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  1. The season could have been done and dusted now if they got on with it quickly from early June. Now they are going to have to fiddle with this between covid flare ups and **** ups. The best window of opportunity might have just gone.
  2. Wendy. what odds you giving on if you and the kids will be heading back to school after the holls? Pretty small chance of returning to online learning but the chance is there depending on how things pan out over the next week or two in NSW. My feeling is not and all will be fine...but who the **** knows.
  3. Melbourne back in lockdown for 6 weeks.
  4. There was very little community transmission in March, April and May as was mainly international arrivals and cruise boats. The success there has given a false sense of security.
  5. I am just surprised ScoMo and co haven't blamed this on partying housing commission scum to be honest...must be blame they can deflect somewhere.. ala NW Tassie.
  6. Ok, after months of pretending that Australia is better and different to the rest of the world and messing around with international arrivals and cruise boats and going in to a lite version of lockdown because of that March and April...... NOW is the time they should be implementing a proper lockdown for all Melbourne I suspect. This is the real thing arrived now. Or perhaps continue to give self congratulatory pats on the back, keep on comparing with overseas numbers and let the government run with its 'blame everyone else' policy rather than them.
  7. It's going to find a way to sweep north and spike in Sydney between now and say October. I am not being negative...i just think it is. People will have already arrived in Sydney from Melbourne over the last 3 weeks likely carrying, not seeing evidence of that though........yet.......
  8. Newmarch house residents being tested again I hear. I had to go to Parra Westfield today. I was bloody hungry and so got a takeout from Grill'd..punters packed in there..... Social distancing is done here...no one gives a **** any more.
  9. The situation now is much more serious than any time in March or April. Unfortunately we are going to see hospitalization numbers shoot up these next few weeks.
  10. You think it isn't in the community in NSW more than being reported lol
  11. Steve Gibson has been saying for the last few years about what a mess the EFL is. Points deduction for Wigan coming. It is the likes of Derby County and Villa that should be smashed with points deductions. They have been fiddling and the FFP rules for a good while! Boot have cut the budget massively to try and survive and within the rules.
  12. Terrible defeat for Boro at Hull. Warnock has a massive job to keep this lot up. It's going to be a last game of the season job to stay up. The best I can hope for is that it is in our own hands on the final day...win and stay up.
  13. No with Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch FC Although I have always though being an Airbus UK FC fan might be cool.
  14. Or maybe it is just a crock of shyte.
  15. New strain of flu found in China with pandemic potential - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-53218704 its called G4 EA H1N1 It from pigs like the last swine flu. I guess the good news is that vaccines for flu variants are easier to develop than a covid type virus The flu mutates every year and a new vaccine is developed. Last thing we need though.
  16. I thought Maggie Thatcher coined that term in the 80's lol
  17. You see! Wheres Paul....I told you she is a bitch....
  18. Monty Python sketch in there somewhere I feels...
  19. American culture peaked in the 1950's and the politics died with Kennedy. America is now at the stage of decline Rome was at when the visigoths came knocking on the gates.
  20. Sooooo.. how's the contact tracing app working out? Don't hear much about that these days after the big launch.
  21. I am not so sure demand is going to be all that high to be honest...happy to be proved wrong.
  22. Smoggy


    Site needs more food info. Cooking beef cheeks in slow cooker for 5 hrs today in ragu sauce..(celery, onion, garlic and some bacon strips)...smells good already. Meat should fall apart by time done....I like winter cooking.. Warmingandfillingtastic..
  23. Ok..I exaggerated...it was 3 cops.
  24. I was reading this morning that what is happening now could be the first proper wave here now in that what happened here in March was a depression of a winter / spring northern hempisphere wave via internationals and cruise ships and the fact that some say this is transmitted more easily in colder and drier air. The hot humid conditions helped. Is now the time Australia should have been just ramping up on restrictions...will going in sync with the northern hemisphere work...guess we are going to find out.
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