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  1. Does the jacket have Western Sydney written on the back?
  2. Mattski

    Music Thread

    You are right. I was referring to around 1995 when they toured for Divine Intervention
  3. Mattski

    Music Thread

    wow, so that would have been slayer a few years after they were really good, and machinehead a few years before they were really good. Remember that night. THe crowd was pumped as Slayer at that point had never been to Aus. Biohazard was the other support. Slayer started with Raining Blood and I thought the place was going to collapse
  4. or what the smurfs do every 6 months but with a blank cheque
  5. its all good we all get the prize Um... I can give you an autographed photo of someone who looks nothing like Hugh Lawrie?
  6. he was black Well done mate, you win the prize!
  7. Burns - You see me as a God, right, Smithers? Smithers - Absolutely, sir. Burns - You'd kneel before me, wouldn't you? Smithers - Boy, would I. Ok Simpsons fan boys, what is the difference between Smithers now and in the very first episode?
  8. Mattski


    Don't forget if they screw that up in North Korea, they'll be shot or sent to the mines like their players when they lose
  9. They will sell out in minutes! I really hope Nike release these!!
  10. LOL Ya killin' me This has to be a joke. Did you attend ANY of the fan forums. The name 'West' or 'Western' Sydney was almost unanimous in its appeal. I believe the fact that the Sydney Rovers was a failure in terms of getting fan support was due to, I believe, the fact that Sydney Rovers was supposed to be West but was too afraid to name themselves as such. The team is WESTERN Sydney, it's what we want, it's who we are. Period. What is Melbourne Heart's problem? Who are they, besides NOT being Melbourne Victory. *sigh*... I think I've bitten a rev up attempt... even though I'm right
  11. Of course he won't. He might in ten years time and getting stuff all time in backyard middle east leagues
  12. My campaign to get Eli Babalj to WSW has not bore fruit, despite my effort Still, best of luck to the kid. He's a huge talent and if he breaks into the AZ squad and gets some serious time on the field and scores, I think he should then be wearing #9 for the NT. I think the NT, post 2014 is looking good up front Antonis/Mooy at 8 Rogic at 10 Kruse at 7 Oar at 11 Babalj at 9 Pretty sharp I think
  13. Mattski

    Kwabena Appiah

    Kwabena is what 20? 21? Holger won't be interested until he is another 10 years older or does a Splinters and goes to every numpty league on the planet and not get a run
  14. A team for all Sydney? Are they still that deluded Take your minds back to the first derby and their chant '**** off westies'... Yep, that's a team for all Sydney alright! Western Sydney Wanderers - We know who we are Sydney FC are just the blue version of Melbourne Heart - just who are they exactly?
  15. I still reckon the 9 we should be chasing is Eli Babalj
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