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  1. Nope. The return date published on their web page was not in line with what MB had said in December. The earliest return was always going to be late Jan/early Feb. Whoever updated the web site got it wrong. Once they fixed it up there was a jump from 2 weeks to 5 weeks. Either way: he is nearly there. Would be nice to see him play again in red and black.
  2. There was an MB interview a couple of months back were the young midfield pair was discussed. He praised JoD but particularly Baccus. Their combined youth, inexperience and physique has been a liability for us all season. Put someone like Brattan next to Baccus and it will be a different story. And there is still the talk about the mystery European classy player who might turn out to be a CM as well.
  3. MB said "injured" in the press conference. I think that has more credibility than what someone put on the web site. They got Bridgey's recovery schedule wrong for weeks, until they finally fixed it up. Time will tell.
  4. Too expensive to have him on the bench. I'd be delighted to see Kraft, Rensing or especially Rene Adler at the club (if his knee is okay). https://www.transfermarkt.de/transfers/endendevertraege/statistik/2019/plus/0/galerie/0?ausrichtung=Torwart&spielerposition_id=alle&altersklasse=alle&land_id=40&yt0=Anzeigen
  5. Babbel on Juric back in August. "And I’ve coached Australians as well. Tomi Juric, Oli Bozanic and Nikita Rukavytsya are among them. Each of them was very skilful. On their day they were better than many, many other players. Still, the problem was that they couldn’t do it every week. Once every four games is not enough. You need to show your best at least three times out of four. I spent time working on each of them but especially with Tomi at Luzern for the last two years because I could see his talent. I’m sure he can play in one of the big leagues – Germany, England, Italy or Spain – but when we began his mentality was not strong enough. I’ve seen him improve a lot. He might still make that next step." https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/babbel-the-a-leagues-too-easy-on-players-500475 Juric is injury prone, his track record in Luzern is inconsistent. European clubs would have snatched him up by now if there was a belief that "he might still make that next step". The HAL is not the same league it was when Juric left. He'd be struggling. We don't need another struggling key player. We need a leader up front who scores goals, and doesn't spend half of the season in sick bay.
  6. FCB

    Kerem Bulut

    And so the myth is kept alive. Kerem was shown the door because he blew up the locker room. He was baccus snr on steroids. Pio knew when the time had come to only open his mouth for ice cream consumption, Kerem may want to pay attention to that. What Kerem needed was a personality makeover a decade ago. Instead he became a toxic player who is a risk to every club.
  7. FCB

    Kerem Bulut

    He'd be as good as Scott and Nizic = not good enough. On top of that he talks a lot, without backing it up in training or on the pitch. Which is the reason why his talk is just talk. The coaching group and the other players would really love that... But it does make a nice story, a fairy tale like Haensel and Gretel that some enjoy going back to: was a promising youth player, then did stuff all apart from avoiding jail, comes back to Sydney and scores 6 goals in 18 minutes, one of them in the smoke, got himself arrested while trying to eat a burger, did stuff all again, then celebrated a goal that wasn't one, and the one thing he has done since is coke. Calling him poor man's Pio would be an insult to Pio. He'll never get a job again at WSW.
  8. Mileusnic (if true and healthy), Yeboah, Duke - we will be heading into next season with talented, fast, proven, physically strong wingers. Very different to Kamau, Fitzgerald, and Bridgey.
  9. FCB

    Babbel Out?

    Indeed! There was a wave of injuries starting during season prep, and that appears to have had something to do with the AFL fitness coach which has since been replaced. This has hampered our season. It appears that Ziegler is out for the season, and one has to wonder how a straightforward meniscus operation can go so wrong. It usually takes six weeks, not six months. That no injury replacement was signed for Bridgey was a major issue, that's were the club should have stepped up, in my view. Besides, that he trained the way he did just about qualifies as self mutilation. One can also argue that the Baccus Snr issue should not have allowed to linger, but I think it was a case of the player saying one thing and doing something else. When he finally left, the farewell notice was very close to telling him to "**** off". The club was clearly very much pissed off with him. That Roly re-discovers his mojo while Oriol and Raul lose it is a mystery to me. Something clearly went wrong, and yes, one could call it mismanagement. If and how all of this could have been foreseen and mitigated, that's a different conversation.
  10. FCB

    Babbel Out?

