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  1. For Australia i am getting a bit more confident on getting some games back on and finishing the season, even if behind closed doors for a while... The curve seems to have flattened as they said it would.... Lets see...
  2. Numbers still declining according to ABC and SMH. Our borders will still need to be closed for a good while and new arrival issues. BUT it might be that within Australia we can get back to something like normal soon... The way things are declining here perhaps by early May possibly some behind close door games starting up?
  3. Voiding the season (if season had to be cancelled) and stripping ESFC of any title would make me laugh very loudly for a long while....
  4. We have cancelled our Easter trip to the country. Called the owner of the rental cottage and told them to keep the money, we will be back when this is all done.
  5. I am less optimistic on getting this season finished at the moment...
  6. My local supermarket has turned is music off for some reason and so feel weirdly quiet... Does music spread the virus
  7. We shop at the same places. We should have a trolly race down a row.....but my wife already gets the shits with me for pissing around with the trolly and not concentrating. She sent me off to get something last week but after wandering along for maybe 20secs humming something i had forgotten what is was lol
  8. We are ok for TP but not seen any for weeks around where i live so would love to know where these most shops are. I bought some paper towels in the week and i had them under my arm as i was walking out the centre. An elderly lady came up to me thinking they were TP and had to disappoint her, she seemed desperate. If it had been a pack of TP under my arm i would have given her them all without cost or question.
  9. I know, I said Sarnie just to wind you up lol
  10. Its difficult to find much to float your boat these days.... Today I have had a covid free day as day after day of terrible news grinds you down after a while. I went on a bush walk in the local area, its a long thin patch of bush reserve and when in there you could imagine being in the middle of the blue mountains, very nice walk and no need for social distancing issues as didn't pass another soul. Took a drink and sarnie with me. Just nice to get away from the news for a day!
  11. I was just talking to my son about BoJo getting Covid and my sons says with a concerned voice 'what if our PM gets it'.......
  12. People in the UK feel an emotional bond with the NHS and he has tapped in to that. They are doing this clapping video thing now to thank the front line NHS workers. The UK will mobilize behind the health service probably like no other. The old girl has joined a women's group helping to collate and pack supplies for isolated old people without big families in and around Middlesbrough, said she couldn't keep away She will be bossing people around and shouting out orders
  13. According to my parents YES, and they are nailed on hardcore Labour supporters. I spoke with them yesterday and they said 'thank god Corbyn didn't win', that's the feeling in the UK.
  14. Not surprised BoJo go it, ts been floating around Westminster for a while, was only a matter of time.
  15. The southern hemisphere has been behind on this from the start. South Africa has just recoded its first death i believe and South America is prob a week or so behind us in general. We are still learning about this virus but do wonder if it will becone a recurring winter virus. As the nothern hemisphere warms up i wonder if there will be a major decrease and a ramp up in the southern. Regardless of numbers if it is in the community we have a battle plus we are on the slide to the winter bug season which adds a level to our urgency in my opinion.
  16. Its Katoomba, unfortunately they are more likely to scoop it out and wear it as slippers.
  17. He is a heartless bastard....we can all tell...
  18. Iots of positive news floating around on nums today...lets see.
  19. Its fantastic if numbers are falling. I think the media needs to be careful though as all it takes is a few stories like this and everyone will think it over and flood back to the beach.. If we see a day on day decrease over 2 weeks we can get more confident.
  20. Sorry..was meant to respond to this one...been on SHM live feed this morning.
  21. Its been on the SMH coronavirus live feed this morning...was in headlines at top..
  22. Number of new cases in NSW has fallen for second consecutive day. Is this genuine or lack of testing..... Perhaps ScoMo and Galdys could cross their fingers and luck their way through this yet. If they get away with that it would be the equivalent of closing your eyes, crossing your fingers and humming a tune whilst hoping the disaster misses you. Also for the first time the covid Australia chart has a kink towards level from its steep climb....
  23. Will a club like CCM come out the other side of this! Will the comp as a whole be the same..who the **** knows. Great environment fot the Rams to get going eh lol
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