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  1. Shocker of a decision. But it means more games and more TV dollars.
  2. Modric at nearly 36 playing his 62nd competitive game this year. What a player. The best midfielder of the last decade.
  3. Plus the fact that 4 out of 5 qualify for next round, make the group stages pretty boring. Should of been top 2 and just straight to semis. the Intensity for group games would of been huge.
  4. Been a real struggle to watch Copa America without any fans. The intensity seems just like normal friendlies.
  5. Take Rudes any day over the current clown.
  6. Definitely would use Caceres as a 10. As we have got good cover in the DM/CM roles now. But his versatility is great as a back-up option to have cover injuries, international call ups and suspensions.
  7. Australia is in a whole heap of trouble if Tate/Aquilina are potentials for the socceroo squad.
  8. Would love Caceres at Wanderers, he's a westie and plays that No 10 role perfectly. Especially if we miss out on Davilla. I worked with his mum, he's an AC United & Marconi junior.
  9. Maybe I wasn't that wrong when I said this and got blasted back then lol.
  10. Definitely the unknown and the whole world locking down was the initial reasons why the state borders and lockdowns. But as we moved from that, the people priorities definitely changed and it became political. WA always views the Eastern States as us vs them so they were fine with the borders. If there was an outbreak on a mine - the implications are bloody costly, not just for the mining company but for state revenues.
  11. LOL WA imposing the most strenuous border restrictions had nothing to do about protecting its people. It was political. And to protect the mining industry.
  12. Because covid is rampant and out of control in PNG & Timor Leste and the side effects are so rare. People would take their chance on the side effects as opposed to the much more likeliness of getting covid in that region. Esp with the medical resources.
  13. Sorry but Spira is about 4-5 classes above the names mentioned here.
  14. Kamau and Mueller need to start over Ibini and Troisi. What more does Kamau have to do. So dangerous running at players, and he can actually control the ball. Troisi I dont think he made a successful pass forward. McGowan instills panic at the back, as the centre of the back 3, he needs to be winning just about every hopeful high ball. And that penalty, that's amateur play.
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