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  1. I may have sunk 12 hours into this game since I bought it two days ago I’m currently second last in the Northern Ireland third division… my team didn’t even have a goalkeeper and it took me a few weeks to realise I’d drafted in some random from the youth team Steep learning curve for sure
  2. Wonderful, we signed a player from a club that finished last in the league. Such determination and vision from the club.
  3. I enjoy playing Civ 6 so I'm no stranger to ridiculously complex multi-dimensional tactical and strategic games... I've also got over FIFA a bit after manager mode got a bit repetitive: set up a youth academy, get a 5 star judgment scout, sign good players on a free or look for free agents at the start of new season and just give them a massive signing bonus to get away with paying them a low wage (I literally got Messi on my career mode save for $20k a week)...
  4. Ridiculous. If I were a fan of CCM, I'd be demanding answers. And they better be good ones.
  5. Hi all, I've recently seen that FM2021 is 50% off on Steam... it's now $37 only. Worth a buy? I've never played FM before, or should I wait until FM2022?
  6. Importantly, Urena is only 66 on FIFA We need to look at 70+ ratings...
  7. To be fair, I’m on a “total package” remuneration agreement and this is common knowledge I think the article drums up a storm over something that’s pretty obvious. It won’t be good for the company’s goodwill if they don’t give a 0.5% increase but it’s pretty bad in the first place that giving employees a 0.5% pay increase is newsworthy (e.g. Big 4 professional services)
  8. I feel I lost brain cells watching that
  9. What's the bet City deliberately tanked?
  10. Just got second jab - turns out the souvenirs are only for the first jab… No memoir card or anything
  11. Yeah but he got released, so can't be that good
  12. 59 on FIFA, potential of 70 Maybe as a squaddie?
  13. Judging by the number of people coughing and sneezing on the train, I would seriously not be surprised if we get an outbreak soon
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