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  1. Prydzopolis

    David Squires Cartoons

    This guy is so unbelievably good that I felt that he deserved his own thread! Today's version: Year in review
  2. On the listed events occurring at the venue, we are absent. That tells me no deal. I’m sure when the deal gets announced it will be public. I’m assuming we are playing hard ball but don’t plan to leak it to the public like the eels. Maybe as a last resort.
  3. Prydzopolis

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    This is brilliant news, one of our brightest stars. Too much has been put on his shoulders this season & hopefully we recruit a decent midfielder to sit along side him. I’m hoping we pick up a decent transfer fee for him.
  4. HOLY **** THAT IS INCREDIBLE! ****! HOW GOOD! ****! On Valentine's Day too 1. Bit more convinced by the in stadium lighting by those last few shots 2. On the stair case outside the stadium, there are dirt/garden beds within the staircase. What will they put there? 3. Screen looks good 4. The western stand doesn’t as bad as first thought, only based on these pictures. Maybe the overall sexiness is making me overlook this flaw
  5. Prydzopolis

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Did anyone see the article on Juric that was on Twitter the last few days, maybe goal.com Juric's contract ends this European summer. A certain A-Lesgue team were looking to bring him in as Tim Cahill marquee spot but didn't get FFA permission in the last few weeks. The owner/coach of his current club hasn't like his attitude since the summer, has carried an injury (can't be certain), he has now been told to train by himself & has a week to find a new club (Swiss league transfer window ends in 1 week).
  6. Prydzopolis

    Football Media Discussion 2

    Sometimes you can't help but see what dribble he is going to write, sometimes he can write a decent article generally when the Wanderers aren't the subject. Then every so often you get duped into reading as your interest is peaked with Wanderers in the headline. Incredible how pissed off you get between intertwining some facts (Wanderers walked out, yes well done, that's what they did) but because members were unjustly banned not because we were losing That would require him to do some research, like a proper journalist. Yes, as with most steaming services it is very dependent on your connection. As we discovered with Optus during the WC, it's not the only factor.
  7. We have Manfred representing, currently on a food safari in SA
  8. Prydzopolis

    The Matilda's, Australian Woman's national football team

    I agree with your initial interpretation of the first statement but then the FFA & other organisations have moved away from the importance or relevance of the surveys. Perhaps I didn't explain it the best, maybe I still haven't explained it clearly enough, my head is a bit hazy today. There are plenty out there on Twitter who are very much clued up on the situation who may be able to articulate it better. I don't buy the link between the initial surveys suddenly leading to finding circumstances that would require his sacking. This has been one of the missing links in the chain raising questions that has journo's & the like looking for answers.
  9. https://goo.gl/images/Uk5BRw Called Silver Sand (I think)
  10. The amount of gravel they lay down under the grass The lights seem a bit dodgy, was similar to the lighting I saw at a stadium at the Asian cup. You can see it from the road when driving past at night but was hoping for some better lighting on the external part of the stadium. Does anyone know if they have the LED lighting in the stadium that allows them to dim the lights down entirely for a number of minutes prior to kick off? That would really accentuate that lighting at night. In saying all that, **** looks incredible doesn’t it? Wow!
  11. Prydzopolis

    The Matilda's, Australian Woman's national football team

    They need to pick a coach ASAP, they initially wanted a coach installed prior to the tournament arranged by FFA (Stajcic was the one who suggested & pushed for it). I can’t be certain but there is one last international window in a month or so for the women prior to the WC which you’d think is key for the new coach. Was suggested yesterday that many Australian coaches have been hesitant to take on the role (Ante Millicic yet to decide), a foreigner is the most likely.
  12. Prydzopolis

    The Matilda's, Australian Woman's national football team

    Respectfully disagree, the PFA survey indicated nothing that would require drastic action (a sacking). The Our Watch survey was entirely different matter that was used by certain individuals to drive his sacking. Bear in mind, the issues raised in the PFA were to be discussed & remedied through a camp arranged by Stajcic days after he was sacked. The fact it was used as part of the “process”, especially the Our Watch report is a massive part of the problem. Hopefully the investigation undertaken by the board will expose it.
  13. Prydzopolis

