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  1. Has anyone got a link to what the seating map will be? I’m in bay 25, can only find a map that says that area is unavailable
  2. Some old bloke sitting next to my mate and I left after 3 minutes. Looked at us and said “I can’t believe I drove all the way from the hills to watch these young players. The club should have told us this would be the case”. He then got up and headed for the exit.
  3. Nathg

    Memberships 2018/19

    Why does the hat only have to last one season though? I’ve still got the original hat from season 1, and if I was to wear any of the membership hats it would be this one. Is there such a demand that the membership packs have to include a hat? I’m with you though, keep it simple and just include a keyring and the membership card!
  4. Nathg

    Memberships 2018/19

    I guess it’s not so much that the white hat is different, it’s just such poor quality I don’t know why they even include it.
  5. Nathg

    Memberships 2018/19

    Opened my pack today. White hat is such poor quality, long threads/stitching hanging loose all over it. In the cupboard it goes with what feels like 20 other wanderers hats... didn’t even get any stickers, just a blank sheet of white cardboard. No need for yet another lanyard, wish they’d included another air freshener this year! Seriously though. I’ll be emailing the club tomorrow with my thoughts. It has been mentioned before, there should be an opt out for membership packs. It’s is just useless crap that will mostly be thrown out..
  6. What’s the likelihood of getting a few tickets at the gate?
  7. Hellenic back in the game, we have dropped right off
  8. Nathg

    RD 4 - Mudgee (vs Brisbane) - Sat 10th Nov

    Was looking at accommodation last night. Sweet FA left, looks like I’m sleeping on the floor of the room my brother and his partner booked!
  9. You seem to have very good hearing
  10. Nathg

    Pathetic Draw Against Perth

    I went through gate d? (Rbb entry) yesterday for the first time, usually go through gate A. Had a bottle of water and a rolled up rain jacket that could easily have been concealing something. Made eye contact with the young guard holding the wand, no search or pay down, nothing! I don’t want to be searched, but FFS have some consistency! I’m quite young, and can look a bit suspect at the best of times lol
  11. Go on, you start it, and I’ll join in... 😑
  12. Nathg

    Postponed Game Rescheduled

    Wellington are due to play Perth at home the night before. What a shambles
  13. Can anyone recommend a bar on cockle bay wharf that will be showing the game? Have my Christmas party, so want to watch as much of the first half as I can!