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  1. That trip is also the same weekend as the GP, not bad
  2. There’s been pieces on the news about facial recognition being used around areas throughout the city and various suburbs. It’s nothing new
  3. Not a big fan of Liz Ellis after watching her host Sports Sunday. Having seen her discuss certain topics, she has a tendency to be overly biased imo. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard her make the generic sokkah diving, Sheila’s etc comments before too, so I don’t think she has a great deal of respect for football.
  4. If Western Sydney was a person it would like just like Bulut. That's why people love him. Make him the club mascot - everyone's happy
  5. Just bought tickets for FFA cup. Had to put name and member number of tickets. Really?
  6. I remember when Bony played up front with Michu at Swansea. Was a sight to see.
  7. All that indicates to me is that out of the whole stand, only 2 and a half bays can be accessed by the average joe (for a significant cost). I wonder how the club feel about that?
  8. Just saw the email about the 1880 and gold star memberships. Im not sure whether it says more about the poor design of the stadium that it costs that much just to have a seat on the western side or whether the club are completely dreaming that anyone would pay that! The gold seats aren’t even in the western stand haha
  9. Call me sceptical and maybe I’m overthinking this but let’s say there are fans who have their bans overturned - what will the surveillance on them be like? Are they going to be scrutinised to the point of not making it worth coming back in the first place?
  10. Most of the bookies in Aus don’t dedicate a lot of time to the aleague, you can pick up some pretty good odds particularly at the start of the season
  11. Was there even a process at all? I’m really surprised that article didn’t get more of a reaction from the broader A-League community. I myself only stumbled across it by accident. You would hope that if they do decide to host a proper review process that it is advertised more effectively. I also wonder how those who are banned are responding to this news? Considering how anti-establishment the more hardcore active fans tend to be, it could be seen as somewhat of a slap in the face considering that this is only being proposed to ultimately benefit the league and it’s commercial interests. Would this sort of amnesty be taking place if the league was in a healthier position?
  12. Everything on the up at WSW. Life is good. These must be tough times for those at the Lederer Tightarse party HQ 😂
  13. I’m surprised I forgot about that, considering I stood in the rain and was wet through to my bones that evening...
  14. For those who are paywalled: A-League bosses prepared to review fan bans as part of drive to boost active supporter groups Packed houses and a reignited atmosphere are the focus of A-League bosses as the clubs race to ensure their first season of independence turns the tide of falling crowds and viewers. A suite of measures to re-engage the active supporter groups who energised the A-League in the Wanderers’ early years will unfold in coming weeks — including a willingness to review the bans of a handful of those supporters hit with multiple-year penalties but who have sought a “second chance”. With the draw for the new season finally released, barely two months before it kicks off, club owners have taken control of the competition’s management and strategy even before the legal separation from Football Federation Australia is complete. Alongside key games being scheduled for smaller venues to drive atmosphere at games, attracting greater numbers in active groups including the Red and Black Bloc and The Cove is seen as essential to garnering wider interest in the competition. Discussions over fan behaviour with police at assistant commissioner level have been described as productive, and a conference of supporter marshals from all the major fans groups will be held later this month to find common ground. It’s understood that a small number of the fans given lengthy bans from all A-League games — all of whom have served substantial proportions of what are often five and 10-year penalties — could have the opportunity to petition for the suspensions to be lifted effectively on probation, a process that is said to have received conditional support from police and stadiums. The measures are part of a broad swath of activity designed to reverse several years of decline in crowd and TV numbers, with the release of the fixture list the first concrete symbol of the league’s independence.
  15. To be honest, if the both the off season wasn’t so long and the profile of the HAL was bigger I doubt they would make big deals out of youth signings. I think it’s mostly just to keep people engaged
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