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  1. In my opinion, key for you guys is stopping Castelen getting 1 on 1 with his fullback. If he can isolate them, he'll destroy you guys. Whether that means Goodwin plays on the wing so he can track back and double up, or one of the mids shifts over when we move the ball to that side, I dunno. But with the form he's in, Castelen is definitely the danger man Nichols makes great runs to stretch the defence, and links up well with the other players, but on the ball he's not nearly as dangerous as others
  2. I think we're kidding ourselves if we think Popa won't adapt the tactics based on the game, he does every match even though the underlying gameplan or philosophy won't change. This is a really interesting matchup, in contrast to the last few years we're the ones who want to control possession and Adelaide are the ones who are happy to concede it. Don't think Amor's gotten nearly enough credit for how he's turned Adelaide into an absolute machine off the ball
  3. We asked the club how many instruments we're allowed, they said "tell us how many you want and we'll make it happen" How ******* good is that So what are talking? 2 trumpets, 2 bass drums, 3/4 snares Should be - Only 1 trumpet sadly - 5 basses - 3 snares - 2 repiniques (the smaller drums) So almost full force
  4. We asked the club how many instruments we're allowed, they said "tell us how many you want and we'll make it happen"
  5. Just imagine... Mitch Nichols scores a last minute winner, runs up in front of Gallop and celebrates with the salute
  6. Nailed it mate. It's all about him. As a certain Mr Trupiano pointed out to him on twitter
  7. I have a spare active ticket I'm trying to get rid of. Adult but will sell at concession price. Bay 148
  8. Even if we won the GF, still wouldn't be the best Adelaide away moment...
  9. In in in so keen. With trumpet too (although that may or may not be a good thing with the amount of alcohol that's planned to be ingested)
  10. The real big news from today is how many people don't know what 'suspended' means
  11. See I know for a fact that quite a few players love pyro, they love playing in front of it, they love when it goes off. Makes them feel like they're playing in top European leagues etc. One player (after a somewhat lengthy pyro-less period): "We were pretty happy to see it back, I wanted to post on social media about it but I'd get in too much trouble". Now don't take that as justifying legality and all that (I'm guessing the players also don't want points deductions), just that they do tend to love it. There's a great picture of Santalab smiling at the pyro at training, I don't believe for a second that he wouldn't have it at games if he could.
  12. Lol he might've said it but I very, very much doubt he wrote it
  13. I'm pretty sure if someone lit a flare at least one person would see it. Flares are so bright that it would be impossible not to see, if only for a second or two, the arm which is holding/throwing it, and possibly the shoulders and head it is attached to. It may be not be possible to discern who lit and threw it on every occasion but that fact RBB have absolutely zero interest in self policing exposes their reticence in dealing with anti social rabble within their group. I don't know where to begin. You realise no one lights a flare while holding it up right? They light them discreetly, as low as possible so no one can see them. And yes flares do burn quite brightly. But they also take a second or two to actually light. By this point, it's lying on the floor away from the person who lit it. Could've been anyone around. And considering the amount of smoke there tends to be (because, you know, flares) it's impossible to see half the people there, let alone who's actually doing it. And fact remains, it's not our job. I paid for my ticket, I'm not spending the game hunting out 'anti-social rabbles'. There are people who are employed to do that, and have significantly more power to do so. Don't pin the security and police's inability to do their job on the rest us.
  14. Can we drop the self-policing thing? It's not possible. In the RBB you CANNOT tell who lights flares. It's a tightly packed area full of people jumping and moving around, and funny enough most of us are a bit distracted by some guys kicking a ball around to do detective work. Every post on self-policing is a waste of space
  15. If anything it's to the club's credit that it was an away game, considering the relative lack of flares this season in an environment they actually have some control over
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