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  1. That effectively puts to bed that premise that Bronnby are the first football team to install face recognition cameras into stadiums
  2. The biggest joke was that they had the game on a raised court in the middle of the field. This mean any court side seating & ground level was completely useless for watching the game. That’s ****ed. The other problem was the big names that didn’t show up. Like these European friendlies happening in Australia without the big names. Farce
  3. I think it’s natural to feel disappointed, finals & especially grand final allocations are a reflection of your year. Were you being watched or assessed last weekend? Unless you were then I doubt that performance would have made a significant impact. I’d like to think that your availability/games allocated & assessments would determine your allocations. On the central coast, they are taking into account the games you’ve been allocated during the year, your reliability (not showing up or cancelling last minute), assessments & attendance at monthly referee meetings. We were also told that you may not referee every week of the finals or get a grand final. Wasn’t a reflection on us but wasn’t your year & you're unlucky not to be chosen. It’s hard not to take it personally but sometimes have to look at the bigger picture. On my allocations, I did my ankle a few weeks ago. As I’m unable to move side to side, being A/R is out of the question so been told to take 2 weeks off. Told I’ll get a final in Sydney & on the coast I’ve had a pretty ordinary season so doubt I’ll get anything (lucky to get an elimination semi final but no chance for a grand final).
  4. Interestingly the npl senior side is doing poor, that gives a small insight. So many of these young kids just don’t make the step up from junior to senior level. Look at how many of the youngsters we have had over the years who have been good youth players but can’t make that step up (usually for different reasons body, skill or just not willing to work hard enough) to being apart of our senior team. Mariners seem like the place where they are willing to throw younger players straight into a professional setup without proving themselves or those that have tried to go overseas, fail but we aren’t willing to take them back.
  5. Off the post as long as the encroached player does not interfere. They’ve changed encroachment for outfield players that VAR will only intervene if the encroached player scores. No they can’t, they can interpret things differently (think handball in CL to PL last season) but not when it comes to absolutes (think offside, on or off). This is why IFAB are intervening. This was introduced from the WWC (haven’t just introduced it midseason) & makes perfect sense. The issue is when the attacking team loses the ball, then lose possession or worse Attacking team lose possession after hitting the referee = drop ball to attacking team. If the attacking team still have the ball, no need to call a drop ball. If the ball is already going out, it will restart the same way, no need to call a drop ball. The caveat is if it happens in the box = keepers ball. Drop balls will no longer be contested. No, this can’t & won’t happen, will be a uncontested drop ball. If shot deflects off referee & scores = drop ball to attacking team. If deflection off referee & goal keeper saves, then goal scored, drop ball to attacking team. If shot was going wide & deflected off referee, will be a goal kick. if it hits the referee in the box, drop ball to goal keeper (uncontested). Under the changes, all drop balls will be uncontested.
  6. Need to invest in a phone with answering machine in-built, you can screen the calls as they come in. 9.99/10 they never leave a message & can always pick up if you hear the voice of an actual caller at the other end. Do it, works well
  7. IFAB issues circular - big emphasis on leagues using VAR must penalize goalkeepers on penalties if they leave the line before the kick is taken http://static-3eb8.kxcdn.com/documents/822/164203_210819_Circular_17_LoG_Laws_clarification_2019_20_EN.pdf
  8. Sure, the second it was announced, they wanted it to be over. David Galloped just walked out of a press conference midway he wanted the issue to be buried. Yes, it’s a procedural review but not one that will achieve anything of note, nothing to stop the same old backroom politicking causing issues again.
  9. Match fitness for XI starters for next weeks FFA cup game.
  10. My brief word to him was “bring us home some silverware”!
  11. Good night of FFA cup action but was a bit of a damp squid last night. I think the game on Sunday must have taken the wind out of Marconi. Didn’t look like troubling city & they barely had to get out of 1st gear. The goal in the last 10 woke up the crowd & brought some life into the game but too little too late.
  12. Okay, which one of you were discussing the Hong Kong situation in the politics threads? Or who was the one that was dissing China? You’re to blame What purpose do you think that tasking 1300 bots to the site would have achieved? Or legitimately do you think they were visiting? Can you tell what they were doing?
  13. That was when they had those security cameras over the entrance right? There was a line of them, about 10 one after the other?
  14. You’re a funny man Fly If they want to make sure another situation like this never arises again, they’ll never get it from the “inquiry” they are holding. Terms are very narrow & will be interesting to see how deep they’ll dig.
  15. It’s also open to all former staff who have worked at the FFA for the last few years, oh **** it, let’s just include everyone since Lowy took over
  16. I’m sure he’d rate well in all the “focus groups” the club would hold just like they did for the current mascots.
  17. Somewhat agree but disagree too. You know pretty quickly if it was an ugly one or not, walking back to your mark & having a laugh when clearly the batter is not looking good at the other end, not a great look. If it was anyone else or any other series you’ll be judged in a similar manner, sure it’s his first test, yes the news will try the click bait angle but actions speak louder than words.
  18. Waiting for an Australian journalist to claim an exclusive on this
  19. The Secret Mariner https://www.ftbl.com.au/analysis/the-secret-mariner-529702?utm_source=mobile&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=share
  20. Apparently got a bumper crowd, many more than the ffa cup games held across the country
  21. Haven’t noticed it myself too much
  22. Apparently they learnt of the deal late but weren’t able to offer what Melbourne Victory was offering. Mckinna seemed to play down the angle that they got burned. Who knows
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