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  1. You'd take Jedinak any day of the week. Tough as nails in the middle of the park, what a way to protect the back 4. There's your penalty and set piece taker. Plus he's aussie. Primin Jedi Maja I'm sold.
  2. How do we know that Rado is coming to us, out of the 11 teams in the A-league?
  3. In an open market, with no salary cap, majority of A-league players would prob earn less. There is no way most of them would earn what they earning in the AL as compared to Europe. That's why so many are coming back to Aus. For example in Europe they'll earn 150K for a long ass season, whereas it Australia they might command 300K and play 6mths.
  4. Looks like a stadium preparing to host a Champions League knockout game.
  5. Popa was never world class or even close to it. Average to decent defender.
  6. Jedinak would boss the DM position in HAL. Still bossing it for Villa in Championship which is much more fast faced than here. Would protect the back 4. And give Baccus the freedom to attack and carry the ball. For 1-2 years would be a great signing - would probably want marquee wages.
  7. Prob as good as any marquee striker we could realistically get. But not on marquee on money. Then go Marquee 10 & DM.
  8. A ha, makes sense. Would of been cool if the roof was covered with LED Solar panels.
  9. Are those solar panels going to cover the whole roof, or just as it is there now?
  10. Stokz

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    It's either Bruno or Jedi IMO as both will want Marquee deals. Unless Riera goes.
  11. I'd take all the 3 from City - Caceres, Brattan & Bruno.
  12. Is Elrich our equivalent of Maldini/Ramos - full back turned centreback? haha
  13. Stokz

    Opening Day Draw In Perth

    How is our squad so average with us having the same salary cap as everyone else?
  14. Based on availability we looking like: Vedran Rizzo Hammer Tongyik Raul Baccus Mahazi Kamau/Fitz/Sot | Baumjohan | Roly Riera .... Thats a poor team. A team that's not going make finals.
  15. They won't put 2 new teams in NSW. If we go with the stadium angle. Its SWS/Canberra & Sth Melb.