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  1. The criticism of JT is misdirected. A CEO of a sporting club is there for commercial and stakeholder engagement along with finance and business management. They’re also a mouthpiece/yes man for the chairman. People keep criticising JT like he’s the one out on the training paddock each session running the boys around and setting the tactics prior to games. If that was the case then why have a manager?... Someone on this thread over the past week was even having shots at him for his office etiquette and work ethic. What a load of BS! Unless someone on here regularly shares office spa
  2. Mutch was one of Robbo’s agency boys. Robbo gave him a jobs for the boys contract if ever I’ve seen one, that benefited and made no sense to anyone but Mutch. The fact Mutch left WSW yet stayed on in not just Australia but Sydney, to me seems very strange when they clearly wanted to work together. Unless MacArthur have thrown a fortune at Mutch (which I doubt), does this not suggest there’s been a breakdown in the relationship and provide further evidence that Robbo is out of favour with key figures of the playing group? Players are well connected between clubs, perhaps there’s wor
  3. Id say the strangely large money for Ikonomidis is a hint there will be few foreigners/OS based signings coming into the competition due to covid logistics. Therefore the talent already here is going to fetch big money. Basic supply and demand.
  4. I don’t know where aleague hub got the rumour from but that’s not the case about Canberra
  5. Really irks me that we let Muller go when there’s obviously not going to be a lot of new foreign blood entering the country for the foreseeable future. The money being thrown at Ikon is true for both Vic and WSW which I think is absolutely stupid and a huge gamble that has the potential to be a disaster.
  6. Peacock is staying at Fox I’m assuming. He’s been doing interviews for the Ashes which I doubt would be the case if he were leaving as they won’t be shown til November at the earliest
  7. Don’t let Williams be captain or he’ll be gone in 12 months!!!
  8. My thoughts also. Plus with guys like him, they tend to bugger off OS at the sign of any consistent form. Ideally we want to assemble a squad of which the spine can be around for 3-4 years.
  9. The mental health toll is horrific at present, the suicide rate has increased significantly across the world. I’d argue that poor mental health can be pretty infectious too given the intense measures people have had to endure over the past 18 months. Politicians and media personalities pat these people on the bum and tell them “we’re all in this together, thanks for your understanding” as they continue receiving their comfortable salaries. Then what about collateral deaths due to a reduction in services, procedures and routine screenings? We will never be able to properly put a number o
  10. Over the long term, influenza has and will continue to consistently infect, hospitalise and kill a significant amount of the worlds population. The percentage rate between the two is trivial because at the end of the day, the death toll for both is and will only continue to be in the millions as time goes on. The fact remains that to date, Influenza has consistently killed more people than Covid has over time. Whether covid overtakes it or catches up to that grand total, no one knows. I know you’re not meaning any disrespect by it but how you’ve compared the two with your argument is prov
  11. That argument is invalid 18 months down the track. This idea we can create a risk averse society is delusional and there’s been ample opportunity now for a number of at risk populations to get jabbed. Google previous flu season figures and their rates of infection, hospitalisation and death. As recently as 2019 there were days where dozens of people were dying across multiple states and thousands being infected. Covid is not the flu but it’s pattern and long term data is getting pretty similar... What about the amount of hospitalisations, avoidable illness and eventual death from non covi
  12. Don’t make anyone captain who we want to keep cause the WSW captain always leaves within a season or two of being appointed...
  13. For as long as Robbo is at the club, I can’t see things improving so I’d happily have Natta and Tass at the back rather than trying to take a punt on an older CB. Those two lads are going to have big futures so if we can ensure them minutes in the hope of holding onto them, that would be a silver lining IMO.
  14. This has been going on for 18 months now and it’s probably the most debated, analysed, researched and critiqued event in modern history. I’d argue that by now there’s enough evidence and knowledge that we can start to make more measured and appropriate responses. The strains may vary certain characteristics of the virus but not to the degree that’s being assumed in the media cause if it did, it wouldn’t be considered a Coronavirus any longer. I had this pointed out to me by a doctor I work with recently. The actual science behind some of the claims being made doesn’t add up. If anything, the d
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