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  1. Is that a rhetorical question, because the answer to both of those questions for me at least is a resounding 'Yes'
  2. Unlimited

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    63 on FIFA His highlight reel is essentially catching crosses and taking a goal kick Ummm hopefully Babbel sees something I don’t
  3. I can’t believe this BS about the liberals being so called better economic managers Even if you discount Labor being able to steer us through the 2008 GFC without too much hassle, the fact that inflation was at 0% for the quarter and that the RBA is considering dropping rates twice this year (after keeping them unchanged for almost three years) shows that lately, the Liberals have bottled it And then the AFR going to cheerlead for the Coalition and saying lowering rates is a good thing? Clearly they didn’t study properly in Year 9 Commerce ffs
  4. I've heard of people now refusing to donate to farmers and other rural areas when they are in drought because "Well you voted the Liberal/Nationals in - why should I help you out when you helped stuff over the country?" Like on the one hand, I understand their argument. On the other hand, it's a probabilistic one and pretty rough. Moreover, it could just be they are uninformed and they genuinely thought they were making the right decision. It's a toughie.
  5. Unlimited

    Football Media Discussion 2

    Yeah, I cancelled mine at like 12.30pm yesterday
  6. Unlimited

    Football Media Discussion 2

    I am included here Why am I going to pay $25 per month (or $15 after discount) when I can get a wider variety of show on Netflix for less than that? And if the selling differentiator is the live TV, the only good thing on it is probably the news channels - but that’s what ABC and SBS are for
  7. This Greens v Labor thing doesn’t really work for me Like, if you’re on the “left”, your preference should end up flowing to either Labor anyway - it’s not like you’ll put 1 Greens and then 2 Liberal Fact is we need to get people educated on our political system and policies This absolute moron on this news website who was saying she would vote for the Liberals because Labor would tax super more (ostensibly by reducing the nonconcessional cap)... Like for one, you’re not even 30. You’re not touching super for another like 12 elections. Second, reducing the non-concessional cap to $75k means you still need to put ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR in your super before that policy even kicks in (and there are some top up provisions as well iirc) Pisses me off how stupid some people are
  8. I think we can all agree this weekend has been exceptionally crap - first the election result, and then ESFC winning the Post-Season Cup, and Queen Kate being robbed at Eurovision Ruined both my Saturday and Sunday.
  9. Unlimited

    2018/19 A-League Grand Final

    Well now that you mention it, “great” call from the VAR there Guess we can’t call ESFC the VAR darlings anymore
  10. Unlimited

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    Lol if those latte-sipping Eastern types walk away after you introduce yourself from Blacktown, they are the ones with problems Good riddance.
  11. Unlimited

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    Schwegler is a great signing because on FIFA his rating is 7– oh beat me to it
  12. Unlimited

    2018/19 A-league Semi-Finals

    By far the most pathetic and disgusting thing that happened at Kogarah tonight full disclosure: second place goes to the clodhopping ironically named Victory performance
  13. Unlimited

    2018/19 A-league Semi-Finals

    Why couldn’t we play like that at our temporary home ground ffs 6-1 wow that is embarrassing for Victory
  14. Unlimited

    Adelaide United: Season 2019/20

    Related to Pim Verbeek?