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  1. Prob would say he needs to drink lots and lots of water to do that...
  2. Reminds me of the Guard played by Palin on Life of Brian... Palin "Crucifixion?.......... One cross each, stand on the left" Idle "No not for me, they said i could go free" Palin "Oh really, well away you go then" Idle "Nahhhh just pulling yer leg, crucifixion really"
  3. I know what thats like...when i skype the old folks they STILL do that thing where i can hear them but they dont think i can yet. All i can hear is them arguing about it..then like the click of the fingers they realise it is working and instantly change their tone... Also usually get an awesome view up my old mans hairy nostril....
  4. Lol Gladys says Ruby Princess staff may have mislead NSW Health. Everyone could see what was happening around the world with cruise ships. The government / NSW Health should have done what they needed to do rather than listen to the 'yeah everythings sweet on here' advice. Now ScoMo says he is the only world leader thinking long term.
  5. A few more clusters popping up here and there, some with no known trace... I did wonder if part of the reason for the curve flattening was because they had finished testing certain overseas arrivals groups and have now gone in to the unknown. I am not saying for sure that the stats are a load of crock, but there is plenty of bullshyte spin rhetoric of the kind the smh excels in floating around. After all....the general public dont need to see the government's modeling predictions like say NZ released. Ordinary people here dont need evidence. I was reading a paper also that went in to some theory as to why the southern hemisphere has not been impacted so badly when there is evidence covid was in Australia by late Jan. It says the optimum temp for spread is between 0c and 17c. There is no shortage of infections around the equator of course. Therefore covid thrives best below 20c...so some think. The warm summer temps may have saved Australia from a fate like Europe.
  6. Working to the sound of rain is quite soothing.
  7. Convert to Hillsong or be dammed for eternity.
  8. This post makes me feel better. I beat myself up if i feel i am not being productive enough which is a horrible way to go because then you get angry and frustrated with yourself...'i should be ******* doing more' and all that... I get like that during the day sometimes Thats when the days get looooooooong!
  9. Google classroom is doing my head in..101 ways to do class roll call
  10. I get up at my usual time, get washed and always shaved, never let the stubble grow even if staying in. Get breakfast, do the dishes and make the bed and things. I need things to be tidy before i start work...i need to feel tidy! Then i set the lad off with his school work. But heres the thing..i go through all this but then stuggle to get going! I go make a tea, get some air....fidget around but struggle to settle. I get most done in the afternoon which is unusual for me as in normal work life i get most done between 7am and 11am. The lad asks me a question and before i know it i have spent 40mins with him...
  11. I actually seen him for the first time in years the other week. Absolutely the worst walking advert for hair implants I have seen this side of Bozza...**** knows what angle they have been sticking them in his head at...I think they must have sourced the hair transplants from his arse...
  12. Apologies to Mack for the advertising...other porn sites are available........
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