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  1. And plus the club is too busy trying to flog / give away tickets to a game against another team that used to be good (sorry Lloydy).
  2. It’s been said before, but my god we lack any kind of bottle. Soft as sht. Even with Vedran staying on, it’s pretty hard to imagine we would have toughed it out, and once he got sent it was curtains. So far away from how it was in the beginning. Just another gutless surrender in a long long list of gutless surrenders.
  3. It’s just **** heartbreaking isn’t it. Always find a way to screw it.
  4. Is there a bigger ct than Slater in Australian football?
  5. Ziegler play and I fancy us for the win. If he doesn’t, yeah, not looking too clever.
  6. Ziegler is pretty good at this defending lark. Made it look pretty easy.
  7. Doesn’t that 30 seconds just sum up the vast gulf in class?
  8. Spanish donkey that has carried a dog sh*t team for 18 months. Righto champ.
  9. When you have Elrich - Hammill and O’Doherty -Baccus as the spine, what can be expected. Honest, hard working but so so limited.
  10. Defence is just appalling. Get off the **** floor ffs.
  11. Looks bleak doesn’t it. Might get a bit of an artificial boost from expansion, but as long as Nix are in, and so many games towards the end of the season are meaningless, it’s hard to see how things will improve.
  12. The VAR call was so bad we haven’t even heard about the ABJ body check or Le Fondre’s first goal being being dodgy. FMD.