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  1. No doubt Stringer has posted this recently
  2. Tame Impala 'relatively new'?? They've been around for nearly a decade! Anyway, loving their new one.
  3. Shamelessly plugging the little website me & my mate have: https://thedwarf.net/sport/nrl-elon-musk-mars/6357
  4. I've been listening to Giant A LOT recently. Love it. That whole album is mental.
  5. Every day a nurse calls to check up on me...that's about all I got now
  6. Still trying to find it, let me know if you get any leads
  7. Isn't that the minimum time these restrictions will last for? I mean I know I can meet someone to exercise or as a 'romantic partner' ...
  8. Hmm, where do I start? How about the time I was in a taxi surrounded by masked protestors aiming bricks at the windshield, who started letting air of out of the tyres? @StringerBellend, nothing in the minibar and no porn on the tele. Thanks everyone for all your messages. It's good to back, although the uncertainty of when I get out of quarantine is slightly unnerving. I haven't got a place to live or a job...not sure if I'll even be able to rent a place while unemployed. Obviously I've started looking for work but who knows if/when I'll find something. Been looking at airbnbs
  9. 'The future's uncertain and the end is always near.'
  10. Not anymore...I made it back! btron made a pretty good summation of events...essentially I only made it back through the efforts of some random Aussies in Ecuador, and a lot of luck. Had to fly from Ecuador to Miami, then the next day to San Francisco, which got cancelled and subsequently changed to Chicago and then San Fran, and then Sydney. So total travel time of about 2 days, most of which was through the epicentre of the virus right now. But I don't seem to have got it yet. Was a tough decision whether to leave or not, but I figured if I didn't go now I might not get the c
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