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  1. Thanks Mack, but no luck. Wswnick, the Melbourne City Twitter says to contact the below if any issues. help@aplfootball.com.au
  2. How am I meant to watch Raiders of The Lost Ark if my code doesn’t work?
  3. Same. No contact details on email either. Do we go to club or to Paramount? FFS Season hasn’t even started and we’re getting this ****. DO SOMETHING RIGHT
  4. One of the strangest pieces of commentary you'll hear. Great Football Citizen?? What the hell are you talking about? This, along with the Corica presser, was predictable but so misguided. The first foul could have been a straight red, never mind sliding in when already on a yellow.
  5. Why does it matter what the NRL do? Doesn’t it only take a couple hours to change?
  6. The more this season goes, the more I think summer is the go. We are already being relegated to Monday night games etc., and that was without NRL and AFL really knowing what was going to happen. If they know the A-league will stay in winter, they will do everything to **** us over. And when we do get to use the fields, they are starting to look chopped up - and it's only two weeks into the NRL. Also, Bankwest is the one that they want the most.
  7. I wouldn't be writing any of their seasons off yet. You couldn't begrudge Cox if he turned around and said he wanted to go home to see his partner and newborn rather than sit on the bench, but there's plenty of time left in this season. Injury, form, Socceroo call-ups are all potentially ahead of us. It may not look like we need them now, but it's good to have depth and all those players could still play an important role.
  8. It's all so clear now - we couldn't start winning at home until Duke was back to lead the celebrations.
  9. I think he's got it right with the starters. Troisi frustrates but his style is that he will glide around and knock the ball around and then occasionally show his quality, like the cross for the goal. He's not going to give you a lot of immediate thrust off the bench so I think it suits him to be out there for the long haul. And Duke and Ibini up front give us a great outlet if the passes along the floor aren't working. It didn't seem to matter last night what side of the pitch or which defender had the ball, if they couldn't see an easy pass they could clip it up to one of the front two
  10. Typo Mack, that first point blank shot was Ibini. Brucey wasn't out there till the second half.
  11. Yeah but no-one concurred because we had no ****ing idea what you were banging on about.
  12. At this point I'd take him over McGowan, and that's saying something because Zeigler drove me nuts. But he started to look almost acceptable in his last couple of appearances. The kids are better than all our experienced defenders except Good Ziggy.
  13. 5th seems about right for us. Man it's so tight, even CCM are only two wins ahead of us. A run of 3/4 wins for anyone and they are in the driver's seat. I still think City are the stand-out team so far this year. If I was gonna bet, I'd be taking them to be Premiers.
  14. It's just a lame version of a Colombian game called Tejo.
  15. Yeah. I note the Poms are very quiet in here. First little sniff of a sledge from an Aussie player and they'll be banging on again about our poor culture. Meanwhile their hero - who bashed a guy to a pulp outside a pub - called a spectator f***ing four eyed c***. Lovely stuff.
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