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  1. 20 minutes ago, MartinTyler said:

    With the ridiculous levels of smoke up there currently is there any danger of this game being called off?

    Smoke is usually worse on a morning to early afternoon, the sea breeze usually kicks in and that usually gets up to Parra. Forecast is for a south easterly to come in the afternoon which should clear it. Tomorrow morning may be similar to today though. Outside chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon but prob wont make it to Parra.

    Game should be ok.

  2. 33 minutes ago, marron said:

    No I meant that genuinely. Only problem is when kids ask tricky questions of pollies certain sections  of the media jump on them a bit "teachers put em up to it" sort of thing.


    (I should have said, but that's awesome mate. Well done to him). 

    I dont care what he says...so long as he doesnt say 'gee havent you got a big nose'. 

  3. 1 hour ago, wendybr said:


    As for leaving a player behind - that's almost unbelievable!

    A kindy teacher with 30 5 year old kids to manage wouldn't do that.  :fool:

    Its actually not that uncommon lol It has happened at Boro loads of times and usually forms an amusing anecdote in a former players book :D

    It is true to say that it happened most when Paul Gascoigne played for us, I think he once drove the team bus off and left the team behind :D Loads of stories like that usually involving Gazza and Paul Merson. 

  4. 6 minutes ago, GunnerWanderer said:

    I maintain if Jurman was there he doesn’t even get that shot off, I’m not hanging out PZ to dry because of it but I’m watching closely now to see if it happens again in future. 


    How do u plan to spend the weekend off Mack 

    Bit of fishing, fortnite or flying a kite?

    I might go fishing, play fortnite and fly a kite ( the last time I flew a kite on a beach it arrowed straight in to some bald guys head and he nearly kicked the **** out me)

  5. 38 minutes ago, LeeMarvin said:

    How many people do you reckon before this game thought to themselves "I am going to put on a multibet.  WU will win and Durante and Appiah to score"?

    Oh yeah, and how awkward did the commentators sound not knowing what to call Western United?  There is definitely a word or two missing from that club's name for it to make sense.

    Western United sounds like the name of a bank or insurance group. Could have used Barwon, Ballarine or Corio between Western and United which i think are all names given to that greater area, although Corio is the name of the bay Geelong sits on.

  6. 1 hour ago, MartinTyler said:

    We're getting Assombalonga back in January :xnod:

    Good...he is shyte..scored yesterday but has been rubbish for a long time.

    One of our players on too much money..if Forest can take his wages on then that would be great.

    The wage bill at Boro comparable to other Champiobship clubs is killing us and HAS to come down.

  7. 30 minutes ago, mack said:

    Are they in an electorate where the yellow tories actually have a chance of beating the regular tories?

    No...Middlesbrough ward and will no doubt return a Labour MP as aways.

    No history of the Lib Dems breaking ground in Middlesbrough.

    The will be a a showing for the Brexit party in Middlesbrough and the Labour vote may be split many ways..left and right.

  8. Skyping the old man during the game yesterday.

    Out of the blue they both tell me they are going to vote Liberal Democrat :shok: wow...just wow lol

    This is a hard core Labour man lol The stereotype is that the boomers are all right wing Brexit types incapable of changing view and move further right as age.

    Still a bit of that 60's adventurous spirit in there :D Not that i think voting Lib Dem is that radical or wise even.

    They say they cant vote Corbyn and are anti Brexit and so seems a fit they say.


  9. 18 minutes ago, GunnerWanderer said:

    The away support looked solid! Well done to you and all that travelled 

    Indeed...lots of time, money and effort goes in to following the lads around the country. Doesn't sound like Geelong put on much of a welcome what with the weather and local police and all, plus the **** spotless type ground. I am still tempted to go to Ballarat next year mind.

    Hopefully Babbel will have things sorted by then ! We look disjointed..Babbel doesn't know how to blend the German experience with the rest of the squad, looks like he doesn't have a clue what the best system is. No link between defense,  mid and attack. Yeboah may need some time out.

    Could, perhaps should have been 3 or 4 -1.

    Hate bye's / breaks....what will i do without a game next week, what is this purgatory Babbel and co have left me in to mull this over for 2 weeks. :(

  10. 20 minutes ago, Pup55 said:

    What a horrible experience this weekend has been.

    Rubbish Sydney airport cancelling 50+ flights yesterday.

    Rubbish drive from Melbourne to Geelong today - there is literally nothing here.

    Rubbish atmosphere in Geelong itself - place is a shithole.

    Rubbish stadium.

    Rubbish weather.

    Rubbish atmosphere.

    Rubbish crowd.

    Rubbish performance by us.

    Rubbish performance by the referee.

    Rubbish game in general that hardly deserved a winner.

    If they are going to be "based" out of Geelong for 3-4 years whilst they wait for a new suburb to be built so they can build a stadium in this new suburb, then they are going to never get off the ground and fail as a new team. How the **** anyone can decide that this franchise was a better option than South Melbourne, Canberra, Illawarra, or Tasmania I will never know.

    Onto our performance - also rubbish. Outside of 45 mins against Victory and putting the body on the line against Sydney, our results have definitely not matched our performance. Bye next week has come at a good time and I'm not prepared to give up yet because we have plenty of talent, but I'm not convinced the 4-2-2-2 formation is the right one for us and fingers crossed we find a way to get Schwegler on the ball more and Muller / Meier involved in the game in a positive way.

    **** Western United - never doing an away trip here again.

    I have done the drive from Melbourne to Geelong and is rubbish. Geelong is ok in summer holiday time if the weather is decent, I can imagine it looked a bit like the Boro on a wet winter weekend today.

    Feel for the away fans today..given a **** deal.

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