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  1. I like Glorious. I'd also be more than happy with These Colours, but I ain't gonna bang a drum to change anything. We didn't need a walk-out song when we won the league and the ACL. I'm happy singing along to whatever the RBB choose. If they change it every week, they change it. For me part of the fun is picking the "set list". What will come next? We're behind, we need one of the defiant ones. Scored a goal, throw on the celebratory ones. A good capo feeds off the game and the other fans and in turn they feed off him. And changing up the first songs was part of that for me. I actually think having the same song each week will get stale, no matter what the song. As for Glorious, I like the way the lyrics weirdly roll together (I'm a fan of unusual lyrical patterns). I like that the "nonsensical" words are not straightforward. They can be interpreted in different ways. Give me that over the far-too-obvious love song "The nights that fall upon us...". I have the deepest respect for the RBB core but those lyrics took affection too far. It was like we were sitting on a tropical island proposing to our better half. The RBB should be sweaty and dirty and alcohol-soaked. Not sprinkled with love dust.
  2. Just give me a +1 for every one of Stringer's post in here. (except the Kopite bits I got a soft spot for Liverpool. Craig Johnston and all that)
  3. My password gives access to standing. But I am in standing so maybe that is why?
  4. Anyone else get the email allowing you to buy additonal tickets into RBB, including standing section? Seems there are few tickets left, the family end is all sold out, including up top, the sides have single seats left, but the corners and RBB have been opened up. You can actually get 10 tickets in RBB standing! From one extreme to the other it seems.
  5. He went overseas and hasn’t returned. Every now and then I see a Facebook post of him standing on a cliff on top of an ice-capped mountain wearing nothing but skin tight boxer shorts in the freezing cold, or something like that.
  6. I just listened to the Babbel presser, and he was talking about how it was perhaps more important to bring in players of character than it was bringing in players of quality. Got me thinking about the coaching selections here. We've had one successful guy in Popa and now it looks like we're gonna have another one in Babbel. At the very least he is bringing back the feeling in the club, what it is about, by bringing in hard working, no bullshit players who connect with the club ethos. I think this extends to the type of coach that is going to be successful here. Strong personalities themselves who demand the same type of attitude in their players. When Babbel eventually goes this has to be the type of guy we get.
  7. I think the best thing that Babbel has done, amongst a bunch of good things, is demand that players only come if they are "into the project". His "The city is beautiful. No, the club is beautiful, then comes the city" is the best thing I've heard any of our coaches say. This idea of selling Australia or Sydney to imports just brings in the wrong people. Football players have plenty of cash, if they want a holiday they can pay for a ******* holiday.
  8. No, I deleted the post because I had tried to edit a previous one and ended up quoting it. I then realised my donation has run out and I'm only a member. (Mack is there a way to know when this happens?) The silly bit was explaining my actions haha
  9. I don’t think Babel cares about what’s happened in past games, he’ll just change the lineup according to what he thinks he needs and what he sees in training. Provided same formation, if Ziggy is fit and looking sharper than McGowan then he goes in. If back three, he slots in alongside Jurman and McG. And it’s pretty hard to imagine that Muller won’t provide more than Adam who, though a good talent, makes tactical mistakes still and occasionally has a poor touch which lets him down. A front three of Duke, Muller and the Fussballgott will be potent, with Yeboah and Adam on the bench to provide youthful spark in the last 20. We have depth everywhere. The only player we can’t afford to lose to injury is Schwegler.
  10. Yep and now he’s got his goal and we are up 2, he can stay on and just charge around shutting them down getting match fit.
  11. Truth. Any game he plays we’ll be competitive. Would have liked to see Yeboah start instead of Adam but I guess the big fella will be off soon and he wanted Yeboah fresh for that.
  12. Yeah especially with so much space in the standing section, it's basically guaranteed to work. If there was a spillover of people, it might get cracked down upon.
  13. They were checking standing area but I also walked straight in at one point while they checked another dude's ticket. I had my ticket on me but wanted to see if it could be done. The ol' "keep walking like you own the place" worked a treat. Didn't even have to give it the "pretend to not hear the calls for you to come back". Also, can't you just go in the GA seats and walk across?
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