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  1. Hence me saying that kayo doesn’t work... hoping someone comes through with a website link with a stream so I don’t have to worry about VPN as only have my phone to watch on
  2. Currently overseas. Kayo subscription doesn’t work, is anyone certain that the myfootball app will?? Otherwise I’m hoping for a live stream link
  3. Definitely a smokie in the stands. Good on them
  4. Mahazi is a complete waste of a player out there. Phoenix players easily strolling past him
  5. Yes our group is red memebers aswell, but originally were black members at the old stadium, maybe that makes a difference?
  6. Yes my email gives the same time frame. I am also not the group seat leader
  7. Oh yes that’s right. Hmm but of a shame
  8. But you can watch normal fox sports channels on Kayo, so if fox are showing it, it will be on kayo(?)
  9. Bridge on crutches would be a much better option than Majok.
  10. Meh, at least we aren’t alone in this comp!
  11. Did he not just play the through ball for second goal?
  12. Is nick Meredith not the most negative commentator around? He is yet to say a positive thing about either team
  13. Franjic with a professional foul holding back elrich, then he kicks the ball away. No yellow card. Refs again showing how ****ed they are
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