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  1. Dale’s version of events It’s long been the case that IFAB write the LOTG but sometimes it doesn’t translate in practice. It’s not perfect but has been that way for a long time.
  2. This is correct in part but it was more because goals were never intended to be scored by the hand however it was possible under the old law that a goal could be scored from a non - deliberate handball. It was never the intention of the initial law to be able to score using your hand. Perhaps I’ve just worded what you’ve said differently. It’s not about doing courses, it’s that extra bit of knowledge in how to interpret the laws. It’s one thing to read & understand the LOTG but another being taught how to interpret it. I’ll check it out when I watch the games. Pretty sure BT have a version of Ref watch with the head of the PGMOL, should be an interesting read. On the world feed (Optus sport) the Monday review show they have a referee as part of the show & talk through the contentious decisions. You’ve got to watch the whole show though. Two seasons ago they just had a 10 minute ref watch segment.
  3. Oh crap Here I was thinking that by the time it was released I might be able to afford one
  4. Yes, absolutely fantastic to hear Kitto! I’m hoping that’s the last we hear of those tumors, all the best on your recovery
  5. Well said @Wanderboy I shall be penning my thoughts to the club come Monday, in the style of the many love letters @FCB used to pen to the club
  6. That’s the worst thing about being referee, paperwork. Just finished mine I was lucky the ground I was at today had fantastic drainage. Absolutely belted down for the first match, start of the second match the rain just stopped & was at a point where there was lots of water starting to pool on the field but not at a point which was unplayable. Lucky there was no further rain & better weather plus time meant we got in all our games. Unfortunately a bad collision meant the last game couldn’t be completed & ambulances had to be called (there was my paperwork for the day )
  7. Please don’t goat, there is always another solution Let us know how it goes? How did you find them? Did you ask your GP?
  8. Can someone tell me what they think about the PS5? Worth presale or wait till it comes out? As if there won’t be any good deals out in Black Friday Sales?
  9. To put things in perspective: The normal auto renew is in June & normal season starts October. Approx 4 months prior to start of season, makes sense that season starts in approx 4 months. As for this being normal, this is no normal season. It’s a bit disappointing the way they’ve gone about the process, I certainly understand with so much uncertainty people would rather than not auto renew & wait to see when (or if) the season starts. Questions: (1) Foundation discount still apply? (2) If only 7,500 people allowed in, how are they charging full membership prices?
  10. To be honest, I think it has more to do with Nike to be honest, I really liked the Nike Matilda’s kit but most of the kits in the last few years have been rubbish.
  11. As is always the case, IFAB write or rewrite the laws & then leave it up to the referee bodies to interpret it in the real world. As for park football referees not being to properly understand or apply it correctly. You’re right, if these referees aren’t keeping up to date with the law changes, doing your referee courses, going to monthly referee meetings. I’m sure not every referee does or every park football referee knows the laws inside out but these laws change every year, sometimes small tweaks other time big. Let me give you an example: They’ve just changed the law so you no longer need to raise your hand for an indirect free kick? Well, there was an offside 10m inside there own half on the sideline. No ball had travelled anywhere that distance all game but this time, the keeper at the last minute tried to kick it outside the box but totally misjudged it. Bounced over there head & on the line the attacker possibly could have scored? Idiot me on the sideline had already started writing it in his book taking the cue from the celebrating bench behind me. Before I had known it, referee whistle blew for a restart, ball goes up the other end & scores goes from 2-1 to 3-1 when could have easily been 2-2. So what did we have to consider here? Did the referee have his hand up to signal IDFK? Was the ball touched before it went into the goal? What is the correct restart? Well if the hand was raised & scored without a touch it would be goal kick but the hand wasn’t raised so it’s a retake. Just one of the little changes in the law. I didn’t know it but it was Interesting while walking off how everyone knew all these different variations or didn’t even know at all. It’s going to be the same for the handball law. First year is going to be the hardest, second year (already made changes for next winter season) will get easier. The average park footballer or your average footballer watcher or fan doesn’t need to understand. Your average park football referee, if he does all his education (see above) will know how to interpret it properly & consistently.
  12. It was my understanding via word of mouth, that the hills district referees get more than the other competitions. I heard $80 but clearly this is short of the mark, maybe when the hills were set up the referees were paid more than others? Same as the central coast, we’ve had a big shortage of numbers, even in PL had games without assistants.
  13. Do you think you can ask the therapist to reconsider? How about draft an email asking why you want to continue with him/her? I’m guessing the reason he/she isn’t taking on anyone new because they can’t make regular appointments for his/her patients. It’s probably why you’ve got to wait so long. Another idea is to go back to your GP to find another psychologist or one that you’ll be able to see more regularly?
  14. I agree, he has shot himself in the foot with his pre match instructions but I know I’ve stuffed up more than once in a game trying to make that call. I’m shocked at that to be honest, would have thought with the shorter season & the higher pay for referees that they’d have better coverage. I feel like the swearing takes the decent to another level. Do you use sin bins? Surprised he didn’t use it or perhaps he felt bad that he knew his decision was bad & let him have outburst in frustration. I hate being a referee making game changing decisions. I’d say that it was poor prematch instructions rather than anything else. Making an offside decision from the middle as a referee is a guess. Without any assistants unfortunately it’s impossible to get everyone right. It’s hard enough to get them right on the sideline as an AR let alone from the middle. Hard enough when the defenders stick up there hands & shout offside (although that’s his own fault) I guess my point is: try not to be too hard on the bloke for getting an offside wrong from the middle. I’d hope that my teams didn’t judge my whole performance off those offsides which I got wrong.
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