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  1. A good take on the current handball law after the Emre Can penalty in the CL quarter last night
  2. The only thing that saves Smith here is that the SCG pitch on day 5 is like concrete. A bit of scratching around isn’t going to impact 5 days of batsmen taking middle. It’s not a good look but it’s nothing on the sandpaper gate. Absolute incredible series, the way that India overcame the hurdles especially the the injuries was incredible. Spending all that time in quarantine away from family & 3rd choice bowling attack absolutely creating havoc is an outstanding effort. The racism incident on day 3 on SCG just gave them that extra bit of determination to not give an inch (that sieg
  3. TBH you’re probably in the category of people who have a legitimate reason for not wearing a mask, sure your GP could write a letter for you till you get that operation,
  4. Happy birthday Uncle Goat!! Hope you had a great day mate!!
  5. New and shiny!!! Looks good chief
  6. They haven’t released the full data set of these stage 3 trials but thus far it all looks very promising. Nothing to suggest doubt you’ve suggested. They wouldn’t be pushing ahead with stockpiling unless they were confident in the data.
  7. TLDR: The one dose pop had a 62% & the two dose pop was 90+%. Combined at 70+% When you compare it to the pzifer vaccine, their entire pop involved two doses. So it is equally effective, the difference being that the pzifer vaccine requires storage at -70d whereas the oxford vaccine can be stored in a normal refrigerator. The other advantage, it’s cost is substantially lower than the pzifer alternative.
  8. It’s not so much the quality of opposition rather getting minutes in the legs.
  9. Thinking of you Hope you’ve had a better day or two since
  10. The issue was that after the hard lock down, they opened everything back up. Was too open & too quick. When numbers started to increase they didn’t react, it’s only now that hospitals have reached capacity & the death rate is starting to match that it’s forced them into action.
  11. Quite an incredible achievement, not just to the politicians, public health team & doctors on the front line. I think a special mention to those Victorians who abided by the lockdown laws enough to bring down the infection rate to zero. Who else would be willing to go so hard to eliminate the virus? Can’t people in these countries where the virus is running rampant see that it is worth it?
  12. Apparently the Georgia numbers should be coming in soon (they were supposed to be coming from 4pm onwards, so soon)!
  13. Read this and I mean, virus running rampant & let’s just give it one just last chance to get worse?
  14. Now 4 days of it, pretty incredible.
  15. We need to insert a poll into this thread, who are our picks? Biden. Has to be him, history can’t repeat 2016 when the polls got it wrong. We can’t have another 4 years of madness.
  16. Very interesting that this & there first game were not covered on social media. Absolute zero publicity, it’s all a bit baffling
  17. CR can wear a tracksuit or flip flops, don’t care! As long as he can coach a football team
  18. - Glad we got rid of sackwatch out of the thread title - I’ve got zero expectations, after what we’ve dished up year after year, can we just have a team that football? - CR can speak a good game, that’s half the battle. MB was good at that too. The key is how he gets the boys performing on the field, thats what Popa struggled in his last season or so, Gombau flopped, MB not far behind & JP, well he did his best. - There is so much to get right off the field, culture needs a reset & how long that takes? Won’t be overnight but you know that he’ll get everything he needs t
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