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  1. Don't take this in a dismissive way.. But good luck! I feel you and your fellow teachers are going to need some!
  2. So the winner will be playing Sweden then, Japan no chance, Australia would beat GB you would think.
  3. They are going to test the kids regularly I think. Year 12 teachers are heading for the covid front line!
  4. This whole “covid infested areas” is how we got in to this mess. Should always be Sydney as one. You hear the idiots in the east moaning about it not being in their area now and so they should open up. Go quick, go hard and go on a consistent city wide basis.
  5. So what you are saying is GB to go 3-0 and give away a deliberate injury time penna is the way to go?
  6. There is a unit block going up down the road form me. I walk past there twice a day on my walks. They have been there each day, doing as much quiet stuff as they can I think lol The van / ute that is usually out front is parked around the block lol They are keeping their heads down, but they are there working on some jobs. They are not doing a great job of being invisible…
  7. This is a totally different beast to earlier covid variants. I expect school cases with students and teachers popping up across Sydney. So hard on the year 12 kids..
  8. Your peaking too early, wait until the track and field is on
  9. Popa will see him fitting in to his standard heavy squad rotation policy somewhere. Could well be a dud, time will tell. will back himself to get a tune out of him.
  10. Remember, Gladys trusts you to do the right thing, unless you live in social housing…
  11. Rugby 7's is an abomination of a version of the code, total rubbish. No wonder 7's tournaments have little interest in general.
  12. Even when I don't post in this thread so much I get in trouble
  13. I don't look at the press confs any more and limit my covid news during the day, you have given me the numbers the last few days. I just find the endless cycle of covid news and reading depressing. News 24hrs is bad at most times but especially so now.
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