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  1. Smoggy

    NRL Thread 2

    Top 4 finish for the Eels..but hardly convincing is it and hasn't been for a while. Can't see any major impact in the finals.
  2. I ran it once it a Boro shirt Was a bit vocal running through the South Shields residential streets towards the end All good fun though.
  3. I was digging out the wardrobe yesterday and came across my old running medals, showed them to my son and he put them on. Great memories of the banter running around the road routes. You would rend to run in sync with certain people and for the few hours the people around you chatted and encouraged those struggling, banter from the spectators also...happy times.
  4. Aaaaaswwwww Bless.at least you tried to understand driving issues...good for you...
  5. Fixed for Ed! Glad you agree Wendy
  6. Holding on the clutch too long doesn't do it good but I did it all the time. In snow and ice in the UK I used to go from stand still in second gear and give it some gas while controlling the clutch...got round a few snow drifts that way....an auto would never have made it through some of the snowy roads I have been down.
  7. Best thing about a manual car is watching the new learners doing the kangaroo hops down the road before stalling it..always a laugh. I remember teaching the wife to drive a manual in the UK. No ******* gear box left..metal on ******* metal grinding away...'put the ******* clutch down BEFORE trying to change gear'.!.... I do like a clutch though..especially on some of the older cars I have had. This may sound daft but it kinda gives a car character. You get to know the biting / holding point which can be very different even on same models..you kinda know how to get the best out of the car in any given situation and you feel like you have a connection to the engine.
  8. Was waiting for Ed to come along to tell us how he started his first car with a crank handle at the front and had to drive behind a fella waving a red flag.
  9. My first car had a manual choke you had to pull out slowly when starting lol
  10. Tip..if you want a laugh..go to an intense go-kart session that last like an hour and many laps. Then jump straight in your manual car. I nearly set the ******* air bag off just breaking for the first set of traffic lights and sent the gear box through the bonnet...! Your mind and body stays in go-kart mode for around 20mins after! Autos are good for the ladies though..it lets them drive..bless them..
  11. Ahhh manual every time. Especially in dodgy weather. I love driving a manual actually. Every clutch seems a bit different. I remember my old Ford in the UK...could hold that ****er on the clutch biting point up a ******* vertical wall...real driving.
  12. Sad thing is I see no light at the end of the tunnel regarding club or comp situation. I can only see things getting worse and escalating further, will all club's even make it back next year? Sorry to be a miserable ****er but I see very little reason for any optimism at the moment.
  13. Bahahahaah... com/watch?v=fUhuulYvZz
  14. Modern twist on a song of which more than any other takes me back to the 90's.....
  15. That song above ended every school disco circa 1992 - 1994.....
  16. Soooooo...just drove down a street in Blackheath and heard this coming out of the garage at full whack...
  17. live scenes from Blackheath there lol Nostaligia to the max for any early 40 something's there lol
  18. Put on ministry of sound at full blast, find an oversized T shirt or jumper, bucket hat and pretend it is Manchester circa 1993..mad-fer-it!!
  19. Usual place, next few days / when I get time to upload.
  20. WFMB, seeing the harbour for the first time in a long time this morning and just sitting and looking at the water....just nice to see a fresh horizon that I haven't see in a while!
  21. Yeah, the company I work for seems to think the best policy is less staff and more work. I still have a job but three have left and not been replaced, its challenging..
  22. Psycho pigeons from hell..... I went down to the city / rocks today for only the second time this year for a walk about. I went to my usual cafe and sat outside in the courtyard. There are usually some pigeons around but not like this! A group of 4 or 5 scruffy as **** unhealthy looking thin ones. Usually they would only land on a table after someone had left but these were right in there on peoples food, no backing down lol I had a chat to the young waitress girl and she said they are having major issues due to the lack of people over however many months, the pigeons don't have access to the usual shyte so they are getting hungry and aggressive. The table across from me had a couple of young women and a pigeon landed on their table and sent her coffee glass flying and all down her while trousers. The pigeon got right on top of her food lol They got a free replacement food and took it away / didn't come back.
  23. Can you imagine having to deal with ScoMo and Frydenberg nibbling away at you constantly.
  24. This pretty sums up my sentiments. Money is tight for the majority at the moment and Lederer isn't getting my hard earned just yet. It isn't because of Covid-19 as such, that is just the final straw in a long drawn out decline isn't it. I am just fatigued with the club and comp and could list many reasons why I am not auto renewing, we all could.
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