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  1. just went for a walk and saw the lads train (through the corner openings that is)
  2. seems like they all training to some capacity, better to get them right then under done.
  3. you can save an e ticket of membership into an android wallet app.
  4. im pretty sure they have a few players out...
  5. the positive is that babbel has 2 weeks to sort out starting 11 for CCM
  6. for me the team is decent but.. ziegler injured Raddy gone Duke coming back from injury AMFG/Schwegler very important to team cant afford injury. Yeboah very injury riddled. Grozos consistently injured. any multiple injuries and we are very light on....
  7. why cant i get this feeling out of my system that we're one more major injury away from season being over. the thin squad gamble may have back fired.
  8. when you got nothing you take the crumbs, put yourself out there until jan window then look again. If not then groom grozos and let him develop in the role...
  9. i know this will be met with a firing squad but might need to bring in troisi if you can sort out a wage.
  10. a lot of ifs/but/coulds we'll just have to wait and see.
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