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  1. luisenrique

    World Cup 2018

    Can't remember the last time I saw a win so undeserved as Portugal today. Oh yeah, every time they've won in the last 2 years. Morocco were brilliant but can only blame themselves for not scoring. They played exactly like the Portugal of old that everyone loved, even down to the kits! This new Portugal side is deeply unlikeable...boring, boring football, and two prize twats in Ronaldo and Pepe who should both have retrospective yellow cards for simulation.
  2. luisenrique

    World Cup 2018

    Wow what a world cup so far...surprises all around. Two great games so far today. Japan probably just about deserved their win although it took them ages to make their extra man count. Poland were absolutely shocking. Let the second round of games begin!
  3. luisenrique

    World Cup 2018 babes/hunks

    Considering she has one of those old digital cameras in her hand I don't think that is from this tournament. Btron out.
  4. luisenrique

    World Cup 2018 babes/hunks

    Slim Pickens so far. I think the cameramen have been told to tone it down. Boooooooooo.
  5. luisenrique

    World Cup 2018

    Right decision from the VAR but why can't the people in the studio just make a ******* decision? Imagine if that had turned out not to be a pen...you've stopped a Korean attack for no reason! If you stop the game you have to be certain you're changing the decision. Korea are pathetic, everyone keeps going on about 'they were so good in 2002'. They were better but they had a ridiculous amount of help from the refs, something no-one on tv ever appears to actually acknowledge. Loving just being able to turn on SBS and watch it without fearing buffering or dropouts. Hope Optus fail to get their **** together and have to give the whole tournament away. What a shambles, and again, one that every football fan predicted before the event.
  6. luisenrique

    Coach and Staff Thread 2018/19

    After seeing the difference a proper coach had made to the national team in such a short pace of time, I'm very confident about this new regime.
  7. luisenrique

    World Cup 2018

    Mexico are my new 2nd team. Brilliant on and off the pitch. Brazil looked absolutely shite. This World Cup, VAR aside, has been awesome.
  8. luisenrique

    World Cup 2018

    So BvM was in charge of that shambles of a Saudi squad, and managed to get them to finish above Ange's Super Duper Total Football Revolution team. I know who I'd rather have in charge.
  9. luisenrique

    FIFA: Hotbed of Corrupt Criminals

    Is there anything Jeff Lynne can't do?
  10. luisenrique

    World Cup 2018

    Hierro new Spain coach. Also North America won the 2026 bid.
  11. luisenrique

    A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread V2

    Oh look, the FFA are delaying a decision again. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/ffa-delay-a-league-expansion-shortlist
  12. luisenrique

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    A bona fide legend.
  13. luisenrique

    World Cup 2018

    I just think that when he's not getting on the end of a cross, Timmy doesn't really have it in him to keep with the pace of the game for much longer than 10 mins. It's a risk playing him for much longer imo because he doesn't have the legs. But yeah I'd accept 15 mins. Re: Kruse, I lost patience with him a long time ago, but who else is there apart from Arzani? Petratos but he didn't play in the last game. I wouldn't mind if he started but Kruse is more used to playing against the kind of quality France has.
  14. luisenrique

    World Cup 2018

    Arzani is god But I wouldn't start him against France. Save him for the second half, then start him against Denmark and Peru, games we are more likely to win. For France I would go Ryan, Risdon, Sainsbury, Milligan (sigh), Behich, Jedi, Mooy Luongo, Kruse (sigh) Leckie Nabbout Rogic and Arzani to come on the last half hour when they should be playing against more tired legs. Rogic is too unreliable to start against a team like France where you can't afford to give he ball away. Arzani has never started an international so as amazing as his cameo was, we don't want him to get bullied early on by the French and lose confidence. Then bring Cahilltex on with about 10 mins left. That said if Arzani started I'd be pretty excited. France have a scary looking team but I watched the 2nd half against USA (a virtual youth team btw), and they can easily be frustrated if you have a well organised defence. This would have been impossible against Ange but we have a chance now. The most important thing is to keep them scoreless in the first half, then they will start to panic. We want to be within touching distance of the game when we bring Rogic and Arzani on.
  15. luisenrique

    A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread V2

    Yeah, I'm no fan of the bid but they have my vote just for that killer last paragraph.