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  1. “We are now quite fearless of losing a sport,” Mr Delany said at a sports conference in September. “If a sport is asking too much money and we can’t make it work, and someone else can, well good luck to them. He says as they come crawling back to the FFA in a panic because union called their bluff and walked... LOL
  2. I still don’t agree. The top tier players in Japan and Korea may be a higher class (Son, Minamino etc) but like for like I think our squaddies are just as good if not better. We don’t rely nearly as much on our foreigners as what they do. Let’s face it, the ACL is most often a competition of who has the best foreign attack
  3. Without their 3 foreign players (aka Brazilians lol..), I’d say 80-90% of Asian sides would be complete rubbish and our teams would comfortably beat them, especially China. Pound for pound I still believe the overall Aussie talent pool is better than the Asian nations with the exception of Japan.
  4. That is absolutely hilarious. I’ve been saying for ages that if Foxtel got rid of the aleague then their exclusive, in house summer content would be bugger all. They need us way more than we need them and they know it. Cudos to James Johnson for having a backbone to stick up to them over the last 6 months. Isn’t it amazing what can happen when you have some self respect?...
  5. Still boggles my mind that the league is commencing during the single busiest week of the year for family holidays. Half of the WSW fan base will all be in Nelson Bay (myself included) for our first home game lol
  6. Does he have the talent though? How many games do you give a player to repeat a specific performance before you just put it down to simply that - a good game in its own right and nothing more? Its like Ziegler; people have spent the last two season suggesting he’s a budget Van Dijk waiting to break out because he once had a good FFA cup game. When does the part where he is good happen? I think in modern football, injuries have become somewhat of a convenient disguise for players who are in fact not actually that good.
  7. I must watch a different Kamau. He can’t cross or shoot. His single trick is running down the sideline quickly, cutting inside and getting smashed by the first defender. Bloke should go and be a sprinter...
  8. Yeboah is like footballs version of Benjamin Button but instead of age it’s talent. He was unreal at Brisbane and was a very exciting signing when he came back to the aleague but has just progressively gotten worse. It’s like he’s forgotten how to play watching him at times last season. Very odd
  9. Can’t shoot, can’t cross, can’t dig in when the going gets tough - I can’t say I’ll be crying if Kamau doesn’t return.
  10. That’s as valuable as a big name player signing imo. If we were actually fit last season we would’ve been twice the side we were.
  11. I think with Wilshere it quickly became a mental rather than physical issue with a lot of his ‘injuries’. Take him out of that English/European bubble and the pressures associated and you may well find that he excels. Which in that case he could’ve been a very enticing proposition for the aleague. Either that or he would’ve just died in the ass training and playing on hard grounds during an Aussie summer. He’d either be rocks or diamonds.
  12. I’d be very surprised if he came back, as much as I would love him to. He recently had a baby with his wife, who from his Facebook posts has lots of family in America. Plus I’d be fairly certain he’d be on much better money at galaxy than what they’d be paying in the aleague.
  13. I’m keen to see the battle of the youngsters that the aleague is most likely going to be this coming season. People have been asking for greater pathways and youth development from the aleague - well here it is.
  14. Happy November 1st - what I would give to go back and relive that day and campaign. Even better would be seeing the club return to those heights.
  15. Great news for them. Really hope they can pull it together
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