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  1. Meier shouldn’t play at all. He’ll get close to fit then injured then sit around like Pio.
  2. Over 3.5 goals for me, pays sweet FA but I need some TAB rewards points for the Jordan basketball.
  3. It was around before then, maybe became more prominent at that time and the bulls have run with it. Bush couldn’t pioneer something so iconic, Gore and his gang ended up owning it eventually.
  4. It’s a thing, but no one who matters can stop progress in this area of scientific development, we can find a solution to it and that’s what the world is working on. Well except extinction rebellion they aren’t working at all.
  5. Denial isn’t the problem, agreeing on a solution is. Everyday we work and pay taxes we contribute to the solution of the problem of a poorer environment or as the extremists call it climate change previously known as global warming.
  6. Hahahahaha I wonder how he’s doing these days? They sure wasted a lot of paper on those posters and fossil fuels traveling the town sticking them everywhere.
  7. Nek minnit late to the derby because....lol I’m in the run ‘em over crowd. No-one is gonna miss them. If anything it’d be good for the environment.
  8. This is a common theme every year as you’d know, I’d back Aus Post over the club.
  9. Just what our club needs another has been in need of a haircut. Pio mk 2.
  10. I'm having a crack at us to be winner of the tie, eliminating the possibility of a draw at 2.32.
  11. I will, honestly I was devastated when my last one passed. He was my homeboy. But he had a good run.
  12. Yes just one, once they're big enough and used to you it's possible to pick them up and handle them. They can live outta water for short periods with no harm done. My last one was over 10 years old and woulda made a good feed, he was huuuge. I'll get a few guppies and a sucker fish so he/she isn't lonely, they're fast enough for the yabbie not to worry them.
  13. "Eff eff aye cup" is a mouthful. "Double eff aye cup" is easier. Eff Melb City.
  14. Sonar pretty much nailed it. Constantly trying to beat the crap outta each other. They are relentless and the smaller ones cop the worst of it. But when the battles aren't so vicious a Benny Hill soundtrack wouldn't be out of place. Keep them well fed and they settle down but they're breeding abilities could put a rabbit to shame. They're easy to keep no special treatment needed.
  15. I'm getting a pet yabbie off Mrs Bones for my upcoming birthday, can't wait. I had a huuuge one before he was a champ. You want entertainment put a few of them in a tank together.
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