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  1. "But that's when James Cook discovered Australia!! It's historically significant!!!" But like... the Dutch were mapping Australia ages ago. I would support a change to Australia Day to January 1, the date of our Federation. Of course, that's already New Year's Day so we should just celebrate it in lieu on January 2, or the next available weekday. Speaking of which, I found out we don't get a day in lieu for ANZAC Day??? So because ANZAC Day falls on a Saturday next year, we don't get the Monday off. That is un-Australian.
  2. I just want to know what this alleged misconduct is. Like, it took a while to come out, so is it public drunkenness bad or is it like NRL public urination and smashing someone’s head in?
  3. I’ve actually never been and am interested going there to shop. What’s wrong with it?
  4. Remember when we lost a Premier due to a wine bottle? Seems so long ago
  5. Good to see Babbel is as pissed off as some of us are Hopefully it will inspire him and the team to improve
  6. Not sure why people are saying “why is AM receiving the ball in our 18 yard box and dropping deep” Pretty sure he’s been doing that every game at least since the derby? AM is playing as an AM.
  7. We started with all 5 of our foreign players - this was the game to really push us onward, especially with WU's Berisha out
  8. Meier off Looks like we're gonna slide down the table...
  9. It looked pretty bad though - can see why it was given, his arm position didn’t look great Also wasn’t good when the “fouled” player got back up straight away like huh
  10. Interestingly, Yeboah keeps his place after a shocker last week... Is he the new Sotirio?
  11. They still do that sort of thing for Medicare cards now which is why I got that one right
  12. Babbel to fire a rocket up the arse of every player after the insipid performance last week I’m thinking it’ll be a gritty and hardfought 3-1 win
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