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  1. I am not going to go in to this in detail. But your stance is exactly why we will see a bigger scale war. We have lost the ability to address what is going wrong in my opinion. I generally keep clear of this thread, time to do so again me thinks
  2. Sanctions, they are seriously pissed off the USA pulled out of the deal. They are demonstrating that they can control trade through the straights of hormuz and hurt trade and impact world prices as much as Iran is hurting economically.
  3. Excuse for what? To go to war with Iran lo Not even America is that crazy In the meantime children are getting chemical weapons dropped on them in Syria because we have become too afraid to do what needs to be done. We look the other way. The red lines that should never be crossed ( Obama) are done so regularly with little outcry in the media. Russia and their cronies twist it all..and the innocent continue to die in Syria and Yemen. Hard decisions are sometimes the right decision but we have lost the ability to act. Chemical weapons are not WMD enough these days. Also how many of his own people did Sadam Hussain kill...the people he killed in the marshes and in the north....
  4. Great, so now you see that the burning ships are Iran stiring up trouble again...my work here is done.
  5. Many reasons to be involved in wars..of a proxy nature is what i mean. Head on war with any country is what they avoid. But stiring up trouble and regional conflict like Yemen yes.
  6. It will be Iran hurting because of the sanctions, and Russia will know that. Iran seems to seek many reasons for war.... Saudi Arabia and Iran are already at war in Yemen, Iran supporting the Houthi rebels and Saudi the government forces, and of course for years via Hezbollah. Iran is also heavily involved in Syria of course. Some of the attempted cover ups by Russia and Iran in Syria disgraceful in relation to the atrocities there, basically propping up Assad. We don't hear much about the war in Yemen here do we, it is truly awful what has happened in that country. Certainly more so than a few burning ships in the gulf by a country that has spit the dummy because of sanctions. I agree more with the European stance by the way, that further talks should have been had with Iran before implementing the sanctions. I think Europe is standing by the Iran Nuclear Deal with Iran which is the accord that the USA has withdrawn from a year or so ago. There is no benefit to anyone or winner via a direct war, which is why proxy wars continue across the region.
  7. Erimus

    Off Topic Thread 4

    No...i have pencils...
  8. Erimus

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Tell me wanderboy..do you like your biro pens in colour order in your shirt chest pocket ?
  9. Erimus

    Off Topic Thread 4

    I think it is every 5mins in peak, apart from next weekend when there will be a bus replacement service for track work...and so it begins
  10. Erimus

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Discussing the railway systems of Australia like a few weeks ago you mean, some very.. ahem... knowledgeable rail enthusiasts....post on this forum I have noticed
  11. Erimus

    Off Topic Thread 4

    We had a slight glitch at Tallawong. When we arrived there were not many getting off our train and everyone heading the other way were spilling off the other train and joining the one we just arrived in. Then they announced it was the original train they were on and so all of those people that changed from one train had to go back to the other lol
  12. Erimus

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Can walk to Epping station in around 10-15mins, yes Macquarie and Chatswood one way, but can now go the other way if want to.
  13. Erimus

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Indeed it is, and opens up our shopping options for Castle Hill and Rouse Hill without a car. The kids stood at the front of the train with me seemed to love it also.
  14. Erimus

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Just had a ride on the new metro line. Stood at the front like a big kid and pretended to drive the train. Then switched ends on the way back and did the same....my wife and son sat further back...asking how old i am....meh. Very good though..impressed.
  15. Erimus

    UEFA Nations thingie

    Its fine, I found one for you, Gazza v Netherlands, Euro 96...4-1, although the ending to that tournament was very dutch like
  16. Erimus

    UEFA Nations thingie

    Netherlands on a bottle, how appropriate lol
  17. Erimus

    Server Upgrade

    Life without WSF access for 10mins for many here...
  18. Erimus

    UEFA Nations thingie

    shows how up to date i am Good to see the dutchies haven't lost the knack of bottling it
  19. Erimus

    UEFA Nations thingie

    I just want to see Portugal win for the lol's of the Dutch missing out in a final again Nertherlands and actually winning something would be too ******* weird.
  20. Erimus

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    Not nearly enough. I dont wish pain on current owners, speculators yes, normal onwers no. But the market has a long long way to fall yet. Maybe then housing can go back to being about a human necessity rather than speculation and greed. Havent heard the usual boring tossers at work talking up their property portfolios for a while...
  21. Erimus

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    You make light of a serious concern. Thankfully i can get tins of mushy peas from coles.
  22. I just want Brexit over and the UK out now. I did want a second referendum that would surely reverse it, but in these crazy days who knows, they might just shite the bed again! Just get the UK out and I am sure the rest of Europe will be thankful, you have to ask would Europe really want them anyway now after this. But PM BoJo lol Unbelievable.
  23. Good grief, Boris Johnson just won the first round to become PM by a landslide THIS as PM of the UK!
  24. Erimus

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    Fish n chips on a menu that promises mushy peas but doesn't deliver grinds my gears. I ordered some up the mountains at the weekend and what I got was a little metal pot of peas that had been mashed with a fork, mashing up peas with a fork does not make mushy peas.... Whenever I order fish n chips from a menu my wife protests and asks me to order something else because apparently I will complain about everything, I disagree, I only complain about 'many' things and not 'everything'.