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  1. So we all remember the curse after winning the ACL......feels like we are now under a new curse after winning against the Smurfs.😩
  2. Not much to say really.....its the same every week. We cannot blame Babble for the first half that's all on the players and we should have put the game to bed. The second half we showed nothing, after the equaliser the subs and change of formation is all on Babble.
  3. Nothing new .....good build up and then run out of ideas in front of goal. We should be 2-3 goals up, the Nix are not playing well but the chances are they play better in the second half. Duke should be rested you can see he is not 100%
  4. I don't have a problem with Sullivan. If I had to be picky what he need to improve on is to keep his cool. I think he can get revved up way too quickly but that is something that experience will fix.
  5. That's what happened with West Ham on the weekend, they rallied, put the body on the line, had lots of passion and played as a United team..... they beat Chelsea away 0-1.......most probably it won't last and they will lose next game against Wolves but we need to see some reaction from WSW.
  6. You have to make it more believable.....you have a bridge and an Opera house that you want to sell at a bargain price. You are not satisfied with the aucustics of the OP and the traffic is not flowing as expected on the bridge. 😄😄😄
  7. Changing the coach, will not change the team/players, the stupid calls against us by the refs or VAR. It will not change the missed opportunities in front of goal or the laziness at the back. The frustrating thing is that in every game we had a some minutes with great passes and combinations at a higher level than any other A league team....the problem is it just doesn't last. On paper we have the most skillful and experienced players to ever play for the club. Is it the manager's fault? Maybe it is maybe it's not. Hopefully this pressure on the coach will wake up the players (similar to WHU this week)
  8. Usually managers are sacked before the season ends because the club needs to do something to avoid relegation. This is not the case in Oz and even if you change coaches nothing is expected till the following season. All this talk about Muscat only started because someone here asked the question.....the jurnos cannot even be bothered to make up their own rumors 😊
  9. The VAR if used properly it could be useful. They should review the incident and make a decision. If they cannot make a decision the first ruling by the ref should stand and play on. There is never a need to get the referee to view it on the screen. If the VAR with all the screens camera angles and time cannot make a call who is a referee able to on a little monitor?
  10. The manager has to take some responsibility but on paper he recuited very well. Foreigners that have played (and were very successful) in top leagues and a few young locals that are very promising. True that we had some bad calls against is but it's also true that we don't deserve half the points we have. Something is not right and we desperately need a goal scorer. From the foreigners only Primin and Lopar can hold their head high. The problem is replacing the coach mid season will not help at all.
  11. The first half performance was bad. The second half was much better but unless you score it counts for nothing. The penalty could have changed the game but Aims was never going to give it......he hardly looked at the screen. We can blame the ref,var, heat, luck, injuries, Jet"lag" etc.......it's time we stop the excuses....we are not good enough and we need to improve.
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