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  1. That fatigue excuse is special. He just timed (or didn't at all) his subs poorly. They looked cooked early on in the 2nd Half. Also Brosque for such a staunch SmurfMan is actually a very even handed & sensible pundit. Bring on the 3rd derby, a clean sweep would ruin their whole season regardless of what happens for them the rest of the season.
  2. If he goes on a continued run of form for the next few matches his agent will be in the clubs ear. Very much a balancing act, do you sign him too early & do you wait too late & he goes elsewhere. To be honest I've been concerned with the management of the club the past few years so I don't have much faith in them to manage this situation properly even if we do get to the finals.
  3. Everyone has always called him JP in the local football community. ;)
  4. Beautiful. Game went as expected to be honest. 3 point is vital & this is going to help us build some momentum & confidence. You've done well JP. Hilarious that Sydney can beat everyone except us. That's gotta suck.
  5. He's PLO'd that ball into the back of the net !!!! Sorry.
  6. I'm more concerned about getting 3 valuable points than this being a derby match to be honest.
  7. It's not a smurf lapdog journalist that has caused two seasons of mediocrity. Once the players don't want to play for you anymore then it's all over.
  8. If I was the Brisbane coach I would fine Mauk 1000 dollars for every useless shot he does. It's the only way he'll learn.
  9. I hope our ongoing tactics aren't absorb pressure, hope the other team can't finish, get a goal on the break & then absorb some more pressure whilst creating not much at all in between.
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