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  1. I'd definitely say over turn, even if it meant the referee going down to the pitch side monitor to look himself. In saying that there have been two instances recently of VAR missing a clear dive. Whether that is because multiple replays don't make it clear & obvious, I'm not sure.
  2. commercial & football sales manager?
  3. Colina speaking about the new changes to LOTG
  4. Just a quick recap, for those not in the know. In the last few years Caligari has been a place where racism has been an ever present at games. First Muntari, Matudi, Kean & now Lukaku all faced racial chants from this crowd. Last year, their president blamed the racism on Kean because he confronted them with a death stare when scoring the winning goal after been tormented by racial abuse during the game. The Italian federation said it was only coming from 10% of a stand, so no punishment was necessary. Now with Lukaku. Same story. The response by Inter’s ultras to this incident (this happened with Caligari’s ultras verbally abusing Lukaku) was to support the abuse. This is ****ed up in so many ways, so many lines that you’d see in a betoota or onion piece, beyond comprehension.
  5. The true test of the relationship is when flares are lit & how things unfold. The foundations are in place for a new direction between police & football fans. I just hope that we give it every chance of succeeding & nothing stupid happens too early on to undermine it all.
  6. Haha!! Yes, I’m inclined to agree. It has to be an attempted tackle but he has just taken him out. No where near the ball. The only 2 bits of saving grace I’d give him are: (1) He is so far away from the action it would be close to impossible to be sure of a red card/penalty from his position. It’s difficult to tell from the action whether it is his fault. His assistant isn’t really able to add any benefit, I assume no VAR either (2) The reaction of his team mate was to point to a corner. Had a better view than the referee
  7. That is some back 3 parternship, include Lopar in goals & Schwegler in front. Is this the best defensive unit since season 3 that won us the ACL? Finding the striker is the last piece of the puzzle
  8. What did people think of the surface? Had 3000 games of League, Union etc how has it held up?
  9. One way to clean up player behavior on the field, if you receive a straight red card $1000 match fine (third image)
  10. Not NSW but something that from VIC that some may find interesting
  11. That's one aspect that many fans don't see usually, what happens behind the scenes. This has been one thing that has been missing the last few years, the other is the leadership group who set the standards. Both have sorely been missing.
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