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  1. Prydzopolis

    Football Marketing/PR Thread

    I absolutely love the Hyundai ads where the players send letters to past coaches: These are the type of advertising along with “made in the A-League” targeting & highlighting our local game
  2. Prydzopolis

    Coach and Staff Thread 2018/19

    Has anyone considered that perhaps he was trying to get the players to peak a little later in the season. He wanted that elusive grand final, so perhaps another factor to consider. Another factor to consider was that we played lots of matches preseason where players were only getting 45 minutes. In previous seasons, I don’t think we had as many weekly practice games. Another factor to consider was that Carasco was having more & more impact on the team in terms of toning down Popas love for hardcore fitness especially without the ball? This caused lots of friction with our S+C coaches So many factors why the boys seemed so underdone, Popa leaving before week one means we will never know
  3. I’ve started to put together the numbers and it looks like we are going to be roughly 25+ group. Going to be an absolute nightmare for the membership team Edit: I need to get details off people, I have included you in a PM and/or messaged you
  4. Prydzopolis

    The Spanish Option: World Cup Podcast

    The World Cup shows are hard to keep up this time of year but I definitely subscribe & hopefully get a few episodes in
  5. Prydzopolis

    The Spanish Option: World Cup Podcast

    Hey Pistola, what can we expect? In Spanish? Who are the hosts? What leagues covered? Etc
  6. Prydzopolis

    Donation And Donator Usergroup Features

    Apologies for letting the subcription lapse Chief, done
  7. Prydzopolis

    Brendon Santalab

    Gutted Heard that we offered him an administrative role (another source said contract but doubt it) but turned it down to extend his career
  8. Prydzopolis

    World Cup 2018

    The Optus debacle, what an absolute ******* disgrace. Been using the official WC app & accessing the Optus app for any additional content or missed games. Interesting comments here as to why Optus are having so many issues i always thought that Optus:/Fetch were one & the same. Could never figure out why I had so many issues with the app but those watching Optus sport on fetch had a very flawless experience. I guess it's similar to BeIN being broadcasted on Foxtel, similar idea.
  9. Prydzopolis

    Football Marketing/PR Thread

    Let's be honest, they won't have much funds at there disposal. The issue thus far at FFA is having little money has given the marketing team an excuse to do nothing. Jess has on a number of occasions shown that you have to be clever with your budget & how you use it.
  10. We must have had similar seats at the old parramatta stadium too! We were at the back but I feel we'll be a bit further back when we get to the new expanded Eastern stand!
  11. Sorry guys been a bit slack, will get this underway soon (PM group to get details & get in touch with club. Looking good
  12. Prydzopolis

    FIFA: Hotbed of Corrupt Criminals

  13. They’ll probably go with colored lights similar to what they use down at AAMI stadium
  14. Thanks for your reply @Taurusbest of luck in the mission to get on the Western Stand! If you change your mind in the next few weeks let me know. ill want to be a similar area to where you are thinking but a little closer to the middle for the view. You don’t need to worry about atmosphere between the roof + enclosed stadium, enlarged RBB area & the vocal nature of our group then atmosphere will not be an issue