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  1. Agree with much of this but not the Ange thing. Sure Slater probably wanted his mate Arnold as Socceroos coach, but others like Bozza for instance just wanted a winning team. Ange brought the comments - they weren’t whispers - on himself when he asked for more football discussion and then when people criticised his nonsensical approach of using 3 at the back with a Barca style passing game, even though he only had Championship players, he spat the dummy. People were critical of Babbel and Ange because their approach and results sucked. Just like they were critical of Arnie when his Sydney team came 7th, or when he was a woeful Socceroos coach first time round. And at the moment people are so-so with him. Yeah Aussie coaches get more leeway but I don’t see too many people rushing to sign Kossie or Aloisi.
  2. Rubbish. He’s totally sprouting off because he was garbage and while some things he said are true most of it is just random stuff that pops into his head, which is to be expected because that looks like the way he coached. He first said there was a lack of quality. Well one of the easiest things in football is stopping teams with no quality from scoring, something he couldn’t do. Then he came out and said Aussie players are ok technically and tactically but not physically. Lol if anything it’s the opposite. I’m not saying we should shoot the messenger but in this case we should definitely shoot the messenger because he’s talking out his arse. Yeah there’s issues with Australian football but he’s hardly the best man to diagnose them. Take everything he says with a grain of salt because his ability to understand and explain things is terrible. Maybe that’s why the teacher amongst us spotted his shortcoming very early. Tony Popovic won the ******* Champions League with Haliti, Golec etc. Didn’t hear him whingeing about the state of Australian football. Outside all of that, there’s the very big difference between his PR video and what he actually thinks. For someone who “tells it like it is” his video, in hindsight, was a stinking pile of PR tripe. Finally, mate you just got the boot because you couldn’t win a game. Have some respect for yourself and the league and shut the **** up.
  3. Chance of rain tonight says the apple man in my phone. Wanderers should do a tour of the country every pre-season. No need for backburning, put an end to bushfire season.
  4. We should become a republic, change the flag, change the anthem (at least some words), and change the date. There’s really no reason not to do these things.
  5. I was in the local grocery store the other day and there was a guy wearing a Click t-shirt. It had Adam Sandler's head smack bang in the middle of the shirt with him holding up a remote control. Around his head was a blurry circle and outside the circle were pictures of other characters and scenes from the movie. Absolutely brilliant.
  6. Didn't that teacher in Ferris Bueller's Day Off teach you anything about trickle down voodoo economics? Anyway, if companies want to move somewhere for cheaper costs they can already go to Asia if their business model allows it. Taxing companies is not going to send them running. When the ATO was investigating BHP and Rio Tinto for tax evasion they didn't pick up their mining equipment and move to a highrise in Shanghai did they? Pretty hard to move a business to the country that is buying your products solely because they don't produce it. Also you might catch a virus.
  7. You need to google the difference between socialism and communism.
  8. Correct! ”squeeze it so hard I fall right out of bed.... I wonder if you know what I’m talking bout?”
  9. His death is a tragedy, but the death of his daughter and her teammate(s) is even sadder I think. He lived a great life. They had their's ahead of them. The surviving family members will be torn up forever.
  10. I would say one of the greatest of all time.
  11. He was going to his daughter's basketball game, he was the coach. Another girl and parent killed. Assuming 5th person was the pilot. So so sad.
  12. Kobe Bryant dead in helicopter crash. His 13 year old daughter and 2/3 others also on board. Horrible.
  13. There’s nothing quite like some childish humour Wendy!
  14. Anyway, #coxin (surely that one’s been done already yeah?)
  15. Worst signing? Well it can’t be an Aussie as you can sign another one. Has to be a visa player as there are limited spots and you gotta get them right. So I’d go for Aritz Borda. At least Meier looked like he could play, and you could see the touch and class. It was just too much for him to come to a new country, play in heat etc at his age. But it COULD have worked. But Borda, my god, that guy fell over his own two feet coming out the dressing shed, never mind trying to pin down Ninkovic. Was so clumsy he ended up on his backside more often than not and when he did eventually get his foot on the ball he inevitably sent it into the stands when trying to get it upfield. Remember when they spelt his name wrong and we thought they might have got the wrong guy? So whilst in hindsight the Meier signing was bad, at the time it was worth the punt. Whoever scouted Borda should be barred from football for life.
  16. I like the ones where he dismisses your musical tastes.
  17. I don't think so. Remember how sketchy he was when he was coming 7th, asking Peacock for an apology, blaming the players etc. Arnie has a thin skin, and dealing with fans that hate him and want success straight away would be hard for him. Not saying he would fail, but success is not guaranteed. Some people just suit certain places. ANYWAY WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THIS CLEAR FABRICATION.
  18. Can you imagine? Lederer might as well sell the club, the fans would never forgive him.
  19. I agree that 4 of them need to step up. And I don't think the quality of recruitment is an issue, as it was when, say, Popa brought in the gang that included Aritz ******* Borda etc. Perhaps it is a combo of the positions, and the coaching, plus a few injury/timing issues. Lopar - great. Ziggy - injured but improving Schweggsy - great. But that is three defensive visa players. I think that's too many. Although maybe if we had a decent visa striker it would seem ok. Then Muller came in late due to the injury to the Polish dude, but he is starting to find his feet. And Meier should have retired or played in the lower leagues of cold Europe. He can't cut it.
  20. I doubt Rhyan Grant's brain has evolved past teenage years. hahaha But I think it was the Athletic article I linked, that said more and more people are using it as a defence. It's not too long a bow to draw to say that it could lead to people not being punished in the traditional sense, but all major crimes like murder etc. seeing the person being "diagnosed" and having brain therapy. There's some recent NFL players who claim that their violent or suicidal thoughts - a major symptom of the CTE brain trauma that they get - have dimished since having brain therapy. We could come full circle and have been people being "fixed" for their anti-social behaviour, like the shock treatment of the past! So yeah, Rhyan Grant could use it as an excuse, but that doesn't get him off, he has to sit out three games while his brain therapy fixes his stupid thoughts, and until his brain convinces him that his haircut is dreadful.
  21. Everything that has caused my brain to evolve into what it currently is made me call him that. I have the illusion of free will because my brain told me that I came up with it after it had already thought of it. I think that's how it works.
  22. Y'know, I'd get just as annoyed at the dude who followed me down the street for the next three months telling me that the dudes who were trying to sell me drugs were wankers. And then I'd tell that guy to f*ck off. You've made your point, numerous times. Time to let it go bro, it's not healthy.
  23. It would give them time to understand all the idiosyncracies of the A-league, maybe?
  24. There's no such thing as free will. Our brains are electronic impulses that tell us what to do. We have no control over it. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/06/theres-no-such-thing-as-free-will/480750/ So when Beer is being an annoying **** that won't let that one thing rest, it's not his fault.
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