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  1. Robinson's honeymoon is over. We have the best bench of the A league and yet we seem to pick the wrong starting 11 every game. Cannot understand why Troisi and Ibini are still picked. This game was the worst this season but close to some of the bad ones from previous years
  2. The only +ve (I hope) last week they thrashed ESFC and then died with 20 minutes to go.
  3. On paper we have a good team but selections are strange. Why we keep starting with the second string forwards and then put the "A" forwards with 10 minutes to spare is strange. Troisi and Ibini night as well stay warming the bench.....they are just not interested
  4. Might not be a popular opinion. Margush is a great shot stopper, but a big liability with high balls ,crosses and control of the box
  5. Watching the game on ABC and the camera work is so bad. It looks like the game is played on a trapezoid
  6. 1st half was bad .....no other way to describe it. Second half much better. Not sure what was said at half time but it worked. At the end a draw was the correct result. I think both sides had a great call for a pen so it could have gone either way.
  7. Cox was tired but he was getting on the end of everything in the last 10 minutes....I would have pushed for another 5 mins...... although it's easier said from the armchair.
  8. Lazy and annoying.....that is something all kids are thought we they start playing......play the whistle.
  9. Macarthur are not good but we are not better than them. This is the time for CR to earn his money at the half time talk. Something has to change as we don't look like breaking them.
  10. Victory will be like Barcelona next week 😃
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