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  1. When he left the club, I expected him to unleash & say what he couldn’t say in Australia. He had 2 or 3 interviews & he had some hard home truths but to be honest I thought he’d move on, as in be an ambassador & advocate for the league. I’m not saying he should sugarcoat things, he is blunt & says what’s on his mind, it’s not his way. In saying that, it seems like he has gone the other way however & It seems like he got another opportunity to let out his frustrations. I fear now that anytime Australia should come up in Europe, Babbel will be there to give his 2c about the **** quality, **** youths etc.
  2. Just remember, JP knows the story & how it works in Australia. JP can’t pull the stuff that Babbel does, he doesn’t have the credit in the bank. He plays the game just like most other Australian managers, give little away & don’t give any out extra ammunition that could be used against you. Man, you guys are harsh. We have had a guy playing league one & he comes to Australia. Different countries, different conditions, different style of football & of course he won’t be fit. Only playing 2 games in 4 weeks isn’t going to help. To aclimatise to Australian conditions he needs a preseason. This isn’t football manager where you transfer in the January window & finish off 90 minutes straight off the plane. It’s a different style of support something that you haven’t grown up with as in different cultures. In saying that, the work those RBB guys did yesterday was far beyond what we saw from many players yesterday. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but nothing will happen between now & the end of the season. Most managers come off contract in June & will have to wait till the end of the European season until we have any hope at securing a new overseas manager. I don’t think we have a good enough local manager to step into the void & secure immediate results. @hughsey was spot on, they’ve sacked Babbel without a plan. Relying on JP was lunacy especially with still so much of the season remaining. JP must have had quite an impression on Lederer if he was willing to give him the reigns. You then have to question who is making the footballing decisions & whether they should be making those decisions?
  3. That was a hard watch, I get so frustrated when we score & then drop off thinking the game has been won. We concede in the second half & then can’t get back into the game. Jets looked more likely to score after it was 1-1 than we did.
  4. A really good discussion here on Welcome to Country & I think the opinion of @scarcev & @dmixtaaa is very relevant too We can call it political correctness gone too far but I think once you weigh up all that has happened to our indigenous Australians since Europeans came to these shores then I’d say it is a small part of a long road back. You’ve only got to see from the Closing the Gap report delivered this week, to see how far we have got to go. Personally, I think it’s more of a positive than a negative. Probably belongs in unpopular opinions not wrgmg
  5. Interesting little nugget here, looks like Fox inserted a clause in the current tv deal to take it away from SBS? In the same thread, appears like it’s only on Iview today, not any of the channels
  6. We would be mad if an opportunity came up like this & didn’t at least throw our hat in the ring. The key here would be to make sure we hire the right assistant, as Babbel has showed it can work against you. Funnily enough, he is not really that type of manager. Very conservative manager, made Barca very hard to beat & didn’t score many goals. He moved them away from the formation & style that Pep Barca’s made famous. His biggest issue was spectacular collapses against Roma & Liverpool but if collapses against teams in the late stages of champions league is his biggest problem, then I don’t think it is as much of an issue. He seems to want to take on another experience & live in another country. I don’t think it will all come down to money.
  7. I feel that the team are still in this slump, doesn’t help when this is AM’s first attempt at management & first coaching position in women’s football. But as soon as we face teams that are of equal strength or in China’s case just matching our physicality & intensity even though you’d say that player for player we have the better team. It’s hard to disagree with this sort of criticism of the performance. They’ve got to be better if we want to have a decent crack at the Olympics. It’s fantastic that we are making so many inroads & getting to WC’s & olympics but will need to improve significantly if we want to do more than just participate.
  8. Are you sure that is what it’s about? I think it has more to do with crowds less likely & ratings not going to be great. The AL needs all the wins it can get
  9. You have to wonder whether play 3 games in so many days won’t have an effect on the players, perhaps why such an underwhelming performance but it’s same for both teams. Plus China spent 2 weeks in a hotel as preparation, we can’t have any complaints.
  10. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2020-02-13/middle-aged-men-dying-too-soon-suicide-we-can-learn-from-history/11958284 Middle-aged men make up the largest age-specific increase in suicides, but we can learn from history
  11. Sounds like you need to come to a pre match meeting at the Royal Oak (is it still standing?) & make new friends with our WSF family
  12. Pre match instructions (Bobby Maddley in a preseason tournament in Tasmania) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAu50vCujIM
  13. Ahhh dude, bad luck! I guess it’s the last time you take my advice Seriously though, you did know it was a possibility when you got the invite with only your name on it & RSVP’d in the knowledge that it might just be you. I guess the question is how far you want to take it? Do you take the non-invite as the deal breaker? Or do you go to the wedding (hopefully a few people that you know) have a few drinks & a good feed? As Jack said, have your misses come & stay with you the night? I know you’re proper pissed off at the moment & as a friendship you’re pretty much done but I wouldn’t burn the bridge by turning down the invite. You never know what might happen further down the road, maybe you just drift apart or maybe things might go the other way?
  14. Talk of Optus comes from club insiders!! We are half way there to be honest, we currently allow ABC to broadcast the A-aleague for free!
  15. When I meant in-house production, this is what I meant Not the match feed but the other side of it! As many of you have highlighted, it’s a very hi-tech, specialised & expensive exercise. If Fox couldn’t find a way to do it themselves & make a profit, then I find it hard to believe any single sport or new player could find it more economical themselves. It’s exactly what the EPL have for the international audience (what we see on Optus). They produce all the daily shows, pre/post game & all the other bits of media/interviews. As per above, they are almost already there, all they need now is to develop an app to deliver it. You wonder though, at what point will they make the leap? Or will they run Optus side by side with their own app, once they have enough viewers they can then drop the Optus contract.
  16. 109ml from 9am Saturday to 9am Sunday 85ml from 9am today! Nuts but how good!! edit: 161ml from 9am today to 7:30pm!
  17. So the issue with this: The only way that this will be (1) over turned by VAR (2) onfield review is if it is a red card. If the referee has made an error by not giving the foul & it’s clear & obvious but not a red card = no on field review. VAR will always check everything, even if the VAR graphic doesn’t appear on screen or the referee doesn’t communicate directly with the VAR. It doesn’t matter if the referee doesn’t give a foul, gives a foul or foul & yellow card, VAR won’t intervene (over turn or ask referee to review) unless it reaches the threshold for a red card. Clear & obvious only referring to red card not the foul itself. An example: In the first year of operation a Sydney FC player stamped on another players foot off the ball. Although the foul was clear & obvious, despite some referees would award a red card but others would not, hence no review.
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