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  1. I had to call the membership team as my access code wouldn't work, they said tickets will be in email late this week. If i dont have anything my midday tomorrow ill give them a call
  2. We'll (me + 2 kids) will be wearing masks into and out of the stadium, as well as in common areas. At our seats, im sure we'll be distanced enough to not need them, depending on how close people are around us.
  3. Got 3 tickets. lockdown incoming in 3, 2, 1.......
  4. thx, some are local, but there is definitely a pool of products at $60 and a pool at $250, just trying to see where the 5x markup is on the expensive ones
  5. Im looking at picking up a rebound net to continue training a goalkeeping family member (in my household so with the social isolation rules), just wondering if anyone has picked up the cheap ones, there are 2 price points, one is around $60 and the other more than $250. The $250 seems overkill for what is essentially a stretched net but dont want to both if the $60 one is crap. https://www.networldsports.com.au/soccer/training-equipment/soccer-rebounders/rapidfire-pro-soccer-rebounders.html versus https://www.amazon.com.au/vidaXL-Adjustable-Rebounder-100x100cm-Equipment/dp/B06W
  6. Johnno

    Sydney FC

    What is it with commentators using nicknames anyway, try to at least appear professional guys. Then again slater has embraced the 'sydney fan' tag and basically says FU to anyone complaining and yes, another is an ex ceo
  7. .>going have a few sherbets and head on down and enjoy our win tonight, definitely glass half full time to go to the bar then
  8. Loving all the calls of being after 'revenge', they can have all the revenge in the world, hey, have a nice revenge sandwich, but it still wont remove that taste from your mouth that your perfect season will again be ruined by us
  9. Smurfs online complaining about Alizreza, i guess they dont like being on the balanced side of 50/50s instead of getting them all from their mates
  10. I wish the bus would make a pass through parra and pickup/dropoff at parramatta station. I know Marconi is a sponsor but having the bus leave from there, with bugger all public transport, is pointless for most people.
  11. out, pre-season coaching courses are kicking in. Hey, might submit my name to the club, i hear there is an opening
  12. Compare that to popa buggering off to Turkey at the last minute and people are still saying #PopaIn...
  13. ok, last one.... #Cox thrust into action and penetrates immediately
  14. if we win whilst he is injured please have the review titled thus: "Wanderers Win with Cox Out"
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