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  1. On the plus side, the star is the correct size on this jersey
  2. Wait... why are the hoops different sizes????
  3. It's a shame because at our height, we could've totally beat the US. We only lost to them 5-3 before the World Cup, like if we fixed those defensive stuff-ups then...
  4. Apparently just signed one Alessandro Diamanti Even at the age of 35, still a very, very, very good 76 on FIFA
  5. Perth only lost 2-0, Leeds lost 4-0. Therefore, Perth > Leeds. Take that Eurosnobs! lol
  6. 61 on FIFA, 67 potential - could be a breakout season for him
  7. Congrats! I did my Level 3s a few years ago but I never got assessed LOL Did you give a second yellow? I've had twerpy teams like that in the past. If they're losing, I suck time out of the game. I call the captain over and say, "Look, your team is losing discipline. I'm not really liking constantly pulling up the fouls. You have x number of players on yellow cards and there are a couple of challenges there that could've been second yellows. I need you, as the captain, to deal with it and bring them into line. You have z minutes to go, and you're down 4-whatever. You have a chance at drawing or winning this game, but this stupid stuff has to stop. If it doesn't stop and there's another bad challenge, then I will have to deal with it in accordance with the Laws of the Game." If they're really bad, maybe add a couple more sentences and reaaaaaaally draw it out Goes one of two ways usually, but I've found once you remind them of the Laws of the Game, they typically stop. And for that guy who kicked the ball away wasting time for his team, if he was already on a yellow, I would pull him up and give him a talking to. Being on the losing side doesn't mean you're exempt from the Laws.
  8. Absolutely crazy night of sport First this and then the Wimbledon final Madness!
  9. I know someone that met him at a World Cup event. He mentions to me that he was talking to Sepp, but he wasn't really interested in what he was saying. Anyway, when three beautiful women entered the room, Sepp cut this person off, apologised and said he had to be somewhere else. Walked straight up to the three women and chatted them up.
  10. 65 on FIFA He scored 7 goals in 45 games, and this is the type of player they're bringing in? A bit embarrassing to be honest.
  11. So... if I want to be cheap, I can watch it on Youtube? Or is it gonna be geo-blocked
  12. Hopefully being shipped off to another club How he is on 100k per season is astounding
  13. I too noted the distinct lack of articles noting the absolute disunity of the Liberals as compared to the Rudd-Gillard era My tax break is going to my savings.
  14. Also seems to wear #7 and I hear is handy with the gloves too. Found an exclusive picture of him at training today - clearly takes inspiration from Ronaldo:
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