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  1. hughsey

    Wanderers Members Committee News

    I’m interested to hear the opinions, response etc from the club and FFA regarding security and policing in light of what has been happening in the AFL. The problem has already been solved after the AFL accepted they went overboard. I’d drop dead if that ever happened in the A-League...
  2. hughsey

    Sydney FC: Season 2019/20

    From what I’ve heard, Sydney are one of the many teams limiting their football spend until an independent aleague is operational. Bit of an exodus of players and if Redders departs, they’re not gonna have a proper starting keeper. That spine from the Arnie days is slowly dismantling. Could be a lean season in 19/20 in the east. We’ll see how good Stevie boy really is as a manager.
  3. You could say the same for local students too (including the English part for some...) For me this situation is also tied up in the PC movement that everyone should be told how great they are and made to feel special and not left out. The HSC is starting to mean very little because there are so many back door entries into uni now. The financial benefits to this have the unis rubbing their hands together with glee. When I was at uni, there were people in my cohort who regularly either just scraped by or failed assessments yet magically seemed to pass units come end of semester, sometimes even with a credit average! It was miraculous. Yet all done to ironically try and maintain the reputation of the university and have ‘strong’ results. The rate at which they are letting people in, a bachelor degree will be worth zilch in a few years time and masters will be the bare minimum for any new grads wanting even a chance at quality employment. Even when I completed my masters, it was a lot different to when my old man completed his as every second person has one nowadays.
  4. Gallop is one of the worst public speakers for someone of his position and experience. It’s like listening to a nervous teenager give a speech in class. There’s no dominance or conviction in his tone and that dummy spit he had at the press conference about the Stajcic sacking was laughable. You cannot tell me that of the 1.8m registered players and countless other football fans in this country that there is not a single person or collective of professionals that could run the FFA.
  5. hughsey

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    It would be nice if every now and then there was some sort of pride in the presentation of our pitches but overall no one really seems to care. As long as it’s got some shade of green and reasonably flat, that seems to be enough. I would’ve thought Elton John could fill ANZ, BankWest seems too small for someone of his fame tbh
  6. They’re gonna have to start caring soon if Fox go down the drain or lowball them with the next rights offer
  7. https://www.smh.com.au/national/top-uni-wants-to-lower-entry-standards-to-counter-student-exodus-20190614-p51xri.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1560549283 Interested to get peoples thoughts on this. I’m very passionate about this topic because I have thought for a while now that unis are just businesses rather than educational institutes which is so wrong. Time for a royal commission into universities in my opinion. In the 4.5 years that I completed my bachelor and masters degree, the entrance mark for my undergrad course dropped 20 points. God knows how low it is now as I’ve been out of uni for 3 years now. It’s becoming more frequent that I meet people who tell me about the degrees they are studying though are completely oblivious to the fact they will struggle to find employment. Are the uni’s telling them this though? The fact the fee HELP threshold for repayments has decreased to below $50k now says it all really: too many people are going to Uni and leaving without a job or one that pays anything worthy of the time spent studying. I supervise students who with all respect do not have a clue what they are doing because they really shouldn’t have been accepted into their degrees in the first place. Uni is not meant for everyone. As much as I love my job, if I had my time again, I would 100% go and do a trade without any doubt.
  8. I think the introduction of the AFLW has also softened them up
  9. Not even the pinnacle of bogan culture that is the AFL is spared from the wrath of the PC movement these days... I don’t agree with what they are doing but is it weird to anyone else that it wasn’t the countless brawls in the opening rounds, but simple name calling that bought this action upon fans?
  10. hughsey

    Football Media Discussion 2

    Do Real Madrid have any genuine fans who aren’t tourists, Teenagers on fifa or Indians in the comment section though?
  11. A stadium in Parramatta will be the home ground for: - a Canterbury/Bankstown team - a Redfern team - a Leichhardt/Campbelltown team How good’s modern sport hey - and people wonder why no one turns up to NRL games anymore
  12. hughsey

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Surprised it’s taken til March to host a concert tbh. In fairness, the pitch has held up pretty well so far but a concert will be the ultimate test
  13. He called us Sydney Wanderers FC
  14. hughsey

    Football Marketing/PR Thread

    Many emotions about this: 1) It really pisses me off that expansion was limited to 2 teams purely because Fox didn’t want additional production costs. Now they’re pulling this stunt when all along fans have been saying that they should’ve just taken a 7th game to another broadcaster... 2) I’d hope that Gallop and GOR are knocking on Fox’s door asking for a big please explain 3) I think this is the beginning of the end for Fox Sports but at the same time, the beginning of a new dawn for the A-League. It appears we are finally escaping this toxic relationship. Take the example of the Big Bash - at the start of the decade they left Fox all together and went to Channel 10. Over the next 3 years it became an absolute juggernaut because it’s exposure increased tenfold. I don’t think this is nearly as bad for the A-League as what people are suggesting. Also interesting to note, before this story broke, a user on Reddit A-League posted similar details and also claims that Optus and 10 are currently working together to take over. Interesting...