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  1. Did Raddy just reveal our walk out jackets on Instagram?
  2. Just had a look, around 370ish tickets sold in the Wanderers areas.
  3. The lower tier from what membership said to me has 15 rows.
  4. And at Corners, Free Kicks, Penalties, Wind achieving a certain speed, when it begins to rain, etc.
  5. The frame for the second screen is now in place in the opposite corner.
  6. His playing Career definitely doesn't scream Marquee or anywhere near it. If anything I think we will only see Riera in slot 1 and whoever is on the highest wage in the cap will be submitted to the FFA as the second marquee. That's if we go down the Baumjohann road.
  7. If it is true we probably won't hear it until next week. I swear someone said above that his contract expires on the 31st of July.
  8. I travel a fair bit for work with a lot going through Mudgee. So I thought I would post some suggestions for people looking for accommodation and food based on experiences. Accommodation Experiences: Perry Street Hotel - Really nice boutique accommodation and not badly priced. Motel Ningana - Standard country motel rooms but they do have terrace houses opposite that you can call about, some of which can sleep up to 8 People. Street parking but some have 1 parking spot at the rear. Wouldn't be bad for bigger groups or families. Soldiers Motel - Standard country motel rooms but nice o
  9. Yeah don't know what was happening but oh well called up just then and got added to the list. What time does it start?
  10. Does anyone have a working link? All of mine for the last few days have been saying page not found.
  11. I was just about to bring this up with the auto renewal being plastered in NRMA.
  12. Mine isn't much better sadly from my phone. Next time I have a camera near me Ill take some better shots.
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