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  1. https://twitter.com/josimarfotball/status/1143601194289549312 Fantastic investigative look into the shenanigans going on into CAF. New president, same old politicking
  2. His PR company were quick to put hot water on this saga & unfortunately nothing came of it (a charge or conviction)
  3. Can’t agree more, the worst is when you either get a player crossing in front or a decision difficult to view from your angle but the sideline bench can see it all. You call what you see but they probably have the better angle than me, never goes down well
  4. Question: How do I get better at judging offsides? The really close calls I never feel sure about & generally give the advantage to the attacking side. Sometimes I’ll completely miss the best view as I haven’t turned my head quick enough to make a call. What is the best way to deal with these? How do I get better?
  5. I had one of those on Saturday. A scuffle on the half time whistle with a 2 reds and a host of yellows. The opposition forfeited the match at half time, thank goodness as I don’t think the second half would have been considered a game of football. The last thing I wanted to do on Saturday night after dealing with a sick kid, getting him to bed & then writing up my send off report before having to wake up at 6am for Sunday duties. Fun Somehow I find this too, when you get complimented after the game or something similar it makes it worth it. Although my 3 Sunday teams I feel sorry for, had two pretty horrible matches & even I could understand the lip I was copping. This is the one thing I hate, the amount of stuff they’ll let the players get away with when it comes to swearing or showing dissent towards the referee. Brusque the worst culprit of them all, makes it difficult to referee at grass roots level where players see it in the A-League & think it’s okay.
  6. Can you give us any news on Aussie Pats citizenship? Seems like nobody can get a straight answer? Can you ask about the managements position on sharing information discussed on the night with us here? I know the club are always willing to chat to us fans but this provides a good channel between the greater fanbase & the club management Is the club planning on having a members forum as in the past?
  7. Perhaps that’s the reason they’ve set it up this way
  8. Clearly the reason we are after him is his penalty taking. Imperious from the spot. Let’s keep scum bag brusque as far as we can from this forum
  9. Agree but I can understand why this approach is taken. Now with the introduction of VAR, this gap widens. Almost like they need one set of laws for professional & another for grassroots.
  10. You’re not alone, losing 100’s of referees each year across grass roots. Plenty of the younger referees in 20-30’s just give up. Why would you want to keep giving up your weekends when you just keep getting abused week in week out. I must admit that I’ve had some shockers this year. I even get frustrated at myself sometimes, frustrated just thinking about it. Probably doesn’t help when it mostly happens to your 5-6th games of the weekend. People don’t realize that I’ve had a pretty **** time of it of late. I’m really struggling since I got out of hospital beginning of May. Sometimes I think that I should just give it up, was hoping that things would get better with time, hoping that my headaches/migraines wouldn’t have such a big impact (doesn’t help when my last hospital treatment didn’t work) & hoping that things would flow from there. Oh well, what do you do? Just keep going, the exercise is good for my health & the dollars aren’t too bad but just have to not be so hard on myself I guess. Oh well
  11. I find it interesting that they’ve been in the LOTG for at least 2 seasons, yet so many have been reluctant to introduce them. It’s a tough one but at the end of the day it’s about player safety. The game has changed & so has the LOTG to reflect this change. Why can’t you get the ball & take out the player at the same time? It’s dangerous, when you make your tackle you need to take into account the consequences or the danger you place your opponent. You may have every intention of playing the ball but it is no longer enough. I was told during my referee course that Refereeing at A-League level shouldn’t be compared to grass roots Refereeing especially when it comes to careless, reckless & excessive force. When it comes to these games, it is about putting on a show, keeping 22 players on the field & the contest. Player safety is not the primary focus as it is at grass roots level.
  12. It’s promising dude, things have certainly changed now in the way that doctors treat those people that have a health problem that lasts longer than 3 months https://www.9news.com.au/national/plan-for-australians-living-with-pain/ec9a898d-f83a-4cc0-9ed1-6c7c7b672e26 Gone are the days when you get prescribed opioids & rest. The numbers effected are staggering & a real burden on the health system. You just hope that these people suffering can now get access to the help that they need.
  13. Chubba and his mates throwing some ace tweets out tonight, I suspect they may be contacted by a lawyer or two tomorrow morning
  14. Keep up a facade & although we laugh (Archie of all people) made a good point that this guy has something wrong with him. Probably needs help, all the attention he gets probably fuels the delusion.
  15. I don’t think anyone has said don’t score as many goals as you can, it’s just about showing some respect on the field. Completely agree Somehow turned into a gender issue, ridiculous. On another note. Monumental game tonight, 2am Matilda’s vs Brazil. All or nothing, 2 losses & impossible to progress? The AS stuff has gone on a bit too much for my liking this week. The focus needs to be on the WC, the inquest and soul searching can be done after the WC. Going to be a messy fallout if we don’t get out of the group.
  16. Any idea when the next meeting is being held?
  17. The big thing is that our season doesn’t get impacted. Play as many games you want out of the stadium, as long as the playing surface is good from October to April.
  18. #sokkahtwitter & nelly yoa. The gift that keeps on giving The effort he has gone to here, just next level. Well played
  19. This news is not ideal, full credit to the guy for having some ambition of going back overseas to have another crack.
  20. Wonder what happened to Europe?
  21. Oh, I thought you got a 1 season ban at the end of last year?
  22. Yep, I had this pain in the chest, turned out to be a tweaked back. These things are something you don’t mess about with!
  23. Is it a possibility that he had waited too long & forced us to sign someone else? As in that’s why he told him to **** off? I guess there is only so long that you can hold off before having to be concerned about building the squad. You’ve forgotten how many times we’ve been burned with players leaving late & screwing up our squad cause of cap issues.
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