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  1. I have been keeping one eye on the weather forecast for the end of the week, it looks like trouble. It looks like a major heatwave could be brewing, one that could smash a few records, somewhere could top 50c in this one. Thursday and Saturday next week hot, Saturday especially so, possibly a 48c in Western Sydney, perhaps even the rest of Sydney. Might be down graded as we head through the week, but right now it looks bad.
  2. I honestly dont think the usual media rules apply to Corbyn. The Mirror was firmly in his camp as they always are with Labour, really dont think pro or anti Corbyn media made much impact though and comparing to Labor leaders here not helpful. Corbyn was too far left for any normal reasonable person to contemplate voting for, no negative media was needed in this case as Labour had already done their own damage, they did the work for the Daily Mail, they have never had such an easy target as Corbyn..open goal. Corbyn wrote his own political suicide note like Foot in 1983.
  3. Fair play Wendy, if this does play out bad for Babbel you called it early. I just want him out so i do see any more idiots in the stupid Babbel hats...
  4. Corbyn is using many excuses which includes the media not liking him and brexit. The fall of Corbyn is not really related to a media smear campaign, he did have some media on his side (Mirror and Guardian to name a few), this is a longer standing issue with Labour and the direction Corbyn took the party. They lost touch with the Labour base, the fact the leadership around Corbyn didn't see this disaster coming certainly backs that.
  5. I am sick of saying 'need to see a reaction', I am going next week expecting us to get done over yet again. Will do well to get 10k in.
  6. I feel like Babbel has punched me in the nuts after every game.
  7. Next home game is massive...6 in a row and the pressure may well be too much on Babbel. I think we are really poor value to watch, turgid (Brissy at home was a shocker), one dimensional, easy to work out, lacking in ideas and execution, players not knowing their roles, wrong positions and marquees not stepping up.....its all in there. Some did put a shift in today, there was some effort, but as a team it just isn't working.
  8. Babbel on the brink perhaps. Such an easy win for Perth wasn't it, we are nowhere near close to where we need to be,
  9. Mack has done it for you lol
  10. Babbel looks like we all feel...pissed. Cslling it..sub 10k attendance next game
  11. I would rather be at Wendy's teacher retirement party rather than watching this. They will all be pissed on sherry and putting car keys in a bowl by now.
  12. We will end up fat bastards though if we eat every time we are shyte.
  13. I have moved on from the booze and have pulled a big slice of chocolate fudge cake out of the fridge... comfort eating..
  14. Thats the stuff, you had to be 13 - 16 to drink it though and had to be on a park bench.
  15. White Lightning cider, sadly no longer made. Big over sized plastic bottles that tasted like petrol....probably was...would go down a treat now..
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