    The Matilda's, Australian Woman's national football team

    Well the clause stated that if the clause is executed then he gets the remaining part of his contract paid out (9 months). It has also emerged that at his latest performance review that FFA were very happy & negotiated performance related bonuses for the WC despite a poor showing at the Asian Cup. Very hard to justify performance related clause when it hadn't been raised previously & perhaps the reason they "had" to use "toxic culture & deteriorating situation". I guess that is why he is considering legal action, gallop being a lawyer himself & obviously the FFA lawyer would have made sure it is airtight. They wouldn't have put the clause in, let alone offer the contract without it been legal. I believe this is why the FFA are persisting moving Stajcic on & looking for a new coach. They 100% believe it will stand up. Ahhh Bonita, she is certainly a divisive personality on #sokkahtwitter with many believing she has a motive & agenda herself. They took her attack on the 4 women journalists like an attack on themselves. You have to feel sorry for the position she was in & the balls it took to be a whistleblower. On one hand she would be taking orders, following on instructions, knowing that these actions were needed to win the world cup bid & wanted to keep being apart of football administration in this country. Were she to become a whistleblower, she would burn all the bridges in the football administration community within Australia & would carry the burden of her actions around for the rest of her life. Big risk. On why she didn't go further in her book, I can't be sure. Could she have acted earlier? Should she? If she knows more, why didn't she say? Certainly wasn't afraid to go after some people. Is she limited by what she could say because of her lawyers? One thing is for certain, it appears she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty when the time comes to mudslinging, not afraid to play that game or ruffle the wrong feathers. Does the bad things she has done outweigh the selfless things she has done to expose some of the more shady underhanded dealings in Australian football? I don't know, so many questions & unknowns. In my book, in the weighted scales of good v bad, she definitely comes out in the good. Ps. Sorry I deleted some post, otherwise too long quote/post
  14. Prydzopolis

    Babbel Out?

    Brown paper bags ftw, no more players living in Perth's HQ/offices & stupid bleeding obvious attempts that can be traced/paper trail.
  15. Prydzopolis

    West Melbourne: Season 2019/20

    I don’t care about anything for this team. There is only 1 thing i want. I would like this to be there walk out song Fast forward to 1:40 for chorus (love it)
  16. Prydzopolis

    The Matilda's, Australian Woman's national football team

    Just so you know, as sacrev has said it’s all out there on the internet in some form or the other. Seems like lots of people know information but are keeping things close to there chest. There seems like a lot more to come out of this saga. Just tried to fill some gaps in information that I have picked up on putting all the pieces together. I think you just need to throw in some “alleged” or “I believe it to be the case” or “I have heard” to cover your arse I doubt anyone would bother tracking down you & threatening you to be quiet. Plenty of others on #sokkahtwitter, players/parents & in the media who have some explosive stuff have had threatening phone calls from the FFA demanding they stop talking. Incredible.
  17. Prydzopolis

    The Matilda's, Australian Woman's national football team

    Re fat shaming. I only mentioned that it was an example given to his sacking, when in fact it had nothing to do with him. It was reported by Bossi as being different to the situation you highlighted, almost as if someone who wasn’t in on the joke took it the wrong way. Re cliques: reported by Gatt that it isn’t as simple as the young old Sydney etc clique & a bit more persuasive too. I’m not in the know, just picking up on things I’ve read (that email I’ve read on social media). Re cultural problems: The biggest issue you’ve mentioned is that a lot of these girls have gone from semi pro to professional within a year or so. You think that some of these girls play for two teams (W-League, America) plus national team. They get hardly no rest between seasons & play up to 70 games a season. That’s huge. On top of that you still have got a lot of girls who are still semi pro (only 20+ Matilda’s on contract). I think the conditions in the national team are difficult for these girls, having a professional national environment would be difficult for these girls who have to hold a 9-5 job, juggling school, university, family, relationships & kids. I only suspect but I believe that it these group of girls that would have struggled and may be the ones who might have had the problems. You’d think that many of the older girls would thrive in an environment like this because of what they’ve gone & fought through up to this point. It is entirely different for the younger girls, different generation, different time & different pressures. Re Politics: Gallop is the puppet but fell hook line and sinker for the politiking that lead to sacking. You would feel sorry for him if there weren’t so many high profile blunders attributed to his tenure. Nogarotto is nogarotto Reid, hey, some of the “alleged” stuff she has orchestrated behind the scenes & leaks made out to media are incredible. Don’t need cowboys or cowgirls on the board trying to implement there own agenda.
  18. Prydzopolis

    Babbel Out?

