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  1. If they are hosting 25K, all of the food and drink outlets should be open. It isn't Homebush
  2. I was sitting in the upper deck behind the RBB - Who do we sing for was a joke without the Western stand. They tried but when a third of the ground bothers, it is never going to be as good. My comment was the capo was yelling a lot for people in the back to take part. Don't sell tickets to active if you don't take part. Only a minor thing but not many were wearing jerseys so only a small number were active the who game Leeds should have won by 3 or 4 goals so I thought we were respectable. Probably the good hit out needed so things can be worked on for the real stuff. Can only get good things from a game like that.
  3. Amazing how much he/the club are saying we will regret it. Talking yourself up too much is never a good strategy. Yes he was a good player but I still don't think he did enough with us. He won't be the dominant player so will have to get used to not getting the ball.
  4. Duke did more that most of the squad have done all year. And he showed passion We have no leadership - lets see what Babbel does at the selection because he needs to drop players and lots of them
  5. Babbel isnt the problem - he wil probably get a better offer somewhere and can't blame him if he took it. Vedran - stupid brain explosions all year. But then the back ups are nothing so he knows he is safe. He needs to show some pride at least...... Hamill - that last goal was embarassing. Is this season over yet? Kudos to anyone who went to three home games.
  6. That seating map showing a third of.the ground as media (actually corporates) is a joke.
  7. I think most of us are done with the season. Maybe the support will return when Parra is finally built. The action had to happen but will it stop the flares? No. These idiots will continue to bring them, regardless of the cost to the club On another note, if security actually does its job, they dont get in. When security is more worried about a water bottle than actual weapons, that is part of the problem
  8. I was going to say well done to the Wanderers fans who did part with thier money and turned out but after one/a few idiots lit flares, we are going to lose points. Thanks for nothing
  9. Lets face facts - our squad isnt that good but the players out there tonight didnt have pride in the jersey. Gombau at least tried something but it showed that this season is over and he should focus on building a squad for next year.
  10. Any club in Asia thinking about signing popa needs to look at this season. That is all. Credit to those who spent money to go - we feel for you. At least next year there will be no ACL to worry about. It is sad the top three sides struggle the following year because of the ACL. Antonis, Snake, Santa, Corn and Aspro have been positives. Unless there is progress in the offseason, the fans patience will not last long
  11. That game summed up our season but even if we won the penalty shootout, we would have struggled next week anyway. Roar will lose next week anyway so they can celebrate like they have won the GF. Our season was a complete failure and we were still lucky to make a run at the end. Significant changes must be made - next season will be defining in our history.
  12. I hope these results prove our campaign is done befor it started and the focus can return on the ALeague fully
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