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  1. Damn I heard he was going quite well over there after I saw all the reports of him winning his first match or whatever it was Guess he’ll be coming back to Victory then?
  2. This seeming level of state power is because the National Cabinet decided on a combined and collaborative approach where the number of arrivals are decided jointly between the Federal and State Governments: ”This means, the number of arrivals at each international airport will be subject to caps agreed upon between federal and all state and territory governments. ” https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/information-overseas-travellers-coronavirus-disease-covid-19#who-can-enter-australia-from-overseas
  3. Let's look at this problem in a different way. Say I want to go on a overseas holiday. Do I write to Gladys or any state authority? Let's see what smartraveller.gov.au says (https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/COVID-19): " There's a ban on overseas travel from Australia. You can’t leave Australia unless you get an exemption from the Department of Home Affairs. " Oh, it's Federal.
  4. Remember when Steve Kuzmanovski was supposed to be the undisputed rising star of the youth program? Those were the days
  5. Civ 6 is good Gameplay is a lot different. Civ 5 is also good, I’m still getting used to the new Civ 6 gameplay personally
  6. Idm the youth being given a chance if they’re good I hope we see more of Tass this season and Tate, they’ve been good value I think Keanu also going well
  7. Civilisation is always good I find Days and days of entertainment
  8. So signed Hemed who is 68 on FIFA as marquee when Marinovic is 71 and Davila is 72 on FIFA I hope they're marquees too
  9. 65 on FIFA I hope it's not us. Keanu Baccus is 67, along with Georgievski and Lopar Meanwhile, Benat from Macarthur Bulls has been dropped 3 FIFA ratings points to 77, one ahead of Diego Castro
  10. Shotton 71 on FIFA Gestede 63 (really?)
  11. Apparently 77 on FIFA Tell me why is their recruitment seemingly streets ahead of everyone else’s?
  12. Any guesses what story won’t be reported in any News Corp paper?
  13. Hmm like yes he was there before but I’m hoping we reached out to him?
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