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  1. Aus. So then we'd have room for 5 foreigners
  2. Any update on Ziegler's citizenship?
  3. Sorry for off topic, does anyone know if the academy will have a small stadium in it? I don't mind going to Marconi and King Tom but would rather our own place for NPL
  4. Sotirio with a worldie and then misses a 1 on 1
  5. I take it based on Babel’s comments in the pregame Raul will struggle to get back into the squad?
  6. If anything the nrl would have pushed for green seats so they can green screen some fans into the stadium.
  7. Make Ziegler an Aus citizen pronto, then sign Marchisio as marquee. And get Ikonomidis back on loan for another year. Squad Sorted. I’ll wake up now.
  8. To be fair that’s not a great record with Bayern. I don’t think a coach with a great record would come to the aleague anyway, Kurz record is not too dissimilar to Frings
  9. According to Wikipedia his hobbies include spending time with his family and riding his motorcycle. just FYI
  10. Someone call the Pullman Hyde Park and say you’re from the Wanderers and you just want to confirm the guests for this afternoon
  11. Obviously going to Kobe because of the beef If he had ever tried el j chicken he’d have chosen us
  12. If Gombau was still coach I reckon we’d be a chance of getting Iniesta. Will probably end up at city if he chooses Australia (big if but reckons he wants to play somewhere where his family will enjoy as well).
  13. https://www.fourfourtwo.com.au/feature/is-the-gombau-era-working-at-wanderers-481514 just relax. It’ll be worth it
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