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  1. 5-2 at one stage, then quickly closed the gap! Let’s be honest, these boys will make up our bench next week. Closer to reality than in jest.
  2. Prydzopolis

    Tarek Elrich

    Lots of speculation here, I’m guessing he was offered a role being one of the extended squad on Popa’s ACL squad. One last opportunity probably before he calls it quits. Is it surprising that we let him go when we don’t have any backup in his position? Probably not, I’m guessing we will use Kamau in this position.
  3. You’ve got to understand that we are using google translate to understand what he is saying, many of the subtleties & nuances are lost in translation from German to English, let alone google translate.
  4. How we can get better? From one of the best young analysts out there (FYI haven’t read it
  5. What caused all those thunderstorms? https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2020-01-22/what-made-the-hail-and-storms-so-bad/11886016
  6. Seems like the surgery went great
  7. Google “coach wanderers”, proceed to list every name that appears & then write article. Guys got zero credibility.
  8. 100% agree, our tactics early on were to score early & then defend for 90 minutes with a low block. There is only so long that can work If we sit back, put all the pressure on ourselves but create very little then we leave lots to Lady Luck. Sometimes it will be a stunning team goal or a wordlie, other times a controversial referee call. We have had more than our fair share this season, at some point you hope that might even out
  9. Good to hear you’re on the mend Chief
  10. Hard no on Aloisi, he had a decent go at Heart but was terrible. Had some time out of the game & was terrible at Roar too. I can’t see anything changing for his third possible stint at a coaching gig. He is like the most hated player on opposition teams. Everyone hates them but when he is yours it’s a different story (see Berisha, Santa, Brosque, Simon etc). I agree with you though, he’ll succeed at any gig he picks up next.
  11. Almost positive that in Babbel’s good bye video he mentions Gavin when thanking the management staff.
  12. I 100% agree, I don’t know if this exists? Maybe the only one is Ange It’s this crazy thing where the Australian & Asian A license doesn’t get accreditation in Europe. Whether you have to do some sort of bridging course or just do UEFA A course. I suspect David Zdrillic was doing the exact same thing. Another name to keep in mind for the future, currently taken an assistant position in the US
  13. Or the referees? Can you imagine his video? “Thank you Chris for ******* us over for that pen against melbourne city, then the following week when x ****ed us, then there was that clear handball that Alex king ****ed us over on, etc etc” If you don’t laugh, you cry
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