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  1. It's not a smurf lapdog journalist that has caused two seasons of mediocrity. Once the players don't want to play for you anymore then it's all over.
  2. If I was the Brisbane coach I would fine Mauk 1000 dollars for every useless shot he does. It's the only way he'll learn.
  3. I hope our ongoing tactics aren't absorb pressure, hope the other team can't finish, get a goal on the break & then absorb some more pressure whilst creating not much at all in between.
  4. Only that he was grabbing at his calf & went straight up the tunnel.
  5. If you don't have incentive to fight for your position from all comers then I don't see how you can become a better player.
  6. Good technique in that tackle as well. That performance, formation & style of play was very Popa-esque to be honest.
  7. Useless info, Coke Zero which is essentially the same stuff as Diet Coke is coloured black to appeal to men & DC is white to appeal to women.
  8. Their were empty seats up the top of both ends & a fair amount as well as in at least a thousand. The only explanation I can think of is what you've specified in regards to complimentary tickets. No one in their right mind who had an existing membership or had bought a ticket with their own hard earned wouldn't show up in those numbers.
  9. Hi Salty Smurfs, The ball crossed the line & it was a handball. Suck on that one. Regards, Western Sydney Wanderers
  10. I notice they're calling wu v mc a 'derby'. Chortle.
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