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  1. Boro lad tip..if you took your BMX bike seat out of its pole...put a lit firework rocket down it you could aim it pretty good. This could all be done in 5 to 6 seconds. Lined up with 6 or 7 mates all with rockets and bikes it was a formidable front line of attack. Just had to remember to put your bike seat back on afterwards The hatred towards kids on other estates just across a street lol It may as well have been another country. Nighttime raids in to opposition territory was always fun.
  2. I have you down as a guy that still has a vinyl record player Not that there is anything wrong with that I reckon. If I seen one I would pick one up again,
  3. I remember them laying the card in and sliding it across when my parents bought something. I remember writing out a cheque to pay for something also, and then writing in the little tab left behind what it was as the amount
  4. Got them all apart from the ice cube tray thing. There was never any need for them in Yorkshire. I guessed a couple right, but knew most.
  5. You feed possums! They are a nuisance...especislly if you grow fruit and veg...need the gardening thread back...i need to talk about my awesome balcony which now looks increasing like a rain forest
  6. Walking to get my son from scouts a fox walked out of the bushes on my right, beautiful old looking thing. It stopped and we looked at each other for a moment and off it went in to the bushes on the other side. I know feral here, but nice animal.
  7. Its a disease that mainly inflicts teenage girls....and me if I am ever sat within ear shot of Ed and know it.
  8. Western United..what a stoopid name for a club. Expecting another performance like Victory away and same result...or draw.
  9. You need to go back to work....
  10. Was that on the 5th November though? My wife says it was the Queens Birthday long weekend in the June?
  11. Remember remember the 5th November......when a fellow Yorkie was caught trying to blow up parliament. Kids around the town would start collecting scrap wood 2 weeks before the day, sometimes you could climb over in to a warehouse yard and steal a few pallets. Then you would drag all of your wood to the waste ground like in the photo above and start building your bonfire. The problem was you had to protect your bonfire from rival gangs of kids as other groups would come and steal your wood. We would go and steal other groups supplies as well of course. This would sometimes end up in stone throwing fights and chasing through the streets as you defended your turf. There was always the kid at school who had an older brother who bought fireworks and gave us some, fireworks were for sale in every corner shop, 'Standard Fireworks' the brand. The excitement at getting your hands of a box full! Off we would go to the waste ground to set some rockets off, until the police called by on their rounds and everyone scarpered. Getting home and my old man saying "that better not have been you setting bloody fireworks off". Bonfire night itself, always cold and usually jacket potatoes with baked beans for dinner lol Scoff the lot down and head off to meet my mates by the bonfire. The community group would put on a firework display and then light the bonfire, with a Guy on the top of course. All the young kids would be handed a sparkler each. The morning after thick smoke hanging in the air, going down to the bonfire to see what is left and kicking it around. Rival kids groups calling by to say ours was shyte and theirs was better lol Happy times.
  12. You guys were lucky, I reckon even back in the 80's and 90's your clubs / live venues were pretty decent. We had great live pub venues across the Boro but more often than not you had to make do with rough arse steel workers clubs / workers social clubs. Some good times and a few good bands. I hated them clubs though, not in a snobby way, it just felt like all hope had been sucked out of the place and the undercurrent was always tension. If a band was good they didn't applaud, they let you live. I seen a few bands live where some poor fella in it would get tortured for the way they looked, even if they were decent, they would walk off after 10 - 15mins and that was that.. If you wanted to see some proper live music often you had to go up the road to Newcastle or down to York or Leeds, Leeds Uni especially. **** Leeds and Newcastle were the massive bright lights back then, exciting to us
  13. I would excessively whip the jockey afterwards..
  14. We get water bottles and food in no problem. But then i look a fine, honest and upstanding member of the community...unlike some hools.. I also get my son to take the bag in as his and pack stuff down under things
  15. Melbourne cup...stopping work for a horse race...get back to work you scruffy chunts.
  16. Indeed....mind attending football since 1985 and never seen a women given some hassle like that...some inappropriate chants that would be out of place now yes...but not that kind of reaction, lowest of the low.
  17. Before the derby I was waiting for my son who was on that inflatable football thing they have set up on the basketball court behind the east stand. Down from me was an Asian lady with a young toddler in a push chair and I think might have been waiting for an older kid also. Near her was a guy stood having a cigarette, no WSW or ESFC colours, but with a group of other blokes, might have been waiting for kids also. I was watching my son really, I did smell the ciggie smoke and wasn't really looking when I heard the lady approach the man and say "would you mind moving further down that way with your cigarette", the response was disgusting and made me look. He went right up to her face and said "why don't you mind your own ******* business you ******* ****, get ****ed", what a low life. I would have stepped in, he backed off and walked around to the other end of the game things, he caught me giving him the eye, he kept on walking thankfully. I smiled at the lady and asked if she was ok, she seemed ok and thanked me anyway for asking.... ******* scum..
  18. Depends on if he can form a majority government, or put together a coalition of the left. I am not sure there will be a majority government following this election and that makes any policies hard to get through parliament, as we have seen with the Brexit deadlock. Corbyn might find his hands tied also. A Labour / Greens / SNP / Plaid Cymru coalition may get Labour a majority, but no saying they would back all the votes on the policies put forward. The Lib Dems have already said they would find it difficult to work with Corbyn, so a Lib / Lab pact unlikely, I doubt the Greens would go with Labour also actually, they are a small number more aligned with the Lib Dems anyway. The Tories could take votes from Brexit supporting Labour voters in the North of England, or go to the Brexit Party The Brexit Party could split the Tory vote unless they form an alliance, and could also take votes from Labour supporters The Lib Dems could take votes from remain Tories, especially in the south and south west of England, less so in the north It is a very complicated route to a majority government with the power to get your policies through.
  19. I think we all agree The value for money and entertainment on show was very poor...but we can see it is a work in progress...hopefully not too many more home games like that or fans WILL drift away.. We ended up with 3 kids across the middle yesterday that didnt know how to execute what had been gone through on the training pitch. Injuries the factor here. We are defending well but the shots on goal stats ( and a bit of luck again, god knows how that Brissy shot didnt go in second half) we can do better. We have benefitted from wateful finishing and amazing Lopar keeping, neither of which may last. Yeboah and AMFB were both poor. Perhaps heat got to one...Yeboah's first touch awful, but not alone in that. Our ball retention / turnover rate is not good. Points wise fantastic, ahead of where i thought we would be... Compared to the Boro forum after a poor game this place is pretty tame by comparison. .personally dont think there is anything too bad...and diff of opinion always makes more interesting reading
  20. Yes of course...never voted Tory and never will. Middlesbrough will no doubt return another Labour MP, but have a bad feeling the Brexit Party may poll well. When it comes down to it as much as i loath Corbyn he IS a better option than Boris. Labour's policy of putting the Brexit vote back to the people would you hope stop Brexit altogether, which would be great obviously.
  21. Aftet yesterday i am not sure what our style is or what Babbel is aiming for. In season one we built game by game and you could sense the 6-1 Adelaide game coming...reverse this time..i sense a spanking coming.
  22. Dont know why...but when i read this i thought about my old grandad and what he thought of modern football and stadiums...he was all ciggies stood on the terrace..piss up against the back of the stand and a cup of bovril... I just know in my mind what he would have said about your post lol
  23. No, he left his magic cap at home, which is why we didn't win.
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