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  1. Unpopular opinion - Schwegler - Started decent but not impressed me much for a few months now. I expected a lot more for him.
  2. My only concern with Babbel, bar a few games, we dont really have a distinct style we are playing, and really cant keep possession of the ball at all. Really no build up play at all, he doesnt seem to know how to setup the midfield to play out. If any team presses us, we dont have a solution for it, apart from long balls from the CBs towards the forwards.
  3. Ugarkovic is a type of player that we need in this team, alongside Scwhelger.
  4. Not sure why Babbel hasn’t made more subs, in both Victory/SFC games, Meier and Yeboah both look very tired towards the end. Would of been a good to throw on Grozos at least. Last 10 mins or so. Then Ziegler last 5.
  5. You could tell Pirmin has played in proper derbies before. Going in hard, giving them grief, trying to annoy them, proper mongrel but very smart about it, it was a proper derby performance and something we’ve lacked for years now.
  6. This formation does not suit us, we get over run in midfield. Wait till we play a better team, could be ugly. We don’t look like at top 4 team, let alone winning the league. Watching the Melb derby, both teams looked much more connected and fluid.
  7. That looks the strongest on paper, but i really cant see Duke playing wingback.
  8. Weakest link now seems at RB or a decent back-up for Schwelger in case he gets injured again.
  9. I think Mandzo will go to Saudi, hearing reports in Cro papers of a salary of 750,000 a month. I think Euro too.
  10. Probably the perfect type signing for the Bulls for season after next.
  11. You look at most of the clubs in Europe, if an academy player is signed to professional contract, they will do a communication about it. It's really just about keeping the fans informed. That's all WSW did, not a big hoo hah about signing an excellent prospect to a longer term deal.
  12. Cross Frazier Campbell on your lists. Vince Rugari ✔@VinceRugari didn't publish this line, but Babbel told me last week WSW sounded out Frazier Campbell but he wasn't interested https://twitter.com/Jon_T1996/status/1154202251524599814 …
  13. Spare me - If he didnt include Gays in that post, would it have gotten any news or outrage? We live in such an outrage society - someone says something, lets get him sacked, gets his wife sacked ....
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