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  1. used to like heading up the coast for this away game but tonight's total lack of anything resembling atmosphere has me not wanting to bother anymore.
  2. 0-1 after a durge of a game with citeh playing their usual, boring rubbish
  3. Tab has a draw and a CCM win at $4 and $4.50, so someone must be putting money on a WSW win ($1.70)
  4. more quality bossi work: "Risdon rejoined Western Sydney's training immediately after completing his international debut"
  5. >One and streaming numbers not available. So the ratings are a pretty useless metric without those.
  6. great trip, would like to give a shout out to the Brisbane roar fan in the yellow onesie, although may I suggest, the normal response to a 5yo calling you Pikachu is not to yell back: "Im a f*&(ing Lion" and yes, you do look like Pikachu
  7. I hope the Smurfs love their children too
  8. how long until the bav over-extends and ends up in administration. They are building so many that its become just another chain.
  9. i will say, every venue. however, in saying that. When i enter the stadiums with the kids, no probs, if i head in on my own after work then i tend to get the full treatment. have not had my own prepped food removed though, its in all their policies.
  10. Every venue that ive been to has allowed self prepped food, just not commercially purchased outside food (maccas, etc).
  11. this will last one season, Tahs fans dont travel west to homebush, they certainly are not going to parra.
  12. Johnno

    HAL Round 1

    Season starts sunday week
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