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  1. Posted in another thread that Cox’s goal scoring record isn’t too dissimilar to that of ALF prior to him joining Sydney. They’re both just as much of a journeyman as one another.
  2. Cox’s goal record isn’t too dissimilar to ALF’s prior to him joining Sydney and look how that’s turned out. If we knew he was gonna come here and score a hatful every week then he wouldn’t be coming here.
  3. Best news all season. Lopar is our best player. Re: Majewski - not sure how true this is but I heard that the club weren’t too happy with how he treated his rehab when allowing him to go back to Poland so his days may be numbered. I heard this prior to us turning to **** though so they may be willing to be a bit more forgiving now...
  4. They may be grossly inflated but it’s still the same economy that we are all part of. For too long we’ve been getting screwed over in Australia. Realistically, are Sydney going to spend 250-300k and get the same guaranteed quality? I don’t think so
  5. Lopar, Jurman (if he pulls his finger out), Schwegler, Duke and maybe one or two other starting players. We need to keep a spine whether Babbel stays or not. You cannot keep starting from scratch each season and expecting to be competitive.
  6. A professional athlete needs to have a strong degree of intrinsic motivation and commitment to succeed. Who says Babbel hasn’t been dealing with this from his end anyway? There’s been several changes to our starting line up this season that aren’t injury or international duty related. Even then, it doesn’t explain the fact that players like Yeboah have completely lost their first touch or ability to dribble a football at any considerable pace. That’s not Babbel’s role to be teaching and practicing fundamental ball skills to professional footballers. Us having this debate alone is further excusing the players’ responsibility in this current situation imo. Correct me if I’m wrong but I interpret your comments as basically, ah well players may be lazy but still it should be Babbel who is ultimately responsible. I don’t agree with that.
  7. I can’t fault Dukes effort and dedication as captain, he’s been one of our best and I would love to keep him. Annoyingly though, he’s been one of the biggest offenders for crossing the ball repetitively into the box regardless of whether there is a player there to meet it or not. I love him but I think he’ll need a big improvement to cut it OS anytime soon.
  8. The majority on here were against signing Berisha when he became available so I don’t agree that he’s a great example. Brattan and Fornarolli I agree with you. Spira is a law unto himself it seems, Troisi is just a gold miner and Davidson was always going back OS. Mileusnic.. meh
  9. There are players walking off the pitch each week who have little public accountability for lazy and non-committal performances because they are hidden behind the pressure on Babbel. Others have just turned shithouse to be perfectly honest. All individual issues exclusive of the overall squad and management imo. Even then, the concept of ‘losing the dressing room’ is a cop out for me - it’s just a convenient excuse to get away with whatever you want without consequence and quite cowardly in my opinion. Regardless, I don’t think Babbel has lost the playing group anyway. All the footage and news coming out of the squad over the week shows a very close playing group in good spirits to me. I think there’s several off field issues people have with WSW administration and because our on field form is not great, Babbel has become the face of one big collective grievance with WSW who are stuttering on all fronts right now. Babbel is not without blame but neither is anyone else involved directly with the team. I don’t see how sacking him provides any change or resolution to what’s currently occurring. If I was seeing 11 blokes coming off the park each week looking physically and emotionally spent then I’d probably think differently but instead it’s the same handful each week putting in with passengers accompanying them. Until that changes, I can’t be as critical of Babbel as the majority appear to be.
  10. Is this a football club or an insurance policy? The club shouldn’t have to do anything to keep its fans from going and supporting another one. If people want to jump ship then see ya later...
  11. Pretty sure Jamieson really wanted to have a crack OS so the club agreed to let him go. In a salary capped league it’s hard to make promises that players can return one day. Agree though, that side was a proper striker away from being brilliant.
  12. Introducing domestic player values will also stop clubs being ripped off with piss take level transfer coming in from OS clubs. Sydney receiving a mere $250-300k for the impending transfer of O’Neil is a joke...
  13. Rojas in his prime is one of the best players to grace the aleague. Would take him in a heartbeat
  14. I still don’t understand the Ziegler hype. The bloke had one good performance during a pre season FFA cup tie and then disappeared for over 12 months through injury. He’s not even close to the level Bujis, Schenkeveldt and Del Pierre were on. I’d take Topor back over him to be perfectly honest.
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