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  1. An offer to a 24 Year Argentine... as an On Loan player from Independiente...Claudio Aquino http://www.locoxelrojo.com/independiente/2016/06/22/en-la-mira-de-australia/?platform=hootsuite
  2. Would laugh if they get a lesser penalty because they are more contrite...
  3. The most depressing fact is this... "The only time mainstream media really give a sh!t about the ALeague is when we are lighting flares."
  4. Maybe off topic... Now that ESFC's academy is out west, would PMSL if they try to base themselves on that 25k west outer stadium. Leaving the eastern stadium to a Sutherland club. #DerbyWeek
  5. Can't believe suits rejected Ecstasy of Gold. Bunch of wank3rs.
  6. Imagine FFA were to allow this... Then on Away Games... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngKAP5ET_VQ&feature=youtu.be
  7. Yeah Smurf guy at work says they will be sealing off the behind the goal area at the derby and no WSW active will be allowed to go. wtf...! Money back I guess for those who bought tickets and the smurfs will finally out-sing us at the derby! Another take on this if it turns out to be the case. Area behind the goal is closed and tickets refunded. WSW fans with refunded money then buy tickets wherever they can get them in the ground turning a fair bit of the ground into a 'mixed' area. Recipe for disaster? They could always buy tickets in the Cove and ripped one...
  8. As there no flares lit in the active support area at Pirtek since last season. Pirtek security might be doing something right. As 19 flares, a contraband material was let in to the venue at the Etihad, the security process must be reviewed and those people whose job it is to stop contraband must be reprimand. This is a real concern, especially after Paris. Just imagine if someone really want to create havoc.
  9. I'm in the same view. But disingenuous, for you can say that Bulut's goal at the derby can be contributed to it as well... lol
  10. I think your wrong. They are two separate issues. The appeals process I think needs to be there regardless. To provide an avenue for those wrongly accused. If your correctly found to be guilty then your appeal wont overturn your conviction. Yes you are right they are 2 separate issues but the people doing the right thing which were well behind the RBB in this instance of the banning process, writing letters, signing petitions etc, won't really give 2 fux next time you ask for support whilst the RBB come out and coordinate a perfectly choreographed Pyro display, to stir up all of this crap in the first place. It was an outright F*ck you moment which I and many others who do the right thing won't ever forget. God help the RBB if points are taken off the club coz the last line of support from fellow WSW membership will die in the ass quicker than Fapman gets on his knees in front of Arnie. What people need to remember here is tat the RBB is less than 10% of the membership so don't upset the other 90% or you'll be wiped quicker than a dirty ass. *Putting my tinfoil hat on for a rant. Reading my twitter feed this morning I came across this... Interesting. I always thought that the air of defiance and strut help me cope with the everyday. Now, I'm not justifying (is that the word?) the people who lit the flares, my thought is if you do the crime pay the time. (How many people does it take to light 19 flares within a minute in a radius of 3-4m? Would look suss and easy for seccos to pick off? And 19 flares! How the hell did it get in? What security process Etihad has? Do they bag search people like Pirtek? Do they frisk people like Pirtek? - The answer is NO.) From what I read over the weekend, there was a quick indignation from the football media. The same football media who waited couple of days to see where the wind blows after the Wilson afrticle... checking if it is the same Anti-Sockah bashing and turning the other cheek. So you would say it's out of ordinary that they are all on point... when is the last time every jerno is on point? Even attacking Afghanistan after 9/11 there was dissenting voice. Thus I came up with this tinfoil theory... A certain CEO has put a lot of political clout in regards to setting up the appeal process. Within the same organisation there's a dissenting voice, that they run football... "CEOs come and go but the bureaucracy will never fall"... and fans are there to consume the product and shut up... "dammit marketing we run the game!", not coming in meeting executives and CEOs with their strutting and air of defiance telling them how to do their jobs. So the Bureaucrat waits, as a veteran of the Sockah Wog Wars they know the unruly nature of the beast, they also got the media connections that can act as the propaganda machine... Smurf lit a flares...pasty skinny kids don't sell papers...Vicks Ultras lit a flare...we need the bigger fish...RBB lit a flare... GOTCHA! Unleash the media dogs! CEO left red faced, with no choice but too act tough, Bureaucrat looking good knowing that the old man still backs him, and he can control things from the shadow as status quo. The question now, is the unruly beast cowed, would we see dumb karnts going to the rival bays lighting a flare in hope that their rivals lose points... maybe. Or we can really talk and deal with the issue and make it a non-issue, so that mainstream media stop talking about flares and instead talk about how boring football is.. "in our games we give points if they missed"... it's about time we talk about legalising Pyros, designating pyrotechnic area... wait... there's already legal pyros! Handled by licensed people. Bloody hell... who would have thought. Anyway my joint rant is finished...
  11. What you can only quote limited times... That's why I rarely come here anymore Mack (except the stadium thread... building stadiums are cool). Not the explaining the same argument over and over again to some newbies.
  12. The Den will arm the cannons with a bunch of empties, and knock down all the palm trees.
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