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  1. Nahhh he will have had the shyte kicked out of him...i have the song in my head now.. We all hate leeds scum We all hate leeds scum We all hate leeds scum We all hate leeds scum........ There are NO friendlies against dirty Leeds when your from the Boro
  2. Yeah...game day vibe of old...havent felt like this in a while Even my sons enthusiasm has returned.
  3. The golden rule with WSW home shirts is hoops should always go right around the shirt...preferably of an equal decent width. Not keen..
  4. Yep..but you know me..just get on with ir..never complain...
  5. I am looking forward to pre game walking around Parra again and seeing all the shirts around town as much as the stadium been too long.
  6. Great news.. Who knows, you might get lucky and get a seat next to me eh I am actually really looking forward to this, we are going home!!!!!
  7. Being hosted by Tony Dorigo... now there's a blast from the past, scored a screamer against the Boro at Wembley in 1990...and broke my young heart.
  8. After my trip to the barbers and all the treatments yesterday I smell awesome
  9. First wash since bought in 2000 and something or other. I have my scarf from the late 80's...but the is a priceless relic preserved in a special bag and never goes out
  10. My Middlesbrough scarf has been through the wash this week (after my son dropped a drink on it in England) and is all nice and soft with a machine fresh smell ready to go The lad has the WSW scarf....
  11. AHEM!!!!! you can take it too far you know Wanderboy From here on can we use the distinction between 'LEEDS Yorkshiremen' and the rest of us Yorkshiremen who don't make slobby arses of ourselves And thankfully I am not rotund either
  12. The majority that have travelled from the UK will be the 55 years or older, relatively wealthy with time on hands types, cost is too much for many to travel from UK to Australia in our mid winter for pre-season friendlies, not quite school summer holls in the England yet either. They are not going to go to the effort of travelling all the way from the UK and cause trouble lol There will be a good few backpacker types that are already over here that will be rowdy no doubt, and they are the ones who will create any atmosphere in the Leeds end.
  13. There was a small Malaysian place on eat street that did an awesome sambal half chicken...very very spicy..good though. Hoping they are still there. Think it is..Ya-Malaysia...
  14. I knew i came to the right place to get understanding and sympathy
  15. Trip to the barbers yesterday ( with quite long hair, now much shorter) kinda confirmed what i already suspected. Going grey / white at a fast rate...and barber agreed that with 12 months prob will be full white grey. This isnt just a bit of greying at the sides, its all new hair coming in I dont have black hair...so hasnt been that noticeable, and why it has snuck up on me a bit....boooo
  16. Weather as good as it can be this time of year..could be a good few walk in's.
  17. Boro games v Leeds are always 1pm kick offs at request of the police..NEVER a night match.
  18. Can't beat a good old punch up over something that happened over 500 years ago....grudges last long in the north of England...
  19. Just been to the city for my head massage, shampoo, razor shave and hair chop / manscaping session....first Leeds chunts seen at Circular Quay. Could only be visitors from UK. Had shorts on and looked sunburnt. Day out at Manly by look of them.
  20. Going to be a few walk ups on the day, weathee looking good. Perhaps netween 25k to 28k attendance. Which isnt bad for a friendly against a team like Leeds.
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