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  1. The tin might have a different wrapper but take the lid off and it’s still full of the same junk.
  2. It was showing up as allocation exhausted this afternoon?
  3. If anyone has 2 anywhere in the away end I’m keen. Thought I would miss it with work but all clear now.
  4. If that is what gets these guys through the hour and a half of trash we are served up each week, more power to them I guess. I am definitely in the mumbling category at the moment.
  5. Young lad taking on the capo role at start of 2nd half was doing a great job. First half was a really good game actually. Then at half time we were obviously reminded of the fact we were WSW then came out like a bag of cabbages in the 2nd. Same old, as someone above correctly pointed out.
  6. If those names are the limit of our ambition then FMD. Doesn’t exactly bode well does it.
  7. Bitter irony that it would be Popa nailing the coffin shut.
  8. I think they are both at fault - he ambles back like he has all the time in the world, and doesn't protect the ball. McGowan's pass was just dumb. My comment is more based on his overall contribution. When he isn't ****ing things up, he is more interested in waving his arms and rolling around than actually playing the game.
  9. Remember him at Swindon and he was pretty good. Better than that actually. Went to Forest (they paid decent coin from memory) and he lost his way a bit. He can’t do any worse can he?
  10. Not sure about the JT out rhetoric. He’s an exec, a suit. He isn’t playing up front for us. He backed the coach (who came with decent pedigree) with plenty of $, they brought in players who looked on paper to be some of the best in the comp. It turns out the coach can’t coach and the players aren’t what their reputation suggested they were. So bring in a good coach and find out if the problem is Babbel or the players.
  11. How many GF’s we been in since he left champ? I don’t necessarily want him back but FMD people have short memories.
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