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  1. Couple of other things.... After years of watching vedran flap and yell and carry on like a ****wit how good is it to have a keeper who just does his job in a calm, assured way. I must say i was sceptical about using a visa spot on a keeper but i am very much won over. I thought the ref was really good last night - confident, got most things right, worked as a team with his AR's and communicated well with the players.
  2. It is not just the switch to 3 at the back. It was having the extra cover of duke and mo tracking back like mad men to helpcover those nabbout wide runs, it was pressing like mad for 10 seconds after we lose the ball and then dropping in to a very disciplined shape, letting their cb and dms have the ball and dare them to play through a packed midfield (they couldn't). It all worked and limited them to a couple of half chances for the game. Babbel clearly out thought kurz imho.
  3. That was a tactical masterclass by the boss. 4 at the back relaxed everyone, flooded midfield but held our shape and cut off passing options and made them try to play through us and they could not. The pen gave them a lifeline they didn't deserve and that sparked the hectic last 15 min but that aside we posed questions they couldn't answer - they badly lack creativity in central midfield. I know Mo makes mistakes but I would be sticking with that front 3 for now - his ability to get in behind combined with AM strength and technique is a tough combination for defences to handle. Too many other good performances to list but special mention to Duke. His work rate was through the roof. Bring on those smug pricks next week - we are ******* due.
  4. yeah this is about right I think. He did flap at a couple of crosses - but the 3-point-preserving low reflex save on the header in injury time was worth an 8/10 on it's own plus he gets a 2 point bonus for NOT being Vedran which makes it a clear 10/10 for me
  5. Also meant to say that lopar made some quality saves and was a big positive too.
  6. Interesting to hear babbel talk during the match about changes he made at half time - dropping duke back to stop us being outnumbered in midfield. Changes that gumby seemed incapable of making. I really think we need to change shape or we will see every team exploit us the way the coasties did, box in our attacks against the sideline, force turnover, then quick hitting balls in behind the wingbacks which then pull the back 3 out of shape. Needs to be fixed asap or we are look at a couple of pantsings coming up. Lots of positives too though - schwegler is neat, adam's movement gave them a lot of trouble and jurman was a boss, the kid wilmering held up ok too.
  7. Need to move the ball quicker and use the big fella to bounce passes off in the middle to try to unpick then. They are letting us play wide and then boxing us in against the line and we just end up turning it over.
  8. Tarek at left back makes me a bit nervous - not vedran rushing out of his area level nervous but still a bit edgy.
  9. jealous of everyone getting to see this one in the flesh. Huge day in the club's short history - moving in to a stadium of this quality that suits watching football seemed like pure fantasy when we started this thing. It is massive and should unlock the potential of the club. will be watching from a distance and trying to resist the urge to jam pencils in my ears to block out the fox commentators. wish I could share some of the optimism on here about what we might see on the park - am not convinced with 3 at the back or with mcgowan. i think the boss overestimates the ability of oz players to adapt tactically. last year the CBs and WBs had no idea about positioning/marking/who was responsible for who and it seemed not much had changed based on the ffa cup schmozz in melbourne - am worried we will leak stupid goals again all year. Regardless of what happens though this is a huge day - fancy new stadium, back in parra, safe standing, rebuilt squad with plenty to get excited about. Get amongst it!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Those of us with long NSL memories thoroughly enjoyed seeing SU get their pants pulled down on a national stage like that. Great stuff. Schwegler is the boss DM we have been crying out for years for.
  11. Except leeds were missing at least 4 first team regulars - roberts, costa, douglas & ayling will all probably be in the team when the season starts and clarke, shackleton and white were also back in yorkshire and will be at least on the bench. I take your point but it was nowhere near a best 11.
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