    Can I fix this for you? They are finally using creative salary cap accounting than in previous attempts
  19. Prydzopolis

    Babbel Out?

    We know the club uses the entire salary cap (impossible to spend 100% when you have incomings & outgoings but that’s why you’ve got salary cap banking). One season Jumps was considered a marquee, the following season we would have had 10x% (105-110) to use. We know uses the clubs full allocation of youth contracts but unsure of the other bonuses (loyalty bonuses) We tried to sign a “Tim Cahill Marquee Spot” but he wasn’t tim Cahill. We signed two marquees for that final season, more than we’d spent in our entire 5 seasons. In the first week of the season he left, you can’t say that he didn’t have everything he asked. —————— Personally I don’t think the club ever writes off seasons but perhaps knew we weren’t going to be challenging for the tittle for season 2-3 at SOP. Season 1, I thought we had a solid team to challenge for the post season Cup. Popa leaving in week 1 of season 2 really burned the club, he left us high & dry. If you think signing a quality (Australian) player is possible, try finding a coach a few weeks into the season. Gombau had big ambitions when he took over but a few weeks in when results didn’t go our way, he changed tune. Seasob 3, I think the club expected a lot more from Babbel but early on it appeared that we had massive squad issues this year. No second marquee this year so perhaps they had a eye towards next year.
  20. Prydzopolis