    After losing games narrowly and/or late we got hammered by the Jets. MB felt that morale might be dropping dangerously, and he decided to shake the players group up, in an attempt to force a reaction. One can argue that his intervention was successful. Before the game MB reminded the team that there were 30 points up for grabs. BL2 is a tight, crazy competition, and late recoveries and collapses are not unusual. He hasn't given up hope that they can start winning games - if you want a miracle then you have to believe in it. We all know that this deep into the season, considering how far we are behind Nix and City, this is a stretch, but throwing the rest of the season is not an option. We need to show up in every game, and show a performance. The stats: Imagine the Smurfs with Brosque out all season, van der Linden, Zullo, Grant being out for most of the season, Brilliante forcing a transfer before the season starts, Retre and O'Neill from five years ago running their midfield, Redders scoring a few own goals, le Fondre scoring 2 goals not a dozen, Ninkovic being injured midseason, de Jong playing out of position, the two midseason recruits being unfit and injury prone, and the Smurfs being forced to fill the gaps with squaddies and youth players. The results will be accordingly. That's what we have been experiencing this season, and that's what the stats aren't saying.
  11. It's part of his KPIs - he personally needs to go to one game per season, do a head count of the spectators, and check if the atmosphere is in line with NRL principles. On Monday he'll be asked by the new chairman: "is the game dead yet?", and his response will be "not quite, but pretty close, almost there". I am sure he much more enjoyed yesterday than his appearance at the S1 semi. Unless he was wearing a noise cancelling head set that night, the Parramatta-boos must still ring in his ears.
  12. FCB

    Babbel Out?

    MB comes from an environment where non-performing players are out of a job very quickly. If you do the same thing here in Australia then you just go to a different club. There is something fundamentally wrong with this, and MB is trying to sweep it out of the door. He felt that the rot was about to set in after the Jets game, and that had to remind the players that they are professionals who play for three points every weekend - that's quite telling. I maintain my optimism, even thought this season seems down the plug hole. Not once did we field our best 11, and yet we could/should have had results against all other teams in the comp. Throwing a season is not an option for MB and the coaching group, and they haven't entirely written it off. Maybe something can be salvaged once Treejack, Ziegler, and Bridgey return. But if we finish the season as the team no one wants to play then that will have to do.
  13. @Wendy, Teach, you were wondering why MB publicly had a go at the team after the Jets game. He answered that question in the press conference last night. https://www.a-league.com.au/video/full-press-conference-markus-babbel-15
  14. Soaking up the "family friendly" atmosphere, by the looks of it.
  15. Pity that the first question is not on the video. Did Baccus say that the senior players used to be tougher on the young players, and themselves?? Or did I hear that wrong? https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/video/press-conference-7-february-keanu-baccus
  16. FCB

    Babbel Out?

    Who has a background in psychology?? I certainly don't! :-) It is a matter of debate if they feel belittled, mismanaged etc. He certainly is doing something very right with the younger players, and I dare say that the players in general feel far more supported by him and the playing group than by the public, or by the previous coaching group, for that matter (and I know that for a fact). One would have to ask them. I mentioned further up, he's asking the players to be football pros, not HAL pros (my words, not his), and the bar for the players most certainly has been raised. I am looking forward to a BL2 level side in the HAL, where the team rocks up in every game for 90 minutes without playing goofball. I wish they'd all hurry up! Babbel is straight down the line, and that kind of honesty/openness does not sit well with club officials in self proclaimed big clubs. He doesn't put up with BS of club officials, that's what happened in Berlin and Luzern. Hoffenheim was a different story.
  17. FCB

    Babbel Out?

    Ahhh! It gets confusing when people start changing names here. Last time it didn't take long form them disappear into a right wing/culture war forum. Oh, the good old days...
  18. FCB

    Babbel Out?

