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  1. The moment you realise a wanderers player is old enough to be your son! I feel old...
  2. A win for football against anti football and a piss weak ref.
  3. No...not like this. Lucky ankles weren’t snapped and Gordon should be thankful he still has a spleen. let no one say we didn’t deserve this,
  4. Pfffttttt..only 1 side has turned up to play football tonight.
  5. Get the **** in there... dirty mariners chunts get what they deserve.
  6. Why does the CCM gaffer talk like he has just sucked on a helium balloon?
  7. Watch the ref come out second half and act all tough all of a sudden......and send one of ours off...
  8. Lol Slater..nothing wrong with it... ...it’s a ******* kick to the stomach..
  9. Simon is a dog...but we already knew that. Enough for multiple reds there.
  10. Yellow for Simon...should be off... Ref has brought all this on...
  11. Can you imagine the forensic VAR if that was the other end....
  12. Ref has no control over this game.....anything goes... Slater..kick on Gordon was a natural action as Simon was trying to get up..
  13. Rain...Gosford...CCM...the omens are good..throw Haliti some boots.
  14. Cricket ...tick Just a Wanderers win to make it a great night of sport.
  15. Well I love a vindaloo
  16. Incredible batting, you ******* beauty lol first loss at the GABA since 1988 Paine to be sacked?
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