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  1. Smoggy

    English Championship & Football League Thread

    The Leeds chairman said this on Saturday: “Following comments made by Marcelo Bielsa yesterday the club will look to work with our head coach and his staff to remind them of the integrity and honesty which are the foundations that Leeds United is built on,” Remind then of the integrity and honesty which are the foundations that Leeds United is built on .....I nearly spat my tea out when I read that Dirty by name, dirty by nature. Wonder when someone will arrive from Leeds to take up their position at Blacktown to watch us train I will absolutely laugh my arse off should Leeds implode from here.... Good times....
  2. Am I ******* mental thinking we could win this one ?
  3. Yeah, tour around the dressing rooms, media areas, have a wander in the stands. Boro did that for members just before their new ground opened. It was the last thing I did with my grandad before he died of cancer...tour open day type thing for members way to go..
  4. So what about some member stadium tours when able........anything been mentioned about that?
  5. Smoggy

    West Coast Collapse

    Trying to work out how to win the last ******* derby of the season wouldn't go amiss, that would give us all a boost.. But like that is going to happen...
  6. Smoggy

    West Coast Collapse

    I am punting for Hamill making him prematurely bald...
  7. Smoggy

    West Coast Collapse

    You would have a permanent look of worry with our defensive back line in front of you.....
  8. We have no leader in a team full of A leauge journeymen....Hamill for example is neither a leader or regular starter in a usual squad....
  9. If we scored 5 they would have scored 6....Perth went up a few gears and we had no answer....
  10. if Popa lost another GF i wouldnt be disappointed....i admire what he did for us...but just part of me wants to see him lose it for some reason...
  11. Its just a classic low confidence, lack of leadership and not enough quality in key areas...especially the defense...we all know it...i knew we would struggle to close the game out at 3-1.Would could have been given a 4 goal start and would struggle.
  12. Well i was right...we needed 5 to win...
  13. Smoggy

    A-league 18/19 Round 13

    Bit premature perhaps