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  1. A question regarding external panels
  2. I'm sure they will do an open day? I know season 2 or 3 they had a day at the old parramatta stadium in which you could get access to the stadium but unsure behind the scenes. I will email the club.
  3. Prydzopolis

    The Refereeing Thread

    I’m a big supporter of referees, educating the public, holding our top referees to Account & seeing VAR improve correct decisions. Ive been quiet this year, it’s been a disgrace. How can I defend some of the horrible decisions this season? It’s really bad, I didn’t think it could get much worse but it has & VAR has not helped as I had hoped. I’m still waiting for Ben Wilson to release an article on the A-League site telling us that all the decisions were correct, even though blind freddie (apologies to freddie and those who are blind, but these guys have more of a clue than the crap they serve up) knows it’s bullshit. I see lots of A-League referees got promoted to the FIFA list. It’s all bullshit. There is a reason why you don’t see Australian referees at top tournaments & it’s for good reason. Look at the crap they serve up week in week out
  4. Prydzopolis

    Should a Div 2 be Fully Professional from the start

    It’s an interesting discussion: There are a group of football people in Australia that are convinced that a second division can start immediately but there is scant detail surrounding model, funding & basics. The AAFC have been the ones pushing this right at the beginning of the congress debacle & deserve a lot of credit. I have a feeling that the AAFC clubs want to run the second division as an extension of the NPL system. This way the costs would be relatively low & much of it would be self funded by the clubs via sponsorships & memberships. They wouldn’t have to rely on a TV deal which would net them peanuts. Once the PFA & AL clubs have a say, it becomes more difficult. The PFA would want minimum wages & conditions for players, this would see the costs skyrocket. The AL clubs, don’t want Pro/Rel but need an actual competition to play once they drop. They’ll want certain guarantees & the matter of the AL licenses fees paid need to be taken into consideration. 1) It can’t be fully professional from the beginning, can’t afford it. AL clubs & PFA will be against the entire concept if it is not professional from the beginning. 2) Likely but can’t see 3) if short on dollars. I think we need to wait till the AAFC comes in with its modeling for the competition. Once we figure out the financing, costs, tv deals, licensing fees, naming sponsor etc then we’ll have a better idea of whether they can afford it. Maybe a best of both worlds situation where 5-10 years it is semi professional till they get there shot sorted?
  5. Interesting that even the AFCON have moved their yearly tournament to June, but as most Asian countries have their end of season in December.
  6. https://www.foxsports.com.au/video/football Post match presser
  7. My second hand info seems to be at odds with your second hand info, I guess it's just one of those things
  8. It’s interesting point Wendy, this has been highlighted overseas with Jose Mourinho & his management style in which he is highly critical of his players in order to force a response out of his players. The general consensus is that this style of management is outdated & modern players in the last 10 years (especially the younger ones) require a different style. In saying this, I disagree that MB is overall critical or accusing them of being lazy. We have no idea how he acts behind the scenes. To me it appears that what he says behind the scenes & what he says in the media are two different things. Look at Roly, in the media he was highly critical of his constant loss of possession in midfield & refuses to play him in that role. When Roly was asked about these quotes, he acted with complete surprise. Look at how he dealt with the Baccus situation. That was all behind the scenes. Mourinho was a master at practicing the art of playing the media, I feel like Arnie does something similar. As a fan base, I prefer he calls a spade a spade. If we play ****, I don’t want to hear how “we played well” or “we just need to be patient and the results will come”. Marcus Babbel is blunt & direct, he won’t sugar coat things but won’t hang his players out to dry. If the players make basic mistakes or don’t follow instructions, I see no issue pointing that out. The use of language between highlighting that players are not following versus defying or disregarding is different (to me at least). In fact, I think we saw last year that the approach of gombau “we are playing good, the results will come” doesn’t work either & requires to strike that balance. Confidence, that is a different matter all together. I think what happens behind the scenes and the way we are playing play much more of a role. For example, Newcastle game after the MV hammering would have affected the confidence of the team rather than any comments MB would have played in the media.
  9. This disappointed me the most, we failed to take the initiative when we had the numerical advantage. Adelaide took the game to us, we were wasteful with the ball in possession, didn’t look like unlocking the Adelaide defence when we had the extra player, looked more like scoring & seem to lose the intensity when we needed to step up another gear. The way Adelaide played tonight with 10, is the same way we needed to play against Easts in the derby with 10 men. This is our biggest issue this season, depending on younger players to dominate the opposition & then having nothing on the bench to change a game. It’s ridiculous how everyone is calling it soft, okay he is going for the ball but you can’t go around flailing your elbows not expecting to be penalized when you connect with opposition players heads. The issues I see with treejack: - The amount of runs he makes, positions he takes or passes he sees but his team mates aren’t on the same wavelength are not funny. You can’t blame tree jack for this - Running, ideally you’d like him in the final third on the ball. He spends most of his time on the ball in the wrong positions, after he has been running all over the field. He generally picks up the ball too deep with not enough players in front of him to really affect the game. Despite defending him, too often I feel he is wasteful. He gives away the ball too much & hasn’t shown he has the engine to affect the game for 90 minutes consistently. I do hope that he can improve in this department. I just feel that we need to get him involved in our play in an area which is he able to use his ability to affect the game. He is wasted with the ball on the halfway line without any options. It reminds me of Takahagi & the fact we moved a 10 deeper to get him involved to impact the game. Fitzgerald was an option but I’m guessing fitness played a part. I’ve alsi noticed that Babbel very rarely makes a sub till the 80th minute. I understand saving 1 till the 80-85, but all 3? When you’ve got Mahazi to bring off the bench as a game changing substitution to break down a tough 10 men, then you know you’re in trouble. If we had someone to bring on & change the game or formation, we would have! To be honest, you can’t expect Roly to run around with that effort & intensity, then plop him into midfield & expect him to out perform our two midfielders. MB has made it very clear why he won’t play Roly in CM. He has been injured, first week back was last week. I’m with Lloydy here, you’ve got a point re: lazy defending but that deflection could have gone anywhere. Wrong footed the entire defense and appeared at the back post to the only Adelaide player making a run. Very unlucky.
  10. Prydzopolis

    Nicholas Suman

    Even though Nizic never didn’t anything wrong in the derby, he never looked comfortable with shots never mind if they were missing the goal... Was that the one where he managed to nutmeg himself? You can’t let the ball through your legs at that distance. Does anyone else see that as a horror mistake, especially to make on your debut? He was either: making himself big as if he was a few yards from goal or was trying to use his feet if the ball stayed low. I couldn’t figure out what he was doing. Disagree, should have stayed in goal & made the right decision. The key? The CB, if the CB is able to make a recovery run or get the ball, don’t come off your line! We were able to push him sufficiently wide enough that it should have been a comfortable save.
  11. They are having a larf
  12. I see it as connecting parts of Sydney with new public transport infrastructure: - Westmead (new big development hub) with Parramatta - Parramatta to SOP, which they want to attract more business into the area - Revamp the Carlingford line which has been relegated to a waste of commuters time. They have missed the opportunity to connect it up to Epping. - Connect Parra to the old industrial areas which they plan on turning into a residential precinct similar to Rhodes