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  1. Should manage Middlesbrough. ..
  2. Been doing that 'we sing for yellow' for ages, its dreadful. Stadium looks pretty empty.
  3. Don't buy a house or live in angle x
  4. Cuts to wobbly phone footage of people spilling out of Jack house and the women punching each other on the lawn or some such...
  5. WGMG the cost associated with getting your kid ready for high school I had to go and pay for a new laptop today because his old one didn't meet the new school spec list. Add on that the ridiculous cost of the uniform and skint...
  6. Excellent, will look for the 7 news report tomorrow 'and after the break, when a Blacktown house party got out of control, you won't believe what happened next'....
  7. DG being interviewed in Fox by Bozza now....looks like he just walked out of 1986 with the blue suit top and hair.
  8. ******* freezing in winter...constant fog and towns full of chav scum....parts were nice though lol
  9. Wind turbines in the UK are always best out at sea. A whole bank of them off the coast of Middlesbrough.
  10. They can if positioned wrong. When i lived on the Vale of York they put in lots of wind turbines. The problem was they were directly west of a number of villages and in line with the setting sun. As the sun set behind the turbines it generated a strobing effect..which drove people crazy...its known as a turbine shadow flicker. House prices in those areas tumbled.
  11. Surprise birthday party sounds horrendous. I would go out for the afternoon somewhere.
  12. I think we are very lucky to have Simon Hill, I think he is brilliant. Commentary and knowledge of the game.
  13. What a great read...so much in common. I think anyone from the north of England and over 40 can relate to how he started going to games with his dad and male members of his family and the packed terraces. I started going to see Northern Spirit and then Parra Power also lol As there was only usually around 50 of us at Power games no doubt i have stood near him at some point lol
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