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  1. Just going to hang it out there, but not actually convinced we are any better than last year tbh. And on the basis of the 5 games so far (reputation and career aside) AMFG isn’t all that much of an upgrade on Riera. Bad times.
  2. AMFG needs service, much like Riera. But Baccus just wants to do little turns and pass it sideways, Grozos didn’t hear the whistle to actually start the game, and as much as I like to see a young kid come through the ranks, Wilmering offers absolutely zero going forward. Someone is going to give us a hiding if the midfield doesn’t switch on and actually put in a shift (Schwegler excluded).
  3. We were trash unfortunately. The midfield particularly. 2nd to every ball and offered nothing in terms of receiving the ball. Very disappointing. RBB put in a great shift.
  4. 100%. He was really good. They played some great stuff, just couldn’t score. Them’s the breaks.
  5. As good as O’Neill is, he isn’t the same player without Brillante next to him. Brattain is trash.
  6. Lopar, McGowan and Jurman were fantastic. And that stadium. Oh my.
  7. Just dived in to St Clair Shopping Centre for a coffee and every other person is in a wanderers short. Oil up them wheels boys, we’re rolling!!
  8. Jurman and DG already well on the way towards becoming La Roc / Polenz-level trollers of ESFC. Good lads.
  9. Yeah, that’s what I was getting at - shift McGowan out wide or swap DG. Good prob to have and I don’t think it would be a terrible decision to just stick with a winning side. Tough night for the lad though.
  10. Does he go Ziegler, or stick with Wilmering - have to admit I'd be tempted to go for an old head, especially given the little worm Grant will be over that side carrying on like a pork chop all game...
  11. If we get an early one next week..... oh my. The place will be shaking. Hopefully not in a Mascot tower block kind of way but yeah. Hectic a.f.
  12. Ziegler and Muller to come (hopefully next week). Glad I already have tickets for next week, because there won’t be a sniff of one by Monday. Those old bandwagon wheels have been fastened on and greased up nicely. All aboard....
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