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  1. do they have a 'no masks' law in adelaide?
  2. i'd like to get a bet on la fondre scoring off a pen, seems baked on these days
  3. He comes across as someone who will always find someone else to blame so he doesn't have to take personal responsibility for his own actions. Saying he was essentially lied to about the squad when he signed, did he not do (or get his manager to do) due diligence on this move? Newsflash ABJ, every team talks up their own chances but only 1 will win.
  4. this guy.... https://twitter.com/abcgrandstand/status/1184692634184495104 ""It didn't take long to see Sydney FC is the biggest club & here it's all about winning trophies."
  5. < 1350, my members cap with the number on the back is getting a tad faded
  6. yeap, i've got black membership and would love to drop into the sides of the RBB for parts of the game with the young ones, as we used to to at parra (before it got locked off)
  7. From last season, wasnt it only the cave that were re-allowed pullovers?
  8. Latest Saturday Update from BOM Min 10 Max 16 Showers. Possible rainfall: 8 to 15 mm Chance of any rain: 90%
  9. same, went on to transfer Brisbane tix as we cant make it and there are no event available. Messaged the club but havent heard anything which is strange as they are normally quite quick on the replies
  10. yeap, the numbers started at 1000, mines below 1400 and was submitted the moment they went on sale
  11. had 3 seasons trying to get away from an oval, not heading down for an away trip to one. going to Adl after xmas instead
  12. Johnno

    Mateo Poljak

    looking forward to see him play FFA cup out at poppendatta pk next year
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