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  1. I work in sports medicine and rehabilitation - they are drawing a long bow to suggest the surface is the causal factor. The mechanism of injury for an ACL rupture is typically a very defined movement/force, independent of surface.
  2. From what I’ve heard/been told, things are are and will continue to be pretty ordinary til about September in A-League land. Clubs struggling to keep/get their foreigners back. Much more hopeful for next season and beyond however
  3. Please don’t tell me you’re talking about that lame drone that flew around spraying crap over the seats that didn’t even have anyone sitting in them 😂
  4. The great Australian stadium monopoly rolls on. Maybe one day we will get it right...
  5. I still don’t understand why Bankwest is even being used. When there’s no fans and minimal officials in attendance the facilities are irrelevant. If the NRL really wanted to save money they could’ve easily played at the basic suburban grounds or even used their own training grounds.
  6. Fox are ditching being a viable company altogether the rate they’re going
  7. It’s only for next season that it will be more winter based. Also hearing that things are looking pretty good for life beyond Fox the year after, it will be the next 12 months that will be a bit of a slog
  8. I swear I saw Lopar post a story on Insta over the weekend with his kids at Manly... he must of just left. Seems strange
  9. Everything about the way the A-League has been run is so passive, it’s amazing it’s still around in any capacity. Ironically, I think it actually shows how strong the competition could be with even the tiniest bit of grunt and direction. The FFA have spent 15 years pandering to the media and non football crowd who do nothing but **** all over the game and it’s fans. They’ve sat back and let Fox drive the competition into the ground, silently accepted sub par pitches season after season and sat around waiting for mythical perfect moments that never arrive, to implement anything. The infancy argument doesn’t wash anymore, the league is 15 years old and has gone nowhere - it’s a rudderless ship. Any progress or secret weapons were smothered to appease the critics which the FFA ignorantly thought would be the key to success. It’s sad to say the most forthright the FFA have been in their actions in regards to anything to do with the A-League has been when punishing their own purely to keep up appearances...
  10. ANZ has been left in a real pickle. They’d already gutted most of the boxes, canteens and general facilities in preparation for the renno and now it ain’t going ahead... plus there’s 18-24 months of events already been booked elsewhere. Gonna be interesting to see what happens.
  11. An SBS article the other day quoted Foxtel as being $2b in debt and about to let go of even more staff. Meanwhile on the coverage of the footy last night, they announce that Fox have extended their current NRL deal until 2027. Something isn't adding up here... On face value it sounds like the NRL are headed for disaster...
  12. Considering the Aleague will likely be a no frills version for this and next season, I'd say JP has got it in the bag
  13. The season won’t be starting if players are only being 20% of their salary. The PFA is not going to let that slide
  14. Any word on memberships? It's usually this time of year they start sending round the auto renewal notices. Obviously times are a bit different but it's real strange that there has been absolutely no communication regarding anything to do with ticketing
  15. $12m for an entire aleague season doesn’t seem overly expensive, though I don’t know what the benchmark cost is
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