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  1. I cannot recall Muller doing anything of real quality (since signing) in his total time on the field in a Wanderers shirt. His headed effort on the Saturday would have embarrassed an amateur!
  2. True, it is roughly the equivalent of a WSW Supporter membership, though given these are counted within our overall membership numbers, a pre-'kickoff' comparison is still valid. I think we had a total of around 3,500 members by first game day. Please correct me if I am wrong. Irrespective, it is a promising start for them one year out.
  3. Progress so far: Sponsorship, Charles Perkins Academy, training facilities and Foundation Membership sales are all very promising and good for football generally. The Foundation Member's shirt is particularly attractive. Will be interesting to see if they can exceed WSW's first membership numbers before a ball was kicked. I can certainly appreciate Flytox's keen interest given his origins in the area.
  4. Only Daniel Lopar can justifiably excuse himself from being a target of the following comments... To the WSW players: If you think repeatedly playing the ball back and shifting it slowly back and forth across the backline, without showing movement and desperation to go forward is worthy of playing for this club, find yourself another shirt to wear - we will be better off without you! To Coach Babbel: If you cannot instil more forward drive, energy and enthusiasm in your players - find another club. I am rarely angered by a performance, but I was about this one. The Melb Derby that followed showed more pace, dynamism and good football in its first minute than we showed in 90. Worse still, ours was the live free-to-air ABC TV game. Who watching would have been inspired to pay money to go and watch that rubbish? A team playing like that is utterly undeserving of being top of the table. Keep it up and Wanderland will look as vacant as Spotless!
  5. A few of us (me included) previously expressed hope that access to the active standing area not be sold on a purely one per seat basis, but that it be based more realistically on its greater standing capacity - moving us away from the vacant terracing look of our old home. Last night it looked pretty full - just the way it should be. So, does anyone know if access to the area was adjusted for standing?
  6. I agree with Wendy and Taurus' comments on the sound/noise. After being at the Leeds game I wrote that the ground really needs over 20,000 football fans to have atmosphere. From an access and visual perspective, it is certainly a great place to watch football, but Taurus is right: a closed roof stadium is probably the only way to maximise the noise. Let's face it, in terms of noise, things won't get much better than last night at Bankwest.
  7. A number of times over the last few years, when this issue of whether a ball has crossed the goal line and a goal possibly scored has arisen, I have contacted Fox Sports and pleaded with them to conduct a simple studio experiment - which you dear Forum member should perform right now… [Remember that the whole of the ball must have crossed the whole of the line…] Items needed: A football, a ruler and some commonsense. Place the ruler on the ground - the ruler represents the line. Place the ball in a position where you can see ‘grass’ between the ball and the line. This is easily seen from the line side of the ball, which is generally equivalent to the camera angle. From this angle you may seem sure that the ball has fully crossed the line. However, if you now look down or directly over the line there are a number of ball positions where parts of the ball in the air have not fully crossed over the line. Robbie Slater decided to prove at the end of the telecast that he knew better than VAR and that it was really a goal. He took a ball to the goal line and conducted the experiment - and was surprised to admit that you could see grass but that the ball was not across the line! So, he was wrong on his call and he is also wrong on his repeated (and stupid) claim that you have to raise your arms going up for a header. You do not have to. I played for 22 years and invariably won headers in defence and attack, but never raised my arms to endanger another player. I was well aware of the rules. Taurus is right about the sound, which is easier heard on TV thanks to broadcast microphones. Additionally, I think Schwegler was fortunate to not be carded earlier than he was, but the ref (and VAR) got every other decision right. Anyhow, it was a fantastic Derby and occasion, in which we were well outplayed, but with luck and a great keeper in Lopar, we survived to triumph. Bring on Brisbane!
  8. Interesting bit of photo-journalism on the ABC News website on the RBB and football: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-25/western-sydney-wanderers-rbb-unique-opportunity-for-aleague/11618220 What irked me about this colourful piece was the stupid statement that implied football may have to go back to its post-WWII migrant ('ethnic') beginnings in this country to maximise its potential. Does the author even know football has been recorded as being played in this country since the 1850s! One would expect that someone writing a supposedly definitive assessment of the game would be better read!
  9. SYDFC will need to do better in their preparation than yoga stretches at Balmoral Beach if they are to keep their positive recent record in the Derby going. Or are they practising how to surrender?
  10. With the Derby fast heading towards a sellout, it is interesting to look at the gate takings. Not sure that the home team always takes 100%, but if this were to be the case, at a conservative average ticket price of $40 x 30,000 (minus some corporate freebees) the total take would be around $1.2m. This is a pretty good nest egg if you can get it, and a bit of payback for the owner's investment in the team and training facilities. If they could squirrel some of it away, I would say they were not nuts! Of course a close to 30,000 crowd would see us at a current season average of around 23,500... certainly the best in Wanderers' history. A much hoped for win would go a long way towards seeing us aim to average over 20,000 a game this season. Our best season was 2016/17 when we averaged 17,746 largely thanks to that all-time record A-League crowd of 61,880 at ANZ for the 8 Oct 2016 Derby. We may not get to that record crowd height again (well, not at Bankwest), but equally we hope to never drop to the depths of our lowest ever home crowd of 5,067 v the Roar on 10 Nov 2018. Amazing that sentiment can be turned around so quickly... all in less than a year!
  11. It was a great effort by our boys, but frankly, Victory were very average apart from Kamsoba. What I did admire though was the nearly continuous backing they got from their fans - apart from a short period of boos. They must all be feeling pretty disheartened, as Traore was the only near fit quality player of theirs missing. Kruse and 'quality' should not even be mentioned in the same sentence - though I just have! I had my doubts about Kurz combining with Victory. Had they been the Victory of old, we would have had a more difficult night. We can be delighted with the way our team is coming together - emotionally, tactically and in combinations, but we should not get ahead of ourselves. There will be much sterner tests to come.
  12. Great goals by Baccus and Meier and a most spirited performance. Schwegler's control, passing and tigerish tackling and general coordination of play were excellent. While there were occasional mistakes, it was a terrific away win. The Derby should sell out in the next 48 hours. There is every likelihood that it will be played between teams 1 and 2 on the table! COYW!
  13. The PA system at Canberra Stadium for the Socceroos v Nepal was so loud it was painful - though mind you I did flee the Bruce Springsteen concert at SOP a few years ago in search of earplugs. Maybe I am just getting too sensitive in my old age! On the subject of the Iranian referee now domiciled in Oz, I have considered him the best referee in the world for some years. It is truely wonderful to have him amongst us and educating the next generation. Combine this with the new Hawkeye offside system that should make refereeing interpretation of calls obsolete, and we have a much-improved adjudication system. Now, if we could only have the team playing with the fluidity and pace they displayed against Sydney United in the FFA Cup, we will all truely be in 'Wonderland', with wendybr as The Queen of Hearts and Megan102 as Alice... though with too many contenders for the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. As long as we can get Marcus grinning like a Cheshire Cat - we will all be happy!
  14. It was a performance that lacked fluency and pace. McGowan still gives too many passes to opponents and Meier will need every minute of the time between now and the Sydney Derby to gain the fitness he needs to make an impact. Hopefully, this was the low point and everything will be onwards and upwards from here. As a baseline, with a win and nearly double last year's average attendance it was still a positive night.
  15. Sonar, really! WE are the 12th 'man'! 😆
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