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  1. btron3000

    World Cup 2018

    Can anyone imagine this happening in return? Hahaha That’s our best chance of points! I swear the FFA will be happy for us to **** up so Arnie can swing in as the hero. Blame Ange for the World Cup and let Arnie save us.
  2. btron3000

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    What this discussion shows is how important it is to get the visa players in the right POSITIONS. As much as I like Raul, LB is a waste of a visa spot. CB, DM, AM, ST, and a winger/attacker. The spine plus a vibrant wide attacker. That should be the starting point. Then if you manage to find a great Aussie striker or DM etc, you’re better off and can have another visa player in a luxury attacking position. I guess LB is kind of understandable because they’re so thin on the ground, but if you do that then a) you’ve gotta find some good Aussie talent in the important spine positions, and b) he’s got to be able to be very solid defensively at least, otherwise you might as well have an Aussie there.
  3. btron3000

    Australian National Discussion V3

    Yeah maybe, but if we somehow make the Qtrs or better, imagine how stupid they are going to look. Not that that's anything new to them.
  4. btron3000

    Australian National Discussion V3

    I don't think we'll get there, was just saying I think the FFA have basically admitted we won't with their actions. Anyway, I look forward to the myriad of English football supporters saying "don't care about the national team anyway" after you bow out in glorious frustration.
  5. btron3000

    Australian National Discussion V3

    Was thinking on the way home - signing Arnie to a long-term deal before the World Cup is even underway was basically a white flag from the FFA regarding this tournament. I mean, if Bertie takes us all the way to the final (lol), or even Quarter Finals, what would they do? They'd receive millions so the money wouldn't be a factor, and they'd have a successful coach on the books. So basically the FFA's decison to sign Arnold was an admission that we're going to stink it up in Russia.
  6. btron3000

    Australian National Discussion V3

    Why can’t they just let all teams have TRADITIONAL KITS except where they clash?? I swear some administrators feel they have to do stuff to justify their job. I am colour blind and I reckon finding a teammate in all yellow against a grass background would be much more problematic than having dark shorts if the other team was wearing all dark.
  7. Tomi scored the winner in the ACL and then came back from the 2nd leg to the airport scenes, I think he's got a bit of rose coloured glasses because he was here for the "craziest" moments.
  8. btron3000

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

    Ug. The last thing I want is to see him coaching the national team.
  9. btron3000

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    “Hey, international player, do you want to come and work for ... Steve Corica?” ”Hey international player, do you want to come and work for Markus Babbel?”
  10. Ooh I like Agostino. Always think we would have qualified for 02 World Cup if Farina had used him more, and he thought it too. He’s got a chip on his shoulder and something to prove, especially to Aussie football. If he ends up sending us a pipeline of players following the coach, woohoo!
  11. Win! Now! hahaha I guess I put his some of his short-term stints together with his "holiday" and saw the potential problem! Thanks for your sense!
  12. Actually, this article is full of interesting quotes: He also coached Hertha to Bundesliga promotion and qualified Stuttgart for Champions League football. Why do people keep saying this when he got them to second in the group, qualifying for knockout stage? Surely that's the better accomplishment? Or just write both - he got them there and got out the group. "First I have to meet the players to see what is the strengths of the team," Babbel said. "Of course I like to have the ball but you need the players for this. If not, we have other tactics. We have enough time to find out what is the best system and style of play." Music to a few people around here! haha "The vision here is to have big success," Yep, he's German all right. Babbel will complete a holiday with his family and return for pre-season. This is the only thing that concerns me. Where's the drive? Get over here and get going mate! He's got a great CV for A-league but I want him to really ******* want it. I'm middle-aged, I know the difference between being really driven, and working hard but not really giving a ****. When you're really driven, as soon as the contract is signed you're into it. I want him itching to get going!
  13. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/wanderers-name-ex-german-international-babbel-as-boss-to-lead-rebuild-20180519-p4zgav.html "One of the biggest points why I came here to Sydney is because Tomi Juric was saying the crowds are totally crazy," Babbel said in Sydney on Saturday. "Switzerland was a good time there but the supporters are very quiet and not so many in the stadium." Someone better tell him to wait a year...
  14. So, style? Dare I say it - philosophy?? He’s German so I will go with stereotypes and assume his philosophy is “Win”.
  15. His coaching is a 75 on FIFA