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  1. No fight, no balls, no pride in the Red & Black. Nothing more to say, too depressed.
  2. Exactly! Fitzy & Brucie - A+. Very young mid yesterday, just a decent DM and I really think we can make a season of it.
  3. ptwsw

    FFA Cup 2018

    I'm really shedding tears for the Smurfs...............tears of joy that Adelaide has done what we should have done
  4. What about this "What's a technical ruling thing, ****........I have to ask Mr Lowy maybe.........."
  5. Just rewatched the game, and Fox post game show. Beath = disgustingly inept, a cheat, a liar. VAR = An absolute joke with the power to destroy our great game, the people who man the VAR have never played at a top level to fully understand gameplay and situational game management. Babbel = passion, pride, a breath of fresh air that we have a coach who will lead us and show all our shared emotions. He has become a hero to all of us after this totally unwarranted and unfair red card. Captain BJ = My captain, OUR captain. Stood up, his FOX after game interview and post dressing room vision said 1000 words, doubters please take note, he is Western Sydney Wanderers. Corica = typical FC sewerage, could have just told the truth but his apathy and lack of sportsmanship defined him to me as a man of few ethics and a typical FC anal boil. Slater = a liar, oxygen thief, a tird of the highest order, his VAR comment speaks volumes of the man he has become, total pig swill. Will forever mute him anytime he is on TV. Totally deflated, emotionally drained, have I missed anything?
  6. Did I watch a Smurf podcast on Fox tonight. Seriously inept commentary by Shitlater ( a mouthpiece for the Smurf marketing team) & Dogonovski. Simon Hill makes himself look so stupid with his Smurf allegiance and excuses for their crap play, putrid stuff, lucky Adam sets an even tone and the Victory mouthpiece, Zappa was ok with the the little he did, actually his sideline work is a touch amateurish. Kosmina as usual doesn't let anyone down with his sewerage, the biggest oxygen theif on Fox.
  7. I'm glad our Coach had the gonads to say in print what a lot of my mates and I have been saying. Roly is not the only player in our team that's "sloppy" but I'm glad he called him out, Babbel has in effect put the team on notice. The young ones and our senior squad members have to realise possession should be valued and unforced pass mistakes lead to goals, also our choices and options under pressure have been u7's quality. Babbel did state he had only bought 2 players to the squad and I truly hope a few will be missing after the next transfer window and he can bring more of the players he wants. I'll be a real bitch in saying this but if Babbel thinks Roly is sloppy then Sotirio has some real self and soul searching to do and methinks he will be the first one to be gently moved on.
  8. Elrich played right back and was the captain. Good to have him back again, his experience for the young lads alone is worth his signing, gave lots of encouragement.
  9. Honestly, I was going to leave at half time when I saw our lineup. After our first half performance I had to stay til the end. Impressed with our "babies" yesterday. Tokich, Tass and Roberts were sensational. I really hope they get some game time this season. A lot to like about our young guns.
  10. Definitely disappointing, the cap quality is not the best. What irks me is that we are Red & Black, not Red & White. I think it's hard to find merch for the packs but a bottle opener, key ring, towel would be my suggestions for next year.
  11. ptwsw

    Brendan Hamill

    Congrats BJ. BJ might not be every one's ideal CB but he is a true Wanderer, has a big heart, has never given less than his 100%. Other than Santa, BJ is a true Red & Black, no one can doubt his love for our team and the fans. Has his issues, positioning, skill level but give me BJ any day, he leaves everything on the pitch, more than I can say about some players in last season's and this season's squad, no heart and not giving us, the burned on Wanderers, what we ask, their 100%.
  12. Just on Manchester Shitty's site, they are giving away free tickets to members for the FFA Cup game against us. Desperate times call for desperate measures but surely the members getting free tickets to draw a crowd is really scraping the barrel for a crowd. Not good for Shitty, they could have used as a fundraiser for the Farmer's Drought relief, that at least would give members and fans a nice feel good opportunity, probably also get people to go just to help raise a bit of money for our farmer's and their families. An idea maybe for our season launch, we could ask for donations for the Drought relief cause.
  13. I WANT A BUCKET HAT EVERY YEAR!!!! WSW love is wearing a bucket hat to an away game. Love the looks that people give me, jealous bastards!
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