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  1. Oh man... that really should've been 2-0 what the hell happened there
  2. To be fair, from his line of sight, he would've seen the "foul" that was Elsey running into Duke and didn't see the small clip that caused Duke to lose balance initially
  3. Yes, leave the Socceroos striker with a free volley Great defending...
  4. FML That's not a good camera angle with Russell jogging at 2 kph while Noone smashes it into the net
  5. Vibe More seriously, closeness to goal is a big one and probably the main one
  6. If the referee signals for it. Big clue was when Alex King got the F out of there before Noone hit the ball. If the referee gets the spray out or visually signals to the whistle (holds the whistle up and points to it) or if the defence is sorting out a wall, those are the (unofficial) considerations that you have to wait until the whistle. In grassroots, often the defence will yell out "WALL! WALL!" and so if an attacker tries to take it quickly, I call it back because the defence is organising a wall. The other free kick you were talking about was taken back because Troisi tried to
  7. Morrison Government How good is Australia?
  8. Duke misses the empty net! So close! But probably would've been scrubbed out for offside anyway
  9. Duke isn't the one being adjudged as offside though, iirc it's Wilmering
  10. I would agree with you except for the fact that not all Wanderers games are Saturday 5pm or 7pm.
  11. Victory away looking good I don't need much to want to go to Melbourne and I still have $200 travel credit to use...
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