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  1. Unlimited

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    Sydney FC 0, Melbourne City 2
  2. Unlimited

    Wellington Demolish Wanderers

    You’d expect the players like ABJ or Riera or Hamill or Llorente being ins for the game to be a much more positive influence than losing Tass, Majok, and Baby Baccus I guess that’s the A-League for you
  3. If only this red card happened in the first minute instead of first minute of stoppage time, perhaps we would be 3-1 winners Deserved second yellow, he’s clearly elbowed him
  4. Mandi - some random I’d never heard of before this season - scores a peach of a free kick Meanwhile former Bayern Munich and Germany youth international ABJ can’t even lift it over the wall FFS
  5. Guess ABJ just earned himself a couple more weeks on the bench Although Janjetovic stuffed us up multiple times and he didn’t get benched much
  6. Free kick on the edge - this is our chance now
  7. If this scoreline holds, we will be 10 points away from 6th placed Melbourne City who have a game in hand - and we have 5 more games to play Guess that’s another dent to our already mission impossible finals run
  8. Pretty sure it’s because we don’t have anyone else to play there - perhaps Cordier just isn’t good enough right now
  9. Wtf was that They just let them pass straight through us, 3-0 now Noone taking it upon themselves to really close them down. Literal traffic cones.
  10. Good to see ABJ coming on, Babbel rolling the dice here - if it pays off, master stroke Llorente can’t even score from like 8 yards out - Riera unlucky. Russell apparently coming off, would be a good strategy because he’s been completely outclassed
  11. And now GG with a yellow card even though he didn’t touch him Up there with the penalty awarded a few seasons ago when Krishna tripped himself over EDIT: ehhhh good curve on that free kick, ugh
  12. Idiotic Tate Russell pass across the defence he’s been caught out a couple of times under pressure And now Llorente can’t even beat Fenton for a cross in the box ugh
  13. Bit nervy first couple of minutes almost breakaway and an almost lethal back pass from us
  14. Also US Women qualified for the World Cup and the Men's team... well