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  1. All that's left now Glad I was around to experience it.
  2. North Korea v Italy, Ayresome Park 1966, North Korea won
  3. Big game day outside Ayresome - admission 30p (or give the turnstile operator a wink and lift your kid over for nothing)
  4. Standard Saturday afternoon at Ayresome Park in the 80's, a few mullet hair cuts and the outfits can only be the 80's. The terrace behind running along the length of the pitch was the notorious 'chicken run'. Looks like a few punches being thrown round in there just to the left of the policeman, this is prob between Boro supporters. Not unusual for Boro fans to be fighting themselves in there, all part of the Saturday afternoon out, few beers before the game, few punches and then off for a few more beers and a takeaway.
  5. Errrrr if i am wrong will you kill me Dont blame me lol
  6. Smoke is usually worse on a morning to early afternoon, the sea breeze usually kicks in and that usually gets up to Parra. Forecast is for a south easterly to come in the afternoon which should clear it. Tomorrow morning may be similar to today though. Outside chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon but prob wont make it to Parra. Game should be ok.
  7. Lol one that is putting them in salad or curries ? I buy them unsalted for that purpose. But if eating them on their own then salted all the way. But then trying to cut down on salt
  8. Grey clouds rolling by all day but not a drop of rain here.
  9. Im just waiting for the opportunity to use on Ed...wont have to wait long i reckon.
  10. I dont care what he says...so long as he doesnt say 'gee havent you got a big nose'.
  11. My son is off to see Gladys at the NSW parliament next week for community work done as volunteer.... ******* awesome parenting right ******* there....makes up for the times i dropped him as a baby and ****ed his nappy up and ended up with shyte all up his back. Now he is 12 and doing good stuff so must have got something right....
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