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  1. Erdz

    Jaushua Sotirio

    The mouthing off gesture is perfectly fine after years of crap being thrown his way by “fans”. Attacking fans after that goal on Insta; here?
  2. The main question SHOULD be: What is stadium security doing to prevent flares from getting into the grounds, they already extensively frisk members, what is the point of having cops around the RBB if they can’t even identify who lights flares. Having flares hidden in the toilets from the Rugby Union game the night before isn’t good enough. Our tax money is going towards those who can not do their job, that is of the utmost importance, if you get paid to do something, DO IT RIGHT, it seems obviously the cops are letting things slide just so that the club and game ca
  3. Opinions are assholes, I can also say the RBB has played a big role in the successes of our on field performances in the past, Archie Thompson even mentioned the other day how daunting it was to travel to Parramatta, one of many many examples of the influence from the RBB I can use. Here is two scenarios. 1: RBB rocking up to the games each week with dwindling numbers and voices/ rights getting suppressed, therefore not being able to give the TEAM the lift that they need. 2: RBB will make a hard sacrifice to get their rights back and for the club to actually take them ser
  4. I don’t get all the banter on Sot’s His last 4 games with at least 10 mins on pitch: Opening goal Vs Central Coast Subbed on gets a goal vs Wellington Subbed on vs SFC, gets in good position near goal line and cuts ball back for a great chance for team mate. Subbed on today and gets in terrific position to force a red card. No one else manages to get into positions like that so keep that in mind.
  5. http://www.rebelsport.com.au/Product/Nike-Men-s-Sportswear-Photographic-Tee/54554502?isvariant=true
  6. Hahahaha RBB and WST doing Dale at the same time. Fox Sports has lost the plot, don't know which side to mute.
  7. The RBB comes through really loud on TV especially when the instruments stop momentarily and forces everyone to come out of their shells. Unite as one last week as a result of that sounded immense. I'm glad Marron said there will be more of this. Listen to our call chant was REALLY loud on TV just then, gave me goosebumps and had to rewatch it a few times.
  8. i nearly fell backwards off mine a few times. Question - I understand standing on a fixed seat at Pirtek for example where there is limited leg room but why stand on a flip seat where you do have the leg room when the seats are up? Isn't this what leads to broken seats which the media mistakenly and ignorantly report as deliberate vandalism? I would have thought that flipped seat areas are a form of safe standing. One dickhead decides to stand on a chair, then the guy behind him can't see and so then he follows etc. At Pirtek stadium 95% of the time the Capo tells everyone to get
  9. What two pubs are we marching from? I think RBB said one of them was Cathedral? Edit yep Cathedral and other pub just down the road.
  10. I just checked in online for that 9AM flight, while choosing my seat there was only one I could choose from (damn exit row seat)
  11. 7:30 mate who knows what'll happen with extra time etc, I might just do a callout after the game surely some people would be willing.
  12. Ok downloaded the Uber app, set my payment details via paypal, (safer), the fare estimation from ADL oval to ADL airport is $50, though even Taxi's are likely to rip us off.
  13. Uber Adelaide website estimates the fare from Coopers stadium to ADL airport from $26-31, not too bad. Are they reliable on time drivers though? I've always heard about Uber, thought it was only an America thing.
  14. They have never asked me for ID, even recently, just your boarding pass and that's it.
  15. So our own fans in our own stadium are blocked off from entering the NT, But FFA are allowing opposition fans on the piss to stand behind us...??? Is there some kind of logic to this?
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