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  1. It seems our Deep Nets travel as well as our fans.
  2. Music aside, it's good we don't have the BS 'countdown' before kickoff seen at plenty of other matches this season.
  3. Mrs Dcol informed me that I managed to make an ass of myself and totally didn't see/hear yourself and tgywyw. Im sorry, I had my blinkers on as we were flying through on our way to Newcastle. Good to hear the day went well!
  4. Ownership aside, I wonder if we will see Jonny Steele again. He's been out of action for a while now and it seems is currently in the US.
  5. http://www.foxsports.com.au/football/western-sydney-wanderers-embroiled-in-pay-dispute-ahead-of-club-world-cup/story-e6frf423-1227147191649 Just saw this on twitter. Tough night for Wanderers, players and fans alike, it seems.
  6. Shithouse game, but how good is Ruka?! We looked ten times as dangerous when he arrived. Saba still finding his feet.
  7. *transfers in Broich for the 2-game round* SIGH
  8. This thread is punishing.
  9. Love midweek games and I've got a good feeling about this one. Wanderers 3-0
  10. Tifo was unreal! Watching the replay now, our first half was blistering.
  11. Tonight should be an enjoyable match. Hoping there is cause for Gombau to do a massive, arms out slide, right in front of Muscat. Draw Draw WSW Nix Jets
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