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  1. Great credit to our side for their commitment and some impressive, fast passing, but we need to keep going forward. Still worried about some of the defensive coverage and thought Kamau should have come on earlier. Cannot agree with Phil Micallef's comments that most fans would not agree with football continuing! We have little else to look forward to in these difficult times, and while it is still possible to play on I think most of us welcome it. Without a crowd I think it is a far better spectacle than AFL, while the number of dunderheads playing NRL will ensure they have enough positiv
  2. Corica is deluded if he thinks Syd FC played well. We had greater hunger and intensity, while Sydney broke far too slowly to take advantage of our more aggressive play. Once more we turned the ball backwards on far fewer occasions than we did under Babbel. This and the nearly continual harassing and effort is the greatest difference so far in how this team is performing. Last night was a very enjoyable and well-earnt victory, but significant improvement is still needed: DG gave the ball away a number of times when under little pressure. If he had been honest with himself, he wo
  3. No Keithie. I was taken straight to Canberra Hospital after the incident - which thankfully was just across the road from the ground. I never saw that guy again, and don't even know if he got a card of any colour!
  4. If we could only get our players 'in the zone' more often... Getting 'in the zone' (so-called) is something that is rarely experienced. I would have been sceptical that this higher level of awareness/skill/functioning/belief, much talked about as the aim for elite sports people was anything but fiction - but I have experienced it twice... In 1979 winger Ian Callaghan, still the all-time appearance record holder with Liverpool FC (and a former England international), played 9 games as a guest for Canberra City in the National Soccer League. I ran the school tour promotional program fo
  5. That was much more like entertainment than most of the possession rubbish served up under Babbel. I remember one early home game (Brisbane, I think) where it was excruciating to watch. I wrote after that one that Babbel should find another team to coach - and I was right! I counted just three occasions where we turned the ball back through multiple players in succession when in possession, last night. I would much rather see the team win scoring multiple goals, while conceding, than just trying to keep a clean sheet. The energy and commitment lasted far longer than last week's 25min
  6. Simon Cox didn't do much but what he did was most promising. First, shielding the ball in the box to win the penalty, then placing a first-time touch into the right corner of the goal. The latter was certainly the touch of an instinctive goalscorer. If he can continue this standard of contribution, he is most welcome!
  7. Fantastic win away from home against recent ACL Champions. I have never cheered so much for MV, but even King Kenny deserved a crown tonight - his first decent performance of the year. That took incredible spirit to play in driving rain and win 1-0 (Nabbout) against such a well-credentialed side, even if they were in pre-season. Credit where credit is due - well done MV and their interim coach, who always seemed a better fit than Kurz. They are now into the group stage, and we can only wish them luck.
  8. I cannot recall Muller doing anything of real quality (since signing) in his total time on the field in a Wanderers shirt. His headed effort on the Saturday would have embarrassed an amateur!
  9. True, it is roughly the equivalent of a WSW Supporter membership, though given these are counted within our overall membership numbers, a pre-'kickoff' comparison is still valid. I think we had a total of around 3,500 members by first game day. Please correct me if I am wrong. Irrespective, it is a promising start for them one year out.
  10. Progress so far: Sponsorship, Charles Perkins Academy, training facilities and Foundation Membership sales are all very promising and good for football generally. The Foundation Member's shirt is particularly attractive. Will be interesting to see if they can exceed WSW's first membership numbers before a ball was kicked. I can certainly appreciate Flytox's keen interest given his origins in the area.
  11. Only Daniel Lopar can justifiably excuse himself from being a target of the following comments... To the WSW players: If you think repeatedly playing the ball back and shifting it slowly back and forth across the backline, without showing movement and desperation to go forward is worthy of playing for this club, find yourself another shirt to wear - we will be better off without you! To Coach Babbel: If you cannot instil more forward drive, energy and enthusiasm in your players - find another club. I am rarely angered by a performance, but I was about this one. The Mel
  12. A few of us (me included) previously expressed hope that access to the active standing area not be sold on a purely one per seat basis, but that it be based more realistically on its greater standing capacity - moving us away from the vacant terracing look of our old home. Last night it looked pretty full - just the way it should be. So, does anyone know if access to the area was adjusted for standing?
  13. I agree with Wendy and Taurus' comments on the sound/noise. After being at the Leeds game I wrote that the ground really needs over 20,000 football fans to have atmosphere. From an access and visual perspective, it is certainly a great place to watch football, but Taurus is right: a closed roof stadium is probably the only way to maximise the noise. Let's face it, in terms of noise, things won't get much better than last night at Bankwest.
  14. A number of times over the last few years, when this issue of whether a ball has crossed the goal line and a goal possibly scored has arisen, I have contacted Fox Sports and pleaded with them to conduct a simple studio experiment - which you dear Forum member should perform right now… [Remember that the whole of the ball must have crossed the whole of the line…] Items needed: A football, a ruler and some commonsense. Place the ruler on the ground - the ruler represents the line. Place the ball in a position where you can see ‘grass’ between the ball and the line. This is ea
  15. Interesting bit of photo-journalism on the ABC News website on the RBB and football: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-25/western-sydney-wanderers-rbb-unique-opportunity-for-aleague/11618220 What irked me about this colourful piece was the stupid statement that implied football may have to go back to its post-WWII migrant ('ethnic') beginnings in this country to maximise its potential. Does the author even know football has been recorded as being played in this country since the 1850s! One would expect that someone writing a supposedly definitive assessment of the game would b
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