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  1. Please don’t goat, there is always another solution Let us know how it goes? How did you find them? Did you ask your GP?
  2. Can someone tell me what they think about the PS5? Worth presale or wait till it comes out? As if there won’t be any good deals out in Black Friday Sales?
  3. To put things in perspective: The normal auto renew is in June & normal season starts October. Approx 4 months prior to start of season, makes sense that season starts in approx 4 months. As for this being normal, this is no normal season. It’s a bit disappointing the way they’ve gone about the process, I certainly understand with so much uncertainty people would rather than not auto renew & wait to see when (or if) the season starts. Questions: (1) Foundation discount still apply? (2) If only 7,500 people allowed in, how are they charging full membership prices?
  4. To be honest, I think it has more to do with Nike to be honest, I really liked the Nike Matilda’s kit but most of the kits in the last few years have been rubbish.
  5. As is always the case, IFAB write or rewrite the laws & then leave it up to the referee bodies to interpret it in the real world. As for park football referees not being to properly understand or apply it correctly. You’re right, if these referees aren’t keeping up to date with the law changes, doing your referee courses, going to monthly referee meetings. I’m sure not every referee does or every park football referee knows the laws inside out but these laws change every year, sometimes small tweaks other time big. Let me give you an example: They’ve just changed the law so you no longer need to raise your hand for an indirect free kick? Well, there was an offside 10m inside there own half on the sideline. No ball had travelled anywhere that distance all game but this time, the keeper at the last minute tried to kick it outside the box but totally misjudged it. Bounced over there head & on the line the attacker possibly could have scored? Idiot me on the sideline had already started writing it in his book taking the cue from the celebrating bench behind me. Before I had known it, referee whistle blew for a restart, ball goes up the other end & scores goes from 2-1 to 3-1 when could have easily been 2-2. So what did we have to consider here? Did the referee have his hand up to signal IDFK? Was the ball touched before it went into the goal? What is the correct restart? Well if the hand was raised & scored without a touch it would be goal kick but the hand wasn’t raised so it’s a retake. Just one of the little changes in the law. I didn’t know it but it was Interesting while walking off how everyone knew all these different variations or didn’t even know at all. It’s going to be the same for the handball law. First year is going to be the hardest, second year (already made changes for next winter season) will get easier. The average park footballer or your average footballer watcher or fan doesn’t need to understand. Your average park football referee, if he does all his education (see above) will know how to interpret it properly & consistently.
  6. It was my understanding via word of mouth, that the hills district referees get more than the other competitions. I heard $80 but clearly this is short of the mark, maybe when the hills were set up the referees were paid more than others? Same as the central coast, we’ve had a big shortage of numbers, even in PL had games without assistants.
  7. Do you think you can ask the therapist to reconsider? How about draft an email asking why you want to continue with him/her? I’m guessing the reason he/she isn’t taking on anyone new because they can’t make regular appointments for his/her patients. It’s probably why you’ve got to wait so long. Another idea is to go back to your GP to find another psychologist or one that you’ll be able to see more regularly?
  8. I agree, he has shot himself in the foot with his pre match instructions but I know I’ve stuffed up more than once in a game trying to make that call. I’m shocked at that to be honest, would have thought with the shorter season & the higher pay for referees that they’d have better coverage. I feel like the swearing takes the decent to another level. Do you use sin bins? Surprised he didn’t use it or perhaps he felt bad that he knew his decision was bad & let him have outburst in frustration. I hate being a referee making game changing decisions. I’d say that it was poor prematch instructions rather than anything else. Making an offside decision from the middle as a referee is a guess. Without any assistants unfortunately it’s impossible to get everyone right. It’s hard enough to get them right on the sideline as an AR let alone from the middle. Hard enough when the defenders stick up there hands & shout offside (although that’s his own fault) I guess my point is: try not to be too hard on the bloke for getting an offside wrong from the middle. I’d hope that my teams didn’t judge my whole performance off those offsides which I got wrong.
