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  1. I remember way back in like 2007-08 or so, there was an ad for a Sony TV. Original version was Brazilian playmaker Kaka, then at AC Milan, juggling the ball. Some moron decided 'nah not aussie enough' and then changed it to some random AFL player passing the AFL ball to himself
  2. Oh that’s not bad actually I might just get a bronze ticket and sneak into the better areas like a true Westie
  3. PAX for the game? Tickets are a bit exxy... $30-54.95, although it is cheaper than Allianz iirc
  4. I don't really want to pre-buy tickets just in case we get restrictions put up Are tickets at the gate still a thing?
  5. Not sure what your problem is, Smith was clearly preparing for the Australian third innings...
  6. From a strictly legal perspective, not the same thing but it was humorous to be pointed out that the 2018 gay wedding cake debacle in the US (essentially whether a baker could refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple on the basis of it being against their religion) showed that private companies can choose to not do business with certain people. Now with this Trump being banned on Twitter thing, these supporters now want it the other way where private companies must do business with certain people. Again, from a strictly legal perspective, different issues but interesting disson
  7. FML my Facebook has a few people who insist that First Amendment rights mean their free speech is impeded or result to illogical whatnot Someone is replying, "No, First Amendment means you have the right to speak, not the right to be listened to. In the same way that a newspaper can choose which letters to the editor it publishes, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of them can choose what they host and what they allow their users to post." In response either 'nah my first amendment rights' or "yeah well have fun being a sheep to the multinational corporations"
  8. Well isn’t Clint Bolton a former ESFC player anyway?
  9. Oh don’t worry I agree with you, but it’s what I would expect their argument to me and some sort of Constitutional Amendment whatnot Looking at it a bit deeper, their First Amendment rights for freedom of speech is only preventing Congress in making laws that stop freedom of speech. Which means any private company can do whatever they want (subject to other laws) Observing the average intelligence of some of the US nutjobs, they’ll all be like NAH FIRST AMENDMENT NAH NAH YOUR WRONG MY FREEDOMS
  10. I think their point is that it’s similar to Australian Consumer Rights, you can’t sign away certain things. Like if you sell me some dodgy products that don’t work and then get me to sign something that “waives” my right to refund, that doesn’t hold.
  11. If it were the other way around, I’d be filthy that the (Foxtel) match clock was 93:58 or so when full time was blown. I reckon their throw in and one last attack should’ve happened. We were very lucky in the end, we did it tough but we showed grit and determination that I haven’t seen in ages from this team. That said, it should’ve been over way beforehand. WTF is Ibini doing screwing up that one on one
  12. What a goal from Russell Good awareness from Cox. Looks like we’re much more organised in this half, not allowing Newcastle as many chances and now punishing them for that terrible back pass
  13. Also for those watching on TV, the “thunk” sound when Muller’s offside goal hit the back of the net (and metallic post)
  14. Muller showing his quality as is Margush Lucky to be ahead at the break, Yuel is causing lots of problems I think Dorrans and/or Baccus needs to be deeper to get those cut backs which end up going to forwards which peel off the line That said, fantastic and very entertaining first half for anyone watching. Great ad for the league.
  15. Gordon making up for craptacular defending against Yuel before in the match This 1-0 lead I’m not very confident in since our defence isn’t fantastic
  16. Judging from their FIFA ratings, I agree
  17. Were these players good or are they crap?
  18. 63 on FIFA I am not excited by this signing, especially since Steve Ugarkovic - our apparent transfer target is rated 68 That said, Fowler got some decent mileage out of the League 2 low-60s rated imports.
  19. So true isn’t it Poor from the media but also hamstrung by the FFA. You know the entity doing the most right now to promote the women’s game in Australia? EA Sports. They are plastering Sam Kerr on all their FIFA 21 posters. I see it on buses and trams in the city. Meanwhile I saw an ad with Yeboah at a random suburban bus station in Granville promoting the A-League.
  20. At least Bobo can score 100% of the time from 0cm out
  21. Probably not considering they want 20k at the cricket Not sure what would be outdoor and enclosed? Does that mean bounded with a boundary or does it mean enclosed as in shielded from rain?
  22. This is stupid Jingoistic tokenism, trademark from Scotty from Marketing We are one is already implied by use of the collective “we” and the first two words of the anthem “Australians all”, not to mention “us” two words later “Australia’s sons” to “Australians all” actually made sense. This one is dumb.
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