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  1. 4 teams below us on the table with 1 or more games in hand and all capable of getting results. We really need to start creating a buffer otherwise we will slip away as these games are made up.
  2. It’s been an issue for several seasons now. In previous years it was more to do with fitness but this season I think it’s to do with our game plan. I’ve noticed we have this habit of trying something and then all of a sudden completely moving away from it regardless of whether its working or not. We don’t plug away and stay the course like good teams do who have faith in their systems to get the job done. Our width is the most obvious example. We will spread teams wide and have them backs to the wall for a good 30 mins. Then it’s like we get bored so try and take it up the guts and
  3. Restrictions are very unclear since they’ve wound them back again. For our last home game, everything indicated we still needed to wear masks, yet when I walked into the ground I was told by security it was optional - despite a person at each gate handing them out... Crowd chanting/singing seems to have reappeared without any official announcement too. Unless I missed some special release regarding crowds and sporting events, it seems like it’s all being done on the fly while things are good.
  4. Interesting developments... https://www.smh.com.au/sport/rugby-union/super-rugby-blackout-for-pubs-and-clubs-after-tabcorp-tears-up-deal-with-stan-sport-20210219-p5747i.html
  5. Great game for the neutral, mixed emotions for WSW fans. Wilmering is showing some substance to his game. Great performance.
  6. If the aleague goes to streaming, then being with a service that has additional content will be key. It’s only die hards like us who would be willing to pay for the aleague on its own, the average joe simply won’t.
  7. Every commentator brings up random stories and facts. Simon Hill was the king of it. By no means am I in any Speedie fan club but I think there’s a bias against him simply cause he’s not a pure football man. The arguments against him you could apply to most commentators (both football and non football types).
  8. I don’t get the hate for Speedie. I think he’s a good commentator who gets the job done. So what if he’s from a different background and does multiple codes? I like Lucy but I think she’s getting a bit chirpy these days.
  9. If they pooled their resources and all came under the one banner then it would be an epic service plus it would be in everyone’s interest. If content starts getting spread too thin over multiple services (which is beginning to happen), broadcasters aren’t going to pay big bucks and consumers aren’t going to fork out money for 3-4+ streaming services. We don’t have the population to support the variety like they do in America and other countries.
  10. Gladys was at the MacArthur on Friday night where the active bay were standing on their chairs and chanting + embracing when they scored. They were never stopped from doing any of it...
  11. Wouldn’t surprise me if NRL/AFL go with in house production and on sell content. I think it would take a lot for 9 to let it go though, I read something the other day that 9 bosses weren’t very happy with the decision to go with the tennis over cricket.
  12. We haven’t quite reached monsoonal electrical storm yet
  13. Death, taxes and Aussies getting screwed in Asia. He's nowhere near the first and nowhere near the last. When will our players learn?
  14. If you think about how well football manages to get by with complete neglect and mistreatment, imagine how big it would be if it actually got some general help or respect...
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