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  1. King Jaush..... - works his arse off every minute no matter how we are going or who is managing - never complains even when he is in and out of the side. - seems to actually care if we win or lose. - hasn't told the fans to 'shut the **** up' This puts him ahead of 90% of the current squad.
  2. my problem with vedran is that he is not very good.
  3. Appropriate headline..... King Jaush illuminates gripping AAM10 battle.
  4. just wanted to throw my opinion in about the no league tables for the kids thing. have coached my 3 kids all the way through juniors (they range between 8 and 16) and I am a supporter of the no results/tables idea even though I would perhaps like to see it change a bit earlier ( 10s?). it is more for the coaches than the players i think. as soon as you introduce a table and a winner you will see coaches adopt 'win at all costs' type strategies which really impacts the kids development. I'll give an example form u11s a couple of years ago - now keep in mind this is a non-competitive comp (scores are kept but not publicised but results are used by the association to formulate divisions for the next year). so 11s is 9 a side, smaller field and no offsides. this was 11 div 2 and there were several teams/coaches who felt they should be in div 1 for the next season. so 3 of the teams (in an 8 team comp) took advantage of the no offside rule to place their biggest/fastest kid 10 metres offside and just boot long balls for him all game. it was very effective. this sort of stuff benefits no one - the good kid is using a strategy he can't use the next year, the opposition coach (me) is then forced to either coach his defenders to play normal football (ie maintain a defensive line) and cop some goals (sometimes lots of goals) or tell his kids to follow the opposition striker around like its AFL - again practicing a strategy that will be useless to them for the rest of the time they play football. And all of this is happening because the coaches are obsessed with the results and the losers are the kids on both teams. as soon as you make the games count for something - some of the adults can't help themselves and it stuffs up the natural football learning of the kids both on that team and the opposition.
  5. We could do it like a drinking game.... Vedran needlessly charges out of his area.....flare Majok loses possession with poor first touch......flare Hamill caught out if position......flare Tarek done for pace.....flare VAR ****s us over......20 flares
  6. Would a flare fest at the mariners game qualify as a protest?
  7. Why does he keep picking ****s like vedran, Llorente and riera who **** up every week and clearly don't give a ****. At least the kids try.
  8. We are western sydney - the backbone of football in this country for 70 years. This sort of meek capitulation is absolutely disgusting and unacceptable, yet it has become so commonplace under gumby and now babbel that we don't even get mad about it anymore. This is ******* disgraceful and everyone from lederer down should be held accountable and should be as embarrassed and ashamed as we feel as fans. The only functioning part of the club is the academy/youth setup - otherwise we are carting a decaying corpse of a football club into a shiny new stadium. Get ****ed.
  9. Hahahaha remember when everyone was in love with Vedran. Ah good times.
  10. This is the sort of thinking that got him a 4 year deal.
  11. There is no way lederer will pay out on janjetovic's contract. He has been a ticking time bomb his whole career - good shot stopper, appalling decision maker. These stuff ups aren't a surprise as any esfc fan would tell you. Our fanbase loves people who yell and wave their arms a lot because they have 'passion'. (see also gombau, josep). Unfortunately its football ability and decisions that decide matches. I couldn't believe it when we signed him, i couldn't believe it when we gave him a 5 year deal. It's a mistake that will cost us for ages because no one will take him, he won't walk away from all that money and we will be stuck with a backup keeper taking a huge slice of the cap for 4 MORE YEARS!!!!!!!
  12. lloydy136

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Duke is a good signing. Shaping the 'Return to Parra' squad - not about this season. Think of the lack of quality we have had in wide positions since romeo left - kwame & duke is huge improvement imo. Only worry is recent injury stuff. Marquee no 9 will now be key obviously.
  13. lloydy136

    Another 4-3 Loss For Wanderers

    Baccus was lucky it wasn't a straight red imo. He is over the ball striking with a fair bit of force.
  14. That was our season in a nutshell. Comedy defending, promising play, touch of sotirio magic ill discipline (baccus for the red and mistake + foolish rushing in by fitzy for brattan goal), then ultimately gifting teams points. Hard to watch.