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  1. I remember hearing a story, not sure if it’s true, a doctor giving a vaccine and this anti-vax person came in and was spouting all that nonsense about 5G and how it’s all a conspiracy etc. Anyway, doctor realised this person was one of those super pro-US is the best America #1 people. Doctor said to them: “What if all that 5G stuff is actually a conspiracy from the Communist Russians and Chinese to destabilise our American health system and release a disease that will kill us all?” Guy got the vaccine. Dunno if the story is true or not but hilarious if true
  2. I think on 7 News they were saying one of the Hockeyroo women was writing a large sign to attract the attention of some US guy in the next apartment block over When interviewed, I believe she said something like, “What’s wrong with some Olympics love? As long as it’s COVID safe”
  3. Who was that forumite that suggested I should get to the uni games? I think this is about five years too late and in the wrong thread but: you were right. I apologise for doubting you.
  4. McKeon bronze Titmus gold Men’s 400 relay bronze Good results in the pool this morning
  5. Still don’t know why we didn’t stack our team with overage players, like the chance was there
  6. Spain 1-0 Flicked on header, Souttar beaten in the air
  7. Half time 0-0 against Spain i don’t think we’ve registered a shot at all, Spain have had several half chances
  8. We would like to announce best wishes to Baccus and Duke against Spain tonight! #GoOlyroos
  9. Oh I agree with many of your points, but the thing is the way to protest it is to vote the lot out in 2023 and more immediately, perhaps write letters to MPs to voice displeasure Protesting it by defying the health orders will only extend the lockdowns The ones I don't agree with are point 9, because that is ATAGI advice which obviously changes depending on the data, and 11, because BLM was also not an authorised protest and was also blamed to be a superspreader event One thing that does **** me, and you pointed it out, is point 10. If I have the financial means to leave this co
  10. Kerr one on one and shoots straight at the keeper Still 4-2
  11. **** 4-2 Blackstenius flicks on a header, Polkinghorne misses the ball from her jump Not good
  12. This must be how Sydney FC feel, VAR have awarded us a penalty after Foord was tripped over Kerr’s penalty saved!!! Terrible penalty, chest height and the goalkeeper knees it out still 3-2
  13. 3-2 Sweden Rolfo gets her second, no pressure on midfield and she scores from 25 out
  14. Luik was chasing the person that crossed, really should’ve been Catley But yes Polkinghorne was too slow to cut it out so Carpenter had to do it
  15. **** 2-2, Catley out of position again I think
  16. 2-1 KERR!!!!! Looped cross from Foord and no one was marking Kerr
  17. The weird thing is that if the referee had given it, because there was contact, VAR would not overrule it That said, I’ve seen BS penalties given in the A-League with less contact than that which is frustrating But that’s football!
  18. Bit soft for me Contact yes but not enough
  19. KERR!!! 1-1 Early cross and a header from Kerr, keeper got a hand but it bounced slightly over the line before the keeper palmed it out Referee awards it Shouldve been 2-0 a minute before though
  20. 1-0 Sweden Overload on our left flank and a low cross to an unmarked Swedish player Calm finish into the bottom corner
  21. I just use Google, they have a semi-interactive list but it sorts it per day and per sport They also have "featured" sports at the top, which for now is the men's tennis with John Millman and then the Matildas match at 6.30pm
  22. We’ve been in lockdown a month and the numbers are getting higher Look at Victoria for what’s supposed to happen when you go into lockdown: an initial peak and then it decreases. I could take last year’s lockdown because at least I could go to my girlfriend’s place to change it up for a bit and boost morale. This one is hitting bad.
  23. I don’t understand how you can blame Labor considering the LNP have been in power since 2013 The LNP can change things you know, they’re not stuck with whatever Labor put in If they couldn’t change things, whatever happened to the carbon tax? Your first paragraph misleadingly cites a 2008-2010 program and then shows results in 2017. Those kids in 2008-2010 like myself are long, long gone from school. The correct period to look at would be say 2008-2013 or so. Besides, some things like the new school halls are just a continuing benefit. They don’t really assist in academic p
  24. Keanu Baccus on for the last 90 seconds plus stoppage
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