  9. I would contact the club, between members pissed off at the clubs incompetence & those who would have lost jobs and struggling through the rona recession, there might be a few wondering the same.
  10. Happy birthday @wendybr hope you’re having a great day! Hope the brown family treated you well!!
  11. A simplified version is above shoulders, 100% handball & between shoulders and side, a 50-50 call. I know that there has been a very strict interpretation especially in CL & Serie A in terms of handball especially when it comes to a shot on target. In the PL, they didn’t follow this interpretation but apparently they will come into line this season as with other areas when it comes to VAR. It’s not one I like but it’s the direction we are going with some unbelievably harsh calls. That Leeds one isn’t one of them. It comes down to the rewrite of the handball law in 19/20. They tried to make it more black and white in terms of handball, trying to take away the interpretation in the old law. Instead I think it still requires just as much interpretation & confusion that existed in the old laws. The new handball law, does give some latitude for players to have there hands in a natural position away from the side of the body & not be handball but it doesn’t apply to all positions. For example, if you’re sliding into a challenge your bottom hand supporting you won’t be considered handball. The top hand however if away from the body is considered handball, naturally it won’t be by your side but it’s still a handball. I think it also now puts the onus on the player to defend differently in the box. In Serie A, I don’t agree with the interpretation where every touch off the hand away from the body is handball but at least the players know where they stand.
  12. It won’t be fixed, unfortunately this is just the way it is. Each year IFAB will update the LOTG & then each nation will pass it on to its referees. In fact, the new season just started & the updated 20/21 LOTG have just come into effect. You are correct, when it comes to handball and a shot on goal. It’s a very strict interpretation on your hands making your body unnaturally bigger. Or conversely were his arms in that position as a result of a natural movement? 1. Arm was closer to shoulder height than beside his waist 2. It’s not about un-natural position anymore, that’s very 18/19 It’s about whether he made his body unnaturally bigger? Most definitely yes 3. You are correct about the speed of the shot but you must take into consideration the distance between the shot & the player was quite considerable so that works against him. 4. It doesn’t need to be deliberate to be handball
  13. First off, I completely disagree about the SFC conspiracy. Crap decisions? Yes but conspiracy? No. Dale works for ESPN & seems to take on the mantle for explaining referee decisions. Does a pretty good job of things. He doesn’t work for the PL. It’s not like those articles where they could never ever say once or admit to any error. He’ll happily call out when things are wrong but generally it comes down misunderstanding. How can you expect the general footballing public to keep up to date with the yearly changes to the LOTG? Unless you do your referee course, attend monthly meetings, doing your video sessions where you’re taught to properly interpret the LOTG & being assessed out on the field. It’s one thing to read the LOTG but another thing entirely to interpret them. From everything that I’ve been taught, he is spot on. I thought I did a pretty good of explaining things myself.
  14. Cancer really is a real **** of a disease. Hope he is fairing better! My experience has been that they offer you a refurbished model for a discounted price. I feel my PS4 is on its last legs too but just hope that it will last long enough till a ps5 comes out. I guess it helps I barely use it these days maybe an hour or so a week. At least I know what I’m in for when my PS4 shits the bed
  15. Check this out by Dale Johnson if you don’t believe me (he usually gives some pretty good explanations about LOTG & the inner workings of VAR)
  16. Haha!! I can guarantee you that I’ve had plenty of times this season where I’ve had people who had been too cooped up and used MAA as an outlet. I think maybe I should have taken a season off like you You know it’s funny, the amount of teams I’ve seen do the opposite. One week I had a team deciding to play a high line, first game with no linesman & the second with only one. You’d think that you’d just use common sense? No, just blow up at me instead The league sounds like a shambles, how can they let stuff like that go? I guess that’s one thing I like about the Churches league, they keep things under control. It’s been pretty good on the central coast too, not for Div1 and PL but for AA & juniors the behavior has been pretty good.
