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  1. It will be full of filthy Leeds backpacker chunts taking time off directing traffic, digging holes or pulling beers. And Lloydy....not heard or seen of Lloydy since Leeds ****ed it all up...hope he's OK......lol
  2. bullshyte...it is true Elland Road has been loud when i have been there. But not as loud as the Riverside (Boro), Sunderland or Newcastle is. I put Leeds fans on a similar level to Sheffield United's. Now for dirty bastards that want a fight post game...they top the charts.
  3. Pffftttt Leeds will never be a big club.
  4. Romer Parish in the Boro is where every kid took their birthday money to buy a kit to build or get their subbuteo game, remember buying Airfix plane kits and all sorts. This photo would be early 70's but even before the place closed down in the 80's it never changed, notice not a metal window roll shutter in sight. It was really old school inside, wall stacked with kits and games, old wooden counter, and looks like the kids could get their ciggies also going by the advertising outside Every kid from Middlesbrough aged around 40 or older would have spent much time in here Just around the corner was Jack Hatfield sports shop where you got kitted out for whatever sport you were in to, you could get anything in there. I got my cricket bat, footballs, fitted up for football boots, dart, small snooker table....all sorts I bought in there. Happy times. That photo above I am walking through the door with my birthday money in an envelope, an old musty smell (prob the old fella running the place) and just shelves stacked with stuff.
  5. Beating Leeds in a pre season friendly will not be the stuff of recounting to the grandkids, its a shame they couldn't line up a big club for this opening stadium game.
  6. Erimus


    Pinenuts are good...but expensive.
  7. Erimus


    As a kid in the 80's a few tins of this spag was my parents idea of Italian night , followed by this for afters, which should be in the nostalgia thread really.. downed in 2 seconds then run out the door to jump on the BMX or play football....
  8. Erimus


    Sounds good...if i chop up some left over sprouts ...may work...
  9. Erimus


    Recommend a quick weekday pasta dish anyone..even vegie one would do. And not including mince meat.....? Link or your recipe? Sick of the go to usual things we make.
  10. Need I say more Boris is a clumsy buffoon that scores multiple own goals and gives his enemies gifts. The best tactic for any anti Boris camp is to just let him do what he does, sooner rather than later he will make a mistake. From what I have read this sounds like the kind of domestic incident we have all been in with the wife as a bloke, that is what I have read up until now and maybe more to follow, don't know. The idiot spilled some red wine on his wife's nice expensive couch, I spilled a load of red wine no too long ago some may recall An argument between Boris and partner followed with some shouting. she moved his laptop, he didn't like that lol It does all sound quite familiar. In the flat downstairs live a couple of lefties with an emergency hotline to the Guardian newspaper They click record as soon as they hear some voices, called the police or was it the Guardian they called first? Anyway the police rock up and say no charges needed, but the two downstairs can't help themselves, the lady has already given Boris the middle finger in the street a few times Boris is living in the London version of Newtown which has regular anti Brexit protests, they were waiting to pounce, and Boris never fails to deliver somehow, and only himself to blame. This won't impact Boris at all unfortunately. It is only the Tory party members that get to vote and so doesn't matter what the whole country thinks, Boris has massive support across party members. I think many members will also see this as a leftie stitch up in to someones private life. I hate Boris and I hate the type of people that live below Boris, there was an interview I watched with them earlier and they are vile people, nasty bastards upstairs and downstairs.
  11. Will post something about this later...and also Mark Field...did anyone see him removing the female climate protestor?
  12. Cant post the link at the moment..but article on the BBC about what war with Iran means and why both sides dont want it..a rare piece that takes no political west agenda. Worth a read..and will try and post here later. Although may not be dramatic enough for some, or take the a preferred angle.
  13. Yeah i know..isnt it just. Anyway...i have a bit of birthday cake...and nearly time to get out of here....
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