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  1. Prydzopolis

    2018/19 EPL & F.A Cup thread

    I couldn’t stand seeing the wrong year in the old topic New season starts 11/8 with Man Utd vs Leicester City Here is a link for the fixtures: https://www.premierleague.com/fixtures All matches shown on Optus & SBS to show 1 match a week (https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/how-to-watch-the-premier-league-live-on-sbs)
  2. I’d also hate if our fan base started turning salty over the new team & if fans from the SW (Campbelltown & beyond) wanted to support the new team. I’m sure there are plenty of fans who weren’t engaged with the AL wanted to support them, then we wouldn’t whinge. I’d be more concerned about where the Mariners will get there players from now that there are two western Sydney teams
  3. Agree Ed, half the time our players aren’t on the same wavelength as him, he’ll see gaps or see runs that our players can’t interpret. Same issue with Ono
  4. I think that it is a good team to introduce, talk of the M7 being the boundary doesn’t bother me too much. My only issue is that it’s probably 5 years too early. They’ve got a ready made stadium ready to go, one of the richest guys in Australia backing them but won’t have the population in the region to push them for another 10 years. I very much doubt that there will be the big uplift in numbers in the league the FFA were hoping for with another Sydney team. A little disappointed that other areas didn’t get much of a look in but appears that the increase in broadcast revenue dependent on teams being from Sydney & Melbourne forced the FFA’s hands.
  5. Prydzopolis

    David Squires Cartoons

    This guy is so unbelievably good that I felt that he deserved his own thread! Today's version: Year in review
  6. PAX - 14k dec 3, 20k dec 6. I assume the 10-14k is pretty much the number of ANZ members, then ticket sales on top?
  7. Sime - they usually block off the RBB section, will be difficult for you to get in. I’m sure you’ll have better odds getting an unused RBB membership for this weekend.
  8. I think the Nux was an aberration rather than a way to exploit the Smurfs. Once they drop VdL & a small tactical change then I can’t see us offering too much trouble for them. They always seem to lift against us, we never seem able to meet there determination to win. You look at the way we played against the mariners & two losses in the previous games, I am not expecting too much on the field in terms of turning around our trend of turning chances into goals. A fresh llorente, Second game for Aussie Pat, tree jack getting lots of praise which may lift him & a bit of confidence from the win might do us the world of good but will it be enough? Will we turn up busting our gut for a win? Happy with a draw but not holding my breath.
  9. Prydzopolis

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    He has the pedigree, he has coached & played at a very high level. He knows what is required & has shown what he can deliver. The club has put there money where there mouth is, spent the money on the best candidate. It is now up to him to prove it.
  10. Prydzopolis

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    The issue with Gumby was that he was very far down the pecking order of choices, it was why at the end of the season we let him go. I pushed for a community ownership model (closer to 10%) but it didn’t appear to be much appetite for community ownership. A few things, nobody could have predicted that Popa was going to leave at that point. He spent a whole preseason with the squad, convinced the owners to invest in two marquees he wanted. The club were bewildered & furious that they were given zero notice & a few days before Popa left. Burnt bridges. Future planning works but only to a point, you can plan all you want but if your preferences aren’t available then what are you supposed to do? I agree with Foxe but not many people had faith in his ability to be a manager, yet. Gumby was not first, second or third choice manager. When they went with him, they initially backed him for the long term based on what he promised the club. There was nothing bright under Gumby, we started playing okay when the pressure was off & there was nothing to achieve. When he was first appointed it was very different to the end of the season. The change of attitude & the change of message caused the club to make a decision. Look at where he ends up this season, seems to have found his level. When the club made the decision on Gumby it was at the end of the season. Do you blame the club for planning for next season? Had we waited, we’d be signing Mahazi type players rather than the players the coach wanted. The end result is slightly better than waiting & exactly is the issue you were unhappy with in regards to future planning. This is a general comment, I find it interesting that for people that are in the know, they seem to be quite far off the truth in regards to what actually happened. Speak to the club, go into the club headquarters at Rooty Hill, have a chat with the management team if you are not convinced.
  11. Prydzopolis

