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  1. lloydy136

    English Championship & Football League Thread

    I agree that villa look most likely. Although leeds had the better of the game from the other week even before all of the carry on and send off. Leeds should beat derby - beat them comfortably both times. Although just can't find the net over last few weeks ipswich game was 27 shots to 6 and somehow lost 3-2. Having said all that i could see west brom beating villa. With the side they have they really should have gone back up but have been very inconsistent but deadly on their day. I reckon derby are no chance, villa have the form and are favourite and leeds and wba definitely capable of stringing 3 good games together.
  2. lloydy136

    English Championship & Football League Thread

    Leeds - boiling piss since 1919.
  3. lloydy136

    English Championship & Football League Thread

    Haha yep. Was too confident with my prediction - thought we would **** it up on the last day against ipswich - didnt even make it that far! As the chant goes... 'Leeds, Leeds are falling apart again. ' Lucky for me supporting them for 30+ years means i am very well prepared for moments like these.
  4. lloydy136

    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    My favourite moment of the game was lefondre's cowardly jump away from ABJ's deadly shin high free kick and still managing to deflect it in. HAHAHA!!!!! My least favorite moment of the game was brosque and co confronting the ref after kamau's poor tackle and ref gives a card, then minutes later O'Neill hacks down ABJ when we are on the counter, wsw players surround the ref and llorente is carded. Just sums up the league, the smurfs, the refs in a nutshell.
  5. Poor robbie slater still hasn't come to terms with the SIPG result for his beloved esfc. Has bemoaned it 3 or 4 times already. He is such a ****wit.
  6. Kamau looking like a man who will soon be sent off. ABJ hacked down from behind -llorente picks up a yellow. #smurflogic
  7. Perhaps tarek could have thought about i don't know getting a challenge in on brosque rather than just running along next to him.
  8. Vedran howler to cost us the game. Nailed on.
  9. Yeah i can't see the point of not playing tass and tate at this point.
  10. I get home from reffing and the first thing i see is vedran doing a dive for the photographers after the ball has already hit the middle of the back of the net. FMD he is trash.
  11. lloydy136

    English Championship & Football League Thread

    Did they what! Wild day - at one stage leeds were 2-1 down and Sheffield 2-1 up which would have opened the gap up to 4. Then both turned it around to 3-2 and all of a sudden leeds are back in the automatic spots with 7 to play. Incredible stuff.
  12. lloydy136

    English Championship & Football League Thread

    Ah boro you've let me down
  13. Fox coverage never showed the foul on yeboah and put all the blame on llorente for the scuffle. Never would have happened if ref blows for obvious foul in first place.
  14. On tv this sounds like going to a local game. You can clearly hear the coaches instructions and individual comments called out by the crowd. Background noise is just people sitting having a chat. Laughable for a national league game.