    The Matilda's, Australian Woman's national football team

    Perhaps I can fill in some gaps, I have been following this pretty intensely over the past few weeks. It is just incredible the fallout, I’m really glad that we just didn’t sweep this under the carpet. A few factors make this worse: The new FFA board promised transparency, this saga & handling is the complete opposite of what was promised; The #sokkahtwitter community has been holding them to account; the back room politics that plauged the previous board, one we thought was put to bed has now reared its ugly head. Frank & Steven would be having a good laugh right now; there are some things within the dressing room that would be very damaging if they got out; In regards to the handling, how they thought if they put out a vague explanation that it would all disappear. In fact, I’d argue that this is what they were hoping would happen till they had to stop the rot. In regards to legal action & the FFA. Stajicic had a clause in his contract that allowed him to be sacked without cause. The FFA have every right to exercise the clause. They have also tried to hide releasing reasons under the guise of confidentiality but I don’t buy it, can’t understand why they can’t de-indentify events or give examples where identities would be hidden. I guess they hoped that this would disappear but have completely misread the football community. The issue of defamation I think is from certain people behind the scenes who have said some damaging things “if you knew what I knew”, “he’ll never coach in women’s football again” One of the main reasons behind his sacking was the two surveys undertaken by the PFA & Our Watch. In regards to PFA, the PFA highlighted areas that could be improved but nothing that could be considered a sackable offense. The next interesting factor is The Who, what, where, when, how, why around the Our Watch survey. The fact they’ve used an organization that focuses on abuse & violence to women is a baffling, it implies something much worse at play. There is much to come out about this & is much about the politiking behind the scenes. Another interesting fact around these surveys was Our Watch was aimed towards the whole of the FFA organization not just the Matilda’s. These surveys were not password protected and passed to people outside its target (partners, friends & family), who filled out what & who said what is difficult to determine. The way that the language changed from the FFA. First it was the surveys, then it was the surveys that led to the FFA doing interviews & other factors. Just Monday, the FFA referred to on field performances. Just interesting how the narrative is changing. On the reasons behind the sacking & the complete silence on its explanation has been baffling. Much of the reasons around toxic culture have come from leaks to the media but have related to the support staff in the regards to casual homophobic remarks, fat shaming & work loads. None of these allegations were aimed at Stajicic but it seemed like the board felt that cutting off the head of the snake was the best course of action. Funnily enough, most of these allegations have been refuted by Stajcic. The baffling aspect to all this was that this toxic culture & “a deteriorating situation” that was happening whilst being completely oblivious to the FFA management. The head of women’s football who attends the camps & games didn’t flag anything. Luke Casserly, Head of all the Australian national teams didn’t notice anything. David Gallop who Stajcic reports to didn’t flag anything. In fact he mentioned in passing to Stajcic, the new board is good for me but bad for you. Interestingly enough, the board still feels the decision was right & doesn’t intend to reinstate him. This tells me that certain people were blindsided (the board) who felt they had no option but to act & others who were used as a puppet but blindsided nonetheless (Gallop). In regards to those in the know, it goes for both sides. Bonita approached the situation with no fear & wasn’t afraid of exposing this sham. In fact she was threatened via lawyers by a board of director to stop, it’s good to know that she has been at this a long time & knows good lawyers . She mentioned that certain individuals in the media were briefed on the situation by a director. In the following paragraph she mentioned 4 journalists who came out in support of the sacking **** (if only you knew). They all mentioned that they had covered the women’s game for a long time & they had heard concerning whispers. Since these first few days, they have either gone very quiet or tried to be very neutral on the subject, careful not to fall on any side. On the dressing room, from the outside it looks like they are United. On the inside it’s a different picture (I’m lead to believe). There are some damaging things (that have been said online) that has yet to leak into the mainstream media. From some of the comments I’ve seen in regards to the “lesbian mafia” it would be really bad if it all comes out. The Stajcic press conference & interviews have been all the more damaging. Incredibly sad, raw emotions & presented it in a way that was by far done in a classy manner unlike the the rolling PR disaster in the way that the FFA have handled things. Last night reports emerged that the board had decided to act. They are undertaking an inquiry to find out how this happened & to make sure it doesn’t happen again. All the key management personnel will have there positions reviewed & will come under close review. Gallop might be moved along in the guise of a restructure once the A-League is made independent. Another positive, they will be looking at the factors around the Our Watch survey which raises some very interesting questions yet to be answered. Not independent, but better than what they’ve offered up thus far. PS One further point I’ve missed out is that the FFA have been furiously calling all manner of people on twitter, media, Matilda players & parents. The calls to the players are those most of concern, especially threatening the future participation in the national team’s. Just imagine that you’ve resorted to calling twitter users to stop the truth from coming out. Incredible. **** A point for the masters of English & teachers in this class room. I felt the separation of the two sentences by a paragraph meant that they should be two separate sentences viewed in isolation. Many interpreted that the 4 journalists were the ones that were briefed, I interpreted that as certain journalists were briefed (not the 4 mentioned in the next paragraph). Funnily enough 3/4 journalists refuted the statement, Bonita said she never said they were the ones that were briefed. I am being a bit picky here but I can understand the confusion.
  21. Prydzopolis

    The Matilda's, Australian Woman's national football team

    Hey! No mocking Mazda’s, my old one is falling apart, maybe that was meant for me
  22. Prydzopolis

    The Matilda's, Australian Woman's national football team

    Can’t help but feel a little dirty clicking on the link. I got one about arthritis, do they know something I don’t
  23. Prydzopolis

    Babbel Out?

    Was it? He had total control, all the signings he made & recruitment falls on Popa. The only thing that was my concern was after his injury in Thailand he was never the same when he came back, seemed like he lost a yard of pace but perhaps he was never intended to play as much as he did last season. Maybe to be one of the older heads in the team to get the younger ones in line. On top, just cause he wanted to get one last paycheque, doesn’t mean he wanted to call his career. Look at Topa, 6 months overseas & then signs for Newcastle
  24. Prydzopolis

    2018/19 EPL & F.A Cup thread

    I couldn’t stand seeing the wrong year in the old topic New season starts 11/8 with Man Utd vs Leicester City Here is a link for the fixtures: https://www.premierleague.com/fixtures All matches shown on Optus & SBS to show 1 match a week (https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/how-to-watch-the-premier-league-live-on-sbs)