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  1. I assume 5 rings means olympics and he's talking about Duke.
  2. Also a push for a new stadium at Liverpool for the Bulldogs and Tigers. Doesn't really matter much for us but would be good if we only had to share Bankwest with one NRL team instead of 4, especially around the fringes of each season when both codes are playing.
  3. He posted on instagram this morning that he's back running. Also a photo last week wearing a red jumper and black pants. Not saying it's a sign but... Amini confirmed.
  4. It's the butterfly effect. 15 April 2018, Riera misses a penalty that would have given us the lead (and most likely the win needed to secure 6th place). This leads to Gombau being sacked. Imagine where we'd be now if that one kick went slightly differently...
  5. If you are in a group the $50 deposit last year was paid by 1 person for the whole group. For example, we have 7 in our group, 1 person paid $350 as the deposit ($50 per member of the group), then the rest of us reimbursed him.
  6. The benefit the A-league has over Rugby is Saturday nights. 2 A-league games back to back, leading into EPL early game. The EPL can bring viewers to the A-league as it did for fox, especially that marquee game of the round before the early sat night EPL game.
  7. If we stuck with Gombau, we'd be top of the league right now. Change my mind.
  8. Winter comp is mint. But what does that mean for stadium usage? A couple NRL teams play out of Bankwest don't they? How will the pitch hold up? Same issue for ESFC (probably worse as will be a couple NRL teams and the Waratahs). The Melbournes and Brisbane also have to share with an NRL and Rugby team. Brisbane especially will struggle with the pitch. Probably a good catalyst for them to get their own/a smaller stadium. Most other teams will be OK and either have the stadium to themselves most of the time or only share with 1 NRL team.
  9. Aus. So then we'd have room for 5 foreigners
  10. Sorry for off topic, does anyone know if the academy will have a small stadium in it? I don't mind going to Marconi and King Tom but would rather our own place for NPL
  11. Sotirio with a worldie and then misses a 1 on 1
  12. I take it based on Babel’s comments in the pregame Raul will struggle to get back into the squad?
  13. If anything the nrl would have pushed for green seats so they can green screen some fans into the stadium.
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