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  1. this kid came on and won us the game on wednesday, id rather club announce him to a scholarship to the AL team then them announce a journeymen squaddie joining the club.
  2. when the turkish club asked for a 1 million euro transfer, thats when all neg shouldve ended. theres plenty of players out there you can get for free, look at different areas...
  3. Not sure what our recruitment policy is but if we want to start challenging again we need to be ruthless in bringing in players. Not sure why other clubs can bring in strikers under the cap who churn out 15+ goals a season but we cant. FWIW i think we'll bring in a visa striker at the earliest after the UK transfer window closes.
  4. and apparently 7k of that are leeds fans???
  5. pretty sure opening game at BW is R1 (Mainers i believe). R2 is the nrl 9s tournament so youd assume derby will be round 3.
  6. thought i read somewhere that he left...could just be a coincidence.
  7. does anyone know if anthony crea is potentially joing WSW?
  8. they got mrcela that cant get a run either...
  9. FWIW wsw have been in LA meeting with some mls franchises.
  10. under the cap not worth marquee, id rather duke up front and use marquee money on other areas.
  11. https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/football/a-league/the-tiny-details-western-sydney-wanderers-will-get-just-right-to-gain-competitive-advantage-at-bankwest-stadium/news-story/e8c19b5c03e852354e3ab89c796f5e48 12k already renewed with 1500 active.
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