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  1. Terrible banter. Announced they’re showing marble racing. Ha ha h...
  2. Classic Fox PR machine still making out like they’re in a position to be selecting who they keep and get rid of as if they’re so in demand and important LOL They’ll be lucky to survive this if they don’t get some live sport back within the next 3 months. The way America is going right now, they look like being one of the last to get their sport back up and running so that’s an enormous blow to Fox Sports content. The A-League is going to be fine. It’s the AFL and NRL who should be shitting themselves right now because the bubbles burst and they aren’t worth near the $1-2b they were previously given. Fox and 9 are trying to exploit any loophole they can to wriggle out or renegotiate the deal. If Fox go under all together then god knows where they’ll go or who will give them anywhere near what they’re getting now. There’s a big reality check incoming for Australian sport.
  3. I’ve been through a lot following this club but a global virus was never something I pictured happening...
  4. Fox Sports may not be around when sport resumes...
  5. The health over wealth mentality is not bad but I don’t think it’s good either imo. Yes it’s important to protect people but let’s be realistic here, there’s going to be a lot of people, and I don’t think we realise just how many, who will be out of a job and really struggling through businesses collapsing, industries being obliterated, bankruptcies etc. There is a reason why a study released this morning indicated that more people are worried about the economic impact rather than the health aspect. People may maintain a greater physical health through all these full scale measures but the mental health toll is going to be horrific. People being unable to get by because they have no work or stable income, losing a sense of purpose and routine due to lack of employment/shutdowns, breakdown in relationships etc. The flow on effect is huge. Physical health is only part of this whole situation and looking at it alone is short sighted imo.
  6. With all respect though, this is what happens when the media are allowed to continually post blatant scare pieces and fear mongering content that sells newspapers rather than sharing objective facts and advice from trusted sources. People switch off and don’t take it seriously. I think the longer this whole thing goes on, people are going to become desensitised and frustrated with the situation which is going to create a rebellion of sorts. There is only so long people are going to put up with being isolated, locked up and not being able to live a normal life doing basic things. These measures being implanted worldwide are great on paper but they are only practical for 2-3, possibly 4 weeks max. If we think that people who can’t get toilet paper are behaving poorly, wait until they can’t work and have no money or a job plus an inability to socialise, enjoy themselves or perform general leisure activities. That’s when humanity will really be tested...
  7. I have no words. That’s unforgivable from Cox. What a bludger of a game. Dire all round.
  8. Dukes been great and I love him but he ain’t anywhere near the level to be regularly starting OS. If he goes, he’ll be back in the aleague within 18 months guaranteed.
  9. Yawn. Sick of hearing about this stupid virus. Media need to STFU, people need to calm down and everyone just needs some common sense. And to wash their damn hands. This will go down as one of the greatest over reactions in history.
  10. No wonder the active culture is dying and general attendance and overall interest across the league has gone tits up. You read through most of the posting on this thread from a purely objective standpoint and the sort of issues and resulting commitment involved in dealing with this rubbish extends way beyond what it should for simply following a local sporting team and attending games every 2-3 weeks. Most of the roles I perform in my full time, paid job don’t require as much commitment or consequence as most of these issues innocent people are forced to deal with simply to clear their name while at a game of sport... Christ, who wants to put up with this **** over something that’s meant to be a hobby and a release from the stresses and routine of life. To make matters worse, people pay good money to attend, buy merchandise, buy food and drink and just generally support their club yet are at risk of being wrongly accused and punished severely without reason, for things they haven’t even done. It’s really hit me reading through these last pages more so than ever before. I appreciate the need to maintain a standard of public behaviour and if people do genuinely do the wrong thing well then that’s their problem to deal with the process. As for the 99.9% of others that consistently do the correct thing, it’s gotta change. What are these processes set by the FFA designed to actually do? Are they dealing with true trouble makers or are they just appeasing and seeking validation from the naysayers and critics by trying to act tough and treat everyone as a crook until they can prove otherwise? From my understanding of how it all works, I still don’t see how this process would pass any sort of fair trading, consumer protection, general law etc. When I had a retail job throughout uni; as an employee, I couldn’t even accuse a shoplifter of anything without hard evidence so they basically would get away unless they’d miraculously hand themselves in for some reason. We had to do regular online training modules because the law protected customers so much. Why does this sort of protection not extend outside of that realm to sporting grounds? Whether you agree with the term or not, we are customers at the end of the day... To me it appears as though this whole discipline process has been mostly unchallenged, even after it was supposedly reformed, because no one has the time or money to pursue a proper case against it and expose how flawed and unfair it seems to be. Therefore it stands and until someone can take it to a higher level, it’ll remain that way. Very sad.
  11. The weather excuse is rubbish. We’ve had some disgusting humidity in Sydney throughout Jan and Feb, no to mention the heat over summer. Plus the players train during the middle of the day... The players told themselves the weather was no good before the game and they played as such with that excuse behind them acting as a safety net in their mindset.
  12. We’re either rocks or diamonds. Mentally defeated ourselves worrying about the weather. Not much more you can say really...
  13. Brad Smith is a great shout. He’d be a weapon in the aleague. Just wonder if there’s a bit of euro snobbery/anti-aleague about him.
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