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  1. I wanted him! Nabbout showed a lot of promise and some more at Victory. Mahazi was very ordinary verging on crap. In one game against us he was providing our guys with better service than our own midfielders! Maybe this is his reward?
  2. Cejudo... couldn't agree more. He's been doing that all season. Character wise... weak as p*ss. Fortunately these past few weeks we haven't had to witness the other drama queen in the team, the aptly named "Roly", doing his embarrassing writhings.
  3. You know me Martin, if I can't be active.... no magic
  4. .... and that semi defeat was an insipid performance, very similar to last week's derby effort. It's puzzling that his Adelaide gig is always lauded.... the end result was really pretty mediocre. Of course his reputation received a further boost when Ange, being of the same philosophy, took him on as his assistant. Hope we don't have the same wimpy end as that inglorious reign.
  5. Wasn’t there a bit of hoo-ha in the media the other week about him professing thanks to his father-in-law’s club for letting him “watch training” 😂
  6. Sure is and it won’t feel much of a home/bastion for us when we have to share it with every man and his dog..... including that eastern sydney club for a couple of years (and I don’t just mean derby games) whilst their brand new, more expensive home is being rebuilt.
  7. A rather uncomfortable evening. It was more like 11 man Wanderers holding Mariners to a draw.
  8. I wonder how adoring and misty eyed everyone will be if Popa returns to manage an A-League "home town club" that doesn't happen to wear red and black.... and well before he reaches the twilight years of his career. The odds of that happening might not be that long.
  9. I'd be surprised if any of them are of the required grade.
  10. Given the A League's profile/standing and our feeble performance last season, it's hard to believe that the job offer to Popa was unsolicited i.e. that feelers weren't actively out. No doubt there'll be a queue of candidates for the newly vacant job with us but is the current overhyped, untested squad a bit of a poisoned chalice? Do well and it'll be said it was on the back of the great man's work/foundations. Do badly (not in the top three?) and there'll be condemnation given the supposedly rich inheritance.
  11. As far as I'm concerned he's been absolutely atrocious but obviously Popa and Gombau (and you) see something in him. I'd love to know what it is..... it totally escapes me! Your reply to (1) has a convergence with (4).... he tends to put himself in said **** positions due the football vacancy between his ears. I'd love an explanation as to how a football brain and indecision is "hammered out" of a player. Points 2 and 3 are basic skills he should have mastered in junior football and have nothing to do with systems. I'd like to add a couple of more deficiencies.... he's a poor dribbler (but unfortunately continues to persist) and he's lightweight i.e. he gets pushed off the ball way too easily... even for a "young" footballer. Hopefully this coming season will reveal all that Popa, Gombau and yourself see in him but I doubt it.
  12. I think Bossi is from the school of journalism that believes for a story to be any good, all financial numbers must be multiplied by at least a factor of 2
  13. Hanging in there.... not like some ageing seachangers I know 😏
  14. It's hard to get as enthused/excited as most seem to be on the forum when we're still short a playmaker/football brain in the middle of the field. The only time we looked like a half decent team last season was when Nico was playing.
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