    He is actually saying that the current players are "his team", that he enjoys working with them, and that the group of players has collectively improved big time. It seems though that it is the young players who do the bulk of the improving, while the senior players are piling up the errors. For me the matter of debate is if Babbel is unnecessary exposing the weaknesses of some of the players. From what I've seen so far this season, I'd say that Riera is not worth the marquee money any longer, Snake not worth the long term contract, Raul not an import spot, and Elrich and Hamill not a starting player spots. But that's were we are. Hamill is only finding himself in the soup because Ziegler got injured. Same with Elrich who picks up the pieces that Raul and Risdon leave behind. There are not enough pre seasons for these two error prone players getting to the point where they can steady the ship. We have two kids running midfield, and they are asked to grow up very fast. You can't do that in training, it takes time that we/they don't have. The biggest disappointment for me this season has been Treejack. So far we have only seen a fraction of what he can do. Next season we have to have very different conversations. No more BS. No more sub standard crap.
  19. FCB

    Babbel Out?

    Matters of WSW are very remote when enjoying Noumea's Lemon Bay, the blue waters of Mystery Island, and the sandy beaches of Isle of Pines. I wish I was still there. I am yet to watch the "highlights" of the Jets game... What's a goats though...?
  20. FCB

    Babbel Out?

    Thanks. Cruising the south pacific, without internet and mobile phone access, but plenty of food and alcohol instead, can be quite therapeutic. Less can be said about this season. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWGqGHMO294
  21. FCB

    Babbel Out?

    He did say in an interview that, once he had seen the team in training: "mama mia, if that's the best players we have, I wouldn't want to see the worst ones". Words to that effect. Riera missing big chances in the first games of the season, Snake playing Santa not once, not twice but three times, Raul and Elrich defending like inexperienced juniors - they pissed a massive sack of points in the wind. I'd even go so far to say that Snake, with his derby red card, ripped the guts out of the season. Without these easy misses and brain snaps we'd be comfortably in the top half - and we are not even talking about playing without various imports for most of the season, var, or refs.
  22. FCB

    Babbel Out?

    Merrick had signed with Newcastle in April 2018, he had been off the market for six months by the time Popa left.
  23. FCB

    Babbel Out?

    Over the last few months MB pointed out several issues, and quite a few of them appear have been lingering in the background for a few years - remaining unattended, by the sounds of it. One of the first things he noticed was that the players would take take multiple touches before they'd pass the ball. He demanded this to be done with the first or the second touch. He believes that the young players in the HAL have it too cushy, that they don't need to stretch enough. They only need to squeeze past five imports, and a relatively small number of senior players to make the team. If they don't make it they change clubs and turn into journeymen. He noticed that the players don't talk to each other on the pitch to help each other out. We sure haven't had a true leader on the pitch since Cornflakes left. Our players are too nice. We don't have the likes of Hersi, La Rocca, Santa who were in their opponents' faces, relentlessly. We pick up yellow cards for silly stuff, not for technical fouls, or "displays of intent". Lack of stamina - players seem to be unable to play two games a week. Mentality/attitude/mindset - even if the other team, on paper, is better, you have to have a crack. That's what he demands. MB quite openly asks the players to be football pros. Some think that having this in the public might be bad for the players motivation, or disrespectful. I disagree. All of the above is bare metal football stuff that would be taken for granted in any BL3 club. He is talking about being a title contender next season, so he has reason to be belief that he is going to be around, and that all these deficiencies are going to be addressed, one way or another. It's February, by this time of the year there are usually rumours making the rounds which turn out to be true. Last year Kamau, Fitzgerald, Elrich, JoD, Tongynk had all been signed in January, and none of them came as a surprise when they were announced. This time things seem to be different - apart from Brattan there is zero talk about other HAL players being on the WSW radar. This would suggest that the reinforcements will be coming from overseas, and may they be plentiful, skilled, experienced, pacey, ambitious, professional, fearless, and scary to the opposition. Also, it would be really nice if Aussie Patrick could fully recover from his pre-season knee injury, and have his passport situation sorted.
  24. If you are talking about Hamill, Sotirio: they are not going to do much damage in the stands, or on the bench. Oriol, roly, Raul, treejack by the sounds of it, Bridgey, risdon: they will free up a lot of money. Their replacements will define the quality of the squad. Brattan would be a good start, and I can't quite believe that I would welcome that guy to the club. That's how much we need to player like him in the middle.