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  1. It varies across the town / region i think the highwst is currently between 11.5% and 9.5%. But in some of the luckier better off areas of Teesside it is around 6.5% to 7%, which is pretty good actually!
  2. And there is the problem. There are fenced off wasteland areas around the Boro that have been waiting for funding development since the 80's, some with EU signs attached to the barriers..'EU working with your regional government' type things. And yet all those promises of funding, development and jobs have come to nothing. Things have gone backwards for areas like Middlesbrough, i would say peak optimism was 1997 when 'New' Labour stormed to power, there was a brief period then when it felt like things were changing. So many areas like Middlesbrough haven been forgotten and ignored and they are looking for someone to blame, i can understand that, the Brexit referendum offered the opportunity for that. Liverpool is an international city firmly on the UK tourist circuit these days with a football team at the top of the world tree. People go to follow the Beatles trail or wander around the now quaint redeveloped docs. Meanwhile a few weeks ago Middlesbrough was a no go zone when part of the old decommissioned steel works blew up and a toxic cloud hung over the town for 2 days with what sounded like old air raid sirens wailing telling people close enough to stay inside and keep windows and doors closed. Middlesbrough in parts looks worse now than when i was a kid in the 80's,i was truly shocked by some of thr housing estates when i went back a year or two ago. Austerity has killed the Boro and when places like Liverpool look down on others for voting leave i can undersrand why someond would say ' get fooked Liverpool' Liverpool a town that looks back on its derelict past with pride and nostalgia, but forgets the pain.
  3. Liverpool is like the poor little rich kids. The amount of development that has gone on there is stunning compared to other northern area. But of course povity remains...but at leat there is some investment visible. Now places like... Midflesbround Sunderland Mansfield...... Grim...very very grim..
  4. I seen you arrive actually, you were two rows behind me, the main screen was behind us and was looking round directly at you most of the game and smiled a few times..but i get it..just some random creepy bloke
  5. I remember that i was just coming back from getting my pie and pea soup sinker thing in North Adelaide, turned the corner and seen this. My other main memory of Adelaide is my in depth and very long discussion i had with Wendy at the end i packed much in to that 0.0001 seconds...
  6. The ERG (Rees-Moggs hard line Euro skeptic group who didn't back May's deal) were backing this deal and fair play to them DID compromise. Previously they said if the DUP wont back the deal we won't, but not this time. Who knows what Labour's official position really is. They are the party that represent probably the majority of leave voters. They seem to want a foot in all camps, but are ultimately letting everyone down. Boris now needs to fulfill his obligation to the Ben Act (court ruling that states the PM must ask for an extension beyond 31st Oct if no deal agreed, to avoid no deal crash out). He has done this in part at least by sending an unsigned (parliment) letter to the EU asking for an extension. It was supposed to be direct from him. He then followed that letter up with another that he did sign saying that an extension is not wanted as the deal on offer needs to go through and an extension will stop that. I think Boris is heading back to the Supreme Court tomorrow as i think they will say he has not properly fulfilled the Ben Act. What an absolute ******* disaster. Just cant see an end to it all.
  7. Not such a super Saturday then. More delay and no one really wins. Some sides think they get advantage, but i dont think they do really. They are caught up in this now obsessive must win and crush the other side attitude. And so it goes on.....sigh.....
  8. The thing that gets me looking back at things like this is often when you look at people you think 'well they must be over 50 years old', but quite often they weren't, they were aged 35 - 40, people looked 20 years older for their age than they do today. I looked at a photo of my grandad recently (the one who worked in the steel works) when he was 40, he looked at least 55 by today's standards.
  9. Ireland v NZ could be a good game..on now.
  10. ffs can't you just pretend to care for a few mins
  11. Well no need to think about it now..Australia are out of the world cup....I am sure you are both totally gutted This is no fun when you guys dont care lol
  12. Better As someone who grew up with Australia smashing all before them in every sport this Aussie self defeatism is just not right
  13. ****, well you guys are no fun....27-16 at the min by the way..
  14. You will be thrilled to know 17-6 now...
  15. England 14 - 3 Australia, just 23 mins gone
  16. Engand another try wooohoooo
  17. England try!!!!!! Sorry....ahem...back to the round 2 stuff...
  18. Turgid best describes it, and looking at the ground on TV gives me spotless flashbacks, There won't be any new WU fans won over today so far,
  19. O oh..planned disobedience and riots planned by the loyalist community in Northern Ireland if the deals passes. Who knows how today will end for the UK!
  20. What a **** club badge this new mob have....not much of a crowd either. Hope Perth win.
  21. The problem is i reckon i have too much hair to pull off these hat looks..better on baldies.
  22. Wigram Street, Harris Park, some awesome vegie curries down there. I bought a cauliflower for $2 a few weeks ago and made one myself and it was really good.
  23. Sooooo, hows your baby ducks or chickens or whatever you were clucking over a while back doing these days ?
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