (gk), 3.Jack CLISBY, 6.Mitch NICHOLS (c) (14.Jumpei KUSUKAMI 85’), 10.Nicolás MARTÍNEZ, 11.Brendon SANTALAB (29.Ryan GRIFFITHS 90’), 12.Scott NEVILLE, 15.Kearyn BACCUS, 16. Jaushua SOTIRIO, 18.Robert CORNTHWAITE,
  13. I'd say you are right, Mueller seems to have lost his mojo since his injury a couple of months back. CR made a comment late December that the manager can use the off season to put his stamp on a squad, and that in six months time the team would look entirely different. Words to that effect. Since then we've seen the return of Yeboah, Kamau and Wilmering, the emergence of Natta, and the addition of Mutch. I'd say that Mueller, Cox, Ziegler, DG are all on their bike. Doesn't look good for Grozos and JoD. Lesiotis and Cancar are yet to make an appearance, and seem gone. If the body
  14. In the second half of S5 Borda, Dumas, Pinatares did not feature any longer, and Jumpei was on the bench. Martinez was the only import starting player. Worst recruitment in the off season ever.
  15. Correction: the long ball in the build up to the 2:0 came from Baccus, You beat me to it, I am just watching the highlights again, and noticed it. Baccus is a fantastic player.
  16. Nothing to complain about, really. We’ve come a long way since Boxing Day. Can’t remember a game we could or should have won 6:0 or higher, against a strong opponent. We have never looked this dangerous on the counter attack, and that has a lot to do with Ibini. Dorran’s ball to Duke in the build up to the 2:0 was incredible, as was Troisi’s ball into box for the 1:0. That’s where these guys add value. Garcia was out coached. Period. CR noted the lack of control in the last 20 minutes or so, something he didn’t appreciate at all. Mueller and Kamau will have to put on that s
  17. To me we are too critical of individual performances of our own players, and we ignore that the opponents aren't any better. It's the A-League. Keeping the error rate down more than the opposition is crucial. Wellington was a prime example last night. Two defenders can't stop Ibini from putting the ball back into the box to Wilmering (kudos to Ibini), Mutch had all the peace and quiet in the world to place the header (kudos to Troisi; ever since he arrived we are actually looking dangerous at corner kicks), Nix were still celebrating when Duke's man misjudged the ball and let himself bein
  18. It looked like a blocked attempt to score, and Yeboah picked up the deflection. A reversal of the winning goal in Gosford. Mueller sounded highly motivated in the pre game presser, and seemed displeased because he didn't start. Hope that means he'll play with fire in the belly on Friday. Other than that: Talay has turned the nix into a Smurfs clone. His own rants and antics are a very Arnie-esque way of deflection.
  19. Big points against a strong opponent, we picked up the points we left behind in the Gong a few weeks back. They defended three goals poorly, and it cost them. Most entertaining game so far in Wanderland Mk 2, great active support.
  20. He was setting the stage for a penalty call in the first half, when he was complaining to King about shirt pulling. As an observation: Magush, Gordon, Dorran, Mutch, Troisi, Duke, Ibini - the senior players CR signed were all in the starting line up. Miller's presser, in short: team has character, controlled the game until the goal, have to be more clinical and put the game to bed. Troisi may not have blistering games, but with him on the pitch (plus Dorrans and Mutch of course) we exercise control in midfield. That's something we arguably haven't seen at WSW since S4.
  21. Easy for you to say. Once you've worked with **** victims you learn very quickly that the concept of time is a very fluid one. It stays with the victims. Just consider yourself lucky that you weren't the one with someone else's penis inside you, without giving permission.
  22. Indeed! A few months ago Barnaby Joyce and Emma Husar were on Q&A. Barnaby thought he'd have an ally in Emma, but he learned quickly otherwise. She pointed out to him that she she suffered greatly, was driven out of her home town, had to move to the other side of Australia, lost her job, and at the time was still out of work. There were no problems in the male "victim" being believed. In contrast, Barnaby's reality is very different - as far as work/income/political standing is concerned, nothing much has changed for him. Porter is just the most prominent and visible example of h
  23. If female staffers of male state/federal ministers were to drug their superiors before they give them the strapon dildo treatment, I wonder how authorities and law makers would react, and if the victims would be believed more readily. I doubt that any of the male **** victims would have to worry about their mental state being questioned.
  24. Exhibit 4: Staffer: Minister, Brittany Higgins said... Reynolds: that lying cow Staffer: Minister, about your appearance at the national press club... Reynolds: Never mind, I think I am not feeling well, I am going to hospital
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