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  1. I am also interested in this higher payment that I have just been made aware of
  2. Who decided to put two buttons on the home jersey? All we need are the players to wear Drew Carey glasses and we'll look like Nerds FC Season 3
  3. I really like how it incorporates the red in the sponsor logo Remember that hideous copy-paste NRMA logo one season? Terrible. People got paid to design that ****?
  4. Ah, these stories make me wish I didn't take a sabbatical this year
  5. 62 on FIFA, nah Needs to be at least 68 rated to be a maybe
  6. This. Mind-boggling that Sam Kerr was still kicking it around here last year if I recall correctly
  7. Was that his first game in charge or does his contract start next season?
  8. I’ve decided who I want to win now: City is plastic but I can’t stand those ESFC players who would remind us several times they won at our ground So I’m on Team City Heart Plastics Green Seat Elite whatever it is nowadays
  9. I read an article and actually debunked this theory They found that looking at Opta stats, the amount of running and the like is on par with what was there pre-coronavirus. On the grand final, I guess this is how ESFC felt when we played our grand final vs CCM at Allianz?
  10. Legit? So he used the Australian time as a holiday basically?
  11. I just hope ESFC don’t win it. Would be pretty bad if they win the thing at our home stadium
  12. Unlimited

    Nicholas Suman

    Complains about lack of game time and then goes to a club where he also won’t get game time? Probably $$$
  13. Oh that is super dodgy, I'd be furious if that got applied. The year above mine was full of, let's call them, "non-academically inclined" sorts And yeah there are other factors as well for "crap" schools, like resources, teachers, and also quality of other students (such as selective schools basically cherry picking the good ones). Course selection and availability is also important, for instance, I had to choose between a subject and joining my school's cricket team actually. I know other students moved schools to get certain subjects that their previous school didn't even offer.
  14. I actually think the moderation is quite fair in the HSC From what I remember it to be, it basically matched the bottom mark and the top mark of the actual HSC exam to the bottom placed and top ranked student in the class, and then depending on how everyone else went in relation to them, distributes marks within that range. I can’t speak for how they do it in Britain but that HSC system is pretty fair in my eyes (I could be convinced otherwise). It essentially standardises all marks to compare students in schools who give everyone ridiculously hard exams and other schools who asked 1+1 in the maths exam. I think the key problem with going to a “crap” school is that your peers won’t push you to really excel. If you can wipe the floor with everyone without even trying, it’s very hard to gauge how you’ll go if now you’re doing a standardised HSC exam up against people you haven’t even met.
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