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Posts posted by Erimus

  1. 3 minutes ago, marron said:

    Lovely mate!


    Yeah lithgow's alright, I like it. Main drag has lots of pubs. I like the old houses.

    I did that too, with the blast furnace, but it was because I got stuck there for two hours on a Sunday arvo with no money. :lol:


    When I went there the place was in flood, as you can see. But there were also $20 notes blowing around in the wind!

  2. 3 minutes ago, marron said:

    There is the perfect image of the blast furnace at lithgow in the snow but it's on facebook so I can't post it.

    I actually like Lithgow lol I did a walk around the blast furnace park there a few years ago. I grew up climbing and playing on old disused industrial heritage like that, it was our playgrounds...so like places like that...

  3. 17 minutes ago, homerj said:

    During the game, they need to remember it's not radio - they don't have to fill the dead air. Sometimes silence is good.

    There's been quite a few times last season when we couldn't take their stupid comments any more and muted the fox coverage.

    I grew up listening to John Motson's commentary in the UK, he was the master of letting some dead air in at the right times, never felt the need to talk all the time. He was definitely a nerd and could kill you with stats, but always got the amount of talk right.

  4. 4 minutes ago, mack said:

    Peacock wouldn't be included in "just" the football people, he probably has a regular full time contract as they use him in multiple sports. I think he does all their location tennis presenting for Wimbeldon/French Open/US Open for example.

    Hill on the other hand. It could be that he & Harper are on the chopping block?

    Hill ...on the chopping block...! They would be crazy.

  5. Whats with the nostalgia and history thread anyway..when does nostalgia become history, and is nostalgia something you can remember only, as in your childhood memories?

    I posted something about the 1966 world cup the other day, but I wasn't born then, so is that nostalgia or history? Or perhaps we should have a combined History and Nostalgia thread.!!!! I just DON'T know!!! :shok:


  6. 41 minutes ago, marron said:

    Also, for carts, coaches and drays to get down the other side they'd cut down a tree and tie it to the back as a brake. 

    Imagine how gutted you would  be to go to all that effort to make the first crossing of the Blue Mountains, only to find a place / town as shitty as Lithgow on the other side.


    7 minutes ago, marron said:

    Just while I think of it I will miss the confetti kids and seeing it on the footage whenever we'd score.

    Wonder if the mini junior RBB will be back down the south end this coming season. My son used to stand with them copying the RBB down the other end lol Was very cute.

    I suspect he would be too old for that now and not think it cool....lol

  8. 17 hours ago, marron said:

    Do you remember when randos would just make a 2stick banner and bring it?


    They really just killed that kind of thing. Who would think to make something and bring it? You know it's going to be a hassle. 

    Club needs to be encouraging that and making it clear it's okay, if they can.

    Yeah..used to be loads of those..a dennis the menace one i recall..one with some number on in a circle....needs to come back...

  9. 6 minutes ago, btron3000 said:

    It’s happened! 

    First game back and Wendy’s successfully brought back the walk-out song debate hahaha.

    Now, about those flares and anti-social chants...

    I know :rolleyes: she will be back to work tomorrow or Tuesday and hopefully less time to post then...hopefully she will get tired of it tonight lol



  10. 18 minutes ago, wendybr said:

    We've talked endlessly about the lag around the stadium.

    The RBB cannot generate a walkout song. Seriously.

    I LOVE "These Colours", but it can't work stadium wide unless some sort of call and response.


    Sorry to sound snippy!  Here's an emoji! :lol:

    So we need Boney M playing over the PA before each game is what your sayin?

    Are Boney M 'west Sydney enough' though?

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