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  1. Chubba & his mates attack the FFA, read the thread, some interesting thoughts on covid, foster, government contacts on board & one particular board member focused on second division
  2. Or you could have just gone with “I didn’t want to spend the next few months being abused & had better things to do with my time” Ouch, hope you pulled up okay!
  3. Seems like they’ve missed the deadline, they now need to apply to get an exemption. Could be a 3 day wait!
  4. They were saying that people who test positive after this 14 day period aren’t infectious. The test is very sensitive & is able to pick up even minutes amount of the virus even though you’ve recovered. It’s amazing to hear of people who still have properly recovered from the virus weeks & weeks after first diagnosis. All 4 cases have tested negative. What a relief!
  5. I would say good luck but it’s too late @Unlimited you back refereeing this season?
  6. 4 residents with flu like symptoms, one of those has returned a negative COVID test. Just got to hope that they aren’t that unlucky that they’ll have another outbreak
  7. Why are cases increasing at such a rapid rate but we aren’t seeing a rise in deaths? TLDR: Wait about 6-8 weeks & you’ll see the result of letting COVID run rampant. Scary stuff
  8. Couldn’t agree more, what shocks me the most is the random places it seems to appearing without any link. Just goes to show that it is lingering out there in the community, we need to be careful!
  9. They have provided some clarification but that is in the new LOTG for the 20/21 season, we are currently playing under the 19/20 LOTG. It really is a bit of joke, they’ve tried to make it easier & more black/white but I think they’ve just made it more complicated. Well in Paul, good to hear I was pretty happy with my games today, some pretty low level AA to get me back into the swing of things
  10. Meanwhile in Victoria, wow what a cluster****. Read the thread
  11. Super keen to get back into things, haven’t had an practice games but I’ve been training really hard to be ready! I know I’m going to be sore Monday after back to back Saturday & Sunday!
  12. I’ve been listening to the price of football podcast. It’s scary the spending levels of these clubs, well beyond what the clubs earn to get into the EPL. They've got to try to compete with the relegated clubs from the PL with the parachute payments. It’s an ugly mixture, you’ve got to think that this is only the beginning.
  13. Head groundskeeper seemed pretty confident that it will stand up fine
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