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  1. Decided to move these here, not for any other reason that it is so easy for this to get lost in the pandemic thread with all the new cases, deaths soaring worldwide wide & just the general craziness of things changing every day.
  2. It’s really important that we try to maintain our normal & regular patterns in these times. This includes maintaining our sleeping patterns, eating regularly & looking after ourselves. It’s really easy to let these go out the window when you’ve got no job to wake up for or no real purpose day to day being forced in our homes. This is all easier said than done, when we are depressed we get stuck. Motivation to get moving is hard, which just makes things real difficult & before you know it you get stuck in a vicious circle where the less you do leads you to unravel and the harder it becomes to break it. It’s really important that you include exercise in this too if it isn’t already in your regular routine. It’s also vital for your friend who is struggling too, exercise is really important for your mental health. Remember exercise doesn’t have to be a complicated workout, HIIT or a marathon, sometimes it can just be simple. Like a walk around the block or a walk to coffee or bread shop to pick up something. Start small, work your way up. I saw this on the ABC, hope it may be of some help. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-02/resilience-strategies-to-deal-with-coronavirus/12111594?pfmredir=sm - Wellbeing and resilience experts share strategies to cope during coronavirus pandemic Just know Burger, you are not alone. Always feel free to reach out if you ever feel you need it
  3. What I don’t trust is the China death figures, they’ve already refused to include people who are asymptomatic but are positive for Covid19. You’ve really got to wonder with what we are seeing with infection & deaths world wide that they have under reported. Whether the numbers were true or not, we do know that they have effectively stopped community transmission including entire city lockdowns (welding front doors shut) & hacking private data to track covid patients. Although there numbers are low, why aren’t they growing now? Essentially they eliminated community transmission but once Europe & the rest of the world started shutting, they are now seeing an increase in imported cases from overseas, still trickling in. Lots of information & articles stating they are all freaking out about worrying a second wave. Can we trust numbers? No, but we can trust they were able to almost eradicate it within the country. The problem they are facing now, is something that we all will face once we have hit our peaks.
  4. That happened to one of our own supporters (May have had account on here too?) who came across it when walking his own street This is true but some modeling (which I’m sure I posted to here) shows that it requires 8/10 Australians in order to follow social distancing to curb c19, if it drops to 7/10 then that’s all it takes for it to spiral out of control. We can’t just have “most” people being “reasonable”. It really needs everyone to play their part. Same goes for backpackers, most are doing the right thing but that isn’t good enough, we need everyone on our shores pulling their weight.
  5. It should be noted, that until the FFA/AL announce that the league is over & can’t be played, Fox can’t rip up the contract. That announcement might come later in the months of May or June. I don’t blame fox for with holding payment. If the football might not be played, why should they pay? They’ve got their own issues with viability with losing subscribers & cutting costs to stay afloat, this was all before c19 hit & they’ve got no sport to show.
  6. Meanwhile the FFA have found a stash of cash to raid
  7. Optus announced marble racing, not many people were laughing on the timeline
  8. The next number we need to keep an eye on is community transmission. This is number now to watch & the one we need to make sure that it doesn’t get out of control https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-31/coronavirus-community-transmission-on-rise-in-nsw/12103390
  9. Story this morning in the smh that FFA/AL looking at its options now that Foxtel seem ready to pull the trigger & rip up the TV deal. They are also not paying the final 900,000 which is why the clubs are now standing down the players Also, Optus Sport has announcement tomorrow morning at 8am. New deal for AL to broadcast games? Too soon to announce streaming of AL?
  10. Glad you’re home, I read this piece & thought about you & all those abroad. It sounds like our diplomatic missions aren’t what they used to be. Glad you are home & safe now https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-19/coronavirus-traps-australians-overseas-amid-dfat-warnings/12067020?pfmredir=sm
  11. I have no issues with the herd immunity theory via a vaccine. I’m just glad it wasn’t like the British thinking early on which was to let the virus spread like wildfire to 60% of the population I agree that these workers should be protected but I’m concerned with the worldwide trend we are seeing where hospitals are running out of PPE (gloves, masks goggles, gowns). This is happening world wide & seen hospital staff getting infected because they don’t have enough. Just be wary of your own supply of gloves & masks. Personally I would recommend that you follow the advice of the WHO, who suggests that healthy people do not need to wear it. As long as you limit your exposure in these places & wash your hands after you’re finished then the use of PPE for healthy people are wasted. Be careful about reusing surgical masks. If you re-wear a surgical mask which has a virus or bacteria on it, you then expose yourself to it by rewearing again. By all means, if you are sick & concerned about the spread then save those masks for your home environment so you prevent the spread in your own household. If you’re concerned about spitting may I suggest cleaning your fruit or vegetables before eating & trying to wash your hands frequently. On spitting: Just be careful about some of the videos that have been shared. The police have debunked these videos suggesting they have used footage from different sources & compiled together. (I saw it on an ABC news article, can’t find it)
  12. More good news today but need to be careful: Good: New cases 114 down from 117 yesterday. Early days but curve going in the right direction Bad: Community transmission has increased in the eastern suburbs & especially Waverly/Bondi. This is especially worrying because their is no known source of spread (not from overseas or from a known case). All these idiots who were hitting the beaches/parks/holding parties & not taking the warning seriously over the last two weeks have spread it to a whole bunch of people It being a Sunday makes it harder to access tests. Remember most private testing places accept referral forms from GP practices who are also closed on a Sunday. Most of them would have been logged at a hospital or their fever clinics. Need to remember we still don’t have lots of tests, the criteria has expanded since we first started testing but aren’t in a position we can test everybody with a runny nose. The good news is that they will be relaxing the criteria in the hot spots of the eastern suburbs & doing more testing in order to try to get ahead of the community transmission. Hopefully with the measures introduced last week & yesterday will
  13. They are, I didn’t want to sound too optimistic but you’re right. The number of daily cases has declined but why is this important? 1. This is what everyone is referring to when they say flatten the curve. To see declining daily numbers of new cases reported of a virus that follows an exponential graph is very good early signs 2. In the right conditions, the number of cases can double every 3-4 days. That means from last week when we roughly had 150 cases, had the infection spread like it did elsewhere we could be seeing cases in the range of 600 per day. That’s a worse case scenario when measures aren’t working & what other countries have seen if the measures to stop it aren’t working I had heard via a news article that Coles & Woolworths are are installing these as of a few weeks ago but haven’t heard of anything or seen any changes yet
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