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  1. btron3000

    Julian Assange arrested by UK police

    I'm not arguing "for" his character, and I'm not defending (or attacking) the **** allegations. His character is not the issue when it comes to wikileaks. He can't be prosecuted for his character. That Honest Gov ad above says it all - are we (as a people) being sidelined into focusing on his character instead of whether he actually committed a crime? I'm also not arguing about whether or not he should stand trial/be found guilty for wikileaks. My natural inclination is to be anti-authority and to be glad he was exposing the government/system, but I know that I don't know enough about the particulars to comment. What I do know is that the issue is very subjective. It's not like proving murder with forensic evidence. It's a debate about how far people should be allowed to go to expose the government versus the right for a government to have confidential information and the trust we have in them to do the right thing with that information. Everyone is going to have different values regarding this. That's why his fate is such a political issue. Regarding trusting the US government, I'd ask "what have they done to earn that trust"? Here is a regime that refuses to let us know what happened to their own President (Kennedy) 50 something years ago, and have a history of entering conflicts for dubious reasons, and behaving dubiously when in those conflicts, why would we trust them to tell the truth about other things? Here's an interesting perspective which also questions our own government's shady dealings: https://www.globalresearch.ca/assange-arrest-warning-history/5674239?
  2. btron3000

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Nothing. They can do that if they want. Re: the viewing area, there was a set of blinds on the player’s side, so I imagine if they want they can keep their warmup private. Unlike most, I think the top row is too far back. I like being close. Like most stadiums, I think the best spots are the back rows of the lower section or the first rows of the upper section.
  3. btron3000

    Julian Assange arrested by UK police

    Why pick and choose? Why not? Assange has no responsibility to target Russia or China just because he exposed the US. He doesn’t have to ensure equal exposure for everyone. He’s perfectly entitled to choose whichever targets he likes. The issue regarding Assange’s exposure is not whether he’s a twat, whether he only targeted the west, whether he raped someone, or whether he’s a narcissist. It’s whether what he did was in the interest of the public good.
  4. btron3000

    Julian Assange arrested by UK police

    Are you a spy?
  5. I know I’m old now. I have NO IDEA what a fortnite floss is.
  6. Well, I can say I was here for the stadium’s first Dance Cam. What a moment in history.
  7. I’m here. It’s a stadium, got seats and stuff. You can get a salmon poke bowl at the shop behind RBB. Can’t wait to be scoffin down one of those and checking my social medias during the Poznan. In all seriousness though, it’s good but being here just makes me realise the atmosphere is what we make it. At the moment it’s concrete and plastic. We gotta make the feels The dressing sheds aren’t ready. Haha the Eels have a week for it to be sorted The dugouts are the bomb. Man it’s big! We’re gonna need to be on our game, singing wise
  8. btron3000

    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    Totally agree. We were the better team - granted they were backing up - and our team is full of kids and bit part players with a couple of good uns. Get some quality in there and we’ll be amongst it again.
  9. btron3000

    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    I thought the “lack of conviction” was just his command of the English language. ABJ was great, and Bridgey’s touch was s bit rusty, but I thought Bridge showed how poor the vision our players is. He got into great spots about 5 or 6 times and they just don’t see the pass.
  10. I look forward to Corica saying that they should have won it with that Le Fondre chance at the end.
  11. “The deflection made it pick up speed” Classic Slater.
  12. btron3000

    Music Thread 3

    Add It Up is definitely better! What a song. Great teen angst album. I distinctly remember sitting up the back of the bus with everyone - even the "cool" girls - singing the "I take one, one, one cause you left me" buildup from Kiss Off and the whole bus just exploded at the "ten ten ten ten for EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING" Such a good moment. Brought different groups of teenagers together. When I thought back on it a little later it just made me realise that everyone at that age has similar angst and frustration. And a weird punky folky band connected with us all. Go figure.
  13. btron3000

    Finals Hopes Extinguished

    Yeah it’s weird the club didn’t organise something. I’d have thought most away teams have a meal together before a match. Also, wouldn’t giving the players free food be a smart way around the salary cap? I’m pretty sure I read some years ago that some Italian cubs have even been known to go to a hotel the night before their home games so they can focus without distractions.