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  1. A few months? 200+ days and counting in Melbourne. Will be the Most locked down city in the world this week. Herald Sun leaking that they will be in lockdown till 80%. Late Nov / Dec. Your fine you can still WFH. Many others aren’t in that position. Their livelihoods are broken. They are broken. There is no end in sight man. If police just let them pass, nothing would of happened. The amount of calls to Lifeline, young kids harming themselves, committing suicide, shows that they clearly can’t cope.
  2. Bravo Melbourne 🙌🙌🙌 People are at breaking point. Imagine in 4 days being the most locked down city in the whole world.
  3. No it will be the many thousands of businesses that may miss out on 20-30% revenue. And if its more the under 40 group that is non-vaxxed that's a big group that go out and spend big coin on it. Restuarants / Bars / Nightclubs etc. I've seen so many business's promote - they don't want to discriminate - jab or no-jab.
  4. If it is going be only 80% - so are we effectively using vax passports for 3-4 weeks. Seems like a massive waste of resources. If the goal is 90% then ok - I can see that reasoning for that, but no where has it said anything about that our goal to 90%. Who cares who shared the image - it's from La Trobe Financial, not Andrew Bogut.
  5. You really like to quote models that predict that the worse possible scenarios. How many of those expert models have proven right? Try a more realistic scenario. Yes I do get why lockdowns are required. Remember when they all said, gives 2 weeks to flatten the curve so our hospitals can be setup. How is it 18months into a pandemic, we haven't prepared ourselves with ICUs beds etc for a major outbreak. Who are you to say, we need 80% of 12+ or 90% of total population? You say trust the experts, if they are advocating for the 80% of 16+ than why are you saying we ne
  6. The way some of you guys talk, would make me think we live in a 3rd world country with their medical systems. So let me get this straight, 4.6million people scattered all over Australia, the 20% unvaxxed (of which probably a big number would be under 40, so their chances of Covid death are already very low) could cause serious issues to the health system, yet somehow Europe managed 10-30K cases a day with no vaccine.
  7. 4.8 million scattered all across Australia. How about we improve our health systems.
  8. I don't get this point - if we are at 80% double vaxxed, and the health system is still being overwhelmed? 1. Are the vaccines working ? 2. Will pushing the vax rate to 90% make any difference ? So your point regarding vax passports being used so that the health system doesn't get over run doesn't make sense. Once you hit your threshold, at the double vaxxed % (whatever the number is) that means you can live with the virus, as such why do you need the vax passport. Sure enough for international travel but domestically it just doesn't make sense.
  9. Also with NSW and particularly Western Sydney over 80% first dose, surely some the current restrictions need to ease a BIT. 1st dose still gives 70% protection. That's not little. Get rid of that stupid curfew and hour limits. Just focus on outdoor stuff, open the outdoor pools etc... but limit numbers, maybe extend the km's to 10. Only so many things people in Western syd can do within a 5km radius. This is the 2nd school holidays in a row where the kids are still in lockdown.
  10. I guess - not for us to make a call on what that number is. If the experts says its 16+ at 80% - then just go with that. If its 12+ than so be it.
  11. The point is - once you hit your number for double vax - they (vax passports) really serve no purpose. As you can see from the example above from the Israeli health minister.
  12. Interesting read above. But why do you think UK is not following the Covid passport rule ?
  13. 1 & 3) Again Yes, if the Covid vaccine stopped the spread. It doesn't. Might reduce it somewhat (not sure about significantly). Look at UK, Israel. You can't get Herd Immunity with Covid, it will be endemic like the Flu. Everyone will get it. I totally agree that it does protect against serious disease. 2) Do we say the same with smokers, drug users and alcoholics, heavily obese people etc? 4) That's a what if - also what happens to a lot of virus, is that they mutate and become more transmissible but also lot less deadly.
  14. The French value freedom and liberty as the cornerstones of their society, so when you say the French like complaining - it's because it's engrained in how they function as a society. They've been through a lot history to get there. In terms of your protest numbers as a % of total population, then basically every protest in whole world would be considered small. From the clips I've seen there was a plenty who were jabbed but believe in Freedom of choice. That would make sense if vaccine stopped the spread, if it doesn't - why then should I have to be vaccinated to go to the
  15. Say what you want - those are big numbers, when have you ever had a 5million person protest (couple hundred thousand is common for protests.) To do that continuously now for 8 weekends in a row, shows its a very big deal for the people of France. Now your claim of only 5% of people supporting is wrong on so many levels, where did you find those stats from. If their vaccination rate is currently around 65% - would suggest that those opposing vaccine passports would be at least 30% minimum - given so many protesting are also vaccinated. The driver license analogy just doesn't make sen
  16. @discoball2000 Where has this notion come from that doctors and scientists generally are above the political and ideological fray and cannot be questioned or have their views balanced against other considerations? Yes we should listen to The Science TM, we should also listen to the psychologists, the ethicists, the sociologists, the economists, the human rights experts, etc Otherwise what’s the point in liberal democracy anymore - just hand the keys to the joint to the health department and be done with it.
  17. It's a great idea. They're such a waste of time and just fuel fear and anxiety for the public. The less reported about Covid the better people's mental health. Snippets at the regular news bulletins is plenty. It's all a political show anyway, any question that they don't want to answer is just deflected.
  18. Come on guys. Which country waited for 70% of 12+ population to get out of a strict lockdown. Most were opening up at 40-50% of 16+. Our opening is pretty limited. Only vaccinated can participate in it.
  19. I never claimed to be a Dr by any means, and no I don’t have that information you are asking for. To be honest no one knows, what the long term effects will be for such a new technology in vaccines. Could all be fine, and I guess we will all find out. I just hope it’s all good.
  20. Wow. LOL. I'm certainly not against vaccinations that have gone through the proper testing processes at all. My kids are vaccinated. This one is still in the test phase. Anyways - I'll keep my job to feed my kids and have a house. If I had a choice where I didn't need it for work, and just for the new freedoms, I would wait.
  21. Not really - when your and/or your families livelihood is on the line, you'll do anything. If they had an option - I know personally 80-90% wouldn't have had it. Unfortunately I'm now falling into that boat.
  22. To be honest - it needs to be a balance, mental health and business needs to be included in the bigger picture with opening up. Easy for the health bureaucrats to say 85% - but their jobs are very much not impacted by that decision. A dad from my son's soccer team owns a Thai restaurant and bar, big space, he said to me, I think I am going to have close the business if nothing happens in the next 1-2mths. Rent is a killer and you just don't make enough for takeaway, given Thai food is relatively cheap, and he make's his money through the extras that come with dining in, Deserts, Dri
  23. With NSW Vax rate for first dose now at 75%+, What would of been the real figure if we weren't in lockdown and the only way to go to work or get freedoms back was via Vax. I think majority would of waited much longer to get it, looking at all the polls before lockdown 40/50% wanted this vax right now. So @CaptainJess - easy to say the unvaxxed will be a minority, but the truth is - many who got the vax, their hands were forced.
  24. I know we had them. But at 70/80% vax why do you need them ?
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