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  1. Italy begins with the letter 'I'... (said in a sesame street tone), thats all you need to know surely
  2. I wouldn't check it out i assure you. I sit back with my pipe, smoking jacket, single malt and listen to classical music whilst reading Betjeman.
  3. Who would have thought a show called Masked Singer Australia would be so shyte heh..
  4. Thanks Jess. That tank looks awesome! Also just to avoid confusion...not going for salt water fish. The guidelines stated that you should include a pinch of some fancy salt ( not normal table salt) in the water for all fish as aparently they need this.
  5. i'd forgotten about him, he was instantly forgettable on the pitch to be honest.
  6. Boro live on national TV on a Sunday afternoon for the first time ever in 1988, the mayhem behind the goal with the last minute winner, I am in there somewhere. And the part of the commentary that says 'And the fans that have stayed loyal to the club which almost died have been rewarded' What an afternoon that was at the old place...******* rocking!
  7. O wow yes! In the late 80's my old man would let me stay up on a Saturday night to watch this, would often fall asleep during the first highlighted match. If Middlesbrough were ever one of the main matches that was a MASSIVE event! Later on in the 90's match of the day would often be on when I landed in from a drinking session. I would sit down in the lounge with my old man 'want a cuppa' he would say and off he would go and make one for both of us. Match of the day would usually finish around midnight and some shitty movie would come on like one of the Carry On movies, or a Hammer Horror type movie from the 70's with Christopher Lee. They were always surprisingly good when you were ******* smashed.
  8. Erimus

    Cricket thread

    No complaints from me. Australia have won many more sessions and bowled with much more consistency. Anderson was a big miss for England, especially so this OT test. I think the batting without Steve Smith is about as poor as Englands. Having the worlds best batsman in your line up is massive. I expect Smith to go BIG at the Oval, i honestly wouldn't be surprised to see him chalk up 300, the way he is playing a triple century isnt out of the question at some point. Well done Australia. I can go back to enjoying watching Australia now...like a day out at the SCG test regardless of opposition.
  9. Erimus

    Cricket thread

    Well Australia massive faves to win the Ashes now......no wait...can't do that shyte anymore
  10. That wasn't one of the questions thankfully!
  11. Studying at the moment and recently took the first exam since Uni in 2001 so was very nervous. Got result via email today, scored 93% But was then annoyed I didn't get 100% So am wondering what I got wrong lol
  12. Yeah...I think I have encountered "The Democratic Football Lads Alliance" at Millwall
  13. Amber Rudd was at the heart of the windrush scandal and was forced to resign as Home Secretary. In a later investigation it was found that unnamed advisers mislead her (yeah righto) and so came back to the front bench. Her partner financially backed the remain campaign, she has always been a square peg in a round hole. A talented politician, but not popular in the UK or within factions of her own party. Boris won't loose sleep about Amber moving on and the purge of the moderates in the Conservative party will continue, as will the lurch further to the right. Dominic Cummings is the main adviser to Boris, he was the Brexit leave campaign manager. He has been described as a man who relishes a fight and is only happy when he has people to fight, including with people within the party he works for. This is a deliberate purge.
  14. The Monster Raving Loony Party are probably the most moderate centrist British political party these days
  15. Is lonely stood on the once crowded moderate centre ground of politics Loonies to the left and loonies to the right.. Boris or Corbyn **** me. Liberals and Greens even more **** me....I honestly have no idea who I would vote for in a UK general election....
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