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  1. Anyone want a free ticket in the Eastern Grandstand? Just pm me with email and I'll send it to you!
  2. Hey guys. I'm looking for a 2012/2013 Wanderers scarf for a photoshoot showing off Wanderers merchandise for the workplace. This is the only missing piece. Willing to buy but can't find any online? Doesn't matter if new or used. Any chance you guys have spares? Thanks.
  3. i think they were a football team from out west or something saw them getting on a bus had ffa logos on there shirts. Monaro Panthers FC from Canberra
  4. How did u get bay 53 upstairs? Ticketek keeps giving me bay 37 downstairs. Dunno man! Clicked for 6 tickets and gave me bay 53. Actually wanted bay 37 where I sat last time. Hopefully its not too far back!
  5. PAX - 10477 Got bay 53 - Row DD Any of u guys know if this is near the front or the back of the bay?!
  6. GWS upcoming home fixtures Round 9 - May 25 vs West Coast Eagles Round 11 - June 08 vs Geelong Cats Round 12 - June 16 vs Port Adelaide Anyone care to guess the attendance figures for these matches? P.S. Western Sydney Wanderers will have at least 12,500+ human Australian citizen members in the 2013/2014 season. I love Australia
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