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  1. Daniel Sturridge struggles to play in the cold on a carpet of a pitch week in week out. If he plays on a post concert Suncorp pitch on a 35 deg plus day, he may lose a limb 😂
  2. hughsey

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Tbh it kind of felt like they were doing that at the open day by letting people explore the western stand - likely because they’ll never get a chance to sit there. Like dangling a carrot in front lol
  3. I got talking with a cop I know who used to do game day coverage on the side for a bit of overtime. He and the team he worked with basically picked out the games they wanted to attend themselves. He did the first two seasons of WSW cause he loved the atmosphere and said it became quite competitive to get the gig. He claims WSW were never a problem but Bulldogs games were an issue therefore no one wanted to do them. Interesting insight if true.
  4. hughsey

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    WSW fans whinge about everything but this is a fair argument imo. What’s ‘world class’ about not having an option for a sideline seat out of the sun? People copped it from the sun at the old stadium but at least there was an option to avoid it if you wished to. In 12-18 months time when the hype dies down, the eels have their annual capitulation and if WSW are still dragging the chain - it’s gonna be hard explaining to the average Joe why they can’t sit in the western stand when it’s only half full...
  5. hughsey

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    https://www.theroar.com.au/2019/04/24/the-thing-they-havent-told-you-about-bankwest-stadium/ Rumblings are growing louder. This article is just one of the comments I’ve seen about the west/east stand debate. As soon as I saw the design I knew this would be an issue and sure enough, it’s fired up after only one game...
  6. So they say they are lol...
  7. To be honest with you, I don't know. How that squad fits under the cap is questionable - particularly with Fornaroli joining and no big names departing. Plus Keogh and Castro have re-signed...
  8. I love the satisfaction on people's faces when they make a flare or centrelink joke when talking about WSW fans, as if they're the first to ever do so...
  9. hughsey

    Brisbane Roar: Season 2018/19

    "Rebuilding" - the new A-League buzzword
  10. hughsey

    West Melbourne: Season 2019/20

    How's that stadium going?... Have they even signed a deal with Kardinia park for the meantime yet?
  11. It's financially impossible under the current salary cap to clear as many players as people want and expect each position to be filled by a better player next season.
  12. hughsey

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    I’m a big fan of the dark stands and illuminated pitch, almost like a spotlight type setup. If there actually were 29k there yesterday then there must have been a lot of standing patrons along the terrace of either side. The back of the stands at either end had big patches of empty seats and around the scoreboards there seemed to be a weird exclusion zone where people didn’t sit - I wonder if that was on purpose? Regardless, pretty annoying to see empty seats there yet I couldn’t get a ticket to the game. I said it when they first announced this new stadium and it’s now occurring - a buyback scheme for both clubs is going to be of high importance otherwise it’s going to be the same issue as the old stadium just on a bigger scale
  13. hughsey

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Anything above 28k would be bullshit
  14. hughsey

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Quite a few pockets of empty seats at the stadium for what is considered a sellout. Looks like the curse of big member numbers and poor attendance is going to be a problem once more for both teams...
  15. I’m relatively pleased with his effort overall this season, it’s definitely ten fold compared to ABJ anyway. There’s not too many strikers in the aleague who drop back and defend as much as he does. That’s something you definitely can’t fault him on