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  1. At this stage it is hard to say if he was sacked or if he quit. TBH with the current A league situation if anyone associated with the league gets an overseas offer (any offer) I don't blame them for leaving.
  2. Ok let me get you started...... Wenger spotted on a Zoom call 😷
  3. I was going to say....."Mack is a genius he started this thread back in July".....but we have been changing coaches regularly so no big surprise.
  4. Till the last minute I wasn't sure if I will renew or not. I am happy with the way things are going?...NO... but I also remembered the first season the 3GF and the ACL trip to Japan.....no other team has given me that joy.....so we are all (*6) returning this season tbh it cannot be much worse than the last few seasons.
  5. The only good thing about this game was the stadium.
  6. We will miss Duke. He gave it his all and was our best outfield player but I could not see any A league team match the money from the Saudi. Good luck to him and I hope we will see him again in Red&Black but with the lack of money and security around the A league I think he made the right move.
  7. No social distancing for the "cove'
  8. True and that's due to some unbelievable skills from those players but unless the off field culture is fixed this will not go away. You have to ask why we can never hold on to "good" players and build around them.
  9. The problems started during the Club World Cup. That is when the club showed that they are running a business and don't care much about the players/game.
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