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  1. I used to like Donald Trump
  2. You da best, next time mention him to supporters of a team that could actually afford him according to your evaluation so you don't come off like a toooooool.
  3. Donald Trump doesn't tell it like it is, Jim Jefferies does http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/faultlines/2016/07/rise-trump-160712094327197.html
  4. This quote is going straight to the pool room
  5. RBB

    Euro 2016

    I getcha, it's like kissing up to minorities to garner their support, and then making up a feel good reason why we should all agree, and then shouting "racist" when people question it. It is ridiculous.
  6. Just signed this bloke http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2016/05/05/arsenal-transfer-news-holland-striker-vincent-janssen-a-summer-t/
  7. RBB

    BeIN sports

    I have a few options for that, starting with the foxtel go app using my parents account, otherwise drinks at the pub or a mates house. It would only be every second game at the most i would need to sort something out so all good :^]
  8. RBB

    BeIN sports

    Gotta pay extra for the HD sports package, still, in 2016. I will get Feltch for EPL, and get the BEiN app for the rest, so will still be disconnecting my foxtel before the new EPL season. Foxtel can suck my balls. Btw, may have mentioned this before, but if anyone wants Foxtel half price for a few months, just call up and sound depressed and say you are bored with Foxtel, they might offer you something, but still say you want to disconnect, you will then be put through to the 'disconnection department' who will offer you the half price months or even better, i have done this many times.
  9. RBB

    Jaushua Sotirio

    This sick and twisted sotirio experiment needs to come to end. If there was someone who heavily influenced the Pio deal and the Sotirio new deal, that person needs to be fired, and needs to have a long hard look in the mirror. If that person was Popa, he is forgiven.
  10. 15????? GREAT NOW I'M A GROOMER!
  11. I'll be at the Juve game in the Juve active section with my Juve mate
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