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  1. You want to room with an Olympics women’s rugby team eh. There are worse ways to die I guess.
  2. WFMB we won three figures on the lottery, not life changing but most we have won in a long time Its Christmas taken care of and a little bit left over for a trip somewhere should the borders ever reopen. Also a present sent for my parents. Very welcome
  3. The sad thing is that even if the protesters watched this they still wouldn’t get it, or care anyway. There is an assumption that some of them might watch this and think “god I was a dumb ****”, but that just wouldn’t be the case, zero embarrassment and they would do the same next weekend given the opportunity. So we are left with a video that states what we already know anyway, done in an amusing way.
  4. Disturbing and frightening in equal measure.
  5. Lol at the Chinese hockey goal keeper We are that good, but China are also that bad lol
  6. I think he was happy..... We have all been there though at a big game when we score. Although I don't think i have stimulated shagging a glass divide... Also..poor women behind was terrified lol
  7. Some good news from the UK. Case numbers falling following reopening and the link between covid and hospitalisations continuing to be broken. There is expected to be another spike in cases in a week or two following the freedom day. Its very tentative still, but small encouraging signs. Let's hope everyone continues to do their duty to protect themselves and most importantly others by getting vaccinated. You can read shitloads of research but the fact is vaccines save lives, pure and simple.
  8. Should be good enough for a draw. So much hard graft to get in to this position it cant go to waste now!
  9. WFH while Olympics is on is good !
  10. Australia go for the win and play positive.
  11. That’s good, the Argies usually lose those…
  12. Cant be arsed looking at the combinations but depending on results a draw against Egypt might be enough right? That would prob need Spain to beat Argentina…
  13. Nahhh… old issues from the 1870’s or whatever prevents that’s. They did as a one off in 2012, but officially that was just England and Wales as Scotland and NI refused to participate. A men’s GB team is a bad idea as there would never be a Scot good enough to make the team.
  14. Still in a decent position right, it’s is in our own hands going in to the last group game. Worked hard tonight, but just too much quality in the end. Disappointing but tonight isn’t a bad result. Win your last game, progress, can’t ask for much more from a group that contains Argentina and Spain.
  15. Beat Egypt will go through, own hands still…
  16. The way Spain move the ball around and push us all over, very hard to sit back and soak that up. Needed to be more positive and try and hold some ball, easier said than done I know!
  17. Hard to take, but Spain deserve it.
  18. Elton John’s just bought a treadmill for his pet rabbit….it’s a little fit bunny……. yeah yeah…I’ll see myself out…….
  19. I thought Antonis was already announced a week or two back ? Lol
  20. Yeah, I have been up there on the train in conditions like that. Lowest down I have seen snow is Wenty Falls station when heading up once. But heard from old timers that in the olden days snow was seen at Lawson.
  21. Might be on European TV, will look later as cant watch now.
  22. Not yet, but some of your recent posts suggest you are well on your way And yes it was a smiley face but you clearly don’t trust Oxford and will take the “smiling widely” as being that case. They ARE interesting view points though…
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