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  1. Sadly, this is true. I love SBS, they educated many of us on the “world game”, and step in when companies like Optus screw the WC coverage etc., and a few of them still love the game, but they are nothing but a gossip machine. This story only came up when this thread was revived. Carns, this is all your fault!
  2. I agree with this too. They are valuable members of the forum and it's good to have different perspectives, but there have been times when they could have made their points with less attitude towards people. And I'm not saying this as an innocent party, there's times when I've been overly harsh towards people too. And I've found that sometimes a little time away from social media is a good thing, as we know there is research around this and we're all starting to understand the way that it can impact your behaviour. So if they've taken a bit of time off, so be it. I hope they aren't waiting for the team to succeed before they come back. One of the important things of communication channels like social media that allow you free reign to vent with pretty much no comeuppance, is that you need to own your behaviour. I'd like to hear what FCB thinks about the current state of the team. For one thing, he still has more of a pipeline to the team leadership than the rest of us. That's probably why he was drinking the kool aid so much in the first place.
  3. Take it easy cuz. They might have got carried away and oversold the team, but calling people bottom-feeders and ashamed-to-be-white is a bit much. Concentrate on their words regarding the team and not your (political) opinion of them in this thread, hey?
  4. Both of our CBs turned and jogged back, allowing the goalscorer a tap in. Absolutely not acceptable. Mistakes will be made, but until the ball goes into the back of the net they need to be giving everything they have. I'd be tempted to drop both of them for that alone. Similarly, on one of the earlier Lopar saves Mcgowan was putting his hand up for offside instead of trying to run down the guy he had let in behind. You're a professional ******* footballer, play the whistle.
  5. Yep, and therefore not worth overturning. The pantomime of the ref running to the sideline should be done away with, but that wasn't worth an overturn.
  6. He saw a guy to ground theatrically. Must have been a foul ay?
  7. Oh man I was furious at this. It's still annoying me now. City had ONE man in the box and the guy with the ball was at the byline. What could he do except try a cutback? Terrible from the guy who is taking up a visa spot.
  8. Totally fell asleep, how did they play? And how was Mary Fowler, live up to the hype?
  9. Geez you guys, have you actually read about the murderous regime that is City ownership? Anyone that supports them basically cannot take any moral stance on anything ever again. And that is without contemplating what they'd do to Australian football, which would be to enslave it to their own needs.
  10. Jesus. I'll take either of the non Man City dudes, just so we're not part of their murderous regime.
  11. No chit-chat about this morning's game? Quality game, City were good, Liverpool so dynamic on the break. Fast, crisp and dangerous. Great goals, great game.
  12. A kindy teacher is responsible for the 30 kids, the players are adults. If they needed to get to the bus at a certain time, they needed to get to the bus. Or maybe DG is late all the time and Babbel was teaching him a lesson. Either way, I bet the players are laughing at him and will stir him up. Should make for some dressing room banter.
  13. The biggest problem with 3-5-2 is the lack of players who can play the wingback position. Have to be able to defend, attack, and run a zillion miles. It also means no wingers or purely attacking players out wide. There’s a reason why it went out of fashion - only one team had Cafu and Roberto Carlos. That said, i agree it should help us. We need to do something to help give us numbers and options in midfield.
  14. It seems like every new place an a-league team goes they have to deal with educating the cops. Farkin hell you’d think someone would learn and be pro-active with new local cops.
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