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  1. What you have written there is just as ridiculous as saying 'He is from league one, he must be ****.'
  2. I find it pretty funny that we are looking down on league 1 players now. Most teams from there would wipe the floor with us. Cox is a good player, works hard and I remember him being pretty good at swindon when leeds were in league 1 back then as well. More skilful than keogh but not as physical.
  3. I'd rather dress up a scarecrow in a wsw tracksuit and put them in charge than have kewell as our manager. **** him.
  4. **** that is depressing. if we get 14 more games like that first half against wello we may as well just let macarthur set up a membership sign up tent out the front of parra stadium.
  5. doesn't look like we are doing anything about this mess. can only guess that.... a) lederer doesn't want to pay out MB contract and/or b) we have no idea who to replace him with and fear a player revolt if JP is in charge for the rest of the year
  6. anyone who looks at a team with Cornthwaite and Thwaite as centrebacks and then implements a high defensive line should not be getting paid to coach a professional football team.
  7. the players were right. gumby was a total fraud. the football we played under his 'leadership' was the worst I have seen in the a-league this side of the New Zealand Knights. the derby loss under gumby was the lowest point of our club's existence.
  8. i think under popa the squad clean outs were definitely a strategy. I think it was because his style was so intense and in your face that he burned some players out and they tuned him out after a certain period of time - some could handle it longer term (NTS, bridgey), some could handle it for a while and some couldn't handle it at all (mooy) but I think he felt like he needed regular turnover to avoid that squad burnout. since he left the player turnover has been largely due to mismanagement - combo of bad recruitment meaning we couldn't wait to get rid of players (borda, pinatares etc), coaching turnover (I want my own players in) and you would have to say a negative culture around the club (very few good players saying - 'I want to stay long term') the last few season have been really frustrating because we have found some good players - riera, nico and now muller - but we have wasted them in a sea of poor management, poor players and poor coaching. I find it pretty funny that one of the very few players we have given a long term contract to is vedran who proceeded to **** up on a weekly basis, swear at fans and just generally make us a laughing stock of the competition.
  9. so that is 4 players who have come from our system who look ready or close to ready for first team at a pretty young age (baccus, tass, wilmering, russell) and I think you underestimate mo - he was used really poorly yesterday - too deep - needs to be on the shoulder of the last defender - at his age he has performed VERY well in a poor side this season. That is a pretty good result from an academy I think. successful a-league teams have had a combination of minimum 4 good visa players + fringe socceroos + young players coming through + local manager with a plan ange with roar & vic, muscat with vic, arnie at esfc & ccm and popa with us (although admittedly he was reluctant to use young players). this is the formula. we have the area to draw on + the infrastructure to probably lean more heavily on youth players (huge player base and we get 5 or 6 in every under-age national squad) but more importantly we need the local manager with a plan (which was the main point of my post).
  10. i really do think that it is a good time to put in a local manager who will be at the head of a long term project to bring through the academy players that we have at the club. Instead of chopping and changing year to year - put someone in - preferably a young manager rather than a re-tread like merrick - and tell the fans it is a 3 year project to rebuild and repair the mess created by annual (and often even twice a year) squad cleanouts over the past few years rather than mislead fans and claim we are aiming for top two when it is obvious we are nowhere near. keep the senior players who actually give a stuff (duke, georgievski, sullivan) & extend their deals for the 3 years. I know he is inexperienced but someone like Luke Wilkshire is worth considering. Doing a great job at the wolves, ex-socceroo with contacts pretty far and wide to recruit players and someone who understood the game as a player and got the absolute most out of his ability (the sort of player that usually makes the best coach). We need a long term vision here rather than a splashy quick fix appointment to try to win the press conference - no matter who we bring in, the issues at the club aren't going to be fixed overnight.
  11. there is plenty of criticism that can be leveled at JT/Lederer & co but I don't think you can lay this season's failures at their feet. they coughed up big $ for a big name coach and multiple bundesliga players as well as a couple of fringe or former socceroos - what more could they realistically have done? the failure is squarely on babbel and the players - in terms of reputation and on paper ability this is one of the best squads we have had - probably on a par with the alberto/andreu adelaide GF team. Babbel has been an abject failure in molding these players into anything resembling a coherent, competent and organised team - he owns this and I suspect he is about to pay the price.
  12. there is no apparent replacement for Babbel. Are we going to put JP in charge for the rest of the season? Don't jump ship without a lifeboat.
  13. watching muller out there in the second half reminded me of nico a couple of seasons ago - he would take a great touch after getting a poor pass, beat a bloke or two and thread a great ball only for the recipient to take a heavy touch, stray offside, turn into trouble etc. it is maddening to watch (as it must be for him).
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