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  1. We need to build a spine of half a dozen players who are going to be around for the next 3-4 years. Sydney have disproven the theory that the aleague automatically means you can’t hold onto players long term. Preferably secure a striker, scoring wingers and a 10 using our foreign and/or marquee spots. I’m talking guys who can actually score goals still, not just once upon a time wonders. I’d bring in Berisha who now is basically considered a squaddie and a bloody good one at that, he’s a bargain buy these days IMO who with good service can still do a better job than most attackers in th
  2. I don’t know why Stan keeps getting a mention cause to my knowledge they were rejected long ago due to their lack of venue licensing. Im very torn because it’s looking like it’ll be paramount + and as much as I despise Fox’s treatment, they’d still provide much better overall exposure. The A-League is not nearly big enough to be on such a new/niche service alone. I’d never even heard of it til yesterday.
  3. To me it looks like Duke is losing confidence in Robbo as are an increasing number of players. The body language suggests the effort is there but it also displays a hint of “wtf are we doing?” as the game rolls on. I think there’s a lot of frustrated blokes out there in red and black currently.
  4. Coming off a derby win and a 5-0 hammering with an 8 day turn around, against a team lining up for its 3rd game in 7 days. To be beaten 5-1 and look barely competitive is just mind boggling. Thanks for your time Carl but it’s time to go.
  5. Previous 2 wins were simply an outlier. The derby we ground out a win cause the players dug deep despite being totally out possessed from start to finish and I think my team would’ve beaten WU last weekend they were that poor. Let’s be real here, we did and still play the exact same one dimensional, rudderless system while Robinson watches on cluelessly. If anything I’m annoyed we won those two games cause once the temporary sugar hit of optimism died down, all it did was distract from the problems at hand which need resolving ASAP.
  6. So many sides have been rocks and diamonds. Even city went through a period at the start of the season where they were average. The only consistent sides have been MV and the Jets who have been consistently **** lol I think the COVID related scheduling resulting in a variety of short and long spells between games hasn’t helped the situation. It’s been to our advantage really cause any other season I don’t think we’d be anywhere close to the top 6 having played how we have for the majority of the season.
  7. It’s the exact same scenario with WU except in their case, the place they’re meant to come from doesn’t exist whatsoever lol Even from a Fox Sports overlord perspective, I can’t see how either bid made any sense.
  8. That’s a WSW special hiring a striker and not playing to their strengths. We did it with Riera for 90% of the time he was here...
  9. Western United are an absolute failure. That performance just about summed up the state of the club. Right now I’d say Gold Coast United were a more viable option.
  10. I’d rather just stick with Wilmering. He and Russell seem to be some of the only fullbacks in the competition that can regularly place a proper cross into the box. That can’t be underestimated particularly if we persist with a wing back based formation
  11. Let’s be honest, swearing at a cop is not going to be well received in any setting. However I do believe that the course of action between it happening at a WSW game vs a local shopping centre is different and that’s the issue here. There is definitely a troubling bias and I’ve witnessed it multiple times over the course of supporting WSW. It’s not just from police, it’s from all stadium personnel and officials. From what I’ve been told, the police at the game in overalls are often what’s called User Pays. They are not raptor but police officers simply wanting to make some extra cash on t
  12. Hopefully this season running a bit later has proven that a winter season is a total disaster of an idea. The last two weeks I’ve been rushing from my own games to get there and I know several people who are members that just gave it a miss cause it was too hard factoring it in.
  13. Two great wins but it doesn’t excuse the fact we’ve been a basket case for more than three quarters of the season. We’ve got a long way to go before I’d say we’re out of the woods and I think it’s a fairly damning stat for the rest of the competition that we are somehow 1 point away from second place. Call me negative but if we finish off the season with some sort of form my concern is that it papers over the cracks and Robinson gets off the hook. I’d expect if it does eventuate this way then we are firing on all cylinders come round 1 next season. No more excuses.
  14. You don’t score 5 goals unanswered by accident but I do agree that WU were total dogshit tonight. Learning to punish teams like that is important. I don’t know whether it was the lack of atmosphere or what but I found it a really boring game considering it was 5-0, particularly the last 20 mins. Strange feeling.
  15. It’s a very strange situation that we’ve scored so many goals cause our attack has seemed woeful all season lol
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