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  1. I couldn’t disagree more with the comments about streaming numbers meaning nothing in the real world. “Real world” is simply a reference to Fox Sports who have blatantly refused to even acknowledge streaming for the past decade and only now that it’s too late have had to panic create Kayo. They’ve thrown us under the bus, lowballed the NRL into a long term deal and with the way they’re tracking, I can’t imaging it’ll be long before they turn on AFL and cricket. This rhetoric that Fox Sports are the lifeblood of Australian sport is laughable, no one seems to be awake to the fact that they are gradually pushing blame onto our sporting codes to disguise their own mismanagement and internal shortcomings. Streaming is the future and anyone who denies that is kidding themselves. The rest of the world would be pissing themselves laughing reading a comment like that.
  2. There is an apocalyptic shitstorm about to hit regarding contracts and pay which I can see dragging on for a long time. I personally think it is the very reason why February is being tabled as a possible start date for next season cause we are underestimating just how serious this issue is. It confuses me why there’s clubs that are storming ahead with player signings when there is little clarity around contracts and pay rates. I have no issues with WSW not signing players atm cause it could avoid what I think will be an inevitable headache.
  3. There seems to be a lack of communication from the top down regarding the start of next season. I know a handful of people involved within clubs and the FFA and all of them have said they haven’t heard anything about February, all the talk is still December.
  4. I used to half heartedly follow the mariners between the start of the aleague and WSW’s creation as a result of free tickets via a family friend involved with CCM. They used to regularly sell out blue tongue and the place was rocking. The Mariners were huge up there. The town centre of Gosford in those days was booming too which helped and was packed on game day. When I made the first ever WSW away trip up there, the place was completely different and has never recovered. It’s sad. I think it would be a very sad day if the Mariners were to leave the competition.
  5. Bit rich from him if that’s true because I’m led to believe that WSW were more than understanding and he abused the privilege
  6. No he mucked around upon return to Poland. I remember he was posting stuff on Instagram at the time that made me question wtf he was doing as well
  7. From what I heard, Majewski was allowed to return home for surgery and rehab as a goodwill gesture from the club and proceeded to **** around and not do it as effectively as what it should’ve been. Pretty sure it was decided a while ago that he wasn’t coming back, it’s just been made official now.
  8. Mitch said in the video that the club made him a sizeable offer that made his decision even harder. It obviously wasn’t rivalling that of the Saudis but credit where credits due, the club at least gave it a crack to keep him.
  9. We should never have gotten rid of Babel, I didn’t agree with it at the time and I still don’t. Especially mid season in a league where the squad size limitations and salary cap stitches up clubs and only gives them a brief window during the off-season to properly buy/replace players. He should’ve at least been given until the end of the season to try and turn things around as no incoming manager was going to be able to meaningfully change any personnel. Sure enough, JPD has come in using the same players and tbh I can’t really tell any difference in our style of play. Chopping and changing managers every 5 mins is inferior, small club behaviour and we’ve become as much.
  10. Recruitment/retainment culture is piss poor. The perpetually swinging axe that strikes every 12 months hardly does anything to attract bigger names. It’s become synonymous with WSW cause rather than mostly squaddies being turned over like what occurs across the rest of the aleague, we seem to do with our best/starting players.
  11. It’s funny because this article unintentionally highlights one of the key issues imo. The club poured enormous energy and funds into the Rooty Hill complex (cudos to them for that to be fair) and combined with a brand new stadium, hoped that it would magically solve a lot of problems that arose during the Homebush years. I think the level of intensity and focus on these two areas led to some unintended neglect of the first team, disguised by an assumption that it would somehow rub off on our performance/results.
  12. Not sure I’d go that specific but if we stuck with either he or Babel I’m sure we’d definitely be in a better position than we are now. Consistency is everything.
  13. Rate that. Finally we’re overcoming this nonsensical fetish for giant stadia
  14. Shared some thoughts in the other thread but there is one thing I will say and it pains me to do so. We’ve turned into Sydney FC circa 2016. Remember when they did sweet FA and spent every waking moment telling everyone how big and mighty they were and how they were gonna do this and they were gonna do that? Meanwhile we just went about our business and kept winning and being generally successful and were actually a big club. Fast forward 4 years and the roles have completely reversed. They’ve stopped (for the most part) worrying about whether they’re labelled the biggest club in Australia and have just gone about letting their results answer that. Meanwhile WSW are constantly churning the PR machine blowing hot air at regular intervals throughout the year and telling us this, that and everything will be happening. I’m all for being ambitious but for the most part it’s simply hopes and dreams
  15. That sort of bullshit happens all over Asia, it’s not just Saudi Arabia. The only league I’d trust as a player, based on experiences and stories from past Aussies in the region, would be Japan and even then they did some interesting things to Arnie when he managed over there. The whole place appears to be corrupt AF.
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