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  1. Came here just to see the happiness of our Everton and Leeds pals Love me some James. Pity injuries and stupid managers have affected his career. If he was fit for that last World Cup and performed anywhere near his 2014 effort, he'd be labelled as one of the greats by now. 29 already, careers are so fleeting.
  2. Likewise. He has some tales to tell that's for sure. We're thinking we'll be at the "away" game at Kogorah - are we allowed to go? - or the Victory game.
  3. Dude, at one point in the first half we moved it across the backline and back again and NOT ONE player in front of them moved in any way other than side to side to follow the ball. No-one coming short, no-one making any runs, moving diagonally or moving in any way that might pull the defenders out of position. I don't get it. They're professional footballers. There are 12 year old kids with better movement off the ball.
  4. When the ground announcer was expecting everyone to roar back the names of the players when he was introducing them, as if it was a full house, I thought "oh man this is going to be horrible". But it got better from there. As our old mate luisenrique said, on his first trip to the new stadium, "100% more enjoyable than any game at Spotless". We beat the team coming 2nd/3rd. Not bad.
  5. I think they were even calling it the "Race for 6", like some sort of FFA slogan. Terrible
  6. Well maybe we spoke too soon... The Victoria farce, and now I can't get the feedback page for the Principles to accept my feedback using chrome. Got it working in explorer, and once I submitted it not even a courtesy thank you email even though entering your email was compulsory... Anyway, surveys here, have your say: https://www.ffa.com.au/xi-principles
  7. Came here to discuss/see the latest re: Vic outbreak etc., my "last read page" included this from Merciades. I recall saying at the time that she was using the US virus situation to poo-poo Australian sports trying to get off the ground. She's such a negative, antagonistic person who is always looking at the downside.
  8. One of the main reasons it's not slowing is that some of the most populous nations on earth - USA, Brasil, India - are on the rise. That's nearly 2 billion people just from those three countries. India was always going to be a problem, as were other countries with a high degree of poverty and/or poor areas. But the way the leaders of the US and Brasil have treated this thing is nothing short of disgraceful.
  9. At first glance there are some really heartening things to see here. That they say it will evolve with feedback is fantastic. The old "20 year plan" was just dumped on Aussie football, as were most things the old FFA did. That's what happens when you combine autocrats (the Lowys) with a run of the mill adminstrator who can't communicate or inspire (Gallop). The document itself looks like it will be a million times better than that 20 year plan abomination. That thing looked like some suits had run a workshop and just written all the outcomes on a "dashboard" to capture it, with no thought to how it all fit together. It was a terrible mix of strategy, projects and measures. This looks like it's simply proper principles to guide decisions. And the principles look good. As always, delivery will be a challenge. But you can't operationalise stuff until you have something to guide you, so they look to have succeeded wth step one. This Johnson guy is already making Gallop look like the incompetent fool he was. If this guy was leading the way, the clubs probably would not have revolted and we wouldn't have had the mess we had re: structure of the game etc.
  10. Well it's a record setting year, they might as well go for another one! haha I think half the Liverpool team were hungover, or still drunk. Sadio Mane could barely control the ball.
  11. The way this virus is, and the way Melbournians have brought it out of quarantine to Sydney and the NT, there's a good chance we'll have our own little outbreak soon. They should have just gone hard for elimination when they had the chance in May/June, instead of easing the restrictions.
  12. LOL I didn't get the email, luisenrique had to forward it to me. Seems that the layoff hasn't helped the administration of membership accounts. haha
  13. Have they released any info on the draw? All I've heard is that the first week had Melbourne games so now they are looking at options. Not sure how true that is.
  14. What's the difference between a good way and a bad way?
  15. So if the "quarter of the seats" rule is applied, how is the club going to decide who gets to go? Ballot amongst members? And will la banda and capo automatically get a gig or will others in RBB who do win the ballot have to give up their spots so the band can play on?
  16. SCG Trust get their new shiny stadium, ANZ will still be oval(ish), and the Trust are in charge of everything. Great. V'landys is probably the only thing standing in the way of the oval grounds brigade at this stage, so we should be in bed with the NRL. Said this from the start - it's an oval v rectangle battle and football and NRL should be teaming up. How Alan Jones continues to have any sort of pull is beyond me.
  17. Yeah same. At first it was entertaining but then he takes it so far it just makes you realise that people like him - believing the outlandish bullshit that is being sprouted around, taking no notice of reality, science, common sense, logic, - are a massive part of the problem at the moment.
  18. Came here to say that it seems a lot more people are now seeing the cops for what they are, and got to see that glorious video. Hilarious.
  19. What a lunatic. He's full conspiracy theorist.
  20. Martial Law? Trump just said that if governors don't use full resources to "dominate" protestors, he will send in military. Wouldn't surprise me if, regardless of what happens, he says the states with democratic governors have not done well enough and sends them in. He's gone full 1984 - makes up the news, convinces his followers it's true, then does what he wants based off that news. Total madness.
  21. However good he is, I hope we have a sell-on clause. if he goes well over there and moves on, we don't want to end up with nought.
  22. Y’know, for years sports all around the world have been subject to shithouse decisions by administrators who were looking at the dollars first and sport second. One example - though there are many better ones in the world of sport - is the expansion of the league. While fans wanted to see it go to an area with a true football culture, they picked the two teams basically because of Fox. And now Fox have no money to give them. So we’re left with two lemons. I would love it if we ended up with a sport and clubs - and sports worldwide actually - that could stand on their own two feet based off tickets and merch sales, and all tv rights went straight to grassroots. Pay the players what the fans are willing to pay to come and watch them. I’m sure it won’t happen, and the players will kick up a stink, but I reckon if you did the research you’d find people liked their sport much better back in the day when the players all weren’t egotistical millionaires. tldr: Let it burn!
  23. I am normally pro players, pro fans and anti-establishment, and I think it’d be better for the entire league to work together, but every club is in a different situation financially and there are businesses all over the world standing down people. I don’t see how the PFA think that Fairwork will fine Glory, there is a whole section on their website regarding rules about stand-downs and they only need to prove there is a “work stoppage”. I think it’s pretty clear there is one.
  24. Uh-oh... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8156803/Drinking-alcohol-unhelpful-coping-strategy-self-isolation-warns.html
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