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  1. I went to WA and fell off my hire bike on Rottnest trying to show my son a move I did as a kid. Spent the rest of the holiday limping around with NO sympathy from the wife. Fremantle, Margaret River area and Bussleton for a swim if hot are all worth a look.
  2. yeah, that's the old carlo line level crossing right? Used to cross that 5 days a week for a good few years.
  3. No contingency for a post popa world is what has lead us down this path. But then the club didn't bank on popa being a dirty splitter i don't suppose... We threw away all the work and momentum from the first 3 years.
  4. Only Wendy has the ability to answer your final question...
  5. Clear the air meeting with players and coaches at Wanderers HQ this morning perhaps. Positive..it is hard to imagine a worse first 45mins than what we dished up last night and so would surely be hard to repeat. That's all I have got right now lol
  6. Surely the club haven’t got it all wrong again have they! We will be in ‘keep the faith’ letter from the chairman to fans territory again if this form keeps up!
  7. Welcome back to the dark side..always room for one more...
  8. First half was as bad as anything we have seen.
  9. You don’t mind being beaten by a better side, but we rolled over first half and we were embarrassingly dominated. The squad selection, formation and tactics all leave me scratching my head in confusion. I think the players are the same. It is all just so wrong. I really don’t care about the VAR tonight, it’s not a main discussion point for me when we were so very poor across pretty much the whole game. Shots of Robbo tonight showed a worried man under increasing pressure.....
  10. We can ask what his fave food is and what he thinks of Phil Collins.
  11. ‘Ed likes Greek food’ this could be the title..is was the most sensational thing I have read on this thread tonight... ’
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