  17. I feel for your son, his team & the referee First, let me preface this by saying as a referee who has had to call offside from halfway, it’s never fun. In fact, all the referee is doing is guessing as there is no way he’d be able to accurately call an offside from the middle of the field. You’re either feeling bad for the defenders who they feel the attacker was offside when the goal was scored or the attacker who felt they made a good run but were denied a goal. I do find in these types of games (without assistant referees) it is better to be central rather than up with play. Why you ask? Will you be in a good position to call fouls or a penalty in the box? No, however when judging offsides if you’re too close to the play or too far up the field it’s harder to get a good overall view of the ball/defenders/attackers. Does it suit the older, slower, weightier referees, yes but it does make judging offsides yourself much easier. On swearing, I think it’s the right call especially if it’s loud. Some referees let it go & I really think it just depends on the type of person. For me, I take a dim view on it. The side I agree with you, is the pre-match saying he’ll give any offside the defense thinks is offside. I think he might have been trying to suggest that anything that’s close he will give as offside but has worded it badly. The last consideration you need to take is how someone at your level of football is getting these types of referees? Seen huge numbers of referees drop out over the last 5 or so years, younger referees don’t progress cause they can’t cop the abuse & the middle aged ones left a while ago. All that’s left is the older rusted on referees who have been used to copping it for years and years. I always know that when you get to the late stages of the season, match coverage suffers & you’re lucky to get center referees let alone assistant referees. Hopefully you’ll make finals & the next few weeks don’t ruin things too much. I think it’s important to back your assistant, if it’s offside then that person is the best person placed to make that call. I agree with Paul that lots of first year referees are dying to raise the flag & sometimes you wish they didn’t. It’s really important that you try to back them, help them learn & encourage them not shut them down.
  18. You are correct that a deflection off the body is some circumstances will negate the handball but a few things to remember: - The deflection portion of the law doesn’t not apply if you’ve got your arms above shoulder height - When it comes to a shot on goal, something that might be considered not a handball in the middle of the field will be different in the penalty box. - Although his arms were below shoulder level, I’d say that it was very high & almost level with his shoulder. Too high. When you combine all these things together & ask yourself, “has his arms made himself unnaturally bigger?”. The answer is yes, combining with the strict interpretation of a shot on goal, his arms being so far away from his body then I think the right call was made. It’s the issue with law, they’ve tried to make it more black & white but it’s become more convoluted
  19. Not everyday you make it viral (was the referee)! Lucky I didn’t do anything stupid
  20. This is pretty much spot on, thought it was incredible that Beath was given the Grandfinal over both Faghani & King. King who has been the best performing referee this season & Faghani who is the best referee in the league by a long margin. I’ve seen one point of view is that Beath hasn’t had a Grandfinal for a number of years & has waited his turn. Not great but thought enough to let it go but to get this? Nah On a separate note, I did think he had a decent performance in the grand final, plenty of drama about some decisions that he got right but that’s just life.
  21. We also signed an NPL keeper to replace him for the post covid restart. That should tell you what the club thought of him. Or perhaps he was in the last 6 months of his contract, signed for Macathur so the club didn’t want him playing? McGowan deserves a special award, let’s just say it’s something to do with tackling
  22. Seems to be going guns blazing since Lang Walker sold his stake off
  23. How can clubs re-sign players? The clubs, FFA and players need to hash out a new CBA plus they need to figure out what will happen in regards to a cap or no cap or new system? Also, do we even have a start date? So much to do before clubs can start signing players.
  24. I can appreciate that, they live at Glenbrook & already been on heaps of bush walks around the area but you’re right. It’s not too bad, not proper bush or the type of stuff you’ll find with not a soul around but better than the concrete jungle that is Sydney!
  25. Cheers brother, I’ve actually got a mate who just moved to the mountains from homebush area! So jealous that you can literally walk out the back door & you’ve got so many walks on your back door step!! It’s a case now of finding a spare few hours to actually walk!!!
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