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  1. I think if you call someone from Tranmere a Liverpool person it is like comparing Middlesbrough to Newcastle lol Tranmere is the Wirral....i know this because I have relies on the Wirral and they don't like being compared lol I think the Wirral was once Cheshire and Liverpool was part of Lancashire..
  2. Spurs going to 8th tier Marine FC in the cup 3rd round! Biggest ever gap between two sides in an FA Cup game..Marine only the second ever 8th tier side to make the 3rd round..what a draw! Marine are a Liverpool side by the way..mini kopites?
  3. Was a very very lucky boy to walk away from that. He said the new halo system saved him, that stops parts of the car hitting the head during a big impact.
  4. Downer savages UK - China policy lol Nicely timed distraction fluff piece there I see....
  5. Oh dear..shocker of a day for Aussie - China relations...hit a new low i see what with the Chinese twitter post... ScoMo can demand China do this or that..but they won't listen or care about him lol When the bully gets bullied...
  6. hmmmmm sounds like a dubious excuse someone would give when approached about taking photos in a public place.......
  7. Well..................she was very good looking....
  8. Oh..and on the subject of Christmas..my wife and son were adamant they wanted to put the tree up today,even though it is not even 1st of December yet ffs. So I went and got it all for them and left them to it while I popped over to the shops advising I will just be 10 mins, I also went to a cafe for a coffee and was more like 40mins.... Anyway when I get back they had the tree up and the decorations on but the dumb ****ers hadn't tested the lights we have had for a good few years now....and they don't ******* work...why wouldn't you test them before putting them on... or at least just after putting them on and before putting everything else on.....**** for brains. So my trip thinking I would get away from it turned in to sorting their mess out.
  9. I went in to L'Occitaine to buy the wife her xmas present this weekend...on my own...always a daunting thing! Step over the threshold to be immediately greeted by someone unnervingly happy and be 'womensplained' about everything. I knew what I wanted, was determined to cut through the bullshite and get out asap. 10mins later walked out with the wifes present...and a really nice aftershave balm I am not really sure I wanted
  10. Its nasty bullying politics..pick on the vulnerable ( as per robodebt) and give to their rich backers and corrupt feckers. Let's prop up the housing ponzi and keep a broken system going by getting people to raid their super lol
  11. If only the Labour Party here would look and learn hey. That is a good read though.
  12. That's the song to play after a hot vindaloo from the Indian takeaway.....the day after....
  13. Pfftttt who needs the moon...just look at a Wanderers home fixture list.
  14. You would have to think with La Nina this will be a front loaded summer for heat though? I would think a fair chance this weekend and Tuesday the hottest until possibly this time next year...
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