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  1. The greatest mid song power chord in the history of music?
  2. Brilliant. I saw Pio is playing for Rayo Vallecano in the segunda...that just blows my mind. I mean he was SO **** for us...unbelievably ****. Clearly it was 100% due to lack of effort because Rayo are still a pretty big club even if they're in the second division.
  3. Lyon is gonna get at least six tomorrow.
  4. Ah, test cricket. Could easily fold for 50 more runs tomorrow, equally Smith with some support could see the lead stretch to 200 +. England still in front if you employ the time honoured 'add 40 and 2 wickets' to the score rule.
  5. luisenrique

    Music Thread 3

    Hi wendy! The latter...I just started an English teaching job in Guayaquil, Ecuador, so I'm here for the next year at least. Although I very stupidly fell in love with an Argentinian girl (I was getting my qualifications over there) so there's a chance I might bail and head back there at some point. All the stuff about the new stadium ahead of the Leeds game did make me a bit homesick...I'm sure I'll be back at some point...when, who can say. For now just taking each day as it comes, enjoying this new adventure...it beats the office job I was doing for ten years, that's for sure.
  6. How come this is happening so much nowadays? Happened about 5 times iirc in the World Cup
  7. Starting my new job at lunch on the first day ffs. Disgraceful timing.
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