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  1. 4 residents with flu like symptoms, one of those has returned a negative COVID test. Just got to hope that they aren’t that unlucky that they’ll have another outbreak
  2. Why are cases increasing at such a rapid rate but we aren’t seeing a rise in deaths? TLDR: Wait about 6-8 weeks & you’ll see the result of letting COVID run rampant. Scary stuff
  3. Couldn’t agree more, what shocks me the most is the random places it seems to appearing without any link. Just goes to show that it is lingering out there in the community, we need to be careful!
  4. They have provided some clarification but that is in the new LOTG for the 20/21 season, we are currently playing under the 19/20 LOTG. It really is a bit of joke, they’ve tried to make it easier & more black/white but I think they’ve just made it more complicated. Well in Paul, good to hear I was pretty happy with my games today, some pretty low level AA to get me back into the swing of things
  5. Meanwhile in Victoria, wow what a cluster****. Read the thread
  6. Super keen to get back into things, haven’t had an practice games but I’ve been training really hard to be ready! I know I’m going to be sore Monday after back to back Saturday & Sunday!
  7. I’ve been listening to the price of football podcast. It’s scary the spending levels of these clubs, well beyond what the clubs earn to get into the EPL. They've got to try to compete with the relegated clubs from the PL with the parachute payments. It’s an ugly mixture, you’ve got to think that this is only the beginning.
  8. Head groundskeeper seemed pretty confident that it will stand up fine
  9. It was written at the height of the pandemic when it looked like a lot more people were going to be infected & deaths too. We really dodged a bullet when you see what is happening elsewhere in the world. Just when you think you’ve got on top of it & think the worst is over, it now comes back with a vengeance Victoria have had a lot of stuff happened with the quarantine that is partially responsible for the outbreak. The Victorian CHO was saying that all the cases are related to the same genetic strain making it likely that Victoria have a super spreader. I just think how lucky we are in NSW that we aren’t in a similar situation. Social distancing is non-existent, mask wearing in crowded areas is non-existent & I think we are so fortunate that we haven’t had an outbreak of our own yet
  10. I know there has been some issues raised over privacy concerns with the COVIDSafe app & this just shows how nothing is really safe, even angry birds. Now I haven’t validated this information but it just shows how deep it goes
  11. Jesus! That is some workout between the league & football, it’s going to be a mess. Surely we can shift games elsewhere? Anywhere with a decent pitch
  12. Interestingly enough that I had no connections in the app in the last 48 hours yet I’ve been to the gym, shops & even service NSW (absolutely zero distancing, 4sm or masks ) The COVID-19 exposure logging o/s doesn’t recognize COVIDSafe as an approved or active app. Perhaps the app is too far in the background for it to work? Initially it only worked if the app was on screen & phone unlocked, apparently there were some further updates which fixed it? Apparently not?
  13. It’s just the consequence of trying to finish the season in quick succession. There is pretty much no way to guarantee that each team get a fair crack with the limited time they’ve given to finish the season. Don’t forget, the longer the time in quarantine camp, the more the costs of accommodation will be to house all the clubs. Lets not forget that without travel, it will give the players a better chance to recover than having to spend x hours on planes/buses traveling to/from games around the country.
  14. Beware, the Queensland government have now introduced a 14 day quarantine for all teams playing in Victoria or against Victorian teams. I’m not so sure that this will happen now, but I’m unsure how the logistics will play out. Move the game to Sydney?
  15. Not sure if I’ve posted this recommended in here but they’ve just released the third season of Dark. It is a series on Netflix, in German but if you’re into science fiction or time travel, it’s well worth a watch. Not something that you can put on in the background & takes some time to put the pieces together but it’s brilliant. Highly recommend!
  16. I know right? It’s nuts When things were bad & we were looking at just how bad things were, I get it, people are worried about what might happen. A few weeks of empty shelves & things started to get back to normal, was it all worth it? Were we locked in our houses like Italy or Spain for a few months? No, as far a lockdown went pretty light Now, a few months on, the madness has come back? Really? Come on people!
  17. You have nothing to worry about Burger, by itself the software changes by Apple/Google can’t work without the app. I know it’s hard to believe that these tech giants have facilitated protecting our privacy. You're right, Apple/Google have been working with governments to make these app not only work better but better protect the privacy of users. The reason? Bluetooth & the operating systems were never made with contract tracing in mind. It’s why there has been so many issues across the world trying to get the app working.
  18. I believe the announcement is tomorrow, going to be huge!
  19. The way that governments have set up these tracing apps are not perfect especially from a safety or privacy perspective. If you choose to download an app like “COVIDSafe”, these software changes that both google & Apple have made allow these apps to work is a safer, smarter way whilst safeguarding your privacy & protect your phone. I could be wrong but I believe that most governments will need to update the current software in order to take advantage of the new tweaks that both of them are made. I could be wrong, could anyone verify?
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