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  1. Prydzopolis

    Melbourne Victory: Season 2018/19

    Then we found out the what he was getting in Japan was nowhere close to what they were offering. Another big clue: Officials were going to go over to him in the days before he signed but he declined the offer. Details that come out in the wash are always an interesting insight.
  2. Prydzopolis

    World Cup 2018

    Btron, nice assessment & yes it was a fantastic tournament. The first stage had upsets but was all about the mix of cultures on and off the field. The second stage had countries with so much history playing against one another but it was such a level playing field. On the comments re: Champions league, I find it hard not to agree. I found it a bit difficult to explain the France team, they won the World Cup but I never thought they played to their ability. They won against all the big teams, Argentina, Uruguay, Belgium & Croatia but they did it playing a functional brand of football of which its purpose was to win. In the champions league, we are spoilt not just by the quality of players (Lovren & Giroud an example) but the quality of coaching. Where the CL doesn’t compete with WC is its global nature & appeal, so it just can’t compete on an emotional level. It doesn’t matter how big your country is, how rich, how many people, how many stars on the shirt or your history. This is the issue with the CL, it has an incredible array of top coaching & player quality but it’s all focused on the top teams. Those top teams will only get better & the rich will keep getting richer. Is one better than the other? Can’t we like both? WC final referee decisions. Griezmann was going to ground but the defender made contact, was it soft? Yes, did he conn the referee? Yes but the defender goes in & doesn’t get the ball. It’s a foul. Handball: I maybe feel the referee didn’t take into account the France player in front of him. There is a gap of understanding between the general footballing public’s understanding vs the referees intepretation of the Law. It’s such a harsh handball decision but one that was correct, especially since the referee didn’t see the handball on first viewing. WC Final. France scored 4 goals but I feel the game swung on those two decisions that led to 2 goals. France didn’t deserve that 2-1 lead at half time & meant that Croatia had to open themselves up to win the game. France at no point in that game were required to change gears or take the game by the scruff of the neck. The issue in the second half? Croatia had played one extra game (in terms of minutes played) & France have some incredible players who can exploit space. Would have been much closer if it had been 1-1 or even 1-0 as it what Croatia deserved out of that first half. Re: Stokz. Croatia friendly: Europe have the nations league starting in September. Makes it unlikely. Team of the tournament: Kante & Pogba were as vital as Rakitic & Modric. Two players as CF that I think your team lacked was Manzukic & Giroud. They were both so vital to both teams success & despite Girouds lack of praise he was one of the unlikely heroes in this France team. Hernandez for France? Throw that guy in the bin. Umtiti was just as important as Varane. Special mention for VAR & refereeing, has been horrible in Australia but I’m really glad it didn’t blight the tournament. No surprise that they mainly used Italians in the box, where the trial has been successful & Australian officials no where the tournament. Important to have quality officials upstairs as it is to have them on the field. Wording from IFAB needs to change to remove confusion but always has been a gap of understanding between officials & footballing public. Refereeing has been very very good, thought they tried to keep it 11v11 despite the challenges otherwise. Important to realise that at that level (re tackles) it’s different & need to realise that it’s not based on player safety (grassroots) rather entertainment (professional game). Games flowed really well & referees didn’t get played by the play acting (VAR helped)
  3. Prydzopolis

    2018/19 EPL & F.A Cup thread

    I couldn’t stand seeing the wrong year in the old topic New season starts 11/8 with Man Utd vs Leicester City Here is a link for the fixtures: https://www.premierleague.com/fixtures All matches shown on Optus & SBS to show 1 match a week (https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/how-to-watch-the-premier-league-live-on-sbs)
  4. Prydzopolis

    Melbourne Victory: Season 2018/19

    Victory sources this morning reporting it as close to done, appears like the announcement is all that remains
  5. Prydzopolis

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

    Sorry should have made it clear, yes Eastern Sydney. Me using the word success should have given it away
  6. Prydzopolis

    2017/18 EPL & F.A Cup thread

    Ouch Davo I look forward to Sarri’s system taking longer than 6 months to implement, results being a total disaster & another Chelsea coaching casualty in the new year! A very exciting coach, his football is breathtaking but just can’t see it working for us.
  7. Prydzopolis

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

    No we didn’t trial him. Has been hoping for a chance for some time now. Yes he was playing for Hawkesbury in NPL3. To me it seems like a big leap to sign this guy on a visa spot. He has talent & clearly can play much higher level than NPL3. Seems like a similar strategy signing that we did on Adeleke, going cheap on the visa player & hoping he comes good. The last few years of success were based on 4 quality visa players but looks like lack of salary cap space means that this season is not as straight forward.
  8. Prydzopolis

    Markus Babbel Is New Wanderers Coach

    I’m not so sure, without the 3 marquees in the team it effectively means they need to rejig policy. Do they still go with a stacked first XI or do they recruit more evenly across the 26 player squad? Not so straightforward as recruit foreigners = success
  9. There are many Mack’s , there is only one West-Sydney-Football Mack
  10. Prydzopolis

    Sokkah Twitter

    Don’t you love when the knives come out on twitter?
  11. Prydzopolis

    Central Coast Mariners: Season 2018/19

    It must be April 1 right? Can’t get any big name marquees, so what do we do? Go for a joke signing Did I see that right? 1 million for a 1 month trial? Just incredible numbers. How ridiculous would it be if FFA put money towards this? Scrap the whole youth development program at the COE for 1.5m, to give it to Bolt for a one off PR stunt
  12. Prydzopolis

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

  13. Prydzopolis

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Are we sure about the ACL payment bonus? Whats to stop any team paying players 10-20% more in ACL to reduce impact on the salary cap? Surely there must be something preventing teams from rorting the cap using the ACL?
  14. Prydzopolis

    Central Coast Mariners: Season 2018/19

    They’ve brought Mike “more than a feelin” Phelan as TD. Big move from the frugal spending mariners. Interesting to see how the new manager goes, after his less than gracious ending at Brisbane with a fraction of the budget.