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  1. 4pts off 2nd and only 3 pts off 3rd. The A-League table is so easy to manipulate to fit whatever point of view you want. We are as close to Victory in 2nd as Victory are to Perth in 1st.
  2. People also have to remember that a seat in the corners in this stadium is not going to be anything like a seat in the corners at Pirtek, especially in the 2nd tier. With how steep the rake hopefully will be there shouldnt be a bad seat in the house.
  3. This is the advantage with not playing there till next season. Any little delays or teething problems probably get sorted long before we move in. Let the Eels and whoever else be the guinea pigs at the beginning.
  4. Aspro gone. Probably won't be long before he's announced in Perth.
  5. You're thinking of Bernd Schuster, who's currently in China.
  6. He definitely hasn't been out of favour. Has played pretty consistently in the last 5 years. Including playing in all 3 league games so far this season, starting 2 of them. He's played alot more than Novillo did before coming here.
  7. adrian colunga, Felipe Flores, Nicklas Bendtner, Danilo Isn't Postiga a free agent? Perhaps too old. Only a year older than McDonald.
  8. If we can create anywhere near the same number of chances as last season then someone like McDonald will do very well.
  9. On the #NoToANZ thing, I assume most if not all people who feel that way still do, I know I do. Problem is ANZ and Spotless are literally the only options we have until Parra is rebuilt, so it's the price we have to unfortunately pay if we want a new stadium.
  10. Would have just preferred all games at ANZ but can't win them all I guess.
  11. Channel 9 didn't go in hard from what I remember, but they did say the game was stopped for 20 mins which was pretty hilarious
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