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  1. Hard to argue with? No it isn't, the blokes a complete moron LMAO.
  2. Answer is No. I made my assessment of the video, you tried to insult me personally. I think you could be another moron. 😀
  3. Geez, not exactly an intellectual heavyweight is he lol, what a moron.
  4. No, he's active and fighting the good fight. Make Awesome Golf Again.
  5. General Milley needs a bex and a lie down.
  6. Keep your anti-semitic divisive views to yourself. Hemed is welcome at my club. I don't care, we should be taking anyone willing to play for us at the moment.
  7. So establishment media is like the catholic Church and those who question it like me are like Galileo?
  8. Of course the news contains information that you can check on lol, you can check anything on the interweb. That's where seeing through bs comes in handy. Don't you have some Dr Suess books to burn? 😀
  9. "News" and facts are two different things. You have no facts. I'm under no delusion of being enlightened just wise enough to see through bs. 😀
  10. I don't get brainwashed by establishment media.
  11. Yeah nah lol, that's ridiculous. The left always leads to authoritarian governments. Democracy isn't a strong point of the left at all and never has been. If you don't want to quote me than don't reply to my comment, that's rude.
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