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  1. Love the one on Jackie Charlton i think it was and Jack gets up and fronts up and sets up to take a swing...it was brutal...different times...... Billy Bremner Vs Kevin Keegan in the Charity Shield at Wembley was another...Bremner was like a little ginger attack dog alway biting around your heels.
  2. Ahhh yes..great game..before my time but with the likes of Ron 'chopper' Harris, Norman 'Bite yer legs' Hunter, Billy Bremner and Jack Charton it was tasty lol We could do with a chopper Harris type in our team.
  3. I think i may be the minority now
  4. I would prefer to see Vedran straight back in the side next game and get it sorted. If i made a mistake like that i would want to be straight back out...the next game couldnt come soon enough. I have made plenty of mistakes in my life...my attitude has always been to get my head up and get straight back in to it.learn from it....lets see if he gets the chance, yesterdays terrible mistake doesn't change ths fact that i rate him as a decent keeper... He ****ed up good and proper yesterday though lol
  5. Smoggy

    Vedran Janjetovic

    Yeah...he is well on the way to leaving some kind of legacy lol
  6. Riera had already scored and is a CF target man.....you kind of traditionally leave a CF target man in the kinds of situations. That is not to say i agree with the decision by Babbel this time.....i think he was hoping that Kamau and Roly would break forwards and target Riera when possible. Babbel did the traditional thing...but you have to take in to account the lack of quality in this team...where the engine in midfield is and could we take a hit like losing ABJ....... I think we were ****ed either way...regardless of who he took off...this team doesn't have the kind of fight needed to hang in there in these kinds of situations.
  7. Riera was preferred in that lone isolated role as he can put in a defensive shift and hopefully hit ESFC on the break....it was just a shite situation and as we have such a thin squad quality wise it was always going to **** us over. Bad day at the office for Vedran anyway, we have all had one of those. He is going to have to lift himself and give us a few match saving performances....
  8. I hate Leeds also and the thought of a half n half WSW and Leeds scarf makes me want to vomit. But i will be there.....unsure if to go in my Boro top...bound to get attention from the Leeds hoards lol Just say Don Revie was a cheating chunt...they love that...
  9. Jock...hear your frustration man. It just isnt good enough and what a way to go in to the holiday season, WSW - the grinch who stole Christmas from its fans. My wife told me to cheer the **** up last night as 'just a game', but with WSW and Boro on a losing streak it is hard going right now. I am actually glad i wont be going to a game until 2019 now as going away on the 27th for a few weeks. If you are going to Adelaide on the 26th you need a medal or your head testing For Vedran....he has saved us a few times and is a decent keeper, but he just had to pick last night to **** up didnt he ffs Babbel took off ABJ as he said he doesn't track back as well and an attacking player that doesn't work at the back was a luxury we couldnt afford..not totally sure about that. Babbel looked like he wanted to puke at the end.....but then so did we all.....
  10. This is probably not a good time to tell you that the new stadium collapsed in the storm then......
  11. Just a nothing second half.... sigh.............3 - 1 , Mack get away for your food now...no one would blame you for leaving 10 mins early from this one lol
  12. It is worse in many ways then when we were ripped apart by a much better and in form ESFC...because this time they are rubbish and in no way deserve to be winning this, but for a stupid ******* brain fart ruining the game, it hurts because we were all over them until then and would have won this I believe
  13. Game over...........how many will they get is the only question now... Stupid, stupid, stupid way to lose this game...
  14. Dig deep we can still get something from this...but going to new some ******* hard graft....they score another and game over.
  15. Self inflicted pain against an out of form ESFC side there for the taking.......ffs
  16. FFS....You just ******* knew it didn't you....you just ******* knew they would score there... What ****s me off the most is that ESFC have been total shyte......then Vedran has a brain fart and now we are ****ed....
  17. indeed....anyway..will be more red cards in this game tonight...
  18. To be fair...I don't ******* think Vedran had a clue where he was after his crazy run.....
  19. Deliberate hand ball outside the box...he touched it when he dived and was out of his area...
  20. And we sacrifice Baumjohann lol what a ******* crazy few minutes...
  21. WTF was Vedran doing there!!!! WTF red card.... just ******* unbelievable....
  22. WOOOOOOOOOO goalllllllllllllllllllll Reiraaaaa..... ESFC there for the taking tonight....they are shitehouse...
  23. When the parents walk past just leave your foot trailing and take them down...or an ankle tap...that should do the trick...