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  1. Y’know, for years sports all around the world have been subject to shithouse decisions by administrators who were looking at the dollars first and sport second. One example - though there are many better ones in the world of sport - is the expansion of the league. While fans wanted to see it go to an area with a true football culture, they picked the two teams basically because of Fox. And now Fox have no money to give them. So we’re left with two lemons. I would love it if we ended up with a sport and clubs - and sports worldwide actually - that could stand on their own two feet based off tickets and merch sales, and all tv rights went straight to grassroots. Pay the players what the fans are willing to pay to come and watch them. I’m sure it won’t happen, and the players will kick up a stink, but I reckon if you did the research you’d find people liked their sport much better back in the day when the players all weren’t egotistical millionaires. tldr: Let it burn!
  2. I am normally pro players, pro fans and anti-establishment, and I think it’d be better for the entire league to work together, but every club is in a different situation financially and there are businesses all over the world standing down people. I don’t see how the PFA think that Fairwork will fine Glory, there is a whole section on their website regarding rules about stand-downs and they only need to prove there is a “work stoppage”. I think it’s pretty clear there is one.
  3. Uh-oh... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8156803/Drinking-alcohol-unhelpful-coping-strategy-self-isolation-warns.html
  4. What movie is that? Sounds good.
  5. The problem here is that, in his own written words written he is NOW self-isolating, and in his own spoken words, he is positive for Coronavirus and SO he is self-isolating. For **** sake the message is that people need to be self-isolating whether or not they have the symptoms. I don't understand how these politicians, who spend their lives avoiding questions and staying "on message", can't stay on message here: "You could have it now without showing symptoms", "You have to act like you have it", "Self-isolate as if you have it." Is it that hard?
  6. Say we get on top of it soon. What then? I read that to get herd immunity we need 60% of people to get it. So do we continue to slowly ramp up going about our business, keeping away from the elderly and knowing the hospitals can help others who get it?
  7. Oh yeah it’s great someone is helping, but it’s amazing that another country’s gov has been more helpful to Aus citizens than we have.
  8. Now the NEW ZEALAND government is offering spots to Aussies on a flight from Santiago. Seriously.
  9. Got a link? can’t find it
  10. Hahahah that’s Peru, he’s in Ecuador. I’ve had guinea pig in Peru, ******* horrible and we had to pretend it was ok.
  11. Dude. He’s in Ecuador at the moment, planning a daring escape. (Only a slight exaggeration). While the government back here is talking about how they are doing all they can to help Aussies overseas, the reality is far from that. Ecuador is in total lockdown, curfews and everything. You can go outside for food and medical only. Borders totally closed. The local authorities where he lives have said they aren’t reporting Covid cases anymore. There hasn’t been too many to date but that is scary. He emailed the consulate and the response was “look for a commercial flight and try to stay safe”. No ****, they pretty much used those words. So the Aussies over there (about 100 of them) all started to create WhatsApp groups just through knowing each other etc. At one point there was talk of a chartered plane to Santiago, then someone was in touch with the media trying to ramp up the pressure on the gov to bring them home. Still nothing. Meanwhile, they all applied for and got given a “safe passage” document, which essentially allowed them to travel during curfew. So if the police or military pulled them over they could produce the papers to show they were allowed to be travelling. Back home, someone from the office of immigration was on tv here saying how difficult it was to get people from certain countries, like Peru. Really? They (and the Ecuadorians) all had papers saying they could travel so all they needed was our government to pay for a Qantas flight (Qantas have a few staff with spare time, no?) and tell the Peruvian and Ecuadorian governments the time and they’d be out of there. Or even just organise it, most of the people were willing to pay stupid amounts. So in the end the only (possible) way home is via the US. Yep, as one of our friends said, right through the belly of the beast. He leaves Sat morning our time and is hopeful to be back here Monday. He’s gotta fly to somewhere, maybe Texas, then on to San Fran, then Sydney. The wait at San Fran is like 55 min so he’s assuming they’ll miss that. If **** goes sideways in the US, he will be with a handful of Aussies. So that’s reassuring. So... yeah... we’ll see what happens.
