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  1. whats everyones thoughts on whats going on with WWE at the moment?
  2. FINALLY!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YC6RIyw5UbE
  3. A Cena fan!?? Dugong! dont insult me like that! But there was some excitement cmon, like the ladder match , Divas, and some parts of Hiac were really good, yes the main event sucked really bad, but overall the matches werent that bad (- Ambrose v lesnar ) However, Raw today was pretty damn good in my opinion. Hopefully well see a Roman Hell turn coming soon because the bastard is getting the absolute life bood out of him and hes the champ! hahaha However, still left empty about no Bullet club entry oh well, has to come sooner or later , and i cant wait till it does
  4. Almost forgot NXT is continuing to hold the best events in my opinion, Take over Dallas was awesome, Shinsuke Nakamura V Sami Zayn was one of the best matches iv watched in a long long time.
  5. Was actually a really good WM imo, matches werent too predictable like who would have predicted Zak Ryder to win ? haha My picks of the night definitely had to be Shane o mac v Undertaker, as well as the divas match, was so good , wasnt happy with the ending but other than that it was really good , full of action. Spewing that New day lost even if it wasnt for the title, but damn it was cool seeing HBK , Foley and Stone cold come out, And i dont even care that he Stunnered Xavier that was classic hahaha To me none of the matches were bad, the main event sucked a little, i expected to see
  6. Iv heard a lot of people predicting sting to return, but why attack undertaker?? also, if anyone gets the chance, watch Lucha Underground Aztec Warfare, where Rey mysterio is at now, Awesome stuff. Aztec Warfare is a normal episode but with a 20 man royal rumble type match, entrants come in every 90 seconds , Champion is the first to enter, and you can only be elminiated via Pin or Submission, No DQ. Honestly beats every Royal rumble iv ever seen
  7. Predictions for WM anyone?
  8. Also, thoughts on who will sign to the main roster from NXT after WM?? Finn Balor has to, hes fighting Samoa joe at takeover for the title. Surely hell lose to joe, and make his way onto the main roster? personally id love to see it happen but NXT stars tend to lose momentum after signing to main roster, Bo dallas is a great example, He used to be a threat in his NXT days, and now hes a bit of a joke haha
  9. Shane vs Undertaker has the potential to be awesome, but i feel like it will somehow be spoiled and no one will predict the ending
  10. This is true, but the match went for like what, 5 minutes? and if it was bray that he was actually battering i woulda enjoyed it more haha
  11. Road block was such a disappointing event imo, horrible. like what was the go with the Lesnar v Wyatt match that turned into Brock just battering Harper?? Shitty ppv, most matches were a let down... Except for New day retaining GIFSoup
  12. wow , now thats an idea. How havnt i already thought of it, thats some straight up booty
  13. Sadly not lads Reason being the fact that we couldnt find any Toy/plastic trombones that were under $100, which made us quite sour... However the power of positivity leads us forward to victory every week, many horns are put up after we score goals. http://imgur.com/Zb68VY4
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