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  1. Wow all the changes he spoke about....maybe it will be in the 70th min
  2. Players should be held accountable, but when you have players not performing regularly ( Troisi, McGowan, Ibini etc) why are they picked again and again ? The other issue is the formation it seemed clear to all here that it was wrong but CR persisted in playing with that formation and playing players in the wrong position.
  3. Season was over when we lost to Victory. Even if mathematically we still had a chance we did not deserve playing in the finals. CR needs to go, on paper we had the best squad and we didn't even make the finals. His team selections, formations and subs is what caused this. The worst part that he was not willing to change the losing formula.
  4. This...... He also managed to get the players that had left 🙂
  5. Ziggy was the MOM for me and Bruce a close second .....but all our players today showed what it means to play with pride...they should all be happy with their performance
  6. I'm not a fan but he didn't do much wrong today
  7. Very happy with the result but it's only halftime......I am also a WHU fan I don't know how many points we dropped going in at halftime 2 or 3 bill up. I would expect the smurfs to start getting tired.... fingers crossed
  8. I feel more confident now ... Ziegler is starting....and Troisi !!!
  9. I think they are concerned that the smurfs are going to outnumber us by a huge number.
  10. Good luck to him. Without knowing what happens in the back rooms or at training I don't think he deserved what he got this season. I am sure he would have done better than some of the defenders we had on. He is one of the few players that shows some passion on the field.
  11. Don't be surprised there will be more smurfs than wsw fans
  12. We can blame the players and some deserve it. Troisi still thinks he is playing 10 years ago but in reality he cannot even get a corner past the first defender. Ziegler has never recovered from his injury, McGowan no excuse he should not be playing in the A league. Duke in the last few games he went off the boil but that happens and in other teams they would not select him until he recovers. The issue is CR is the one that selects the squad, he is the one that selects the formation and the one that sets the plan and he is the one that puts the subs in action........he has failed in all co
  13. CR has to go. The team selection have been weird , the subs in most games didn't make sense. A coach should find his formation at the beginning of the season , we have a few games to go and he is still experimenting. How can he explain why Cox was not subbed? He was the only forward we had as a sub !!!
  14. Playing against the worst team and conceding 5. I have been looking forward to the derby next week......now I can't see me bothering to go to the game.
  15. Strange lineup, still don't know why Ziegler, Troisi and Ibini are on the sheet.
  16. Massive greed by the owners that in most cases are not football people and have not been part of the tradition of what a football club means
  17. Sure but was it pointed out by the VAR? It took a while and it seemed someone was talking to the ref.
  18. I thought the VAR only comes in for straight red cards, not second yellows
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