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  1. Except leeds were missing at least 4 first team regulars - roberts, costa, douglas & ayling will all probably be in the team when the season starts and clarke, shackleton and white were also back in yorkshire and will be at least on the bench. I take your point but it was nowhere near a best 11.
  2. Sticking with my season 1 Shinji jersey it is then.
  3. 5k estimate is just based off chatter on leeds forum, not sure how accurate. Some may just be coming to the game in perth against that other team and not across to us. Still should be a decent and pretty vocal away crowd i think. I should also add that several of the leeds fans were very excited that we have a player named yeboah.
  4. Eurosnobs abandoned leeds about 20 years ago! It is nowhere near a full strength leeds side. 6 or 7 first team regulars, 3 or 4 squad players and then some academy kids. Hernandez is the pick in terms of quality even at his advanced age he has technical quality well above anything in a-league (some may remember him from back when swansea were good). Phillips at DM is a very good young player and probably the next leeds academy grad to be flogged off to a prem club (rumour mill has it leeds rejected $25 mil bid). They play the bielsa way so wsw should expect to be pressed for 90 minutes and keep the ball when they get it. Also boro you will notice that i am steadfastly ignoring you trying to wind me up Also should add that as many as 5K leeds fans made the trip so should be hopefully a better atmosphere than the usual pre season theatre goers.
  5. I agree that villa look most likely. Although leeds had the better of the game from the other week even before all of the carry on and send off. Leeds should beat derby - beat them comfortably both times. Although just can't find the net over last few weeks ipswich game was 27 shots to 6 and somehow lost 3-2. Having said all that i could see west brom beating villa. With the side they have they really should have gone back up but have been very inconsistent but deadly on their day. I reckon derby are no chance, villa have the form and are favourite and leeds and wba definitely capable of stringing 3 good games together.
  6. Haha yep. Was too confident with my prediction - thought we would **** it up on the last day against ipswich - didnt even make it that far! As the chant goes... 'Leeds, Leeds are falling apart again. ' Lucky for me supporting them for 30+ years means i am very well prepared for moments like these.
  7. My favourite moment of the game was lefondre's cowardly jump away from ABJ's deadly shin high free kick and still managing to deflect it in. HAHAHA!!!!! My least favorite moment of the game was brosque and co confronting the ref after kamau's poor tackle and ref gives a card, then minutes later O'Neill hacks down ABJ when we are on the counter, wsw players surround the ref and llorente is carded. Just sums up the league, the smurfs, the refs in a nutshell.
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