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  1. That's not really fair If the government writes crappy tax legislation that allows companies to deduct all sorts of things, is it really a company's fault for using it? Like this recent thing on the ABC where you can get ~$2,500 tax free. All you have to do is salary sacrifice $10k into super, then tell the ATO your job has been coronavirus affected, and then you can withdraw the $10k out again. You would only pay the 15% super tax rate. Do that once next month and because no one really gave much thought to it when writing the legislation, guess what? You can do the same thing again on July 1!
  2. Next time inform the Liberal government you’re an au pair to a wealthy donor family You’ll be put in the Park Hyatt penthouse or equivalent
  3. I think it’s pretty good! As it stands now I can get up from bed at 8.40 and be “on time” for work. The way I see it, working from home retrieves 3 hours of my day I spend commuting. For the social aspect, we have been assigned to teams which catch up daily by video link just to keep us connected and talking to someone daily.
  4. On the plus side, have taken the chance to jump into the stock market while prices have fallen $500 minimum parcel for your first purchase of any security is a bit steep to the first timer but... if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing! Having the charts up on my screen at work and researching tips is surprisingly quite interesting
  5. I think so A Labor stimulus package would've been closer to what Rudd did - payments to families, no questions asked. None of this, "OK we will let you claim back the PAYG instalment for income tax for your March GST return. Oh by the way, you get that money late April. You don't know if you can stay in business for that long? Too bad buddy, we've legislated it".
  6. In the end, the fact that we have dense population centres that are far apart may save us.
  7. They may do what the EPL is doing and just postpone the games. We may be finishing this season later this year and start the next season as 2021-22
  8. That sucks to hear btron, hope it gets better for you soon This virus has come about so quickly and changed life so rapidly. It was only two weeks ago when we could all just traipse around freely and just over a month ago when toilet paper was bountiful in our supermarkets...
  9. I wonder if the rhetoric against “dole bludgers” will continue now that many more are in the unemployment benefits queue
  10. Are they real tweets or were they plants?
  11. That's a classic though
  12. Anyone else find it laughable that our Prime Minister says hoarding toilet paper is un-Australian but hoarding investment properties is OK?
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