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  1. If there's a sicker track for the new stadium I haven't heard it.
  2. And I'm saying phark him, he's just a tool who jumped on our bandwagon to get some attention.
  3. Even if that were true which it isn't, why does that matter?
  4. Wrong. Plenty of ethnicity amongst the Smurfs too.
  5. Causing trouble no doubt and giving us a bad name on behalf of his sky blue overlords.
  6. 'local icon Danny Lim' at Barangaroo. PHARQ him the gronks a smurf
  7. I was surprised at Baumjohann's stats aswell they were epic, if only he had a scoring striker to feed
  8. Russell, Kamau and Yeboah looked good. Wonder who'll they get traded too?
  9. Told the Mrs, if Kruse scores I'd take her to PoundTown. Poor gal looks so cute all excited for the game now. Little does she know I'll be getting a peaceful night sleep while she curses poor Robbie. 😂
  10. We should be able to field a squad by now that can produce more than just encouraging signs, regardless of coach. Time and again we are beaten or bettered by teams with our ex players playing key roles.
  11. Good to see my season boycott caught on. Wanderers 3-0 FCK FFA!
  12. Thwaite gets pushed around by Reddy who’s just been sent off and the squad cops it like pea hearts.
  13. Bones

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    Not returning this year membership card put away, I don’t owe this club or makeshift squad a goddam thing.
  14. Bones

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    It’s all about the flares. until It’s all about standing on chairs. until It’s all about the banners. until It’s all about the chants. etc etc etc Every grub should realise that by now.