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  1. Bones

    Tarek Elrich

    Sad to see him go he was a fighter. Always played his heart out.
  2. Bones

    Daniel Lopar

    You’re probably right but I just have a soft spot for players that get red cards 😀
  3. Bones

    Daniel Lopar

    All good. I hope Lopar proves me wrong I want us to succeed.
  4. Bones

    Daniel Lopar

    I’m not blaming him I learnt early that to blame the keeper is weak, it got through 10 players to get to the keeper. He could’ve done better is all I’m saying and I expect better from our squad firstly and keeper second. It’s not his first time he’s looked ordinary. He’s used up all his benefit of the doubts in my book. My problem is why import a mediocre keeper when we’ve got plenty here already. Whole squad needs a kick up the arse. I used to say Meier was crap too.
  5. Hmmm taxpayers were footing the tax see how that works.
  6. Bones

    Daniel Lopar

    People are strange but that’s not nice at all. That’s the second time you’ve insulted me personally. I played for 25 years and just don’t like what I’ve seen from Lopar, I saw better keepers in the state league.
  7. Bones

    Daniel Lopar

    I don’t blame him but a good keeper like Lopar supposedly should’ve done better.
  8. Bones

    Daniel Lopar

    Deflected straight at him it’s like he moved to get out of the way of it 😀
  9. Bones

    Daniel Lopar

    I honestly think he is. But it’s only my opinion I see things differently obviously.
  10. Thanking Mr Abbott for not subjecting us to a pointless tax scheme.
  11. Well you tell me did the carbon pricing scheme work and we’re making progress towards a global warming solution?
  12. Just don’t buy into the hysterical aspect of it and the accompanying simplistic theory that if I pay more tax that will fix it.
  13. Bones

    Daniel Lopar

    Yeah, and Lopar is very average.
  14. Bones

    Daniel Lopar

    See that goal Perth scored tonight? Yeah he’s totally on par with Covic. 😂
  15. More a case of do you believe Shorten I think. His party once proudly proclaimed there’d be no carbon tax then stung everyone with a tax that lined the pockets of bureaucrats.
  16. Yes they are indeed. Could even say one is exploited to promote the other.
  17. Bones

    Daniel Lopar

    Fair call too, there’s a problem with our coaching staff and has been for a while now. I don’t think Lopar will see out his contract as our number 1
  18. Bones

    Daniel Lopar

    That’s a fair call, I still don’t rate Lopar though.
  19. Climate changed today, it’s now cool and wet but humid. Damn you Scomo can’t he get it right just once and make it moist but comfortable! #scomostoogeweathercontroller
  20. Bones

    Daniel Lopar

    He obviously has great talent but also I think he’s made some amateur mistakes on more than one occasion that’s cost us. Of all our first choice keepers we’ve had I think he’s the weakest of the lot.
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