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  1. I wish the bus would make a pass through parra and pickup/dropoff at parramatta station. I know Marconi is a sponsor but having the bus leave from there, with bugger all public transport, is pointless for most people.
  2. out, pre-season coaching courses are kicking in. Hey, might submit my name to the club, i hear there is an opening
  3. Compare that to popa buggering off to Turkey at the last minute and people are still saying #PopaIn...
  4. Johnno

    Simon Cox

    ok, last one.... #Cox thrust into action and penetrates immediately
  5. Johnno

    Simon Cox

    if we win whilst he is injured please have the review titled thus: "Wanderers Win with Cox Out"
  6. Johnno

    Simon Cox

    so if he doesnt score in his first start do we all get onto twitter with this tag: #CoxOut
  7. Send Meier out to train on field 11 for the rest of the season, we are better off with him not on the field, how can they say he is still gaining fitness, it's not November, its bloody January. On the VAR and the calls, if i read one more time that we had a 50/50 go our way back in round 3 so we should just suck it up, im going to unplug the internet.
  8. Just walked about 3 blocks from the station in Adelaide, and its beyond hot in the city, will be very surprised if this isn't delayed, its a 7pm local time ko, should shift that back an hour. Hopefully they inform fans in a timely manner though.
  9. At this stage I think we have about 4 away fans there.
  10. I've been looking on Sportsbet for the category of 'How WSW get F*&^ed by the VAR' but cant see it, can anyone point it out to me on the app?
  11. Unfortunately we are in this situation by sacking managers and then giving the new bloke time to adjust and fit the squad to his style. We need to stick at some point. If we dump him now, this season will be be written off as rebuilding for the next manager. rinse, repeat.
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