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  1. It depends entirely on the sport and the structure and rules of the league. The NFL, for example, has a salary cap that can be manipulated to help you try and win in the short term, but you know that it’s gonna come and hurt you in a few years. In addition, the game is very much about tactics, or “scheme”. Some coaches run schemes that don’t fit certain players and so when the coach comes in they know they have to overhaul the roster. It’s not uncommon for people to speculate that a certain “rebuild” may take 2/3 years. And it happens. The NRL is similar because of how the cap works. A fe
  2. I’ve been thinking about the formation too. I haven’t thought so much about how it suits our wide players etc. but your other point about an extra attacker. I’d say the main strength of our squad is a plethora of attackers but the weakness is that none are true out and out goalpoachers. I think the more attacking mids and attackers we can get on there the better. Also, re the wingbacks, they can get forward to add extra attackers but it does mean that crosses are the main attacking weapon, so far with little end product. Hopefully a fully fit Duke solves that.
  3. So the firing of managers hasn't worked but you want to stick with the quick fix attempts...? I agree that the stats don't matter if we don't win. Therein lies the biggest problem, and it's one we've had every season - lack of a proper finisher. Duke is decent, but he's no Berisha or Fornaroli. If Duke takes his one-on-one the other day, it's 2-2 and Adelaide were totally clinging on, the crowd was into it, and we were all over them. I just think the idea that players don't try is so simple to say, but it's very rarely the case. It's mainly lack of ability, uncertainty, or in some c
  4. There are people on here saying we're worse than last year. And you said that Adelaide were more than a goal better than us. Both of those things are blatantly not true. Who's burying their heads in the sand? There are plenty of reasonable comments on here about why things aren't working, but not too much discussion about them. People are too busy saying the players don't care. We dominated possession, crosses, corners, balls into the box, and shots on goal. Man when they start trying the other team won't ever be able to get the ball! You're complaining about the club's cut
  5. Well Sydney didn't win so there goes that. But the reason I asked wasn't to point out that these teams mightn't win those games (but points on the board are always worth more than games in hand because games in hand can be lost), but that two of those teams had terrible starts. City won 2 of the first 6 and WU 1 of the first 5. The point is that not many teams go through a season playing well the whole way, and points can be picked up quickly in such a close competition.
  6. Haha I hope you know me well enough to know I wasn’t bothered by the camp comment (also that sorry isn’t necessary), it was funny. I wasn’t trying to be on one side with someone else on the other, if anything the opposing “camp” was everyone banging on about how poor we were.
  7. Who are these teams that are going to swallow us up?
  8. Wait, what is my "camp"? I've said we need to finish better and that it's a concern that our defending has fallen away of late. I'm not living in a delusional biased world that hughsey seems to think anyone that has any positivity is living in. If my camp is "the sky hasn't fallen in because we lost a game", then yeah that is my camp. But plenty of teams in plenty of leagues in plenty of sports around the world have been so-so by the 9th game only to go on and win, and plenty of teams have been flying high after 9 games and nosedived. The negativity in this place astounds m
  9. So now the argument is that the better teams won't let us dominate like we did the last two games? So we weren't terrible the last two games? We dominated, and failed to take chances, and made some mistakes.
  10. Oh my god some of the nonsense on here. I get it, people are frustrated we lost. But this stuff about this being a terrible game, we looked like strangers, we look like last year, they were more than one goal better than us, is all pure rubbish. Possession 56% to 44% Shots 26 to 14 Crosses 43 to 7 Corners 19 to 0. We failed to take our chances, and we made some bad mistakes on defence, but if getting twice as many shots off and totally dominating crosses and corners is a terrible performance, well give me that any day. I swear some people think these guys are pla
  11. I know we have a game on Tuesday but the chopping and changing can’t be helping. Plenty of time to go. Duke’s only been here a game, Much not at all. We’ll be smoking soon.
  12. The match report and comments in the game thread confuse me. I just don’t see how the first half was much different to the second. Both halves we dominated possession and chances, had a zillion corners and lots of near misses. The only difference was we took some of the chances in the second half (and the crowd got involved) and they missed theirs. Some of our issues remain the same as ever. Final ball and finishing. The concerning thing is how many goals we’ve conceded lately while dominating possession. Don’t wanna break them all down now but Dylan McGowan was caught in no-mans lan
  13. Every week someone says it's a must win game. We're a third of the way through the season. If we lose we are 5 behind the leaders. In season 1 we were 10 behind the Mariners with 12 games to go! Would it put us in a very advantageous position if we win? Yeah. But there's plenty of time left in this season.
  14. They definitely have been. But, y'know, if you are weak in one facet of the game then you are open to be manipulated by a pitch that doesn't suit you (not that I agree with it). That's why winning away in Test cricket is such an achievement. I know most of our English pals on here won't agree with my next commment, but I'd say that Australia is one of the only Test playing nations that historically hasn't doctored it's pitches. This is because of the egalitarian nature of the country, and a groundsman would likely tell someone to go jump if they tried to tell him how to do his job. But wi
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