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  1. So... Carlton Cole anyone? 😆
  2. Kamau is absolute pointless horse sht. Just saying.
  3. There is not one single player in our team who would get in their side. How has it come to this?
  4. Themumf

    Finals Hopes Extinguished

    Anyone else watching the Sydney v Victory game right now and feeling sad that we are absolute light years behind both of these sides? It’s a game I’m actually enjoying watching. Depressing hey.
  5. Themumf

    Auf Wiedersehen Spotless

    Nichols was and is a bit of a panhead, but have there been any better LOL moments than him giving the V’s to the Brisbane fans? Maybe La Rocca’s Westside at the derby but outside of that..... ? Anyway, I digress. Brattain is pretty tidy and certainly better than our current.
  6. Small point, but anyone else notice the lino on the far touch line was super keen to keep the ball nice and close when it was an Adelaide throw? Stopped it from rolling away a number of times. Elrich called him out on it too. What a flog.
  7. Can someone, anyone explain how the only person to come out of that handbags with a yellow was Hamill???
  8. That age-old park football shout comes good.... ‘put it in the mixer’. Top class stuff.
  9. Not bad. I like the Yeboah / Duke combo. Suggests that Riera is done and dusted though?
  10. No lack of effort, we just lack quality. They are putting in a shift but the ability isn’t there. Can’t decide if that is good or bad.
  11. All these exotic names and we'll end up with Mitch **** Malia.
  12. Themumf

    A letter from the Chairman

    It just came across as 'stop complaining, we have done a great job'. Meh.
  13. So Tongyik has been and gone then...