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  1. Anyone else attend tonight and was sitting around aisle 215? I never thought it could get worse than the Facebook hero’s, but unfortunately these couple of clowns who also happen to sit right behind us in our usual member seats were again behind us tonight. Learn the ******* rules! The absolute garbage that comes out of what I assume is father and son is ridiculous. I actually hope either of them or someone who knows them is on here and reads this. You are ******* embarrassing yourselves. I’m all for a bit of banter and crowd involvement don’t get me wrong. But I don’t got to the game to constantly hear how every challenge against us should be a “yellow ticket you malaka” etc
  2. Rough call for a red. Buhajier has very little control of himself being in a full sprint, likely would have gone down on his own in a couple more strides. Not sure how a shoulder to shoulder challenge isn’t considering a footballing challenge and hence a yellow?
  3. I went to get some chicken, there was no joke 20 people behind the counters for food and bar. Should start counting them aswell
  4. No I don’t think so. We are near the stairs, every game we have them show us their actual ticket because they can’t read the steps as to where their row is. Last night saw more than one group of 10 people. Can’t be that many members grieving tickets away coincidently in the same section
  5. On this note, what’s the go with the amount of away supporters that are getting tickets in the red section? We sit on the 18yard box (upper stand, away from RBB) and every home game there are so many away supporters sitting close to us. Why have I paid a premium to sit amongst away supporters? Put them in the ******* corner with the rest
  6. Still not sure what warrants the hype for Grozos. He has had more than enough chances now and hasn’t added anything of note in my opinion. We know from past experience that dominating the youth league doesn’t translate into being able to perform with the men
  7. I’d recommend people watch the interview with Beath after the game on fox sports. For the first pen, he says he didn’t see the knee on knee contact, just normal contact/football contact. Wtf does this mean? If it wasn’t “knee on knee” it’s not a penalty? He admits to seeing contact and playing on.. For the second, the reasoning is the arm that made contact is away from the body, therefore in an unnatural position and DG is making himself “bigger”. Surely this needs to be looked into. The admission from Beath for the first pen doesn’t make any sense. If there contact there’s contact, he saw contact and played on. There is only so much fans of the A-League are going to continue to take before the drop off and stop coming to games!
  8. Duke jumped into his elbow. Imagine the outrage if that was our player getting a red. I reckon unlucky to even be a yellow for them.
  9. Watching on Kayo, extremely glitchy. Not sure if it’s the quality at the stadium (commentary is fine and not buffering at all) or my connection
  10. No idea how Yeboah has stayed on the field. Has done very little, if anything
  11. Hence me saying that kayo doesn’t work... hoping someone comes through with a website link with a stream so I don’t have to worry about VPN as only have my phone to watch on
  12. Currently overseas. Kayo subscription doesn’t work, is anyone certain that the myfootball app will?? Otherwise I’m hoping for a live stream link
  13. Definitely a smokie in the stands. Good on them
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