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  1. Hey eggs can the digital ones be scanned at the gate off your phone? I probably won't be home IF the email comes though Email says you have to print out the digital membership card they sent out at 7am this morning. Won't work off phone. Not sure if everyone got the same email, i got my card already but got the email as well. "If you have not received your Membership pack in the post, you can still gain entry into Saturday's Sydney Derby - brought to you by Events Cinemas - by clicking on the link below to download and print the PDF version of your card and scan it at the turnstiles.You cannot scan this PDF version of your membership card from your mobile or tablet, it must be printed."
  2. Could always do one game at Parra, one at Allianz and the last one at ANZ every season. Split the profits from the gates at ANZ. I'm interested to see how much we get at our first ANZ derby.
  3. Last week I was just watching a recording i had of a foxsports documentary on Western Sydney Wanderers: Champions of Asia which has Popa and some of the players talking about the game. . Here's a link to a preview of the documentary. https://riversideparramatta.com.au/show/western-sydney-wanderers-asian-champions/ Not sure where you can get a copy of it though.
  4. If Jamieson is really going, any decent Aussie LBs left that we can sign? I can't think of any good ones at the moment. Jamo had some defensive weaknesses but he was the best we could get for that spot. I don't see the point of getting a transfer fee for Jamieson when it looks like it would be hard to replace him. Cole can play there but i think he's better on the bench where he can cover many spots. Maybe a change in formation finally, 3-5-1-1? 3-5-2? I remember Popa having to resort to a 3-5-2 towards the end of an ACL game with Cole on the wing and Ono at dm. Or maybe i'm just dreaming...
  5. Agreed there was two tackles he made where the timing was absolutely perfect He's been doing it every game all season long. Best 1on1 tackler in the league imo.
  6. One claimed. Should mention i'm giving them out for free to any forumites who need one. Still got one ticket left in Bay 2.
  7. Got sick today Got 2 spare tickets to Western Grandstand (top of Bay 2). They're not next to each other but no one else seems to sit in our row. PM me so i can email them to you, you'll need to print them out yourself.
  8. Panda

    Federico Piovaccari

    That's just sad It is sad actually. Apparently he jumped up with excitement when Santa scored last week so he still cares. Saba never really cared. I posted in the post-match thread as Pio was sitting right in front of me. He was genuinely engaged with the game and followed it closely. Lots of people in the past few weeks have still been coming up to get his autograph and giving him words of encouragement but his time is done. I personally enjoyed what he brought to the team, even when his scoring boots were left in Spain.
  9. I had Piovacarri sit right in front of me for the whole game with his 2 kids. I noticed him following the game closely with little to no emotion. When Castelen scored, he didn't move at all. Then Perth scored their penalty and he just stared forward. But when Santa scored that audacious winner, he jumped up like a little kid with his arms up in the air cheering for a solid 2 seconds, then looked around him with a sheepish smile, and sat straight back down while the rest of the Western grandstand were up on their feet. Just an interesting observation. I know it has been all said and done, but it would be nice to see Pio back out there constesting the high balls that Bridge gets outmuscled on every time. I thought Bridge played much better in the 2nd half when he was moved to the left wing once Santa came on.
  10. Pitch has got both Andreu and Nichols down. Then we have #1 Ref Williams costing us goals and giving yellow cards for new rules he has in his head.
  11. Panda

    Andreu Guerao

    His ability to control the ball and tempo of the game was sorely missed once he came off in today's game, we looked a different side once he was subbed off. Quality player, fantastic attitude.
  12. Where can I watch a replay of the game? Forgot to record the game on fox
  13. Ray Gatt â€@Gatty54 1m Lippi presser the most extraordinary I've ever seen. Launched into 5 min tirade in Italian. Took no questions. Kept talking on Italian
  14. 3 points: Beauchamp 2 points: Juric 1 points: Ono
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