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  1. In what way? If anything, he's a bit awkward and overly polite. Never seen him act like a chunt towards anyone. You want proper chunts in Aussie cricket - Hayden and Andrew Symonds are the men for you. But, y'know, I guess you guys had a hard time getting him out so I can see why you dislike him.
  2. I think this is unfair on the current team. Since Darren Lehmann left his post this Aussie team has been much different. Even Warner hasn't been his normal aggro self, as Lehmann used to encourage the "attack dog" mentality (mind you, it's hard to be boisterous when Stuart Broad keeps knocking you over within an over). Go down the list of players and tell me one that acts like your McGraths and Warnes of the world. If anything, they're too nice. What the bowling attack could have done with a bit of Jame Pattinson's mongrel on Tuesday. Ok Matthew Wade is a dick, we
  3. LOL If this happens at Trent Bridge the world would be cheering for India too, don't worry about that. Here is a better take on the game, that doesn't assume that one - apologised for - misstep by Paine means that Aussie cricket has learned nothing. And by a Pom too! https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/mark-nicholas-the-gabba-result-has-done-justice-to-the-game-we-love-1248673
  4. Before the end of the Test I said to our resident Indian luisenrique that it's hard to argue that India are not the best Test match team, coming to Aus and at the worst losing 2-1 with almost a B team by the end of it. But to win it, wow. At the Gabba too. So impressive. We have a lot of questions. The batting is obvious, but Lyon always seems to bowl well on pitches that the seamers bowl well on (he didn't even do that in this series). You need your spinner stepping up when the pitches do not suit pace. And he chokes when the presure is on. Speaking of bottling it, Paine has n
  5. Yeah he's looking good and everything, but the real question is when are la banda gonna start playing this:
  6. haha I couldn't care less what they think. It's just so interesting to me. Don't you wonder, how people can believe this stuff? Like, how do you even try to reason with them, or talk to them? They're totally brainwashed. It's amazing. And do Trump's advisors sit in the background perfecty manipulating this, or is he just some kind of flukey lightning rod that draws them in? This **** will be studied for years.
  7. Y'know, we keep hearing from political commentators and the politicians themselves, is there anything out there from psychologists or anthropologists? This is such a fascinating insight into the human psyche. How can people see one thing - like Trump supporters storming the capital - and believe something else - like it's antifa? How can a Qanon dude claim that some celebrity is a child molesting cannibal and then, when confronted about having no evidence, say things like "you have no evidence he isn't" and just continue on as if they are right? It just baffles me how many peopl
  8. It will not surprise if there are a few internal collaborators, including cops.
  9. Classic dictator/authoritarian move. And another reason he needs to be thrown in the clink. None of this "it's better to leave him so we can move on" stuff. There needs to be consequences for this so others don't try it.
  10. Good to see Tim Paine own up to poor behaviour. Showed humility and was genuine. Worried about his form behind the stumps though. And he still can't review, AND he goes up for catches that aren't or misses nicks that are. I think that if we had a ready made Captain in waiting, there would be real pressure to get Carey into the team.
  11. Yeah, I'm not confident. My "surely" statement has been the same for about 3 years, just with different players!
  12. The Trumpists are deserting the sinking ship, trying to claim he wasn't like this during the last 4 years and it's only now that he's crossed the mark, when we all could see it coming a mile away. Impeach the clown so he can't run again, throw his arse in the clink afterwards. But I think there are bigger problems here. 1. The Republicans that sided with him until now, who aren't deranged like him but saw it as a way to keep themselves in power and hold down the rise of any sort of equality, whether that be race, sex, or - most particularly - wealth and power. So many people in
  13. Surely with a returned Bobo the best they can do, and the vets wearing down, they are going to regress. Surely!
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