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  1. Prydzopolis

    Football Media Discussion 2

    Ratings are powerful but it’s not about ratings, it’s about subscribers. The issue for Foxtel is that they are losing subs, it will be all about making sure they have the content to hem the flow.
  2. A fine balance, if top 6 is the goal then we have more leeway. If we want to be challenging for the title then okay isn’t good enough. So many times it was only small margins (one error or two) between coming 3-6 to first or coming 8 or finishing in the 6.
  3. The PFA is a powerful organization in Australian football. On one hand the players deserved to be paid a fair wage, especially for squad players who need to be full time. The last bargaining agreement saw a significant increase in wages & a large portion of the TV deal. On the other hand the the large increase in wages is going to the same players & the squad size remains the same. The minimum salary inflates the value these players & the overall cap. All this whilst the FFA have had to make significant cuts to programs & services in order to make a deal between the states & clubs on the best way to share the broadcast revenues. With the value of the A-League tv deal severely over inflated, the next deal looking at being significantly lower & the league struggling which can’t be good for the clubs. Will be interesting to see where it all goes from here. It’s a fine balance, between what’s fair/right & the commercial reality of the situation.
  4. The reason for the leaps & bounds improvement in our youth was the amount of games they played. If we want to win, those youngsters won’t get the opportunity for the amount of game time. Can’t afford them to make mistakes & drop points if we want to be serious about being the best next year, they won’t play.
  5. Prydzopolis

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    So the story is we offered him a contract & he turned it down? Then looked at overseas before deciding on the mariners?
  6. Prydzopolis

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    Now we’re talking
  7. Prydzopolis

    2018/19 A-League Grand Final

    Completely forgot that the game was on, switched on just in time for a santa cameo. Disappointed he didn’t get that trademark yellow, was always good value. Hate pens, has to be a better way of deciding a game? Coin toss is better. The worst part is that you get a trophy after 2 games, essentially winning 1 game & the second a draw winning on pens? Has to be a better way to do these final system
  8. Prydzopolis

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    Won’t be on a heap? Been a marquee for Victory when he was there both times & had a few Middle East superannuation safaris. I doubt he will be cheap.
  9. Prydzopolis

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    Was that the year before or after Klose Does this count for youth internationals too?
  10. Prydzopolis

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Go pivot, it's bit of a bitch if you don't use them regularly or out of practice. I generally find Google is a good start to these problems & may require some mucking around.
  11. Prydzopolis

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Throw your problem at us
  12. Prydzopolis

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    I vowed never to go to another one of these games again (mind you, after getting amnesia & then buying another ticket a year later) but I must admit that watching the first football match in the new stadium is tempting but every match is the same. You get excited to see the big names of the likes of United, Chelsea, Juventus, Liverpool etc but once the whistle blows the excitement wears off & you soon you realize (again) it’s nothing more than a glorified training session. Players are more concerned about not getting injured rather than anything else. No intensity, players not really caring too much as long as they don’t embarrass themselves. By halftime they start to substitute the first XI with mass substitutions & before you know it you’ve got to put up with raining paper planes for 35 draining minutes. Maybe I’m reading too much into these games, try to just see it as a preseason friendly (although incredibly early in preseason). Perhaps the way it’s built up & prices we pay to entice these teams to Australia. Maybe if they just treated it as a preseason match, you know the ones that the club doesn’t announce publicly so they don’t have to pay security, I’d have no expectations & just happy to watch the boys run out. As mentioned above, would be nice to watch the first football game in the stadium & the first game we’d be able to have a proper pre match gathering. Hard to put the cynicism aside when minutes after kick off all these thoughts will be running through my mind just like everyone other one of these games I’ve been too
  13. Or “these are once off incidents that rarely occur on a regular basis”. Amazing what happens when you control the narrative.
  14. It’s the narrative & ingrained culture that associates the football fan with hooligans, violence & other things they’ve witnessed in either green street hooligans or reports of hooligans the world over. The mentality that we are guilty until proven innocent & we are expected to maintain a healthy respect of officials whilst doing nothing to earn it.