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  1. btron3000

    Women's World Cup - France 2019

    Today’s games show why 24 team tournaments where best 3rd place teams qualify are shite. China parked the bus, knowing a draw was good enough AND that coming 3rd meant they missed playing the US, while Spain couldn’t afford to lose the game but could only look forward to playing the US. Ridiculous. They need to work out a way where the 3rd places teams play off before the round of 16, or have to play the top ranked teams or something.
  2. btron3000

    Women's World Cup - France 2019

    Golf claps from the US team when they score. Doubling down. Way to get everyone offside with you. Geez I hope someone knocks them out.
  3. btron3000

    Women's World Cup - France 2019

    No doubt it’s tough, and none of us know what it’s like. But everyone in the public eye cops it on social media. They’d be wise not to read anything and just let the offical “send your messages to the Matildas” type thing be the only connection they make during the Cup. And let’s not pretend that the dyke thing wasn’t a cover up for a more generic “suck on that” to all the naysayers. For the record, I don’t mind it. Say what you think, it’s better than a cardboard cutout, media trained bore. But if you go off for the wrong reason or it’s not clear why then you are gonna cop more criticism. Look at Babbel - throws his jacket and goes off about refereeing and everyone loves him. But if you whinge at criticism of your play then people will fall out of love with you quick smart.
  4. btron3000

    Women's World Cup - France 2019

    It’s sad there are homophobic trolls out there, but most people who were giving opinions on the team were doing so regarding their performance and the Stajic thing, nothing more. I didn’t even know Sam was gay until that came out as a defence for her words. The girls have to realise the honeymoon is over. Once you graduate from selling raffle tickets to fund your passion, to being full time professionals playing in numerous leagues per year and making ads where you say you are gonna win the World Cup, then expectations change. Whether Sam was right or not, whether she showed passion or not, they have to be careful. The more they lash out, the more they talk about how good they think they are, the more they’ll turn people away. They used to be the humble battlers. If they shed that image - which they may very well want to do - they will want to act in a way that the image that replaces it is just as acceptable to the public, otherwise they’ll be constantly fighting the haters. https://amp.abc.net.au/article/11214906
  5. Maybe a leak?? Wouldn’t surprise me if people already know who’s playing where. Probs Qatar will play where they want! Are they one of the counties that loves Brasil?
  6. Are we looking at different wikis?
  7. btron3000

    Radoslaw Majewski

    Great gift. We don’t do purchases.
  8. Where did you get that we are in south zone? I thought the zone for Qatar and us was yet to be determined? Whichever group we are in, I hope the knockouts are at the other place. Very likely to go to this, would love to go to both Argie and Colombia - two of my favourite places.
  9. btron3000

    Women's World Cup - France 2019

    Yeah for all their quality they have not played in a semi of a World Cup or Olympics. I think they lack a bit of composure at times. If they make it that far I’d be surprised if a couple of them didn’t struggle or get shown up by smarter teams.
  10. btron3000

    Women's World Cup - France 2019

    One extra goal last night would have really put us in a good spot. Would have meant our GD was same as Brasil. If they beat Italy we’d only have to match the score from that game in our game against Jamaica (or overtake Italy GD if they smash Jamaica). 3rd in this group is a death knell. If we qualify at all we’d almost certainly (90%) play France (10% chance we play winner of group B) then USA (or Spain if they beat them). 2nd is tough. Almost certainly play Norway then likely England/Japan in Qtrs and then France or USA (or a team who are good enough to beat both France and USA). I fear the last minute goal against Italy is going to cost us a much easier run.
  11. btron3000

    Women's World Cup - France 2019

    What a gutsy team. Revived the old Matildas attitude. They are still a rung below the likes of France, Germany, USA etc. though. I can’t believe Steph Catley got away with that grapple in the box at the end, given how many pens VAR has given for that. I was feeling ill waiting for that decision. For a team that had been in the top 10 for so long, there is still a lot of naivety. Leading with a few minutes to go and they are jumping into tackles in midfield and letting the opposition get past them instead of jockeying . They need to do better than that if they want to beat the best teams.
  12. btron3000

    Women's World Cup - France 2019

    Totally. 2 min to get the ref to go take another look. Then another min waiting for her. Then the arguments that ensue because no-one understands the decision. Just overrule or get on with it within 30 seconds. The sideline tv is stupid.
  13. btron3000

    Women's World Cup - France 2019

    No. The logic is that being in an offside position and having an impact on play should be offside. Kerr didn’t play at the ball? What is jumping for it? Lol Didn’t get an advantage? The defender jumped for the ball because she was there. The advantage is an own goal that wouldn’t have occurred had Sam not been in the vicinity. It’s the biggest advantage you can get. Tell me that the defender would have jumped for the ball like that had Sam not been there. That should be the ONLY test of “interfering with play”. How anyone that has played or watched football for any length of time can suggest Kerr wasn’t having an impact on that play is beyond me. The offside rule is a farce.
  14. btron3000

    Women's World Cup - France 2019

    If Kerr isn’t there then the defender just leaves it for her teammate or keeper. Terrible decision. We’ll take it though!