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  1. When Boro made the UEFA Cup final in 2006 after the amazing come back I was jumping around so much with a bloke and a women we went over the seats in front of us and ended up in a heap, that was absolute carnage. My old mans glasses went spinning and busted..I was over the limit and couldn't drive his car and so he had to drive home with his nose an inch from the windscreen trying to look through busted glasses shouting at me to tell him where to go...great times.
  2. Come on Mack, you know the club is gonna give JP the gig full time regardless right lol
  3. If JP managed to pull a derby win out the bag next week give him the job full time.
  4. Derby next week is quite an exciting thought all of a sudden, can't wait....no don't get ahead of my self..stop it...feet on the ground... I have taken the afternoon off work so that Smog Junior can get along...gonna be good...
  5. Its the kind of football that would make the likes of Pele, Beckenbauer and Cruyff weap, but not in a good way. Cruyff is dead, the other two soon will be if watching this,
  6. I can't decide if this is a good advert for the A League or not lol
  7. This is the kinda football I played at school over lunch break. Throw down a few jumpers for goal posts, rush goalie and finish 15-9 by bell time.
  8. Listen while watching the game if you can. makes perfect sense...
  9. Yep...and we will prob muck about looking for a new manager..will it be JP / wont it will run on, expect an early FFA Cup knock out. Recruitment will come late with a few last min desperation signings after missing out on main targets. We will be better after Xmas and in to 2021 though possibly..but the guy we thought would rip the comp apart will be another dud and sent packing come Feb 2021... Rinse and repeat....its difficult to raise future expectations with this club these days.
  10. I honestly don't know what i have done to upset the club that they feel the need to ruin my weekend just about every week. I will no doubt be trudging home disappointed again come Friday evening.
  11. The Smurfs are as delusional as ever. They sit atop a league in crisis, the quality of which falls year on year along with the interest and yet in their minds they are on another level. I guess they are by A league standards..but what does that really say at the moment. A good dose of reality is what they needed badly. A few more doses wont hurt them.
  12. I think all clubs in the A league and the comp itself have foundations built on sand..including ESFC. Their success shouldn't hide the vulnerability all clubs should be feeling at the moment.
  13. I am bracing myself for an end of season bullshyte members email about how it has been a disappointing season but the same push and desire for success is there and that they value us...
  14. My son came back this evening and asked me how the Wanderers went. I heaped it on how shyte we were...terrible...waste of time and money...no entertainment and then slipped in 'ha wont be going next week eh'. To which he said while putting his camp stuff away 'we may as well go, haven't been to Parra in ages' He's old enough to go on his own .
  15. I thought you might say a coronary heart bypass or hemorrhoids, but i'll take a sainthood.
  16. What do 36 years following Middlesbrough earn you?
  17. That's what Bunnings tarp for a roof does for you.
  18. Judging by the end of the game reaction yesterday things could be very quiet and even more empty looking next outing. The boos and jeers came over loud and clear on the tv. Fox sounded dejected at the end also, I think they were hoping we might inject some life in to the comp what with the new manager. Last thing they wanted was another shitty game with terrible viewer ratings. People are switching off in their droves. I haven't watched an A League game that doesn't involve us for months. I used to watch most games.
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