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  1. hughsey

    A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread V2

    FFA need to stop bending over for Fox Sports. There's every chance that come the end of this current rights deal Fox Sports will low ball us or lose the rights completely yet the A-League is stuck with their demands.
  2. hughsey

    A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread V2

    Being conservative hasn’t worked so far so why keep on doing it? I understand that they are treading carefully but honestly, there’s never going to be a perfect time for expansion and the longer they wait the less perfect it becomes. How in gods name do the FFA propose that they can make something of next season if it’s the same 10 teams running round again? At this point, it’s looking like this season will be hanging on for dear life come the start of the NRL/AFL seasons. Some teams will be lucky to get anymore than family and friends attending...
  3. It’s become a mental battle with the smurfs these days. If we can tough it out and stick to our guns, it’s ours to lose.
  4. That loss has really shaken Sydney and I think it's also a bit of a realisation that they are no longer the untouchables. They are still a quality side but this is looking like being the most evenly contested derby in a while. Probably our best chance of winning in some time.
  5. So the enormous amount of light that will be spewing into the night sky during operation wont be a problem, yet if the actual structure can be seen over the trees that's bad? Makes sense
  6. hughsey

    A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread V2

    I'm sceptical of Western Melbourne. They could either be the revolution that takes Australian football/sport to a whole new level with their own stadium or they could be completely full of crap and leave the FFA with Melbourne Heart 2.0. They are making some massive, massive claims that I honestly don't believe they can deliver 100%. Any team promising their own stadium should be given preliminary selection, with their entry into the competition to coincide with the same season that the stadium will be ready in the next round of expansion.
  7. Forget the stadium, the dick measuring contest going on is truly world class...
  8. Convenient excuse. We’ve had plenty of pre Christmas games over the years that have had solid crowds. Our Christmas Eve game a few seasons back had about 11-12k from memory. Ironically I haven’t been to a home game other than Mudgee due to Christmas parties but I still think it’s a convenient excuse. Crowds league wide are dire and are getting worse.
  9. hughsey

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    A government involved contruction project running over time?? It can’t be!
  10. hughsey

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Spot on. Too many WSW fans want the romance of a working class underdog yet the bank account of a lucrative powerhouse.
  11. hughsey

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    I still don’t buy the Lederer tight arse argument and what’s worse is that every clown on Facebook parrots it without any idea what they’re talking about, after any loss or draw. What exactly do people want from him? A blank chequebook? Businessmen like him make their money by spending as little as possible and that’s why they’re successful and have lots of money. It’s very easy to sit back and tell someone what to do with money that isn’t yours. At the beginning of last season we had the most expensive squad in the league and if anyone’s driven down the M7 recently you’ll see that we aren’t exactly poor. People make out like Lederer is Mike Charlesworth trying to pocket salary cap money and reuse ice bath water... I don’t love the bloke by any means but I think he gets a pretty ordinary go from a lot of irrational fans. Poor recruitment and lack of funding are two very different things.
  12. hughsey

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    For me the real problem is the lack of mental fortitude, particularly against our bogey sides: Victory and Sydney. There’s no toughness or stamina to compete with them, we (let ourselves) get intimidated far too easily and we don’t appear to have a winning mentality in general. We have a good team, we’re just very mentally weak and everyone else knows it. There are no particular culprits with this as I believe it’s been an issue for a good 2-3 seasons now, with multiple personnel coming and going. There isn’t a specific person to blame, though someone must be the catalyst for it to improve. I have a working relationship with someone involved at Sydney and every person in that club from the CEO to the receptionist who sits at their front desk honestly believe that they are the ******* bees knees of a club and will win every game they play. I’m sick of hearing it but you know what, it’s true and it works. I can’t say we have that and we haven’t for some time now. It’s sad to say that because for our first 2-3 years of existence they didn’t come much tougher than WSW.
  13. First thing we need to do is go and buy a big strong bully of a CDM who isn't flashy but is tough as nails and will run all day. See Scott Brown (Celtic). Zeigler/Hamill > Monster CDM > ABJ > Riera is a solid spine. I'd hold onto Risdon and Llorente cause they're great wingbacks and put in a regular shift. For me that's more important than defensive capabilities as the quality of wingers in the A-League isn't enough that a well structured formation and quality centre halves can't stop them. I'd hold onto Bridgey given he is up there with Leigh Broxham as easily the most valuable squad player in the league when you consider their versatility and experience. They have what money can't buy, particularly in such a closed league like this. Our foreign recruitment is so hit and miss and has been for a while now. It must improve. Sydney have nailed every foreign signing for the past 2-3 seasons straight and Victory's signings are always dependable. There's definitely an element of luck involved given that it's the A-League at the end of the day, but when other clubs seem to be so consistent with it, you've gotta question our scouting process.
  14. hughsey

    Coach and Staff Thread 2018/19

    Their formal titles vary, which is not always conveyed in interviews, as there are multiple positions within the typical high performance team you'd find at a professional club. The person I'm talking about is an Aussie bloke who from my understanding used to be involved with the Giants.
  15. hughsey

    Coach and Staff Thread 2018/19

    Our strength and conditioning coach was given the flick just recently. Currently on the hunt for a new one. Quite sad how far we have fallen in this department when you consider how conditioned the team was under Popa with Adam Waterson pulling the strings...