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  1. thought i read somewhere that he left...could just be a coincidence.
  2. does anyone know if anthony crea is potentially joing WSW?
  3. Robvad10

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    they got mrcela that cant get a run either...
  4. FWIW wsw have been in LA meeting with some mls franchises.
  5. Robvad10

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    under the cap not worth marquee, id rather duke up front and use marquee money on other areas.
  6. https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/football/a-league/the-tiny-details-western-sydney-wanderers-will-get-just-right-to-gain-competitive-advantage-at-bankwest-stadium/news-story/e8c19b5c03e852354e3ab89c796f5e48 12k already renewed with 1500 active.
  7. ESFC playing at parra is everything wrong with the AL, how can teams build tradition, history, passion when a club that lobbied, sat in working groups about stadium design etc cant even be the first team to kick a ball in the stadium (and giving a rival that opportunity). Im pretty sure IF sfc host a GF ANZ will be the ground it will be played in.
  8. Robvad10

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    for kamau to work at RB he needs to put on at least 5kg and hit the gym in the pre season.
  9. Considering our position in the league, he should fit right in then. Considering out status as Asian Champions, he's not good enough. He was only brought on due to Hamills injury, so I guess I'll cut him some slack. True. We should prolly go after Messi or sumfin. Or the FFA should give us a bigger salary cap coz we are champs. Stupid frank Lowy. He doesn't need to be a superstar but the bloke would not take on his man. Every time he touched the ball, he turned and passed it back to NTS or Spira. Even in the dying stages, when we were desperate to get forward, he was stifling attack with his indecision and mediocrity. I would rather Ruka have a shocker but at least keep trying to skip past his man and whip in a cross, than Gallaway refusing to back himself. his got no right foot, his a left footer should of been on the left so he could whip in cross. another poor tactical move.
  10. After they replaced the surface at Hunter Stadium the players complained. During the first game on the new pitch the players could feel the grass move underneath their feet, and overall the surface was wobbly. If that was is going to happen tomorrow then both teams will feel like Cinderella on ice skaters. they've had nearly 2 months to do this, why they choose 2 weeks before a game to commecnce beats me.
  11. the pitch at pirtek, either theyre fertilizing it or spraying it green. https://twitter.com/robvad10/status/571111403299278849
  12. Good point - does the pitch even have grass on it yet?? yes that last pieces of turf were laid last friday. One week to bed in...its not going to be pretty. move to ANZ imminent The Jets played a game at Hunter Stadium earlier this season less than 48 hours after the turf relaying was completed. Wasn't a particularly good surface to play on though. pitch looks ok i just took a pic, but not sure how to upload on the forum.
  13. There's only one JP that should be at our club, and it's toooooo faaaaaaaaaaaaaaarken late haha true that...
  14. I heard wsw are in talks with JP from victory, not sure of for assistant or what..
  15. "but can you do it on a wet Tuesday night in parra"