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  1. Let's hope we learnt from under estimating the football in Central America, 2013 Paul Okon might remember the u20's WC defeat to El Salvador, after been HEAVY favourites. Tonight on a better field, we will see much better football from both.
  2. WSW2166

    Kerem Bulut

    Bulut is on the vengabus
  3. WSW2166

    Kerem Bulut

    Sotirio is the best at training, he picks up popas laundry and kids from school. how could you not play him.
  4. Could it be Covic was moved on because Kalac was coming...
  5. It was always going to be the case when you gamble with your buddy Kalac.
  6. better chance scoring at the flume concert.
  7. will not be happy with Janjetovic, still not happy with kalac
  8. lets be positive, I think we will see an improvement and only go down 0-2..
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