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  1. Ever since schools gone back, the roads have been crazy in the West and South West. My trip to work is taking about 15-20mins extra easy now. Would say its back to pre-pandemic, if not worse.
  2. Man we have Chinese owners. We had to go back to the office in May lol.
  3. Happy to eat humble pie about my comments about Tate before season started. Really proved me wrong. He’s really killing it.
  4. For me both fullbacks are quite limited players. What's the point of floating the same crosses into the box when our 9 is a short ass. There was a lot of quantity, quality im not so sure about. Never saw him run at the line at cut it back or cross, always the easy cross from 16 yard box. Wilmering just had no confidence going forward.
  5. Fullbacks of Wilmering and Russell aren't really inspiring. Both IMO aren't starters yet. Both very risk averse and offer bugger all going forward.
  6. Cox Troisi Amini Mueller Dorrans Baccus Thats not a bad attack / midfield and would give us not bad depth with Yeboah / Kamau / Adam off the bench / squad rotation. (Provided we get amini and troisi lol)
  7. Who is going to play LB is Georgevski is gone ?
  8. IMO He's classes above any of our youth / academy attacking options. But i dont think he would sign, would get way better coin at United playing semi pro and other footballing side jobs.
  9. Have you seen him play in NSW NPL, easily one of the best players. Could do a lot worse than him. Even Antelmi.
  10. I think Trifiro is very underated, having him off the bench would be better than most attacking options we have at the club. But he would easily get more at united, playing semi-pro, coaching the united youth and running his Futboltec academy.
  11. So if we bring a new visa player noe, they got to do 2 weeks quarantine before even starting training. so they’ll be match fit for Easter.
  12. Christmas is in 2 weeks - maybe there is hope ...
  13. You do realize that UK is about 10 times the population of VIC, and much more densely populated. Uk's Deathrate based on your figures 0.87%. I'm sure if UK locked down for 4mths with the same restrictions, their numbers would be low as well. They've tried to keep their economy as open as possible and learning to live with the virus.
  14. Only took 4 months of harsh lockdown requirements ..... You would think any city/country that closed down for so long would have a much similar result.
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