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Prydz junior screamed through the 90 minutes, I’m guessing it was speed & Harper, your ears must have hurt just as much as mine In all seriousness, from the bits that I managed to take in, was a shambles. I’d say that we made took some steps forward in Perth before a step backwards in the derby. Then steps forward in Wellington & Mudgee before some steps backwards at Spotless. It looks like now we have gone into a tailspin. Babbel is a straight talking guy, hope is takes a no bullshit approach to explaining this performance. It was this exact sort of rubbish that cost Gumby his job.
  12. Which side will fall to the most incompetent decisions by the referee, let’s be honest, it will be a tight contest Will this week be the one where we are not as wasteful in front of goal. Translate good play into goals... I’m hopeful that it will come good soon. Making top 6 is easy, put a few wins together at the end of the season. Easy.
  13. Prydzopolis

    2018/19 Injury Status

    Exactly Gunner, I think Babbel realizes that in the end we don’t have many surprises when it comes to our team or most teams in the A-League. It’s not like the coaches are tactically flexible or change formations weekly, on top of that the squads have very little depth.
  14. Prydzopolis

    Football Media Discussion 2

    Heard it’s only chrome cast right now but haven’t used it myself. So is the foxtel go app by the way (in the last month or so), chromecast works all the time but the Apple TV functionality is a bit temperamental
  15. New Stadium, New Home.... Same ****
  16. Agree, he did a fox sports podcast with the ATB guys, the stuff he spoke about in regards to liasing with police, stadiums, media (making sure bullshit wasn’t being said) was seriously impressive. Shame none of it makes its way out into the media or the general Football supporting public.
  17. Prydzopolis

    Coach and Staff Thread 2018/19

    This is seriously impressive signing. I’m guessing it is a blame equally apportioned to Babbel & the now departed S+C guy, it seems he wasn’t able to manage the workload that Babbel was expecting from his S+C guy. Im guessing the workload that Babbel expects is what the managers in Germany have expected over his entire career. I’m guessing there are still some nuances that will take some adjustment such as our heat & hard pitches.
  18. Prydzopolis

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Funnily enough, many of those players came from players recommending players. I guess like anything, can be fraught with danger depending on how they adapt. Didn’t realise that, if I remember correctly, Jumps was a Popa pick (of course not many Japanese players have come to Australia) and it was Ono who recommended he come to Australia based on his experience with WSW.
  19. Prydzopolis

    Copa Libertadores 2017

    This one just as good His second day version of events So, looks like another delay. They’ll decide tomorrow when & where the game is played. As if the drama couldn’t get any greater, game looks like going ahead this morning & the stadium even filling up too! Then once the player came back from hospital and his eye condition had worsened, looked like no chance of it being played. You must watch the video of the police escort from the back of a bike. Cops with rubber bullet guns & batons sitting behind the riders, trying to clear the path ahead of the bus.
  20. How good was the referee last night, shame we actually have to import them in from overseas to actually get a decent one
  21. Can't blame the guy who has had his first start in 3 seasons, raw af. Riera on the other hand, no excuses Yep harsh smogster, he got an incredible hand to the ball & unlucky not to push it a bit wider. Reminded of derby when a man in our box manages to find acres of room. Blame the marking not the keeper The gap between NPL2 to AL is too big, players like Majok needed to be playing all year round not just bench appearances for 3-4 years. Very hard to make the step up without experience. Second division will help give these players opportunities to get the experience needed. ---------------- We need to bring in a term we use in the whole new vs old sokkah, we've got the popa syncopates and the gumby bitters. Crazy to think people are already questioning Babbel, the boys look good together & not too far away from turning promising performances into results. If this continues I feel we will finish outside the six but there is lots to be excited about with Babbel ps. Mack I'm putting you in the gumby bitters group -------------- Newcastle were second best but what we did in S1 & 2 so well where we absorbed pressure & take our chances on the break. Newcastle scored their goal with their first look at goal after 25 minutes & then the second in the 3/4 minute of injury time when we were playing 2 at the back. If you didn't watch the game then you'd think the 0-2 loss was much worse than it was. Also, when were they parking the bus? I think they started after their goal, wasting time at goal kicks, injuries, throw ins, ball to the corners, pretty much every opportunity available after they scored. Not criticism but true professional performance from them, they might not have deserved the win but they earnt it.
  22. Most of the big ticket items done on the outside of the stadium: - The roof structure seems to be almost complete all way round (some Bunnings tarp left to go up but all steel up) - The landscaping around the stadium seems to be underway. Whole lot of earth works underway at the moment - The external coverings on the outside of the stadium (finishes on) stair cases, wooden fixtures on concrete (thinks it’s wood), external finishes on the ground level Shame that as we get close to finishing, you see less & less big updates from the outside.