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  1. Was away camping so missed the match, just watching the replay on Fox now. I'm kinda excited to see Bridge's goal. His first for our club was a moment I'll always remember and I'm glad he's made 250 games. Just up to Simon's first goal now, that wall was weak as piss.
  2. Bones

    Gaming Thread 2

    Yeah never saw much of them either back in the day but I remember playing Sonic on one once and was pretty impressed.
  3. Bones

    Gaming Thread 2

    It was pretty random compared with the popularity of the Game Boy. Some of the games still hold up today to my surprise, even with all the mobile tech nowadays. Depends if your system is still working ok I guess. Couldn't resist and bought a copy of Rygar (old arcade game) from The Gamesmen, they're still selling the games! And am now in 90's portable gaming heaven.
  4. Bones

    Gaming Thread 2

    Just moved house and dug up some of my old gaming stuff amongst the boxes I found my old Atari Lynx! Fired her up and she still works after all these years. So many awesome memories. Did anyone else experience the glory of owning a Lynx?
  5. Bones

    WSW Merchandise 2017/18

    Lol. They only have a little run down on the weeks major events these days, they tend to not name names or report on the court cases anymore. They were hilarious, the weeks I wasn't in it anyways.
  6. Indefinitely? The media have been sympathetic to their plight. I thought the children had been removed from detention.
  7. So the government is doing the right thing?
  8. Lucky the boats we're stopped then otherwise we'd be dealing with that aswell. Common sense tells you it's easier to trace someone who took an international flight to get here than a random on a boat.
  9. Not confident and Mariners are paying pretty good $ to win, had to go against us. FFS lose tonight I need it, the bastards owe me this.
  10. If there's a sicker track for the new stadium I haven't heard it.
  11. And I'm saying phark him, he's just a tool who jumped on our bandwagon to get some attention.
  12. Even if that were true which it isn't, why does that matter?
  13. Wrong. Plenty of ethnicity amongst the Smurfs too.
  14. Causing trouble no doubt and giving us a bad name on behalf of his sky blue overlords.