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  1. Yeah, it is actually $50k per sq m of air space above the tracks in this case at the moment lol
  2. One day the area from Redfern station to Central where all the train lines are WILL be covered over and built on, it covers a massive area close to the city. Similar city train station approaches in major cities across Europe did this years ago. Birmingham did it in the 60's, but not very well, since been knocked down and rebuilt again in probably the style they would want here. So basically after Redfern you would enter a tunnel and come out at the Central station platforms. When this happens it won't be a stadium though lol
  3. Good to hear Roly getting involved and bagging a goal......
  4. Smoggy

    AFC Champions League 2018

    Midweek ACL games were awesome. Some of my fave ever WSW home games have been midweek ACL games. The one straight after the GF defeat up in Brissy will always stay in my mind and the mind of the 10k (has 10k ever made more noise that that!) that were there that night.. The game against Evergrande was amazing also, Awesome midweek memories that I hope to see again one day soon at the new stadium.
  5. How ******* dumb are the Eels not to have any issue with this lol
  6. Smoggy

    Central Coast Mariners: Season 2018/19

    What the **** does he know about football.
  7. Smoggy

    Central Coast Mariners: Season 2018/19

    The only thing keeping me going right now is the new stadium coming, that is all that is holding me. I am so over SoP, I am over the last few seasons, the comp has just gone stale......meh... and with this Bolt bullshyte..... Going down to Parra Park and seeing that stadium is all that feels good to me.
  8. Souths playing out of Parra lol Australia has no ******* idea about sport and how to support anymore. From the annual embarrassment of the once great Wallabies, various in fighting and scandals across the codes, the Bolt issue, decades long policy of moving teams away from their heartlands and ripping up and building on school sports facilities ( yes looking at you my sons school) well....Australia you were feared and respected across the years....now you are a sporting joke on so many levels lol Skyped the oldman the other night. They got the story about Bolt playing. He might have stopped laughing by now...possibly....There was a thread about that on the Boro FMTTM board...is wasnt a great read if you are looking for respect for the game here.
  9. I suspect, looking at the roof structure, that one day if and when upgrade funds allow that the bunnings tarp could be replaced with something more substantial.......same with the exterior facade of the stadium. It is an awesome stadium and I ******* love it....but there are cost cuttings as we know.
  10. Smoggy

    Central Coast Mariners: Season 2018/19

    If you watched that game give your head a shake.
  11. Smoggy

    English Championship & Football League Thread

    Boro just totally nullified Leeds. Great solid performance, well grafted point at a very hard place to go. A perfectly executed game plan, typical Pulis as not always pretty but effective. Leeds will be more disapointed. 5 clean sheets on the bounce, joint top..take that heading in to the international break. Some were saying Leeds are the Wolves of this season and could run away from the rest. Seen enough tonight to suggest they should be pegged back with the rest. Middlesbrough are also solid rather than flash....but Boro are going to be a BASTARD of a side to play lol Not giving an inch.
  12. Sunshine on Penrith? Where else in Western Sydney can you substitute Leith for a burb here?
  13. Well..the Eels do have history there.....
  14. Yes, it would be good to have a tour before the place officially opens, the lad would like that. Have a look around the changing sheds and other behind the scenes areas. They did that at Boro's new ground before it opened and always means something to me as I took my Grandad out of the hospice when he was terminally ill with cancer and got him around the new stadium, he loved it, just a week later he was gone.
  15. Smoggy

    English Championship & Football League Thread

    Boro win again! Best start to a season in 24 years! Leeds up next....what a game that will be.....Lloydy get yer ******* arse back in here ya lazy chunt....... Unless Leeds win.. and then your dismissed again