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  1. lloydy136

    Vedran Hands Sydney FC Derby Win

    vedran will be suspended for one game so we will have nizic for at least one - that is unless anyone has a spare sulo bin they are prepared to offer up in exchange for him. one of the frustrating things among many last night was that we actually had a ref in a derby who was prepared to card o'neill & co for their grubby late, cynical tactical fouling and we wasted it.
  2. lloydy136

    Vedran Hands Sydney FC Derby Win

    as hughesy said earlier we are mentally weak in these big games. mistakes, send offs, missed chances despite dominating etc. even when we were clearly the better team we still have found a way to **** it up (bridge penalty game, 0-1 at parra during adelaide gf year etc). i loudly protested signing vedran - he does a lot of good things but he produces the game costing clanger way more than he should and much less than redders has since the swap (just saying) - he just yells more so people forgive him because he has 'passion'. but that last night was as bad a keeping mistake as you will see - ziggy had it covered and it was very wide - keepers are taught not to come for those. nizic is SO bad. i know it is tough to have a good backup keeper in a salary capped league but FMD he reminds me of the classic AAM situation - 'oh **** matty is too hungover to keep today mate what do we do?' 'chuck the gloves on johnno he is a big lad, he will be right.' the big fella can get himself in the way of a few shots but everything else about keeping - decision making, distribution, organising the defence, commanding the box - he is abysmal at. this is nizic. I actually thought the back 4 did pretty well. they were restricted to mostly long shots even with the man advantage and all 3 goals came from poor set piece organisation (which is ******* annoying - its the one time that the man advantage shouldn't matter). it just feels like no matter what, we will find a way to screw it up and lose to them - was saying to stringer pre-match that I am finding it hard to come up with scenarios in my head where we actually win the game - I think deep down the players feel the same.
  3. sotirio had a decent game - his pace stretched their back 3, opened up space for others.
  4. haha that was massively undeserved. they have dominated the past 20 minutes good lead up work from abj, riera and kamau though
  5. it is criminal how badly baumjohann is wasted in this team. he is the best footballer we have had.
  6. tarek at fb>tarek at cb we couldn't possibly have trotted out majok again - sending out 'athletes' may work in afl but not here. pleased to see llorente coping a consequence for his piss poor effort last week - would have been nowhere to hide for him during film session during the week I would suspect. prediction - 2-1 loss + sideline blow-up between riera and MB. also - friday night games are shithouse for those that work away
  7. lloydy136

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    At the moment we are like a couple whose marriage is failing horribly but we think moving to a flash new house will fix everything. SPOILER: it won't.
  8. lloydy136

    English Championship & Football League Thread

    hard to beat an away win in a derby, from a comedy keeping mistake in front of the away section, by a keeper on loan from man utd. good times.
  9. lloydy136

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    it is pretty obvious that our squad is nowhere near competitive with the top teams. there are a number of reasons for that. but FMD..... knowing that and if babbel doesn't by now surely JP can tell him, why the **** did we set up like we are a 'big' team trying to impose ourselves and our style when we clearly just need to set up to make ourselves hard to beat and break down. if deng and ansell want to pass the ball to themselves for 90 minutes - let them. i have no idea why we were pressing like that well into their half leaving huge gaps for them to exploit and running our two potentially dangerous players (riera and baumjohann) into the ground chasing lost causes for 90 minutes. we needed two banks of four defensively with baumjohann and riera putting pressure on the ball once they move ten metres into our half. hold our shape, limit the space for honda, antonis etc to work in. its football 101. only euro giants with unlimited $ can 'impose' their style away from home against top 2 teams. what we tried to do last night was ******* madness its the same thing that drove me mad with gumby....... 'i play a very high line, its my philosophy' 'but sir, your centrebacks are cornthwaite and thwaite' 'i said...... PHILOSOPHY!!!!!!!' tbf that is the level of most of our squad
  10. I honestly don't think it matters who we have coaching. While we have JT and the current board we are just going to stagger from crisis to crisis. What a ******* shambles.
  11. ah well we will always have the missed free header from 30 centrimetres out
  12. definitely the way to make sotiro look good - bring him on for majok - the only player with worse touch in the league than him.