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  1. Ha! If you must know I telephoned the wife from the game to nip in to Marks n Spenser’s to get me some new undies as she was shopping in town. It was a long walk form the stadium back to the town centre, arse was ******* blue it was that cold...
  2. The old saying ‘can only beat what’s in front of you’, we did the job and we should enjoy
  3. Pfffttt, i Once had lucky red pants, I had them on at any away game at Nottingham Forest and it was a game too far, the elastic went. Undies sliding down my arse on a freezing cold day..we got beaten....
  4. Mack, got to up your game son....beaten on the title front
  5. Great win, played well for full 90mins, no weak performance. I love Ziggy and Kamau everything good went through them. we asked if they could back up the derby and they did that and then some! Credit to CR, the pressure was on big time and he has got a reaction...
  6. Probably our most complete performance in a good while eh..90mins of quality, derby backed up, happy times.
  7. Professional and commanding performance this, standard set until season end. For once I have nothing to complain about post game lol
  8. Haven’t got the statue of Dino and his heel yet. Waiting list...
  9. Kamau 3-0, push on, keep foot down, more goals to be had here.....
  10. ******* Geordie chunts commentating, who the **** cares what the Toon did..
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