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  1. There's our Schwelger replacement.
  2. You do realize that UK is about 10 times the population of VIC, and much more densely populated. Uk's Deathrate based on your figures 0.87%. I'm sure if UK locked down for 4mths with the same restrictions, their numbers would be low as well. They've tried to keep their economy as open as possible and learning to live with the virus.
  3. Only took 4 months of harsh lockdown requirements ..... You would think any city/country that closed down for so long would have a much similar result.
  4. You really need to see progress, season on season. In a 12 team comp now, and half make finals, that should be the bare minimum expectation in your first season in charge. S2 top 3 (and getting close to a grand final) S3 - you need to be winning it (premiers / GF etc) With the academy, to get good players out of there will take time no doubt, my guess at least 5-10 years. Perhaps will Covid it might mean a bit earlier. Maybe they need to be having SAP teams as well.
  5. I know Mo Adam is still young, but didnt look like a A-league level player this season. He's one that do with a season in NPL 1. Too many times, touch is off, gets bullied of the ball. Going by what Scwhelger said, he's saw this young team making finals, most likely the season after next. We can't go 4 seasons without finals football. Losing him and most likely Duke, that's looking very possible.
  6. Yep Georgevski has been a very frustrating player, i think it hurts us playing a right footer as a left back, as they always cut in to their right. That works well with inverted wingers, and results in lots of goals, goal opportunities (See Mane/Salah). But when a full-back does that it really stifles the attack and crosses from that position become less effective and easy to defend against.
  7. Putting Kamau on as left wing back, when he struggles at right back, was one of the key moments that cost us this game. Even though, we didnt offer much all game, this decision was mind boggling. But like most have said, the formation is killing us, along with our 3 bozos at the back. No one from this starting 11, is worth keeping.
  8. Definitely this. For me Ziegler looks the worst out of the 3, given his Bundesliga experience. Mistake waiting to happen especially in the box, I cringe when he goes and makes a tackle.
  9. Saw Janjetovic having a coffee with Crea, on Saturday in Bonnyrigg. I know Crea is helping Kalac at United, but heard he moving across to Bulls next season.
  10. Been there quite a few times, live about 15mins drive away. Good pub and good feed, but then again there's not much else in our area.
  11. Unpopular opinion - Schwegler - Started decent but not impressed me much for a few months now. I expected a lot more for him.
  12. My only concern with Babbel, bar a few games, we dont really have a distinct style we are playing, and really cant keep possession of the ball at all. Really no build up play at all, he doesnt seem to know how to setup the midfield to play out. If any team presses us, we dont have a solution for it, apart from long balls from the CBs towards the forwards.
  13. Ugarkovic is a type of player that we need in this team, alongside Scwhelger.
  14. Not sure why Babbel hasn’t made more subs, in both Victory/SFC games, Meier and Yeboah both look very tired towards the end. Would of been a good to throw on Grozos at least. Last 10 mins or so. Then Ziegler last 5.
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