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  1. Bridgey deserves a massive send off. For me he's been one of the best to go round in the A-League. Massive loss for the competition.
  2. This open day reaks of being packed full of trophy hunting wankers who will probably attend events at the stadium once or twice a year if that. Fingers crossed they do a WSW specific one...
  3. hughsey

    Melbourne City: Season 2018/19

    Not only did they put them in the same city, they literally play in the same ******* stadium as the already well established, undisputed biggest club in the A-League (by a mile). It would have been like having WSW play out of Moore Park... Every decision made about this club throughout its history has been questionable. I wont ever be grateful to them for anything. They're simply using Australia for their own gain and obsession with world domination and them co-ordinating that for their sake just so happened to benefit us too. They couldn't give two shits about the development of the A-League and Australian football.
  4. hughsey

    Melbourne City: Season 2018/19

    Joyce is the least of their problems. It’s unbelievable to think that whilst they probably have (access to) the deepest pockets of any sporting club in Australia, they’re also one of, if not the most stagnant. I know it’s the subject of much humour but in all honesty, they’ve got hardly any fans and aren’t gaining any whatsoever. The discontent amongst those they do have and lack of connection absolutely reeks. They’ve got no identity or point of difference to their rivals who dwarf them multiple times over. They simply aren’t and haven’t grown since entering the competition. What’s worse is that they don’t seem to care - they’ve got all the gear but no idea. They’re like the classic case of the rich man who has everything but is completely miserable. If the City group pulled the pin on them right now, they’d be screwed because they represent nothing and as such hold very little value within Australian football. It’s actually kind of sad because I don’t see a way out of this position they’re in, other than relocating. Interesting times ahead for this mob.
  5. It’s always easy to tell people how to spend money that isn’t yours lol
  6. hughsey

    Amateur Association Football

    What kind of lobbying is football doing though? Seeing how dysfunctional football administration is at both state and national level, it wouldn’t surprise me if they haven’t even made that much of an effort to ask in the first place.
  7. Signing fillers/squadies on the cheap is how the aleague operates, particularly with such a low salary cap. You can’t avoid that. Most of the money/spending arguments people throw around are unrealistic under the current conditions of the aleague.
  8. That was a mental victory more than anything. Massive for our confidence.
  9. It’s a shame Roly isn’t an Aussie because he’d be a very handy player to have in your squad. As a foreigner, you’re not getting your money or spots worth. Same story as Castelan. In all honesty, who would Roly even replace at Perth? Along with Victory and perhaps Sydney, I don’t see him walking into any of their starting 11’s over any existing players.
  10. Once the HAL seperates from the FFA, I couldn’t care less what goes on there tbh. As a passionate WSW fan, my interest is the A-League and that’s it. For the A-League to have any chance of getting out of this rut, first thing to be done is growing a back bone and standing up to Fox. The relationship with them has turned toxic imo. We bend over way too easily and just do as they say. They had a major say in deciding the two new expansion sides and arguably prevented it from being a further two. There is every chance that come 3-4 years time they’ll bugger off and we’re stuck with their demands. I was totally against Optus when the last negotiations took place, now I really wish they won them just to see what direction we would’ve taken
  11. Give it two seasons when the stadium ain’t so shiny and new anymore, if that, and the western side will be barely half full for 90% of Eels and WSW games. My money is on it eventually being just the suites used for corporates and the normal seating there will just revert to a standard western membership/ticket.
  12. I can confirm that Sotirio is actually injured
  13. That lighting looks like serious business. I vote for Darude - Sandstorm accompanied by a strobe light as our walk out song
  14. I’d take Juric back for the right price. He’s an Aussie striker - there ain’t too many of them around. He is very hot and cold but I’ll never forget the night he came on and single handedly defeated Adelaide in about 20 mins. That’s what he can do.
  15. Is that a proper dugout I see on the left in that first photo? 🤤