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  1. $2.60 opal card travel cap on sundays
  2. I was feeling frustrated at Tomi's performance, until I saw Ross McCormack tonight. But yes, early goal and we should be fine - we are due for some luck, or rather the abscence of bad luck.
  3. That is really disheartening tbh. I figured the intercontinental playoff would be the one everyone would be desperate to attend.
  4. Does anyone that has bought a ticket fairly recently have a PAX. I'm desperate for a sell out on Wednesday night, cause it would be pretty embarassing if we didn't.
  5. https://www.playersvoice.com.au/josep-gombau-in-presence-of-cruyff/#CflGwDD5022AV0sZ.97 Josep has written this himself, so it will be much easier to understand
  6. Wanderer74

    Chris Herd

    Well written from Chris https://www.playersvoice.com.au/chris-herd-heart-break-and-redemption/#OtJqeMhv8q36Oelh.97
  7. $230 000 for an assistant! - its postecoglou's head on the chopping block when Australia lose. How good must it be, being an assistant coach. That being said, he must be confident in asking for $500 000 considering the fact that he has already been turned down by Newcastle, whilst there are a number of other candidates for the job. Get him - he's a westie, he knows our culture, and he supposedly is a different style of coach to Popa. It's nice to mix it up now and then.
  8. skip to 2:30 (or watch the whole thing for the nostalgia)
  9. http://www.redplanet.gr/podosfairo/den-prochorise-tou-martines-stin-philadelphia-union/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=osfp Translated: Nico Martins traveled to the US, passed medical tests on behalf of the Philadelphia Union but returned to Greece as the MLS team defaulted on the original terms of the deal. Sport24.gr informed you on August 2 that 30-year-old Argentine midfielder, Nico Martins, was a breath of his move to the MLS team, Philadelphia Union, in the form of borrowing from the Reds. The South American traveled to the US late last week, passed medical tests on behalf of the Philadelphia Union, but his move to the MLS "wrecked" definitively. The Philadelphia Union administration changed the contract terms that had been agreed before Martinez "flies" from Greece to the US, so that they were not accepted by the footballer. The 30-year-old returned to Greece and was re-looking for the next station of his career.
  10. I said the lost against the CCM gave us the fire in the belly. The win against the smurfs gave us complacency.
  11. It's those little things that Mitch does, at least on 5 occasions tonight he picked O'Neill or Brillante's pocket. I firmly believe that last week was the kick in the pants the boys needed.
  12. If we weren't playing Mitch at striker when we only had 1 striker, I couldn't see how we could play him now. Either way, it will be good to see Mitch, terry and Nico all on the pitch together.
  13. This has got to be the first time that Popa has talked **** before a derby. Is this a good sign of some change? Some more fire in the dressing room? For the first time Annie hasn't been taking the pressure of his team. Instead he has put pressure on his defence, if Vukovic makes a save, the WSW have already exceeded expectations. Will the smurfs go into this game thinking that if they won 4-0 last time, they can breeze their way to an 8-0 win? This has already been a different build up to the last 8 derbies. It is time to win. Whether that means we score with an offside goal in then 93rd minute with a player that should have been sent off for elbowing Matt Simon in the head. Or if it means taking our chances for once and flukeing a 4-0 win like they did. It is our time.
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