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  1. Remember when WSW first existed and we used to laugh at Sydney for burning through Frank Farina, Corica (while caretaking) and Crookie? They were an absolute basket case... If we sack Babel we’re heading down that path which I can’t imagine Mr Lederer would be very proud of...
  2. No doubt those two would be top 5 imo but in terms of relentless success, domination and nailing of foreign recruiting - it’s hard to go past those three
  3. Agree 100% with Lloydy and was coming here to post the same thing. I think Babel is an excellent manager though perhaps overestimates the quality of the majority of his squad to execute the technicalities and intricacies of his system. This isn’t entirely a bad thing though particularly for player development but will need to be adapted to suit the players. I am still far, far away from agreeing that he should be sacked though. I can’t believe the discussion is even being had. If he is sacked, we will be a laughing stock and with that become one of those rabble clubs that jumps from manager to manager with little regard for the bigger picture. That’s when things will really turn to ****. Perhaps Babel needs to have a look at Ange, Arnie and Muscat - 3 of the greatest aleague managers, all aussies who understand the uniqueness of the aleague environment and how to ‘play the game’? I’ve been a staunch defender of Lederer but if it’s true he’s considering or does sack him, that will change. Very disappointing if correct.
  4. At least it was finally on a Saturday. The last 2-3 seasons the same fixture has been on either a Friday night or Sunday evening and I recall there was once which a couple of days out from Christmas. All of which made it logistically impossible for big numbers to make the trip.
  5. The problem with Schwegler is that there is only one of him
  6. I don’t agree that we aren’t good enough. If we flat out weren’t good enough then we wouldn’t be in a position to say we threw the game away. Concentration lapses and ball watching in defence are what is costing us right now. Was something wrong with Jurman still? I caught him walking on several occasions, most notable their second goal where he had no idea of where the runaway striker was. McGowan for me is too slow to play the way we do. Mo Adam should be replacing Yeboah at the 70th min mark every week. Yeboah is absolutely rooted by this point every week and starts doing that thing where he just uncontrollably throws himself around the field which does nothing. Adam came on and within 5 mins and had a shot that hit the post... I like Babel and I have confidence with him, but his substitutions do confuse me somewhat. You’ve gotta bring on players like for like which I don’t think we do enough of. Re the penalty shout - what really annoys me is that two weeks in a row now, we’ve had a penalty incident where the referee has walked over to the VAR and spent less than 5 seconds watching the replay. Then some games they’ll view it into the minutes... They need to have some sort of min and max timeframe that they should be viewing that screen whether they know what call they will already make or not.
  7. Gombau was a different kettle of fish. He wasn’t investing any time into youth and had no control over the squad. That’s the only time when I think sacking a manager regardless of the length of his tenure is appropriate. MB’s control over the squad is fine and the squad appear to be very close. The results are just below par currently.
  8. Yeah cool let’s sack him and spend another 18 months waiting for a new manager to bring his own players in because the salary cap stitches us up... the aleague is the last place mangers should be hired and fired regularly
  9. Should be bringing Mo Adam on. Up to that goal the situation was perfect for him to introduce some energy and danger to our attack
  10. If that wasn’t a penalty then last weeks wasn’t either...
  11. Apparently Western United’s stadium will be completed by 2022. I’m still sceptical
  12. LOL Fox must be spewing those streaming figures got out. How will they keep perpetuating the myth that no one watches the aleague now? I also just read that Optus have outbid Fox for all Union broadcasting. Another piece of content Fox look set to lose and will inevitably find a way of blaming someone else for... The monopoly is falling! Fox are the modern day Titanic
  13. He said the word twice? A statement like that makes it sound like nothing he said was printable...
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