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  1. Nathg

    AFC Champions League 2019

    Oh yes that’s right. Hmm but of a shame
  2. Nathg

    AFC Champions League 2019

    But you can watch normal fox sports channels on Kayo, so if fox are showing it, it will be on kayo(?)
  3. Bridge on crutches would be a much better option than Majok.
  4. Nathg

    A-league 18/19 Round 17

    Meh, at least we aren’t alone in this comp!
  5. Did he not just play the through ball for second goal?
  6. Is nick Meredith not the most negative commentator around? He is yet to say a positive thing about either team
  7. Franjic with a professional foul holding back elrich, then he kicks the ball away. No yellow card. Refs again showing how ****ed they are
  8. So why does sotirio give away the corner there, not much pressure, could have easily given them a throw instead...
  9. Has anyone got a link to what the seating map will be? I’m in bay 25, can only find a map that says that area is unavailable
  10. Some old bloke sitting next to my mate and I left after 3 minutes. Looked at us and said “I can’t believe I drove all the way from the hills to watch these young players. The club should have told us this would be the case”. He then got up and headed for the exit.
  11. Nathg

    Memberships 2018/19

    Why does the hat only have to last one season though? I’ve still got the original hat from season 1, and if I was to wear any of the membership hats it would be this one. Is there such a demand that the membership packs have to include a hat? I’m with you though, keep it simple and just include a keyring and the membership card!
  12. Nathg

    Memberships 2018/19

    I guess it’s not so much that the white hat is different, it’s just such poor quality I don’t know why they even include it.
  13. Nathg

    Memberships 2018/19

    Opened my pack today. White hat is such poor quality, long threads/stitching hanging loose all over it. In the cupboard it goes with what feels like 20 other wanderers hats... didn’t even get any stickers, just a blank sheet of white cardboard. No need for yet another lanyard, wish they’d included another air freshener this year! Seriously though. I’ll be emailing the club tomorrow with my thoughts. It has been mentioned before, there should be an opt out for membership packs. It’s is just useless crap that will mostly be thrown out..
  14. What’s the likelihood of getting a few tickets at the gate?