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  1. whats the deal with vedran and the hole in the door? he was joking with fc players after the match did not seem in a volatile mood then gets back to the rooms and puts a hole in the door.
  2. last year was not a success we won 2 games to get to a final always a bonus but without either the gf win or plate nothing to claim
  3. say he gets rid of another eleven this offseason, pisses about signing new ones so they dont even have a preseason together then rotates weekly through the season regardless of form where does that leave us?
  4. Ok, so, can you put forward someone who in the next 5 years will win ACL and take us to 3 A league Finals and greatly improve very average players and introduce junior talent like no other club. i cant not in my position but if i worked in that position at the club i would love to scout for a new coach. without being in that position i could at least find a coach will to play the best eleven week in week out
  5. whats the mood here re popa out? my opinion, his time has come decisions through out the season have been brainless i believe he no longer has any idea his arrogance in the rotation policy has cost us. it was truly shameful last night, fans owe popa nothing forum must beheld before they take our money.
  6. it is true if this goes well we get 80,000 next time
  7. i need 3 in 129 if anyone has them going
  8. Pax? With over 60,000 A-League fans heading into Olympic Park for the derby, traffic on all approaches to ANZ Stadium is expected to be very heavy.http://www.transportnsw.info/en/transport-status/events/detail.page?event=templatedata%2FContent%2FEvent-Article%2Fdata%2F2016%2F10%2Fwsw-v-syd-fc-oct-8.xmlWho needs PAX, when it seems an inexact measure anyway. The transport authorities seem convinced there will be more than 60000 attending the match and have activated the Sydney Olympic Park Major Event Buses routes for the match, to get people to and from the match. Transport, gets info from th
  9. have seen a tweet from tv people 9 and 7 thanking a donor and family i wonder if it is not seriously for her
  10. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2016-09-10/mike-fitzpatrick-talks-afl-strategy-and-future-of-expansion/7833224?section=sport Wankers
  11. The Seven Network, News Limited and Telstra last year committed more than $2.5 billion between them to buy the AFL's media rights from 2017 to 2022. On Saturday afternoon at ANZ Stadium, steps will be taken by those three media companies to start recouping some of that expense. ESPN understands that a who's who of Sydney's media and marketing industries will be attending the Sydney Swans-GWS qualifying final as guests of the AFL and its media partners. Sydney is the media capital of Australia, home to most of the nation's major advertisers and advertising agencies. Some of them are familiar
  12. Remember we use to post links for free tickets to gws games on various sites ,can someone post them again im looking for how afl is offloading these tickets
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