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  1. I often think the 'commitment, passion, for the shirt' way of thinking is just lazy analysis but I don't think I have seen a more clear example of getting rolled by a more committed team than in that first half. They were on our touch every time and we did not have the skill or compusure to cope and in contrast we stood off them and let them dictate play. 2nd half was better but it was too little, too late. In a match where we started with two very inexperienced fullbacks, it was critical that experienced defenders stood up. Instead we got the opposite. Jurman not bothered and as I have been saying for a while ziegler is rubbish. Slow, ponderous on the ball, regularly caught out of position and mistake prone. Am still hopeful JP can make chicken salad out of the proverbial (which tbf he has shown signs over past couple of weeks) but he has plenty more to do to because that first half looked like a team who had not been prepped for what they were about to face.
  2. They are pressing and closing us down and we are not coping at all. Touch and compusure both absent.
  3. Did you view the original tackle as a straight red? It looked to me like a clear example of serious foul play - lunge, unecessary force and fair chance to injure opponent. Thoughts from you prydz & other refs paul? Unlimited?
  4. One thing that continues to drive me mental is zeigler's determination to sprint back to mark the invisible man in the 6 yard box. He did it again last night on the barbaroussis volley chance. He ran to mark nothing at the front post and allowed the only attacking player to be unmarked behind him. STOP ******* DOING THIS!!!!!!!!!
  5. On another matter..... How did that little smurf **** not get a straight red for his tackle that led to the DG red? Way worse than saba's from a couple of years ago.
  6. He is proving to be exactly what we have needed. Local manager who knows the league, knows how to organise a team and have his intensity rub off on players. He has fixed some tactical stuff that was holding us back under MB. We are creating chances and most of the silly mistakes leading to goals have dried up. I also like that he is a tracksuit manager out on the training pitch not looking down from an office. The bossi hit job on him is proving to be BS (as we suspected at the time). The last 2 games is the best we have looked since popa.
  7. jared gillett had a really good game in leeds v reading last night. let the game flow and no stand out mistakes. leeds fans praised him which is unusual. the complaint from the reading coach was that he played advantage too well and they would have preferred the free kicks - if that is the biggest complaint then I reckon you have had a good game.
  8. tough times mate. know the feeling. hope boro survive - just don't start the recovery until after wednesday.
  9. The standard you walk past is the standard you accept. This bloke has been personally attacking forum members for months. But I have had my say on it now and will shutup because you are right we should be talking about the game.
  10. Breaking news: sometimes fans are wrong about how good a footballer might be for their team. I think for consistency's sake you need to go back through every page of the forum and relentlessly harass and belittle everyone who has ever expressed an opinion about a player that has turned out to be incorrect. Either that or you could just shut the **** up.
  11. This game was a reward for everyone who has been stoically turning up every week. We saw the signs in the first half hour last week. Cox + mueller gives us the movement ahead of the ball to give options for the man on the ball that weren't there for the first 2/3 of the season. Newy (for 30 min) and then adelaide couldn't cope with it. The little 1-2 between kamau and schwegler that led to the mueller tap-in was a thing of beauty. Bring on the smurf ****s.
  12. 'He was in league one, he must be ****.' - multiple posters on WSF a couple weeks ago.
  13. Biggest difference i noticed was that we looked to counter at pace instead of the tedious, glacial-paced recycling of possession that babbel was pushing. We actually have a bit of pace in the side so it makes sense. I thought duke was useful running channels to stretch out their centrebacks and create space for muller - much better than starting wide and trying to cut in and skying shots like he was under MB. Baccus broke up play really well, good to have him back. Cox will be useful - he is clever at finding space, uses his body well and is a bit combative. If he is anywhere near fit enough, start him next week. Having said all that the coasties play very open and gave us plenty of space to play. We certainly looked better against them than we did in the game at the start of the season.
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