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  1. Still no a big fan of 3 year contracts in a salary cap league. I would rather a 2yr and 1yr option. Things go sour (new coach, injury,loss of form) and you are stuck with the player. With Baccus signing it's a wait and see. If he cost us more red cards than it's not a good signing.
  2. tardotz

    A-league 18/19 Round 18

    Looks like Perth have taken a massive step towards the premiership........ obviously it's got nothing to do with their coach.
  3. We have to get Elrich to cross the ball more often.
  4. This is a game between two teams that implode in the last few minutes. That is when the action happens.
  5. So is the RBB Wanderers sign upside down for a reason? Is it even the RBB's sign?
  6. They all count if we are going to get to 6k
  7. tardotz

    2018/19 Injury Status

    It will be 1week for the next 8 weeks
  8. The sad part is that they are playing better than us
  9. tardotz

    Coach and Staff Thread 2018/19

    I think the "generation" issue is there and it's not just in football. It also doesn't mean that Victory, ESFC and Perth don't have the same issue....the difference is they are winning. When you're winning everything is ok not quite the same when you're losing. As Archie said last night most of these kids have never worked a 'real' job for a day in their life. The have a good pay , they see themselves as popular and more importantly they gave 'followers' on Twitter. If we are not careful we will end up like the NRL with have of these kids going off the rails.
  10. I have no problem with Babble saying it the way he sees it. This is not kindergarten, the players are lucky to be in a job that most others would love to do and getting well paid for it at the same time. You would not find too many other jobs where you make massive mistakes and you keep your job. I am sure that if Babble had the option he would change half the team now unfortunately the system doesn't allow that and therefore he has to keep picking players from the lot he has.....next year (if he stays) he will have no excuse.
  11. I know it doesn't matter as the game was already lost but what do you think about the first penalty? I don't think it was and I also think the rebound was a handball.
  12. Too many negatives to mention but you always have to look for positives and I saw two today. 1. Duke will be good for us. 2. Leaving at halftime makes the trip home so much quicker. I never left a game at halftime but enough is enough. Don't care if we lose the remaining games but half that team I never want to see playing for us anymore.
  13. 0-2 Playing the same as WSW ....good upfront but cannot score.... defense is all over the place.