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  1. Yep..that night / morning was awesome. I was stood nr that tree for s good while..some good noise came out lol
  2. Good news...i guess it would be a one off open day for Eels and WSW rather than seperate for each club...
  3. I just cant wait to see a new standing section in operation for the first time..thats exciting.
  4. Yeah but that is what only ugly people say... I dont care how the outside looks either really. It has the look and feel of a proper European football stadium and has the steepest stands you will see anywhere and also a standing section....all unthinkabke just 6 or 7 years ago...
  5. Smoggy

    Babbel Out?

    Yep...tripe, liver, kidneys, brawn....had that stuff most weeks..remember the old man opening the bag with tripe in and it spilling out all over the counter like a big white octopus....
  6. Smoggy

    Babbel Out?

    I am well under 50 and unfortunately know all about tripe....now theres a comment i never imagined making in this thread!
  7. Two banners i would like to see dusted off first game back at Parra.. 'Football comes home' From our first ever game at Parra, and.. 'These colours unite us all'.....accompanied by the tune.. A bit of the old stadium vibe in the new.....we need to come together again as supporters in the new gaff...Leeds will be a good get to know each other again
  8. Well, I can hold my head up and say that I have ALWAYS said he is a good player....................................
  9. I missed the goal, was having a piss...all that tea drinking at the art gallery this afternoon....
  10. Been to modern masters exhibition at NSW gallery..on way to game now from the city....lots of goals tonight in the battle for who can proclaim they are second most shyte in the comp...high stakes....
  11. I am sorry this changes things between us lol League was invented in Yorkshire you know lol
  12. What? lol Don't mind a bit of league, followed Parra since 2001.
  13. You going to the first Parramatta game there? Will be getting along to a good few Parra games this coming season, which is as bad as watching the Wanderers.
  14. Smoggy

    Babbel Out?

    Do yourself a favour..skip the Jets highlights...
  15. Smoggy

    Babbel Out?

    Wondering where you had got to FCB Goats been missing you lol
  16. Smoggy

    Babbel Out?

    For this team the saying 'you can't polish a turd' would be more apt.
  17. Yes, take in to account the time it took to go from 2 weeks to 1 week he should be ready for the around the final few minutes of the season...
  18. Smoggy

    Babbel Out?

    Wendy is on a Monty Python thread Spamalot...
  19. yeah well...we all wanted to puke after watching the shyte served up last week, suck it up and get on the ******* pitch...
  20. Until whoever it is watches the highlight reel of this season and runs a mile...
  21. Smoggy

    Babbel Out?

  22. Not feeling as good humored about this as previous weeks..last week sucked that out of me... Just win.....however is happens...defected goal...whatever...just ******* win....