  12. Maybe Libs are more inclined to worry about the economy. Maybe. But I think this is is an individual thing, not a party thing. All those past PMs that Wanderboy mentioned would have all done things differently. Hawke and Keating were both great Labor PMs but they’d have acted differently in this situation. We’re in isolation with nothing to do so let’s have a guess how they’d react. Hawke was an optimistic soul so I reckon at first he’d have thought we’d be ok. But he also was a brilliant man and I think as soon as it looked bad he’d have gone lockdown. Keating would be the man I’d want in charge when this hit. He was an economist and a bit of a chunt but he also had great empathy and he would have navigated through this with clear decisions, whether Joe Blow liked them or not. Unlike Morrison who seems to have one eye on the economy while trying to balance the health bits, Keating would have determined a course and stuck strongly to it. Keating always had his eye on Asia so I think he’d have decided early to go into total lockdown, so that we could come out more quickly and get the economy going again. He’s also the one that would know which things to keep going so that the economy didn’t tumble too far. Of the other past PMs, I think I’d take probably take Howard next. I couldn’t stand the bloke, but I reckon he’d navigate the waters pretty well. And maybe Gillard. Rudd would probably **** himself at having to actually do something. But this is all (fun) guesswork, you only see the real leadership come out in times of crisis, you can’t tell how our politicians will react when true leadership is needed. What we do know is that Morrison has failed miserably. And Gladys needed to stand up to him. Jesus Christ did I just write all that hypothetical **** about past PMs? This isolation thing is gonna send me round the bend yo
  13. I hate to say I told youse so, but... https://www.theguardian.com/theguardian/2020/mar/25/joy-division-is-perfect-for-the-covid-19-crisis
  14. You only need to see that happened with barbers and hairdressers to see what Morrison’s focus is. 30 min maximum. Then the barbers and hairdressers say they can’t get the job done in that time (though I’ve never sat in a barber’s chair for anywhere near 30 min) and so what do they do? Close them down? No, the remove the restrictions. Doesn’t that beg the question - was it a health recommendation and if so why are you not enforcing it?
  15. It's hard unless you are totally isolated. I went in to work today, having been working from home for a week and a half. My intention was to go straight to my desk, via the hand sanitiser station we have, not touch anything except my own keyboard and mouse, take my lunch, and that's that. There were 5 people in, normally there is about 30, and we have the strictest rules - only 2 people in this meeting room, door handles wiped down a few times per day etc. But once you start talking to people you naturally get within 2 metres, or if you are going over stuff together you touch the same piece of paper, or you collect someone else's paper from the printer by accident - they're not going to shred the paper because you touched it. My whole office is working from home from today - it's just not pssible to go to work and not interact in a way that could spread the virus.
  16. No no wait, he said students are safe at school, and even safer when there are less of them there, so once you start adding the dangerous 5 people weddings then schools become less safe.
  17. If you plan to do a few pushups at your wedding you can have twice as many attendees.
  18. What a trainwreck. People keep telling him they're confused and he keeps saying it's simple. Mate if you need to say "it's simple" to the people who have to understand it, we're in big trouble. I mean, why would anyone find this confusing: No beauty salons, but barbers and hairdressers ok if you spend less than 30 minutes there...? WTF No yoga, but bootcamp is ok for less than 10 people. But weddings only 5 people. Schools are open, but kids that stay home are helping. Jesus Christ. We're all gonna have to carry around a list with all the rules on it.
  19. Well if any league can handle a 6 month shutdown it’s the A-league. Just a normal length offseason really...
  20. He’s a clown and we should be in total shutdown now. Everyone who’s paying attention knows that where we are now is a result of the previous week or two, and we were are in a week to two weeks is as a result of what we do now. It’s gonna get much worse before it gets better. The next two weeks at least we are ****ed because it’s all the transmissions that happened before he got serious.
  21. Yeah it’s ****ed. I am out of a job in mid May, got a mate who got told that if it’s like this on 1 June he’s gone. Friend just had her hours cut to 4 days, some down to 2 or 3. And these are full-timers (mine was my own fault I gave notice and hired my replacement and then Bam, virus hits), hate to be in hospo or casual job right now.
  22. How long before the yanks are looting? They're gonna end up the worst, up their with China. Bad combo of a moronic leader and people that don’t listen anyway.
  23. She’s amazing. Genuine, down to earth, compassionate but tough, sensible, clear and caring. She never addresses the country without making you realise she is one of them, in it with them. When she does that they follow her, they WANT to follow her. She always tells them what she/the gov will do, and then asks them to help. And whenever she directly tells them what to do, it’s like a friend looking out for you. “Go home mate, you can’t drive in your state”
  24. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/21/us/coronavirus-national-guard.html
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