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  1. You had it easy...I had to go and get Smog junior a ******* ice cream after we sat down on row 23.top tier. So off I go, buy him one of those Milo tubs he likes. I climb back up to the seats, hand him his milo, he sits there not eating...'errrrr dad, emmmmm where's the plastic spoon'....aaaarrrrrggghhhhhh......I bent the lid in to the shape of a scoop and told him to get on with it....
  2. Erimus


    Went in to a middle eastern type grocers to find some harrisa paste for a recipe and they no idea what it is Run by someone from SE Asia is i think why...but still.... Tried to fob me off with a bottle of chilli sauce..not good enough...
  3. Yeah crisps (chips are what you get down the chippy) are my weakness. Red Rock deli or salt n vinegar....yum...
  4. When I went there the place was in flood, as you can see. But there were also $20 notes blowing around in the wind!
  5. Will in a flood do, from when I visited a couple of years back? From my sketchbook at that time...
  6. I actually like Lithgow lol I did a walk around the blast furnace park there a few years ago. I grew up climbing and playing on old disused industrial heritage like that, it was our playgrounds...so like places like that...
  7. I grew up listening to John Motson's commentary in the UK, he was the master of letting some dead air in at the right times, never felt the need to talk all the time. He was definitely a nerd and could kill you with stats, but always got the amount of talk right.
  8. Don't see the comparison, I mean look at this photo of the Boro from a few years back and tell me it isn't ******* stunning
  9. Hill ...on the chopping block...! They would be crazy.
  10. Whats with the nostalgia and history thread anyway..when does nostalgia become history, and is nostalgia something you can remember only, as in your childhood memories? I posted something about the 1966 world cup the other day, but I wasn't born then, so is that nostalgia or history? Or perhaps we should have a combined History and Nostalgia thread.!!!! I just DON'T know!!!
  11. Imagine how gutted you would be to go to all that effort to make the first crossing of the Blue Mountains, only to find a place / town as shitty as Lithgow on the other side.
  12. Speed is an idiot, some of the things he comes out with, also football is just an off season gig for him whilst NRL and AFL are on their breaks. Simon Hill and Bozza are about as good as it gets.
  13. Wonder if the mini junior RBB will be back down the south end this coming season. My son used to stand with them copying the RBB down the other end lol Was very cute. I suspect he would be too old for that now and not think it cool....lol
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