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  1. When I went there the place was in flood, as you can see. But there were also $20 notes blowing around in the wind!
  2. Will in a flood do, from when I visited a couple of years back? From my sketchbook at that time...
  3. I actually like Lithgow lol I did a walk around the blast furnace park there a few years ago. I grew up climbing and playing on old disused industrial heritage like that, it was our playgrounds...so like places like that...
  4. I grew up listening to John Motson's commentary in the UK, he was the master of letting some dead air in at the right times, never felt the need to talk all the time. He was definitely a nerd and could kill you with stats, but always got the amount of talk right.
  5. Don't see the comparison, I mean look at this photo of the Boro from a few years back and tell me it isn't ******* stunning
  6. Hill ...on the chopping block...! They would be crazy.
  7. Whats with the nostalgia and history thread anyway..when does nostalgia become history, and is nostalgia something you can remember only, as in your childhood memories? I posted something about the 1966 world cup the other day, but I wasn't born then, so is that nostalgia or history? Or perhaps we should have a combined History and Nostalgia thread.!!!! I just DON'T know!!!
  8. Imagine how gutted you would be to go to all that effort to make the first crossing of the Blue Mountains, only to find a place / town as shitty as Lithgow on the other side.
  9. Speed is an idiot, some of the things he comes out with, also football is just an off season gig for him whilst NRL and AFL are on their breaks. Simon Hill and Bozza are about as good as it gets.
  10. Wonder if the mini junior RBB will be back down the south end this coming season. My son used to stand with them copying the RBB down the other end lol Was very cute. I suspect he would be too old for that now and not think it cool....lol
  11. Yeah..used to be loads of those..a dennis the menace one i recall..one with some number on in a circle....needs to come back...
  12. Totally agree..this group who derail threads with pointless puns and walkout songs is disgusting isnt it. They should grow up.
  13. Sounds like the name of a Beatles song..probably is...
  14. I would love to see the day Bossi rocks up to a post match presser at Parra and a couple of security guys step in front of him and turn him away..
  15. Great memories, who knew things could turn so shyte so quick...
  16. I don't think I can stand another 3 months of this till the season starts... I need us to beat Perth to save my sanity...
  17. I loved it yesterday when about 45mins before kick off the new lady pitch side build up person went to the RBB and asked them to make some noise lol I was stood right above the RBB at that point..i think one sctatched his arse and one or two flicked the V 's lol Silence The RBB dont do requests lol
  18. I know she will be back to work tomorrow or Tuesday and hopefully less time to post then...hopefully she will get tired of it tonight lol
  19. He would prob sing wrong way round....Hoo Woo....
  20. So we need Boney M playing over the PA before each game is what your sayin? Are Boney M 'west Sydney enough' though?
  21. Yes...these colours is the best song and not yet reached its full potential...
  22. Well time moves on...and just remember them from that shitty little scaffolding at the south end for thr ACL final
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