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  1. Last week I was assuming that the number of infections would double every ten days. That formula would have translated to 125 per day end of July, 250 by August 10th, 500 by August 20th, 1000 by August 30th. I was wrong. We are ahead of schedule.
  2. On target for 1000 per day by the end of August at the latest. Hold on to your hats!
  3. Sydney. If this is a national crisis, as Gladys says, then it needs to be treated as such. Dan Andrews is right, Delta needs to be contained as much as possible, it must not be allowed to spread beyond the current hotspot (= all of Sydney). What we have "now" we should have had June 18th, and the hole thing would have been over for us here in Sydney two weeks later, and would not have started for the others in the first place. Instead, we got the most avoidable lockdown of them all which promises to linger into October.
  4. NSW is going to have a world class gold standard non-lockdown stay-home-order lockdown. One to be remembered for the ages! NSW will show them Victorians how a lockdown is properly prolonged. And if we end up with more than the 700 plus daily infections that Melbourne experienced last year I will be crying bitterly.
  5. Uninspiring. Bench player. Has Jumpei written all over it. Looks like Popa has spent much of the money on Aussies. If we were to sign a player with that CV there would be an outcry of discontent.
  6. I maintain that Mueller is one of the most talented players ever to arrive in the league, and unfortunately we rarely saw the best of him. When he was taken out by the Nix player towards the end of S8 it killed our finals ambitions there and then. The injury could have been career ending. But he came back, and was our best creative player at the start of last season. Then he picked up an injury, and never looked the same again. Somewhere in all of this CR made a comment about Mueller having a "complex mind and a complex body". As he didn't elaborate on it we can only assume what me meant.
  7. The only conspiracy I agree with is one I created. Beyond that: I don’t believe in Father Xmas.
  8. Can’t blame the internet for everything. Ignorance and stupidity is timeless, international, and knows no boundaries. Internet access is not required to rouse a mob. Highly educated “experts” oversaw the Holocaust, medically trained psychiatrists euthanised 300,000 Germans who’s lives were considered not worth living.
  9. Koutroumbis can be seen as Ziegler's replacement, he can also cover RB and DM. There is now no immediate need for a Dorrans replacement. The money can be spent up front. Ruka, a quality AM and versatile attacker would be nice.
  10. I spoke to someone today who explained to me in great details that a) there is no Delta variant b) the people who are dying are killed by the vaccine (in their thousands!) c) there are no sick people in hospital ICUs d) wearing masks is the real health hazard f) politicians, mainstream media, police, health officials are all complicit in this conspiracy, and will need to face court once the "good people" have taken back this country g) this hoax is designed to form a world government, and we are all being demoted to non essential eaters That person kee
  11. Here's an angle for you. Stephen Hawking opens his new book with a marvelous old anecdote. A famous astronomer, after a lecture, was told by an elderly lady, who was perhaps under the influence of Hinduism, that his cosmology was all wrong. The world, she said, rests on the back of a giant tortoise. When the astronomer asked what the tortoise stands on, she replied: ‘You’re very clever, young man, very clever. But it’s turtles all the way down." https://bookmarks.reviews/turtles-all-the-way-down-stephen-hawkings-a-brief-history-of-time/ A scientist would now swing into action an
  12. 1) Ugarkovic for Mutch 2) Traore for DG 3) Ramy for Grozos 4) Hemed for Cox/Duke/Scotty Mc 5) Koutroumbis (TBC) for Ziegler 6) Williams for McGowan 7) Antonis for Baccus ____ 8) 3rd import for Mueller 9) 4th import for Dorrans 10) 5th import for Kamau 11) local GK for James 12) Yeboah - TBC —— Get the remaining imports right and we’ll have a competitive squad.
  13. Journos are one of the anchors of a democracy. They probe those in power. Trump declared the media the enemy of the state, accused them of producing “fake news”. Once people distrust news broadcasters a politician can say and do just about anything. And Trump did, just about. Here in Aussie land are plenty of people who caught Dump fever, who think that even sky is not to be trusted. They get their information from the internet. And the people they listen to consider COVID a hoax, vaccination an exercise of mind control so a group of 3000 individuals can take over and form a world governm
  14. It would be absurd of me to suggest “knowing” what the intentions were of individual protesters. But the “spirit” of the demo yesterday was obvious. They weren’t just disgruntled citizens like you and I. There’s protest, and there’s protest. Compare photos of the Sydney BLM march with the “freedom” marches yesterday. Who was wearing masks, and who wasn’t? How many arrests in a BLM crowd that would be more suspicious towards police? How many freedom lovers arrested who, by the book, would be more conservative and police friendly? The attacks on reporters were tell tale. That was “fak
  15. That's a "common sense" analysis. That's not what yesterday was about though.
  16. The usual double standard. He really is a wordsmith. The anti-lockdown protests were a bit more than selfish and self defeating. A worst case scenario is that the events will extend the lockdown in Sydney, delay the end of lockdown in Melbourne, and re-introduce delta in Brisbane.
  17. No surprises when it comes to masks - they believe COVID is a hoax, why would they wear masks? The point is to not wear them. "Freedom" = I can hit and kick anyone and anything who/that does not agree with me. The mob had the same flavour as the patriots who stormed capitol hill. Again, I find it very interesting that the PM had nothing to say about it.
  18. After yesterday’s freedom marches, ASIO’s database will grow by 10k plus entries in days and weeks to come. By the looks of it many of them will be “patriots”. Very interesting how the federal government has been saying a lot by saying, well, nothing. Don’t want to disgruntled their voters…
  19. In one of the press conferences when CR was even more talkative than usual he twice said something about “massive” developments at the club behind the scenes. We’ll know soon enough what he meant.
  20. The words I heard were “new talent”, “winners” to create a winning culture instead of passengers, having a “vocal leader” on the pitch, playmaker is a priority. Defence needs fixing.
  21. And let’s not forget the one and only reason why conservatives, economists and part of the business community are pushing against vaccines and for treatment: vaccines = lockdowns until we reached herd immunity; treatment = no lockdowns = the freedom to make and spend money the way we want. In the process natural science needs to be dismantled! When BoJoh was talking herd immunity last year he meant letting the virus rip, which is what he is doing now - so business can continue. What he ignores: when Western explorers and conquerors brought influenza etc to native Americans and Austral
  22. A friend of mine in Germany caught COVID and ended up in hospital. His wife, a nurse, looked on as he entered 50:50 territory, and then declined further. Then they injected him with a steroid, just to try something, and it got him over the hump. Had there been a wonder drug, hospital staff in Italy, UK and New York would have jumped on it when people were dropping like flies left right a centre of them. I doubt that BoJoh and Donald Duck were treated with drugs used against Malaria and head lice. Dump at least got a cocktail of whatever they had to bump up his immune system response
  23. Angela Merkel is a scientist. Not the makeshift type, but a proper one. If there was anything to these covid miracle cures she'd have them up and running. Trump is property developer. Not a proper one, but a makeshift one, the kind who spends his dad's money. That's why he talks about bleach, and Merkel doesn't.
  24. Now that would be genuinely hilarious!
  25. Police response seemed not up to scratch, we experienced sterner police presence at away games in Gosford, Newcastle, and Melbourne. I guess the absence of flares confused the authorities. Clearly FFA should have been involved in this, after all they know how to sort out these kind of marches. Have an anti terror unit deployed, and let five year bans rain down on them. The big question: what are the bans going to be for? Can anyone imagine the fall out hat someone on a WSW march attacked police like this COVID liberation front did today?
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