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  1. Might be the wrong place to put this......I hate how more tickets are released for the derby .....what this means is that amongst all the members we are also going to get pockets of Smurfs. If they really want to avoid issues , away supporters should only be in away bays.
  2. Would not be surprised.....I could hear a few argggg whenever he lost the ball
  3. First time watching the Smurfs this season. Didn't take long to remember what protected species they are. Every dive or 50/50 ball is a foul to the Smurfs.
  4. So do we get an extra point for the Perth vs WU game.....Archie seems to think we were playing
  5. Exactly......he could have easily been subbed off after 60 mins and everyone expected that.... instead he kept chasing the holding the ball till the very last action. He is a true professional and although unfit he will still give a 100% a lot better than some of the prima donnas we had in the last few seasons.
  6. Good performance all round. Lopar is such a step up. Wilmering another solid performance, Pirmin is all class and Meier showed what a professional player he is. He took the goal without the slightest hesitation and although he was breathless he kept going till the end. Hard to pick a MOM
  7. WOW.....hard fought well played😁😁😁😁
  8. Had that been scored in the premier league .........it will end up on all the news highlights.
  9. TBH a lot better than I was expecting after last week. Hopefully we keep it up and then unleash Yeboah for the last 20 mins
  10. I know it's only the first game at home but it felt so much better. The police number was high but they weren't in your face all the time. Unlike at SOP I didn't feel being treated like a criminal getting into the stadium. Hope this lasts.
  11. Give credit to the Mariners, they were not bad today and deserved to get something out of the game. We were very slow and looked letargic. Meier looks totally unfit and should not have played. We really missed Yeboah upfront. I am hoping that this was first game jitters and we will improve from here , but it's always good when you manage to get 3 points without playing at your best.
  12. Tas is doing really well...the team needs to lift for the second half
  13. I think we need to get used to this. There are going to be VAR calls in every game. I would say technically most will be correct but this has killed the game as we knew it
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