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  1. I am seeing correctly? ...do we only play Victory twice? I would have thought we would only play CCM (randomly picked) twice and all the bigger teams 3 times
  2. Only watched about 80% of the game due to a bad connection but considering who and where we were playing in pre season we liked ok. It is so good to finally once again look forward to the coming season
  3. My daughter's first visit at Bankwest ended before the games started. She had a Gluten Free burger at Milky Lane, she confirmed with them that it is GF as she suffers from Celiac disease. Enjoyed the march but was very sick by the time she got to the ground. Ground staff did not know where the first aid was so not very helpful. Hopefully a better experience next time and definitely stating away from Milky Lane.
  4. Anyone knows why Cumberland hospital won't allow parking? Was it open for the other games at Bankwest?
  5. We are going back home to Parra, we are trying recapture the good things from season 1......how hard was it to have the same kit as season 1 (change sponsor) ???
  6. Once again Australian football over promise and under deliver......but the FFA does have a lot to answer to this the round
  7. Haven't seen Carlton Cole mentioned yet🙂
  8. Don't know where to post this. Real Madrid presented Eden Hazard to the fans....50,000 to watch him juggle the ball for 5 min........the A league struggle to get close to that for the grand final
  9. Credit where credit is due.....they said they will fire up against Brazil and they did. It would have been very easy to give up after going 2-0 down but thankfully they did not.
  10. It's ok the FFA would still be happy because the team culture is now supposed to be so much better.
  11. For a team that was meant to be one of the favorites .... didn't really show much promise. Hopefully first game jitters but it will be difo from here on.
  12. This is getting stupid, I can understand the close ones but the obvious ones why not pull them up
  13. The prestige of "first past the post" is diminished as it is not a level playing field. This is exactly what the FFA/Foxtel want to boost the post season cup
  14. He must be good if we are using a foreign stop for a keeper. Vedran cya
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