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  1. Graham is only 70 on FIFA Toivonen is like 76, we need to get that sort of FIFA rating marquee if we want to be good at least on paper
  2. Really? Next election is like 3 years away. Unfortunately, people are stupid and will forget.
  3. Using my extensive FIFA experience, the clear solution to our #9 solution is to fork out millions of dollars for a scouting network in Brazil or Argentina and find some promising 18 year old kid It has worked so far for my career mode, I found a Brazilian striker named Fabio Ribeiro who is currently top scoring in the Premier League with 3 goals in 4 matches - he's only 77 on FIFA but he has 99 Finishing and notably scored the winner in the 2-1 FA Cup Final victory against Tottenham Hotspur in the 2023/24 season - a screamer from 30 yards in the 88th minute - to let Stevenage FC be the first team in the history of the FA Cup to win from the third division...
  4. 65 on FIFA - nothing special but definitely A-League standard
  5. Seoul is a massive city, I'm sure what ever you're looking for you'll find it there. My main issue with going there would be the language barrier...
  6. Oh nah I just keep tabs on the ABC and AFR and stuff I don't really watch TV anymore
  7. I saw it as well, looked really bad... Like I can understand the referee giving the card for simulation if the player carried on like a pork chop after falling down. But it looks like the player has gone down and only got back up to celebrate his teammate's goal... Not a good look unfortunately.
  8. Tiananmen Square II If we're lucky, protests will calm down like the Umbrella movement which somehow stopped after a while
  9. When the stream switched to the CCM game, it was just in time to see two goals there as well - the scramble to make it 2-1 to the CCM and then the penalty about ten seconds later to make it 2-2 That said, would’ve been nice to have a choice to watch that game
  10. My feed cut out for the draw Who’s next??
  11. The double save he made in like the 51st minute... geez that was Covic-esque
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