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  1. You could argue that it’s safety is on display right now. Everyone pushing into the middle increases the density of fans similar to what the 1.5 system would be and it works fine. I wish they’d just open the gate up like they did back in season 1.
  2. Along with the eels opening game at the stadium and their first finals game, this would have to be the biggest game to take place at the stadium so far. If the western stand isn’t minimum three quarters full then it just goes to show that they ****ed up terribly with the design and need to do something about it ASAP.
  3. V’landys could be a blessing for all codes in Sydney. He gets **** done and isn’t afraid of putting the pressure on Government so if he decides that he wants to target suburban stadia then there’s a good chance they will get some attention. Just look at Sydney’s crowd at Leichhardt last night. It looked fantastic yet at Allianz or anything bigger it would’ve been a ghost town. Problem with Sydney though is that they’d probably rather play at a way too big Allianz so they can wank on about how big a club they are... I think it’s dodgy from the government for sure if that story is true. I’m yet to hear from or read any sort of significant general public support for the Allianz/ANZ plan Gladys and co keep pushing to try and basically one up Melbourne. People vote with their feet and suburban grounds keep winning. I don’t understand why the general public aren’t given more say when it’s those same people who will be attending these venues and returning the investment on them...
  4. Boys are on 🔥 I haven’t been this pumped after a win for a long time!!!
  5. That whole situation seems very fishy. I can’t understand why they would do that, particularly consuming a foreign spot in the process...
  6. I think this is great news because Australian football/Aleague needs someone who is not part of/been brainwashed by Aussie football and it’s biases. Fresh ideas and a disregard for the other codes above all is what’s gonna make it grow. It’s a bit of a detached position though by the sounds of it. His worth is also only as good as how open the owners/administrators of the Indy HAL are willing to be to his suggestions. If they keep trying to make the aleague the big bash meets AFL/NRL 2.0 then it’s a waste of time. I personally hope that he will install some confidence and aggression into decision making. Enough waiting around for the perfect moment (that’s never coming) to do anything, let’s get **** done. I also hope that he doesn’t just turn the competition into one big commercial behemoth that rips out the soul of the competition in the process as basically happened with the EPL.
  7. I remember that game when Santa equalised. One my mates got absolutely flattened by a female cop while we were jumping around celebrating in the away bay at Etihad lol
  8. One of the best atmospheres I experienced at the OG wanderland that night. The whole stadium singing **** the victory together was unreal.
  9. I had a bloke on the march standing in front of me who blatantly ripped a Smokey out of his man bag and just casually laid it on the ground in front of him and I’m almost certain that the cops walking either side of the march witnessed it though they didn’t seem overly worried. In terms of the reporting of any incidents, I think the days of outrage are over tbh. It’s quite common knowledge now that the aleague incident reporting is OTT so the target audience don’t get shocked anymore. Jokes on the media for desensitising those they thought they could capture with their dramatic headlines...
  10. So I know a couple of blokes who work at the FFA and got asked to be interviewed about returning to parra 😂 https://www.a-league.com.au/news/parramatta-celebrates-wanderers-get-their-soul-back
  11. What was the food situation like? At the Leeds game, the kiosk behind the RBB was in all sorts. The burgers and fancier items they make fresh (so the sign said), so you had to line up and wait behind those ordering them even if you just wanted a pie or some chips. I stood for 25 mins and was only 3 people from the front of the queue, just to get a pie that was already sitting there. They should have two seperate lines or do the walk in system like they have at ANZ. I don’t usually buy food at games so didn’t get to see how it was on Saturday.
  12. I was wondering if that had something to do with the time being adjusted given the VAR took so long to judge an incident that occurred a couple of minutes prior.
  13. Yeah I thought the referee was excellent. He certainly could blow a whistle, Jesus !
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