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  1. btron3000

    Vedran Janjetovic

    He's always been prone to the odd ****-up, but last night's was so bad that Babbel should instantly be in the market for a new keeper. The actions of a man who was simply not focussed. There is no other explanation for what he did. Whether he was overpumped for a derby, or the rain delay messed with his preparation, is irrelevant. Absolutely atrocious piece of play and he should be on the chopping block. You can't have this kind of unprofessionalism in vital games.
  2. btron3000

    Vedran Hands Sydney FC Derby Win

    Re: the decision to take off ABJ, it's pretty normal to take off a creative player who doesn't defend much, and leave yourself a hold-up man with pacey wingers. You can say "he was the only one causing damage" all you want, but the game changes. We were leading 1-0 and would have been looking to defend and hit on the counter. That doesn't suit him nearly as well, and his impact would have dropped anyway. Anyone remember this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roberto_Baggio In a disappointing first match against Republic of Ireland at Giants Stadium, New Jersey, Italy were defeated 1–0. In the second match against Norway, he appeared more inspired. However, Italy goalkeeper Gianluca Pagliuca was sent off for handling the ball outside the area. Luca Marchegiani was brought in to replace him, and Arrigo Sacchi decided to take off Baggio in what produced an outcry amidst the fans. Baggio later stated that Sacchi was "crazy". Italy won the match 1–0. Exactly the same situation, Sacchi took off the best player in the world in a must-win match! If the other player's heads dropped last night then that is a problem for them, and the coach needs to work out who can handle this type of thing and who can't. Anyway, I don't think they dropped so much as they struggled with the task. Riera let Brosque get goal side of him. As Babbel said afterwards, you have to have 100% desire to hold on to the lead, and if you're a professional footballer who has played in Spain you have to know that you cannot let a striker get goal side of you at a set piece. Even that though, is insignificant compared to the most ridiculous piece of play I can remember from any player. Maybe rivalled only by Liam Reddy going walkabout a few years back. As far as I am concerned the coach and the other players are absolved of any blame. Vedran should man up and come out and apologise to the fans, and explain himself. Utterly atrocious.
  3. btron3000

    Vedran Hands Sydney FC Derby Win

    For reals Mack? We were totally and utterly dominating them until Vedran's ridiculous ... well I was going to say "decision" but that would suggest a brain was involved.
  4. https://amp.news.com.au/sport/football/a-league/aleague-western-melbournes-new-stadium-concept-looks-incredible/news-story/a9670a5cc5e06125ff1500de0d8be188 Are they for real? With 11 teams they can’t decide if it’s 22 rounds or 30? 22 rounds?! What football competition goes for 22 rounds? If they do this just to avoid the AFL and NRL...
  5. Good post except the above. Fury weren’t local competition for Brisbane. Townsville is 1.5 times the distance from Brisbane as Brisbane is from Sydney.
  6. Yeah I know! Gonna go up a notch though, isn’t it.
  7. Bit of competition is a good thing. As long as we win! Bring on the “You’re not real westies you Hillz typezz” arguments. People will be trying to one-up each other on how poor they are.
  8. 100%. This is the thing to complain about. What’s changed at headquarters if we don’t get transparency?
  9. I don’t know why anyone’s complaining (or praising for that matter) the outcome. We never saw the bids, we’ve got limited info to go on. Sure, we can have our preferences, but do we really know enough to be critical? Why don’t we all just accept the decision and hope it pans out?
  10. Good post, but c’mon dude, please don’t call it BankWest stadium! It’s Parra or Parramatta. No “stadium” needed!
  11. Wanderers win, #coricaout to hit social media by the 70 minute mark.
  12. btron3000

    A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread V2

    What? Thought it was other way round!
  13. btron3000

    A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread V2

    I agree that going into next year with the same teams and same issues is not good, but I don’t think expansion will fix much. It may buy the new board a couple of years to fix up other stuff but pretty soon the new teams will just become part of the furniture and the same problems will exist. Look at Melbourne. If they gave licences to the bidders they’d have new east, south and west Melb teams, and Victory. Then a huge white elephant that the other teams may kill off, except it’s being backed by zillionaires. Brisbane - how can you know if a second team would help when the current one plays out of that huge stadium with no atmosphere. Likewise Wellington. There’s like a few hundred thousand people in the city, they’ve got that cool little ground in Lower Hutt. How they messed up Auckland I’ll never know, but that says something. Plonking a team somewhere that doesn’t connect with the footballing community won’t work. See: Expansion, Southern. The A-League still doesn’t know what it’s trying to be, other than a pale imitation of the NRL/AFL. The old NSL was without a doubt a community based competition, but when the first gen immigrants started getting older it struggled as the community disbanded somewhat. Now the second and third gen wants that community spirit, and the FFA won’t allow it. We have to be a corporate off-the-shelf organisation. What is the criteria for these clubs? Does anyone outside the clubs know? Until crowds are going off in the correct sized grounds and people feel part of the clubs, nothing much will improve. We got the best of it in our first few years and the FFA have torn it down. By the way, I’m a positive guy in real life! Haha
  14. Some pretty good games and tough groups. Win the group and play a 3rd placed team at a ground we'd played on in the groups, then a potential game at another ground they've already played on. Not bad. Looking forward to this.