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  1. I dunno, watching on the myFootball App in front of the aircon is looking really attractive atm
  2. $30 for adult tickets to watch the 9th v 10th match in like 40 degree heat? Umm
  3. Yeah, a new minister who hopefully is less **** and less corrupt will be able to make decisions If your boss is terrible at work, I’m sure you would want them replaced with someone better...
  4. When Edge appeared at the Royal Rumble I was crying manly happy tears inside The nostalgia hit me right in the feels
  5. Who’s that Indian cricketer with a strike rate of like 30? Rahul Dravid? thats good test cricket none of this switch hit ramp shot BS
  6. We're playing again!!! YAY Bye weeks are ******* ****
  7. I always thought that was a sponsorship deal thingy
  8. True, but when in about 5 years these kids wisen up to the realisation that BBL is a mickey mouse league with no value for anything... then what? I feel the long term sustainability isn't there. The BBL is literally a league of Melbourne Citys, it's just so plastic and mass-manufactured it doesn't have any intrinsic value. It's cricket for the sake of cricket.
  9. You don't get rich by spending money. A friend of mine was telling me about a Partner at one of the Big 4 accountancies - probably on at least 500k a year. Told my mate, "I don't buy a shirt if it's more than $50 and I don't buy shoes if it's more than $100". The attitude continued to his treatment of the team. My friend's farewell lunch was rolled into other people's farewell lunches and other's welcome lunches, so that you might as well have called it a team lunch.
  10. Don't really agree, because when their favourite players for the Sixers end up playing at some other BBL club next season, what then? They are fans of the sport for sure, but will they be rusted on Sixers fans even if their favourites get drafted elsewhere?
  11. Agreed. I’ll just be taking the train up and down. I’m guessing the bus leaves at 8 as it gives an opportunity for people to have dinner in the area.
  12. ABC had a great article and visual dynamic slideshow thing a few months ago on this exact topic Like some schools are getting Olympic sized swimming pools being funded by the government FFS
  13. Dammit just came here to post that Also on the pink batts and school hall debacle - every student of economics across the world will look at that and go, “Given general consensus on fiscal policy, that was sound and proper to do at that stage of the business cycle and with those economic conditions.” It could’ve been administered better but the government is supposed to fund projects and stimulate the economy by making purchases and creating jobs when businesses were too scared to invest themselves. You can’t blame business not hiring after the GFC. ( EDIT: I’ll also add one more thing - the alternative is that the government, like today, sits on their hands and waits. What’s going to happen? All those people who now got employed and paid would’ve most likely remained jobless or without work to do. Economy stutters and people cry foul of the government for not doing anything to help. ) Meanwhile, economic indicators aren’t going well in Australia, with the RBA cutting interest rates twice last year and are widely tipped to do so again before mid year (futures markets reporting a 100% certainty by August). In response, in utter confoundment of basic economic theory that Year 11s get taught - the government goes “nah we want a surplus” and equates the government budget to the household budget. There are a multitude of reasons this is incorrect and disingenuous - primarily that, for one, a government can literally print more money to pay off the debt and does so every day? Year 4 schoolkids on school camp go to the Mint and can see it in action. There is a case to be made about the interest payments - but with the cash rates at zero-point-something, isn’t now the time to hoard debt with essentially free money? To return to the house analogy, if a home loan had a 0.5% interest rate, you’d be all over that. So why isn’t the government? When are they going to decide to run debt? When interest rates go up again and it’s literally more expensive to pay off?
  14. Isn’t it at 4pm so you’d get back to Sydney around 7.30
  15. AFR today reported she had a colour coded spreadsheet to help her decide where funds should go Colour coded by - and you guessed it - seat status
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