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  1. That age-old park football shout comes good.... ‘put it in the mixer’. Top class stuff.
  2. Not bad. I like the Yeboah / Duke combo. Suggests that Riera is done and dusted though?
  3. No lack of effort, we just lack quality. They are putting in a shift but the ability isn’t there. Can’t decide if that is good or bad.
  4. All these exotic names and we'll end up with Mitch **** Malia.
  5. Themumf

    A letter from the Chairman

    It just came across as 'stop complaining, we have done a great job'. Meh.
  6. So Tongyik has been and gone then...
  7. So much money wasted on that nice shiny ad campaign about ‘being the west’ and yet they are the most gutless spineless pack of b******s ever to wear the shirt.
  8. And plus the club is too busy trying to flog / give away tickets to a game against another team that used to be good (sorry Lloydy).
  9. It’s been said before, but my god we lack any kind of bottle. Soft as sht. Even with Vedran staying on, it’s pretty hard to imagine we would have toughed it out, and once he got sent it was curtains. So far away from how it was in the beginning. Just another gutless surrender in a long long list of gutless surrenders.
  10. It’s just **** heartbreaking isn’t it. Always find a way to screw it.
  11. Is there a bigger ct than Slater in Australian football?
  12. Ziegler play and I fancy us for the win. If he doesn’t, yeah, not looking too clever.
  13. Ziegler is pretty good at this defending lark. Made it look pretty easy.